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Pen Name:Andene
Country: CA
Bio: Thanks for taking the time to write such amazing comments! I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me! You guys are the reason IOT made it to the homepage and you make my day!!! =3 xx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if you're...
Pen Name:Attila666
Country: SE
Bio: Wattpad : @Attila666 Quotev : @TheJanoskianatorGirl Twitter : @OceansAteMe_ Instagram : @iDucklings Facebook : Rianna Wong (Ooie) I can't stand another fight.  
Pen Name:AninaKat2012
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Anina, (but call me Katryce) i am a mother of 1. I have had an interest in poetry from when i was young, could pick up a book and read myself. I havent actually thought of writing a lot of poems but i have certainly had my days. Writing poems has recently become a big interest to me...
Pen Name:Alyssa Silvas
Country: GB
Bio: So I guess I owe you a couple of explanations as to why I haven't been around for the past few month.  Earlier this year, around February time, I was diagnosed with depression and something called ME, aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have not had the mental capacity or concentration to sit down...
Pen Name:amerigo2
Country: US
Bio: I really don't know what to say... awkward. I want to say thank you to my bffs, cleverpoet21 on wattpad.com and rosyposypansiedude on Booksie.com
Pen Name:alexandablackman
Country: US
Bio:             Songwriter, Publisher,Musician, Vocalist, and CEO of Blank Image Productions, and Image Maker Management(Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metropolis Only.) I simply write because I have a creative being inside me that speaks loudly into my inner ear, And thats whether I write it...
Pen Name:Alicia1323
Country: US
Bio: I say the worst things at the worst times. I never know how to express my emotions outloud. I'm basically trapped inside my head most days. So I write. I'm Alicia. I'm 17. And blah blah blah.
Pen Name:Angel of Hope
Country: US
Bio: I've moved around alot, tried my hardest to land a job that would help with the bills, had plenty of badluck to deal with plus some of the stupidity I had to survive through, both mine and somebody else's.  While I sound like something you hear about on some famous person's bio, there are some...
Pen Name:15amytaylove97
Country: US
Pen Name:ashleyhope
Country: CA
Bio: I'm only 15 years old, but i love to write. I suppose you could say it's my passion. It's also how I pass the time. It's how I express myself, it's how I learn. Writing is my dream, it always has been.  
Pen Name:Ayesha Masood
Country: PK
Bio: RELIGIOUS and Scholar Alhumdulillah!
Pen Name:attanasio
Country: US
Bio: I am 66 years old. I like to read and play chess. I am an avid Fantasy Role-Player.   My Favorite authors include: Steve Berry, Ken Follett, Ellis Peters, George MacDonald Fraser, C. J. Sansom, Dan Brown, Michael Crighton and Bernard Cornwell. I am Particularly fond of Historical Mysteries....
Pen Name:AKTyourheartout
Country: AU
Bio: I'm studying to become a teacher of History and English. I dabble in fiction writing at times and would love to develop a complete story by the end of my degree. I'm always interested in reading others' works to see how I can improve and to gain insight into variances of individuals' writing...
Pen Name:Ashlynn Strong
Country: US
Bio: .. Many things have come crashing down.. but I'm gunna keep getting back up.. :)
Pen Name:allthatjazz0506
Country: GB
Bio: I am more than just a little bit nosey. I hate not knowing things or being the last to know. People interest me. I manage to make a fool of myself all too often. Good thing is I don't take myself too seriously, or I'd've died of embarrassment a long time ago. I am naturally messy, and forgetful....
Pen Name:AwriterE17
Country: US
Bio: I am studing to be a pediatrican but in my spare time i love to write. i'm also a cook, a painter, and i love country music. and i've always got at least one ear bud playing music into my ear because it keeps me relaxed when i'm stressed. im a serious person, as well as quiet. i spend most...
Pen Name:AnonymousMoon
Country: US
Bio: Working on a story I call "The Bitter Rose"  Taking inspiration (and multiple plot elements :P) from various anime, I have created my own personal take on a land where elemental powers exist featuring Fire, Wind, Forest, and Water abilities. Before time was recorded, the people of the world...
Pen Name:Amy I Hughes
Country: GB
Bio: I'm not a fan of glitzy profiles.   I love to write. I love to read.   I hope you enjoy my works, and usually return the favour.      
Pen Name:AmyWritesStories
Country: US
Bio: Aloha! Welcome to my page! I'm MAGICAL! Now, here's a little info about me:   My name is Amy, but you can call me Amy. On surveys, I check the little box next to "F." I've been around for 18 years. I am a fan of the color blue. I love to read and write. Shocking, I know. I have a learning...
Pen Name:AzmiFahmi
Country: MY
Pen Name:Amity Willows
Country: US
Bio: MySpace GraphicsA little about me:I'm a fourteen year old girl. I write a lot, I read a lot, and I hope to one day be a published author. I write a lot of different things, including plays, poetry, short stories, books, essays, and more.My favorite author is Diana Wynne Jones, and while I enjoy...
Pen Name:atiuankoko
Country: AU
Bio: I'm Andrew. I'm a student in my final year of high school. I like to write. :)
Pen Name:Anya Shasis
Country: US
Bio: what rape really feels like
Pen Name:Aprilynne june
Country: ID
Bio: I am a girl who had always dreamed about a lot of things since i was small. Things about princes or other unbelievable story such as vampires. My biggest dream is to be a business woman so that i can open a hospital for charity. I love to write and read. I admire Richelle Mead, Melissa De La...
Pen Name:Ash Dugas
Country: US
Bio: A dreamer from a small town in Louisiana, I wandered the country searching for my place only to find it back in the South. A news director by night, a writing by day, I'm just looking for a good story to tell. I just hope you enjoy them.
Pen Name:viggo16aragorn
Country: CA
Pen Name:Aura Gibbons
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Adrianna. I’m a big fan of the GAC and since I enjoy writing adventure stories, I decided to write my own Ghost Adventures series. I still hope to get to meet the Ghost Adventures Crew: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. The idea of Junior Paranormal Investigator is a...
Pen Name:ayeshabieb
Country: PK
Bio: hmm what should i say aboout my sself i have ccommon hobbies like some people do i love reading and writing my heartout , i love playing with words and writing in deep feeling i love romantic novels and  shoort stories im a ssecret wrter and i love to sspend mosst of my time writing or reading...
Pen Name:AntiheroNightmare
Country: US
Bio:                                                 ~Tempest~ Here we are ANGELS           ~Grim~ Here we are DEMONS           ~Spectre~ Here the DEAD may live once more           ~Kit~ Here our SOULS collide     A bit about me :) I'm a 17 year old female...
Pen Name:anonymous12345
Country: GB
Pen Name:Alex The shadow girl
Country: IN
Bio: My blog : http://alextheshadowgirl.wordpress.com                                          About Me:- Hey this is Pallavi Sareen, a fifteen year old teenager who loves to write. Call me Alex, it's the name I prefer. I love writing, I mean that's why I'm here. I love music...
Pen Name:ashcash02
Country: US
Bio:  Hi, I'm Ashley! I like writing, playing soccer and softball, swimming, and playing with my puppy, Buddy.
Pen Name:angadsaluja
Country: IN
Bio: A person only lives once but if you live right,once is enough..That is Angad 4 u--Thinker,Analyst,Writer(Only 4 self) n Learner who tries 2 make people laugh..
Pen Name:Andlat
Country: US
Bio:  In all my life, truer words have not been spoken then these, spoken by a true friend of mine, her name lost to the ages. "Every fight is a food fight when you are a cannibal." These words have shaped my life in a countless number of ways. My name is, as some of you may be aware, Mr. Norbert...
Pen Name:AllurinPrincess
Country: CA
Bio: I'm a lady who loves stories. I have been creating stoires since I was a kid. My favorite colours are red and yellow. Aside from that I'm also playful, fun and down to earth. Be sure to check out my stories :)  
Pen Name:Anu Nayar
Country: NZ
Bio: I write for the pleasure of writing. For the joy, for the relief, for the truth within.
Pen Name:Angie Blake
Country: US
Bio: Take a walk with me to.....   The Dark Side!   Here we are at the Dark Side Hotel, Where the demons gather and talk about hell, The witches stir the cauldron's pot, and ghosts rise out of their graveyard plots. It will soon strike midnight at the exact in-between, The vampires will fly and the...
Pen Name:ayshala77176
Country: US
Bio: I am a 29 year old female currently living in Idaho. I'm slowly working my way to a Masters in Cultural Anthropology while holding a job as an aid to developmentally disabled adults. I'm also an avid reader who wanted to grow up to be the real life "Murphy Brown" with a twist of Hunter S....
Pen Name:AnnaGustic
Country: US
Bio: I never know what to say on these things. I am me. A woman in her twenties who loves to sing, write, read, draw, netflix and chill. I'm a huge fan of goth/alt/rave/ subcultures, the fashion and music that goes with them and any and all fantasy/scifi/supernatural/mystery genres. I'm here because...
Pen Name:AnArky
Pen Name:Andrew Campbell
Country: US
Bio: Hey! I love to write, and usually create short stories instead of long, drawn out novels. However, I do have one novel in the works, I just find it difficult to concentrate on a central idea when there are so many more to explore!
Pen Name:Anna Elizabeth Rose
Country: GB
Bio: I adore literature in all different aspects, short stories to novels, from poems to plays.I hope that someday I can turn that love of mine into an influence through teaching.My favorite thing to do is to curl up in front of a roaring fire with the cat, a small tray of chocolates, glass of wine...
Pen Name:AMarlee
Country: CA
Bio: Not at all much to say really. . . just a student that would enjoy freelance/ creative writing for a living and is trying to find advice on anything there is to know/ input/ constructive criticism. . . I enjoy writing fiction and poetry with all my heart and would love to be able to write...
Pen Name:A J Chaudhury
Country: IN
Bio: A.J Chaudhury is a teen wannabe fantasy author. He has completed, the first two books in his Belaria series and is hard at work on the third. He is an Assamese who grew up in the hilly state of Nagaland and the region has had a profound influnce over his writing. You can expect to find him in...
Pen Name:AbbeyAlixi69
Country: AU
Bio:   My name is Abbey and basically I'm here to show you some of my writing (Ironic, isn't it?)    
Pen Name:Apfel
Country: US
Pen Name:AlabastaMarine
Country: CA
Bio: Graphic design student trying his hand at writing.
Pen Name:Ada Cissle
Country: US
Bio: I'm nineteen and I've never shared my stories before so please tell me anything that you like or that I may need to work on it would be appreciated. Thank you for reading anything and if you really want to continue reading one of my stories and there is not a next chapter message me to know that...
Pen Name:Amanda Miller
Country: US
Bio: I don't really consider myself much of a writer. I just like to work through my feelings by writing. Hopefully, some can relate to that and the things I write about.
Pen Name:Austin Nyesha Rj
Country: US
Bio: The city of DeKalb....The place where everything started... DeKalb City is located in the Western Nation... DeKalb City is the capital of the Western Nation....It is the richest and most beautiful city in this nation... DeKalb City crime rate is low... Next to DeKalb City....Is another...
Pen Name:arya52
Country: US
Bio: I'm in the early college high school and write on my free time. I love to read anime, as well as regular books, and watch movies and tv. I've been writing for several years. I draw every now and again. I tend to write romantic action novels and hope to get published someday. I was inspired by a...
Pen Name:Aniket Mujumdar
Country: IN
Pen Name:ashi17
Country: SA
Bio:                                          To Ashi's Page  http://www.innerchildpress.com/iram-fatima-ashi.php  (My anthology published in US IN JAN 2014) https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ashis/418469608228447 (MY page on FB)...
Pen Name:AlleyCatFromHell
Country: US
Bio: Im AlleyCatFromHell but sense thats too long to say just call me cat. heres somethings about me,Interests : reading, writing, swimming, fighting, drawing, sleeping, and other stuffFavorites : I like fantasy, fanfiction, horror, sadness, funny, and highschool kinds of stories. And sometimes gay...
Pen Name:adj014
Pen Name:Alicia Wooters
Country: US
Bio: I am a short story writer that is ready to be published. I normally write scary stories but sometimes miscellaneous stories.
Pen Name:Alex Smith
Country: US
Bio: WARNING! WARNING! IF YOU ARE A FAN OR BECOMING A FAN PLEASE READ!!!!! I decided to make a new account on booskie under my real name. It's Raleigh Walker. Be sure to check it out and become a fan. I'm only updating on that user. Sorry! :)
Pen Name:angelin
Country: IN
Bio: This is Vasanthi Papu from India.  I took the pen name Angelin as a tribute to Dr Ben who made me pick my pen again. I love my profession which is teaching and  I am much interested in Grammar. Give me any topic and I can handle it with ease. School is a place where I derive much pleasure....
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  I listen to rock music, so don't expect too much pop references in my stories. My hobbies include reading, writing (obviously), and photography (some of the flower covers are actually pictures that I've taken). I don't watch a lot of television, but I love Supernatural, Once Upon a...
Pen Name:anniebirnie
Country: GB
Bio:     Welcome to my page! My name is Anniebirnie( Ann-Marie Birnie).Hello sorry guys for not being on for a while just finsished my exams and starting my 5th year at secondary school. Alot of my work i will be posting will be the work from my Higher English which i have wrote.  May not post...
Pen Name:Amy2609
Country: AU
Bio: http://amyrae2609.wordpress.com/ ★ The Three Golden Rules ★ Don't spam me. If you want me to read/comment on your work, do the courteous thing and read/comment on mine. Don't leave annoying comments on my page, they will be deleted. If I do read your work, expect an honest response. If I...
Pen Name:artila
Country: AL
Pen Name:ashleykamille
Country: US
Bio: Hello interwebz wanderer, my name is Ashley & I welcome you here. I've been writing my whole life pretty much, & I've decided to start posting short stories and letters. Just expressing things that happen to me directly, indirectly, or to the people around me, but through my own interpretation....
Pen Name:Ash88
Country: US
Bio: I'm simply someone who loves a good Pokémon fanfic. Although, I wouldn't say no to any kind of fanfic that involves another really cool anime like Naruto, DBZ, and Fairy Tail. One thing I WILL NOT approve of in a fanfic is someone retelling an episode or movie and trying to make it seem like...
Pen Name:Alfie Black
Country: GB
Pen Name:Amity Flair
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley and I am seventeen years old. I like the color blue, volleyball and soccer, and reading. I am also a Christian, which might show through some of my writing. I would never be able to survive without three things: My faith, music, and writing. Three ways I can always find...
Country: VG
Pen Name:alexafilipina
Pen Name:Arian
Country: US
Bio: "Now the years have passed us by And I still do not know why Before you tried You chose to quit So where are you tonight You could make it all alright But instead you're missing it You're missing it You're missing it. All the things that I have done You're missing it. Everything I have becomeSo...
Pen Name:afantasticalmonkey
Country: US
Bio: About us:   This is a collaboration profile for Nick and Annie, and their story, Curiosity Killed Humanity. We hope you will enjoy reading Hadrien and Lianna's adventures half as much as we enjoy writing them. Most of the time it will be me (Nick) commenting, responding to comments and...

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