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Pen Name:Cat M
Country: US
Bio: I am a 37 years young, divorced mother of 4 teenagers. I am hard working but very laid back and find happiness in the simple things that life has to offer. 
Pen Name:CrimsonxButterfly
Country: US
Bio: A butterfly blooms.Graceful as can be,  Flowers follow,Leading its way. Shii ♥
Pen Name:s0ccerrea
Country: US
Bio: I am 13... i love to read... and i play soccer all the time... my favorite book/ series is TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE, and BRAKEING DAWN
Pen Name:cantlive4evr
Country: US
Bio: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MOVED. My new account name is Bougainvillea. I already have a brand spanking new novel called "Kissing Henry". I'd really appreciate if you guys would check it out. Set in the 18th century, Lorelei Mills is living in a world of corsets and suitors. She has reached the age of...
Pen Name:Catherine1993
Country: JM
Bio: I'm a girl, that loves to read and write romance stories.
Pen Name:Codey
Country: US
Bio: Just ask.
Pen Name:ChibiMaeLynne
Country: US
Bio: HELLO and welcome to my page! ChibiMaeLynne....wow, I'm so embarassed by my choice of names from middle school ahaha IN ANY CASE I'm seriously working on a comic called 'To Hell'. ALSO working on a poem series called "Demons, Demons, Reincarnation" There's little to no editing for the poem...
Pen Name:cloudydaiz
Country: US
Bio: I am 18 and enjoying life. I am learning that the greatest battle with this world is keeping up with it. But with the Lord by my side i know i can do anything with his strength. I will wear His armour and battle lifes hardest thing which is people.
Pen Name:col13x
Country: ES
Bio: Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Probably, like you, I have a compulsion to write and so I do............................
Pen Name:Courtnee25
Country: CA
Bio: BOO!I scared you. Didn't I? Don't lie. I know I did! Haha! Loser...loser! Loser! -nagnagtaunt-So anyway, back on track. My name is Courtnee [Insert last name here]. I LOVE writing, although my novel-writing has been put on hold due to personal reasoning. I also enjoy drawing, gaming,...
Pen Name:carebearlangga
Country: PH
Bio: Hey there!Name : KayceeAge : 15Birthday : October 30i may still be too young but you're never too young to write things especially if it was expressed by your real feelings and/or based by your experiences. i joined here since i have been writing for a long time. In this way, at least somebody...
Pen Name:cauchy33
Country: HK
Bio: chinese poet
Pen Name:Chumb
Country: NZ
Bio: FarewellLike a bird learning to flyI sit still in my nest and wait in patientsFor my wings to become intact So that I may be free to soar and glideI wait patiently till I am brave enoughTo be able to face this world alone,Like a bird set free from a cage.Yet I wait, slowly and serenelyThe world...
Pen Name:chrono21791
Country: US
Bio: Hi. I won't reveal my real name, but the screename should do. I am here to prove once and for all to my fiance that she only adores my stories because she is in love with me, not because they are actually good. So please be as blunt as possible with your critisicm. I would like to know every bad...
Pen Name:Cathywrites1
Country: US
Bio: One day, I dream of having some kind of job writing.  However, I want to be able to freely express my beliefs and opinions.I also love to oil paint.  Whether it's writing or painting, I love to be able to express myself in a way that I release my emotions through the canvas and/or words.  I...
Pen Name:chaddarbox
Country: US
Bio: I'm a brother to too many people. When I get bored I act funny. I am ALWAYS hungry. I have a ton of friends, a few who I tell my deepest secrets to, and I hope you enjoy my stories (although I think I can't write). I love to play my trombone, I'm even more fascinated with languages, and reading...
Pen Name:chrisstubbs
Country: GB
Bio: i am an 18 year old male looking to get my poems published
Pen Name:CrazyGurl01
Country: US
Pen Name:Charlax
Country: US
Bio: WhoWillWho will read mye poetry will there be a lieberry in the future ofmankind where people turn the books like dimes spent in the slot willthey find CharlaX in the melting pot of crucible so many moredeserving people write the Asimov and the Heinlein will always be theones the children want....
Pen Name:Carolyn Lewis Poe
Country: US
Bio: Hi. I'm Carolyn Lewis Poe on here. I have c h o s e n that pen n a m e because they a r e the combined n a m e s of some o f my favorite w r i t e r s, Carolyn Keen, a u t h o r of the N a n c y Drew series, L e w i s Carol, author o f Alice in W o n d e r l a n d and other n o v e l s and Poe...
Pen Name:chettyts
Country: ZA
Bio: I have many ideas in different fields of marketing, been it the importance of new product development, promotions, advertising development, sales, client services, research, management & data /admin solutionsI am a very idealistic person and can come up with great ideas in a short while. I am...
Pen Name:cyotee
Country: US
Bio: I am here, for what? Im not much of a writer but I'd like to share what I do manage to put out, and hope to be inspired and perhaps inspire someone. Please coment, even if it isn't anything nice. I'm curious what others have to say about my apparent insanity.Allot of what I'm going to end up...
Pen Name:Creativity
Country: US
Bio: * BETHANY IS BACK ON BOOKSIE *Hello Visitor, I am Bethany. I'm your average fifteen year old girl trying to make a living in this game we call Life. I've been a proud member of Booksie for two years now, Starting out when I was thirteen. I quit Booksie two years ago leaving loads of Fans with...
Pen Name:christy osborn
Country: US
Bio: My name is Christy Osborn.  I have been a writer of poetry, fictional short stories, articles and childrens stories since the age of thirteen.  I am now fourty one years old and have recently moved from California back to my home town of S. Carolina.  Although I have had some poetry published...
Pen Name:cheeky sally
Country: US
Bio: ♥i've left booksie.ill be checking back from time to time, but i decided its time for me to move on.♥
Pen Name:CritsonTies
Country: US
Bio: I am a student and love writing.  I just like writing for fun and not getting paid.  I put my heart to reading and just hanging out.  I really want to be a doctor when I grow up!  I'm really smart and I skipped a grade.  My favorite animal is an elephant.  I'm totally obsessed!  I  do...
Pen Name:crzyanglcassie14
Country: US
Pen Name:craziantix
Country: IN
Bio: so here's something about me,whether u like it or not!I am (well there's a start).I love to collect matchboxes(&stamps,coins,and other ridiculous odd ends).I am a fullblooded metalhead.I love to write stories and poems.I model with clay,paper even aluminium foil.I'm a pyromaniac.Books are my...
Pen Name:cassiroll411
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to the abis of my mind, where one moment could be smiles and sweet kisses and the next the world dropped out from under you into the pit of depair. Where stories end in bloodshed and trickery. Where nothing is what it seems and the land of the dead and living are seperated only by a thin...
Pen Name:Chipmunk Wrath
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Skye. And out of a strange turn of events, my nickname became Chipmunk. If any of you are wondering why I have that nickname, it's because that's the name I received from my friends at school after they found out that i was addicted to sunflower seeds. LOL! My favorite writer is Ace...
Pen Name:corujuca
Country: VE
Bio: Hi there,My name is JC .Abeti and i am trying to make it into the enterteinment bussines.....I will " publish" my work eventually ,feel free to make any comments(i rather serius ones)Enlaces gratisEnlaces gratisEnlaces gratis
Pen Name:CADudley
Country: US
Pen Name:Crimson Scandal
Country: US
Bio: Email me:crimsonday@rocketmail.comEnjoy.
Pen Name:cheertastic
Country: US
Bio: Name is diep. Visit my fan fics in Quizilla. =D Simplymeh
Pen Name:Chrisius Maximus
Country: US
Bio: Born on a cold crisp evening as the sun reached its zenith in the sky........and then some other stuff happened in between to this point in time when my sidekick of a friend refered me to this webpage to make an account. As to why, I suppose its due to my love of literature and writing that made...
Pen Name:crazycait13x
Country: US
Pen Name:CanadianIdiot
Country: US
Bio: Due to the SUMMER ENDING, a PRE-COLLEGE COURSE I have ot take, SUMMER READING, several MUSICAL ENSEMBLES coming to a close, and COLLEGE STARTING UP (Which means moving in) I'm having a struggle getting to reading requests. I apologize to everyone who has been waiting for me to critique them!...
Pen Name:Catherine
Country: US
Pen Name:Carlet la Lovecraft
Country: US
Bio: Born in  Dordogne region, France. Grew in Italy and Spain. Used to have a dream that everything seemed to grew up in blue.  It was the inspiration behind the framboises of Chino. Moved to USA, New York, Chicano,  Washington, then LA. Literary passion born in blacket (poetry Baudelaire-style,...
Pen Name:Caethes
Country: US
Bio: HI! ^_^ My name is Krysta! I write poetry and stories, takes a long long while to finish a story for me though o.o. Let's see....I love anime! And yaoi...and basically anything anime related. I am slightly shy, usually outgoing but I have to get to know a person first. I really really really...
Pen Name:Carmin123
Country: ZA
Bio: I am a learner at Wynberg Girls High School and currently in grade ten. My favourote subject is history as it fascinates me to leran about our past. A few of my hobbies include drawing or sketching different sceneries, people or inanimate objects. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and...
Pen Name:CursedHeart
Country: US
Bio: The Curse Is Back... I have been MIA for a year or so, adapting to college, and of course, surviving the painful heartbreaks that are so common in my life. I left books unfinished, as if abandoning my children, and I return now to take their hands and lead them back into the light. I only...
Pen Name:CLP Luv
Country: GB
Bio: Hi! I luv writing poems so, this should be fun to read as much as it did for me to write them!X
Pen Name:cowluvr
Country: US
Bio: Hi. I love to read and write. That's about it.
Pen Name:Cassire
Country: GB
Bio: Hello

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