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Pen Name:amydikum
Country: US
Bio: I am eighteen years old.  I am a swing manager for the local mcdonald's.  I use the money I earn there to pay off school so I don't have to take out loans.  I have been passionate about reading and writing since 3rd grade when I was introduced to the accelerating reading program and when my...
Pen Name:artful6420
Country: US
Bio: I don't have much to say about myself. I just have alot of thoughts in my head. I invite  you into the mind of a mad man
Pen Name:Alek92
Country: BA
Bio: Presenting a new and bloody series of short stories and poems under one title, one purpose and thousand lies...1 - Welcome to the City of Lies2 - DemonsNOTE:Do not invite me to read your stuff for no reason. If you have never read anything I've wrote, than please, do not ask me to read your...
Pen Name:AllyDee
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone,I have so much going on in my life lately that I really haven't had much time for the things I love.  But I have decided to move to a different booksie site called : www.booksie.com/quiet_memories So check me out there!Love all of you!-AlllyDeee
Pen Name:anabiosis
Country: US
Bio: . . . in five years time we could be walking down a zoo with the sun shining bright over me and you . . . go to fictionpress.net/~anabiosis for updates. i hardly log in to this website any more.      
Pen Name:Amy Harriman
Country: US
Bio: I am a student at the Art Institute of Chicago and I'm studying writing. 
Pen Name:air
Country: US
Bio: Book, Beyond the blue, beyond the green, in Essence of air poetry book two. Book one has been edited and redone as well. http://www.amazon.com/Essence-Air-urge-katie-galarneau/dp/149039446X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398117892&sr=1-3&keywords=katie+galarneau...
Pen Name:AndreaHarper
Country: US
Bio: I was informed by Bodici22 that I was required to get an account here, and put all of my 200 themes up. Which is basically the entire point.I'm her editor, sort of, and so I do what she says, mostly.Eh. She's one of my best friends and surrogate sisters. And she's very cool.So, about me, the...
Pen Name:Alquimista
Country: CA
Bio: I'm an aspring writer with an interest in science fiction.
Pen Name:aruntp
Country: IN
Bio:   aruntp, India.   My FACEBOOK LINK  : WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ARUNTPTLY        Welcome all to join.    
Pen Name:azure2skies
Country: PH
Pen Name:Addie Woodlord
Country: US
Bio: My name is Addie Woodlord. I am a sixteen year old student about to enter into my junior year in highschool. I live with my mother and two brothers. I enjoy tree climbing, painting and sketching, singing, acting, and obviously writting. I also enjoy movies and books. I am a musician. I play...
Pen Name:Alovi Luna
Country: US
Bio: Okay well I did have another booksie, but I had some difficulties with this site and can no longer get on it so this is my new one. Requested from Catherine, she's very persistent.Anyway like the other one I like to read and am in LOVE with the Twilight Series. I also like to watch...
Pen Name:Arieru
Country: CA
Bio: Hello all,I am back and I hope to be writing more poetry in the near future.It has been a tough year but I managed to get through it. This summer should be an interesting one if nothing else.
Pen Name:alexander
Country: US
Pen Name:Ana Rui
Country: JP
Bio: Hi peoples,I'm not your average writer. I like to make things up and to bring them to life.People say that I don't understand that the I don't control life. I GET THAT!!!!I have a pet peeve of cliffhanger novels/stories.I try not to leave you hanging with my stories.They're not as good, but hey,...
Pen Name:aicha
Pen Name:Annastasia Freewind
Country: CA
Bio:  My fav colour combo is neon green, neon pink and bright yellow but, I also like black and neon green.My fav candy is a fresh, candy apples. My Ideal pet would be a pet pig or black cat (black cats look ver beautiful because the black makes there green eyes stand out, thats why I like black...
Pen Name:auroradormita
Country: FI
Bio: How should I describe myself? I don’t like sewing, too much attention, pink, art museums or fish. Especially not all at once. I try to be open-minded, myself, and such that I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am. Better too little said than too much.
Pen Name:Azmat Shah
Country: PK
Bio: One of the main reasons or probably the only reason i joined this site was to gain an outlet for my work. All my friends and relatives dont understand why i love to write. To tell you guys the truth neighther do i. Writing to me is an inherent urge, it helps me forget everything else and...
Pen Name:Achouri Fethi
Country: FR
Bio: Achouri Fethi is an Algerian young author, writing in both  french and in english, and having recently been  graduated from Guelma university, english departement.He's 35, maried with two sons.His ultimate ambition is to become one of the greatest author in the world. He knows it'll be a long...
Pen Name:Akihcur
Country: IN
Bio: Mmm...i myslf dnt know dt, bt i cn try, i guess..wel..i lv my frnds..i lv readng novels...i lv rytng stff...n ive also writn lots of songs n poem n all....4 now, ul hv 2 do wid dt only..!I've dreamed many dreams that never came true;I've seen them vanish at dawn.But I've realized enough of my...
Pen Name:Alice Winchester
Country: AU
Bio: I believe that the books i have read shape who i am, and what i believe. i simply cant understand why people don't read, and even go that step further and ridicule those those who read. My taste in books covers a wide range, but my favorite genre is by far fantasy. This is probably due to my...
Pen Name:adz
Country: GB
Bio: Hiiiiiim adam my old one of these sucked so im gonna try againloli live in bangor uhm my fav book is the cherub series lol. my fav band is scouting for girls lolok if this profile or anyfin else sucks jus tell me cus i do suck at this lol.This is da borin bit so im makin it small and hard to...
Pen Name:AvvieJellyBean551213
Country: AU
Bio: hello fellow booksie members!I would like to inform you all that i DO NOT believe in vampires. What I wrote about half-vampires was when I adored twilight. I DO NOT ADORE TWILIGHT any more. Please refrain from leaving me frightening messages and contact details. I am not curious about whether I...
Pen Name:Artimous
Country: US
Bio: Well, I'm 21 years old and  I grew up in a small town where I spent most of my time either reading books or writing them. I had a very interesting childhood really, my brother and I never got along. Mostly we just beat the crap out of each other. My mother wasn't exactly supportive of me,...
Pen Name:A Coffin for Loves Martyr
Country: US
Pen Name:Animesh
Country: IN
Bio: Well,i grew up in a hill station near mumbai,which had a very idealistic and romantic feel,as far as i was concerned,so i tried to write down whatever i felt.This got me into the habit of writing and then when i started writing small poems,i would do it on whatever peice of paper i would find.So...
Pen Name:allisonlovely
Country: US
Bio: Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've written, but that's all about to change. Over the past few months, life has handed me many things to write about. I've missed writing so much, but with so much on my mind, I haven't had the time. I've realized that the best way to get my thoughts out...
Pen Name:AndersonBrothers
Country: US
Bio: Caleb:  About me, huh? Well what can I say? I have been writing since I was seven.  I like DropKick Murphy and Flogging Molley. Yep, I think that sums it up pretty good.Ryan:  Hmmm. Well my brother had his turn at this so I guess it is mine.  I have been writing for just as long. I come up...
Pen Name:alizf
Country: US
Pen Name:Awakened
Country: AU
Bio: Im a  43  year old  Spiritualist  having   studied  many facets   of healing  and  metaphysics..I  love  observing  life and  hearing all about   people and  their  journeys..I am  an  empathetic and  enthusiastic people  person,having  met  many  people  from many ...
Pen Name:Anuj
Country: NP
Bio: I'm a student. also a self taught poet..
Pen Name:alwayselonely
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Aaron the storyteller
Country: US
Pen Name:abbyliz109
Country: US
Bio: Heyyy the names Abby!!!!I love to read and write ..i would love to major in journalism... i hve alot of goals and dreams and i dnt plan on anyone getting in my way of acheiving thmim a freshman and i hve changed alot over the past 6 months....ive realized who matters who never did and i evn may...
Pen Name:AmethystAsheryn
Country: US
Bio:   Guten tag!  I'm Asheryn, AKA Ashe, freshman in high school with a lot less time to write than I'd like. I write mostly fantasy and sci-fi, with a couple poems or a song thrown in here and there. I love to write, always have.  Apart from that, I play the flute, read, roller-blade and...
Pen Name:ArmouredPapaya
Country: CA
Bio: ...
Pen Name:amira
Country: MY
Pen Name:aquastarr92
Country: MY
Bio: Hi-hi...I'm new here & I hope I'm not lazy enough as to not put up anything. I like writing light stuff, with a touch of humor and love and adventure. Never tried any horror writing, thoug. Im sixteen and the teachers in my school (including my mom) said that I was a pretty good writer. I took...
Pen Name:authorofshack
Country: US
Bio: Im 17, i like writing alot of stories. Stories i enjoy writing the most are adventure and horror stories. And also Epics at times.
Pen Name:Ashleigh Butcher
Country: ZA
Bio: ...............i think i'm back for a while.
Pen Name:Andromeda
Country: US
Pen Name:AngelsWingsLover
Country: US
Bio: Hi this is Jodi Brien sorry about the last statement I was going though some family problems then, I've got a new name for my new book "Walking With a Memory" its a true story of a girl struggling though life from all her losses through out life, and all the friends and family that helped her...
Pen Name:AmirZ
Country: MY
Bio: I started writing poems when i was six.My first poem is called 'Kitty'.A few years after that,I took interest in poetry.That's pretty much my life.
Pen Name:aloveforfate
Country: US
Bio: Reading is escapism. Music is life. And writing is sanity.
Pen Name:ashleeboner
Country: US
Bio: I recently separated from the United States Air Force.  I was a Korean Linguist and mostly enjoyed the work i did for the Air Force, but am very glad to be done.  Upon Separating from the service, I married my husband Chad.  I never knew a person could find such happiness in love until i met...
Pen Name:alex wolff
Country: US
Bio: Well, its been what, like 3 years or so? I utterly forgot about this site and everything on it until recently so....sorry about that. since ive actually started writing again i figure it cant hurt to drege up the rotted corpse that is this profile and run a few thousand volts through its...
Pen Name:ashley beigert
Country: US
Bio: hi
Pen Name:aldavidi
Country: US
Pen Name:super7am
Country: AU
Bio: allo chaps, i'm 16 and i live in Australia. The only real inspiration I've had for writing is Peter Murphy, a God.
Pen Name:AmandaCTurman
Country: US
Bio: There are times in everyones lives where we have to stop and smell the roses...well thats what people say. I never truly understood the meaning of this until i realized i didnt love my husband anymore and i never truly ever believed he loved me. it takes something so hard to shake you out of...
Pen Name:Alice Longnecker
Country: US
Pen Name:ahmadjaafreh
Country: AW
Bio: الجمعة، سبتمبر 19، 2008 افكار للنقاØ´...
Pen Name:animelove
Country: US
Bio: Nickname:Mooncrystal (It came up when my friends and I started talking about other peoples nicknames and then we started giving each other ones for some weird reason only mine and one of my friends nicknames stayed. Mine and Hannah's nickname. Hers was Hummingsummer. They are...
Pen Name:Aphrodite
Country: US
Bio: I'm fourteen, my poetry journal (technically) dates back to fifth grade, but there's only one from that era. The rest are from this year. And by "The rest" I mean the other four or five that currently populate my rather lacking journal. All of my poems are from the point of view of someone else,...
Pen Name:Alex Simon
Country: US
Pen Name:Afeesch
Country: US
Pen Name:Avril360
Country: US
Bio: hey this is Avril360, i hate when people lie but i love to have fun!!!!!! When I was in 4th grade, I realized I loved to write narratives. I hardly ever wrote, because I didn't know what to write about. Booksie has helped me become a better writer already, and inspired me by reading other...
Pen Name:a friend
Country: US
Pen Name:Adeline Scout
Country: US
Bio: hi, my name is adeline and i am a bibliohlic.i am originally from the D.C. area, our nation's capitol. Have you been?i moved to Boston area 10 years ago and prefer the beaches and mountains to the downtown.i am dark haired, dark skinned, and perceptive. A Scorpio.i love the look in the eyes of...
Pen Name:TH3 Z3R0 MAN1AC
Country: US
Bio: The name is Z3R0! You all know that it is not my real name, just my pen name! I'm just another writer who wants to express himself. What I write sometimes may seem odd but it all has a grounding in reality...some how. Please drop me a comment if you like my work. If you have any questions please...
Pen Name:antoilene
Country: ZA
Bio: I was born and raised in a small countryside town, went to school and graduated there. After school I worked in an outdoor shop and started my studies at an Equestrian Academy the year after. I currently work for an accountant as an admin clerk.My interests include the great outdoors and above...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:ajooba
Country: IN
Bio: Hi Everybody, This is my small attempt for patching up broken dreams and the dreams which are still dreams  :) So i am publishing some of my work.I will be glad to receive your response to my work like : what you liked most , what else i should try , where i lacked and what topics should i...

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