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Pen Name:Charlotte Blackwater
Country: US
Bio: Hello,   I absolutely love reading and writing. I just graduated high school and I've really been trying to think about my future. Writing is something I am really passionate about and it's something I would love to pursue as a career. Even if that doesn't happen, writing really helps me...
Pen Name:Caterina
Country: US
Bio: Hi-llo! My name translates into Caterina in italian. I'm 17, and planning to go to college for creative writing and journalism. Writing hass been my passion for the past four years; i never really thought of writing a book until the seventh grade, and i decided to write a short story....
Pen Name:CatGuitarist
Country: DE
Pen Name:Celestia Lupus
Country: US
Bio: Hey! Quick update for anyone who's been wondering where I've been lately! I got hit with a lot of schoolwork and had to leave for a while then had to deal with work stuff, but now I'm currently at a creative writing program at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico for a few weeks, honing my writing...
Pen Name:chinchilla1234
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my name is Steph. I love to read books, my favorite genre is paranormal romance. I recently started to try and write a book and I hope it turns out great! I have so many book ideas and can't wait to write them and create stories.
Pen Name:CreepyMuffin
Country: US
Pen Name:countsd10993
Pen Name:Chapel
Country: GB
Pen Name:Creighton Isiris Frost
Country: CA
Bio: I can be only me. You can be only you. We accept this both ways and something grand occurs. It is so unique yet so commonly spoken without merit. The grand idea of no problem. All that is left to do is to then accept acceptance.     The world of wrtten words, A place that breeds more than...
Pen Name:CaioOP1985
Country: BR
Pen Name:chrisharris2507
Country: GB
Bio: Hello I'm Chris Harris, find me on facebook if you will!  
Pen Name:chefisi
Country: US
Pen Name:China Muse
Country: BE
Bio: China Muse lives with his loving, patient wife, their five cats and aging Golden Retriever, in Europe, authored several short stories and articles drawn from his anomalous, rapscallion lifestyle.
Pen Name:Camicazi
Country: US
Pen Name:CJones
Country: US
Bio: No much to say. I have always loved to read for as long as I can remember. I wroke my first real story when I was twelve and have been writing for the last 27 years. It has asways been my greatest joy in life.    Don't be just a reader, support your favorite writers by voting for them and...
Pen Name:ChloeLMcgarrett
Country: GB
Bio: Profile Yet To Be Updated I Need A new Profile Layout xD    
Pen Name:Cluelessauthor
Country: CH
Bio: I am an aspiring writer, as pretty much everyone who has ever taken up a pen is, trying to find out if what he writes is actually worth reading. I ask for your help in this. I warmly welcome any comment, good or bad.
Pen Name:catt dahman
Country: US
Bio: catt dahman has been writing for more than 30 years, has taught in public schools, private schools, and college. Her B.S. and M.S. degrees are from Texas A & M.  A native of Texas, she has lived all over the US, (and tries to claim Jamaica as a second home) but is currently back in the Fort...
Pen Name:Crazyguy
Country: US
Bio: Names Matt, time to update I figure.  I will be writing songs, slowly but surely.  I don't have a girlfriend, nor do I care a whole lot, they are a LOT of maintance.  I love dirt biking, I love rock crawling.  I have skills, though I can't remember which?  I built a Jeep, I can weld, I...
Pen Name:Cupcake34
Country: US
Bio: Why, hello there! I’m an eighteen year old girl who enjoys reading and writing! For some odd reason, I write best in the middle of the night. It’s when I start trying to fall asleep and end up thinking about story ideas instead! I love writing poems and songs as well as singing them, but I...
Pen Name:chelseykeith
Country: PH
Bio:     Hello Booksie! I’m Chelsey Keith.                 There are only three words that describes me: Consistent Learner and Bibliophile. You can find me in: Twitter : http://twitter.com/chelseyignacio Instagram : http://instagram.com/chlsyignacio Tumblr :...
Pen Name:Curtissan
Country: GB
Pen Name:christblade
Country: US
Bio: I just try to be real in my writings. I try to exploit my mind to write the most gripping story that I'M capable of. they  might need work, but I'm just keeping it real.
Pen Name:coldblue
Country: US
Bio: Hello. I am a self proclaimed Author I enjoy any sort of literature but especially poetry and stories. I'm very excited to find a new site where I can share my passion. I have a style that may seem odd to many but if you give me a chance I think you'll find something you'll enjoy. many...
Pen Name:CTM
Country: SG
Pen Name:Crystaljem
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, Im Lucy and im a young writer who loves to write poems and stories and read them to my little sister at night. I joined the website when I some how came to this sight na dread some of the post and thought that this is a great place to share your wrting. Lucy xoxox
Pen Name:CallieLoveJones
Country: GB
Pen Name:Charlie Hope
Country: US
Pen Name:Coralie
Country: US
Bio:   Age: 15 Name: Blake. But you can call me Blakerz Grade: 10 (sophomore; I skipped eighth grade, blah blah blah....)   Follow me on..... Tumblr: the-scientific-blake-through Twitter: @TheBlakeThrough Instagram: @the_scientific_blake_through Wattpad: FiskeElliotGray     Works in progress:...
Pen Name:Christian Taylor
Country: US
Bio: WELCOME TO MY PAGE!     "Poetry comes from the heart and soul of the writer" - Christian Taylor Online: ___  Offline: _X__ If you like to e-mail me...my e-mail address is christian_taylor23@yahoo.com  Got Facebook?  Join the writer's world in "The Booksie Circle", where you can meet other...
Pen Name:Cezar
Country: GB
Bio: Everybody has a story. What is yours? Okay here we go. I'm Cezar. Originally from Romania, but residing in UK. I'm  a student and also an sports person. I love sports, I play football(soccer), rugby and american football. Liverpool FC and New England Patriots are my family. I believe everybody...
Pen Name:Charles Bullet
Country: US
Pen Name:Charlie Gibbs
Country: GB
Bio: I enjoy writing stories and creating new characters. I used to work in a library so I love to be surrounded by books, especially old and tatty ones. My favourite authors are the old school horror ones. R.Chetwynd-Hayes, M.R.James and Angela Carter. Most horror books can be turned into films as...
Pen Name:clemencyheart
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys! Read my stuff please, criticize or compliment, whatever you want :) Thanksss.
Pen Name:cashew51
Country: US
Bio: I have many thing's I'm aspiring to do so you may as well call me an overachiever! On my YouTube account will be song covers, sculpting tutorials, and a vlog. My many hobbbies are: Sculpting, writing, painting, playing the keyboard, singing, a little bit of acting, sewing, eating, and SLEEPING....
Pen Name:calyope
Country: US
Bio: Raise your virtual hand if you're also a wattpadier. WATTPAD PILGRIMS!!! •••••   I AM IN LOVE WITH JESUS! 96% of Christian teens do not share the gospel I am one of the other 4%   Well, a little bit about me is.... I play the cello, the guitar, the piano, the keyboard, the ukelayle...
Pen Name:ChloPo359
Country: GB
Bio:   Hello Booksie Fans!!!   I am a 19 year old student I love to read and write all sorts of stories, but my favourite genres are fantasy and adventure! I also love creating artwork to accomany my writing, therefore the majority of the images that I have posted allong with my writing are my...
Pen Name:Caprice
Country: ZA
Bio: I’m just a gal trying to structure words in such a way that it would be of some interest to someone random person on some random day. There’s really not much to say… some friends have compared me to onions, saying every layer has it’s own surprise, others have compared...
Pen Name:Curusco
Country: AU
Bio: Well, I'm a rather optimistic and refined young man. I enjoy a good leather-bound book in a comfy arm chair, positioned perfectly in front of a roaring fireplace, a nip of fine scotch in hand. When I'm not passed out in front of the fire, I can be found trudging through the halls of college,...
Pen Name:coltondennis93
Country: US
Bio: My name is Colton Dennis. I started  writing when I was in 8th grade. I loved it since. Now being 21, I want the world to see my writing in print. I write Horror/Sci-Fi stories.I just hope eveyone will like my stories.(Ifthey read them anyway. LOL) And Please tell me what you think of my...
Pen Name:ChrisTylerr
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Tyler. I  was looking for a website so i can post my things that i write so i can express my feelings more on this than even in person and i found this! so i'm trying it out! :) i'm 16.  v   I'm mostly and artsy kind of guy i play guitar skateboard dance sing write songs act and...
Pen Name:Cecilisabeth16
Country: US
Bio: Hiya, I'm Isabelle. Mostly known to be "Invisabelle Spasian" - shitty pen name, I know. Want to know more about me, my interests, and my hobbies? Click on my nickname. For my weirder, nerdy, otaku side, click on this Invisabelle Spasian. Ignore that link to my transparent blog; it's dead now....
Pen Name:creativegirl11
Country: CA
Bio: BIO  I am out going and do a crap ton of things in my life, Sports, Cadets Theater Reading Writing the list goes on.... Well writing has always been my escpae in life, I can always get lost into a  story or anything, I love to be free and creative and after everything I have been through in...
Pen Name:cupcakelover13579
Country: US
Bio: Hi, My name is Danni. I'm 13 yrs.old, and I am in the 7th grade. My favorite subjects are reading, Latin, English, and science. Please comment on the books I write so I will know if they need improvement. ENJOY!!!!! Also, my featured writing column is for the stuff that you should spend your...
Pen Name:crazycraze28
Country: HK
Bio: Hii... I have 2 contests going and it would be great if you guys had a look at them. I think that you might like them once you see it. One of them is drawing book covers and one is a short story contest. Also, Check out- thegiver- she has the most original stories, trust me. LoneSun- LoneSun is...
Pen Name:cookecoe
Country: GB
Pen Name:Chumb
Country: NZ
Bio: FarewellLike a bird learning to flyI sit still in my nest and wait in patientsFor my wings to become intact So that I may be free to soar and glideI wait patiently till I am brave enoughTo be able to face this world alone,Like a bird set free from a cage.Yet I wait, slowly and serenelyThe world...
Pen Name:CRoberts
Country: GB
Bio: Thank you for taking the time to view my page. Regarding my work on poetry, I try to create pieces that can be interpreted by individuals in their own way. I tend to create a story of scene and a reader can impose their life into it - this is designed to add power to the piece and a sense of...
Pen Name:Craig Davison
Country: AU
Bio: Writing poetry is like scaling the north face of futility. Poetry is dead and stinking up my bathroom; or is that God? Get me out of here, I'm a Romantic
Pen Name:Cherie Arlavine
Country: US
Bio:     There isn't much to say about myself. I haven't been alive very long or accomplished many things. I just keep going day to day, and hope I can find something good in each day. Writing has been my passion for a long time. I always enjoyed writing stories or poems and such. I love music,...
Pen Name:chakudaku
Country: US
Bio: A writer of stuff. twitter: mk_wordsmith. Become a fan and get 80% off all future writings and publications! Get full access and Jet passes when I rule the world. Get first dibs on the Cabinet Position of your choice. All this for being a fan. Yeah!  
Pen Name:Chocaholic
Country: GB
Bio:   Hi!   My name is Chocaholic, and I'm a 17 year old girl from the UK! I love writing and singing, and hope to further both of my passions in life. Booksie has made it possible for me to test out my writing to the public and the feedback I've had is amazing, and I now love it more than ever....
Pen Name:Creative Fae
Pen Name:CrazyGirlLovesYou07
Country: CA
Bio: Name: Sagaana Uthayasegaram Age: 13 I love to read, write and dance! I went to dance class since I was 5 years old. I started to write my own stories when I was 12 years old which was a year ago. I try my best to write good stories. I also write poems mostly romantic and hurt/comfort. I wish to...
Pen Name:Charlmes
Country: AU
Bio: Welcome to my Booksie Profile! I'm Cheesester and I would love to read your novels, so leave a comment and hit me with your best shot! - Charlmes   Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud | Twitter | Myspace
Pen Name:CuteAnimeLover7
Country: US
Pen Name:CrimsonWriter
Country: US
Bio:  Read me!  So I've obviously not updated Barricades in an awfully long time. I'm dreadfully sorry! I've gotten so busy with school, which, I know, is everyone's excuse. But winter break is coming in 3 weeks and I plan to write, write, write and finish Barricades (only a few chapters left) and...
Pen Name:Chrysta
Country: US
Bio: http://www.wattpad.com/user/IndigoStar   Hello. (^∇^)/  My name is Chrysta but you can call me Indigo. I enjoy writing horror, fantasy, romance, and action genres. I mostly post poetry but I have one completed novel and another I'm still working on. Please feel free to leave critism and...
Pen Name:Courtney Harrison
Country: US
Bio: Notice: I'm holding City of Memories audio auditions! If you want more information please visit the video on Photobucket!Audio Book Characters found so far...Narrator: Courtney Harrison/MeSimon: J. Clay/WordspeakI NEED CHARACTERS FOR MY AUDIO BOOK! Please message me if you are interested and...
Pen Name:clslater
Country: US
Bio: I am a father, teacher, and occasional amateur writer. I love to write when I have the time and love to hear people's honest opinions of my work. At 30 years old, I know I am not going to make a career out of writing, but that doesn't make me appreciate a reading audience any less. My students...
Pen Name:crzyanglcassie14
Country: US
Pen Name:Cameron Hawes
Country: GB
Pen Name:cloudsgrey
Country: US
Bio: I am bipolar
Pen Name:Cheshire Kat
Country: AU
Bio: I like pina colades and getting caught in the rain...
Pen Name:cool100
Country: CA
Bio: hey and welcome to my site im crazycool and i hope you enjoye my stories   i apperciate comments and im working hard on writting my first story but remeber if you dont have anything nice to say about my writing dont say it at all i understand you might not like it but theres no need for any...
Pen Name:chaser2430
Country: US
Bio: Im chase and i just write short stories
Pen Name:Cullen24Bryant
Country: US
Pen Name:CheetahBear
Country: US
Bio: I HAVE RETURNED.!!! And I am sorry to report that many stories such as Dancing For Dakota, and Cowgirls Don't Cry, have been lost on an old computer of mine. Everything that I had of them is LOST and gone FOREVER. So I will have to re-write them...I'm sorry.!! Hello All, my name is Cayla.! You...

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