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Pen Name:Christopher M Brown
Country: US
Bio: if you want to leave me a comment, please do so, but be under no delusions that doing so automatically earns you a comment from me on any of your work. It doesn't. Most of the time, I follow the rule of Comment for comment, but sometimes, I just don't feel like commenting, or have nothing to say...
Pen Name:Cakeatron
Country: MK
Bio: There really isn't much to say about me. I live in a small country with 2 million people. There really isn't much to do here so i spend more time on comics, manga, anime and writing. :p 
Pen Name:Chocaholic
Country: GB
Bio:   Hi!   My name is Chocaholic, and I'm a 17 year old girl from the UK! I love writing and singing, and hope to further both of my passions in life. Booksie has made it possible for me to test out my writing to the public and the feedback I've had is amazing, and I now love it more than ever....
Pen Name:Cyb0r
Country: US
Bio: I would describe myself as the quiet, artistic type. I'm an art student and whenever I have some free time I sketch or write stories. I wanted to post something on here to test my writing ability and to get feedback on what people think of my stories. I always promised myself that one day I'd...
Pen Name:CountryGirl4ever
Country: US
Bio:       My Novels: *High School Sweethearts     -Sweethearts from the Start (Squeal) *Say It and It Will Come True     -I Told You It Will Come True (Squeal) *Small Town Love      -Forever Love (Squeal) *I'm such a Military Brat        -It's our life (Squeal to I'm such a...
Pen Name:christy osborn
Country: US
Bio: My name is Christy Osborn.  I have been a writer of poetry, fictional short stories, articles and childrens stories since the age of thirteen.  I am now fourty one years old and have recently moved from California back to my home town of S. Carolina.  Although I have had some poetry published...
Pen Name:Coralie
Country: US
Bio:   Age: 15 Name: Blake. But you can call me Blakerz Grade: 10 (sophomore; I skipped eighth grade, blah blah blah....)   Follow me on..... Tumblr: the-scientific-blake-through Twitter: @TheBlakeThrough Instagram: @the_scientific_blake_through Wattpad: FiskeElliotGray     Works in progress:...
Pen Name:ciara1997
Country: GB
Bio: nomnomnom All Time Low lover ;D
Pen Name:Candy Carnation
Country: US
Bio: Hey pplz.... lol i isn't gonna be around for a while so i still love you prob wont be updated till after thanksgiving. lol
Pen Name:Christopher Long
Country: US
Bio: I have an HND in Media studies and have a great interest in all aspects of film and editing. I am an avid fan of the Internet, which gives me the freedom to explore my many interests, one of which is creative writing
Pen Name:CauseICan
Country: AU
Bio: Hiya, my name's Jaimie, I'm 15 years old and joined Booksie to get some feedback on some of the novels and short stories I've written. I'd love to read your stories and hope you get a chance to read some of mine (yes, I shamelessly self promote). I'm recently writing a Twilight fan-fic called...
Pen Name:California Gurls
Country: US
Bio: Hi,you can call me Nicki Minaj Barbz and I Live in New York(I don't live in New York as in Manhattan) in the United States My Favorite Food is Pizza!I Love Nicki Minaj So Much!! I Like listening to Pop,R&B,and Hip-hop Music and a bit of soul music or R&B Soul.My Favorite Book is Matilda(I also...
Pen Name:cristinacalip
Country: SG
Bio: I am not an aspiring writer but I love to finish a story in my mind and my brother (Audie) had asked me once, why don't you try to write all your thoughts and fantasies that runs in your mind? And it all started and hopefully, I could write more of nice and sensible stories.
Pen Name:CanadiansKid24
Country: CA
Bio: Hello, My name is Jacob and i am currently attending highschool getting near to my big step to college. Also i enjoy sports such as hockey, and baseball. Others hobbies outside of writing i do is fishing, bowling, or just hang out with friends.  I have enjoyed writing since i was twelve years...
Pen Name:Coops14
Country: US
Pen Name:Chantelle Nazareth
Country: IN
Bio:   I love writing and at times writing saves me so much of time to know more about my inner- self sometimes I wanna be like the main characters in my book who have everything in there life. But life is not always perfect everyone have their flaws. I am studying my Bachelors in arts with and...
Pen Name:ccccccc
Country: IN
Pen Name:Caterina
Country: US
Bio: Hi-llo! My name is Kara, which translates into Caterina in italian. I'm 16, and planning to go to college for creative writing and journalism. Writing hass been my passion for the past four years; i never really thought of writing a book until the seventh grade, and i decided to write a short...
Pen Name:Continuum
Country: US
Bio: ABOUT: Me Talking, conversing, listening, they are all my favorite, I could do them for eons. When I can't talk do them, however, I write. I am picky about grammar. I am short and to the point. Sarcasm and irony are my second and third languages. Get to know me, I love new people. ABOUT: My...
Pen Name:cbravo856
Country: US
Bio:  Hey All, Welcome and please check out my books PLEASE!!! I REALLY NEED SOME FEEDBACK!!!You all Have My Eternal Gratitude! Current Works in Progress:   Blissful Insanity (Teen Wolf Fanfic) A Game of Chance (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)                        Love doesn't always...
Pen Name:Chivalry
Country: AU
Bio: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... There was a fabulous 16 year old named Chivalry who wrote amazing stories and will one day create the first Glactic Empire, through the use of his fanbase that he is yet to obtain on booksie.com. He will then use this empire to take over the...
Pen Name:craig turner
Country: GB
Pen Name:Champoo
Country: DE
Pen Name:Charlotte Bog
Country: FR
Bio: Sorry to disappear... I had a relapse
Pen Name:Cat Lover Haley
Country: US
Bio: My fav types of music: 70's & 80's rock, pop, country. (Least: rap and hip hop!) Fav types of movies: mostly horror and comedy. some action. My birthday is Jan. 3rd 1995. I'm a Capricorn. I love history, reading, writing. I AM LIKE MY OTHER SILLY CRAZY FRIENDS! I LOVE TO JOKE AROUNG AND ACT...
Pen Name:CretSorrvis
Country: CA
Bio:   Starting December 1st I am working on a twelve month project where I will be posting a short story each week. My writing has been inspired by Neil Gaimen, Gorge R. R. Martian, Frank Miller Alan More and many others. Above it asks for my favourite book and I am sure like most people that one...
Pen Name:Champagne
Country: CA
Bio: Hey, my name is Champagne. I reside in Canada, and am a student. Writing has always been a passion on mine and my favourite pass time. I am currently seeking publishing assitance and would love to get my work out there, if anyone has any connections they'd like to share message me, I'd love to...
Pen Name:christiemarie86
Country: US
Bio: My name is Christina and I am 27 years old, I live with my mom and younger sister in an apartment. I enjoy writing poetry and stories. I have accomplished two stories so far, but haven't published any of them, due to my grammar and things like that. I don't intend to go professional with my...
Pen Name:CamelandKnight
Country: EG
Bio:   Camel & Knight   As Co-Writers of short stories, poetry and literary art, we welcome you to our page and invite you to read and enjoy.   We welcome your feedback and comments with gratitude.   Camel & Knight        
Pen Name:ClaireWhite
Country: US
Bio:   So, I guess you want to know about me. Or maybe you don't. I live in the States. B.A. in Psychology. Currently in graduate school to become a clinical psychologist. I am a feminist. And I hope to focus my career around rape/sexual assault. Which is something I'm kind of writing about now. I...
Pen Name:Chiqui
Country: ZA
Bio:                                     Life can never be if there is not 'SONG' in your heart.Love can never be if you cannot forgive, for if you forgive then you can 'LOVE'. 'JUDGE' not the next for you have not walked in his/her shoes. Remember everybody...
Pen Name:Colby
Country: US
Bio: "Don't Give Into Pain, Rather Fight It And Win"~Skyler Cole Barrett Hi my name is Skyler Barrett. I am the maker of the quote that you see above. I'm also the person on the left. Life is always filled with mysteries so instead of wondering what you can do to hate yourself, find ways to admire...
Pen Name:clarisse Ann
Country: US
Bio: Hi everyone, so I would like to first say that I am THE WORST at continuously being able to write and produce work at a steady pace, so I may write something and not add another chapter for a year maybe, I'm sorry I'm like this but I have a very short attention span and my life is pretty hectic...
Pen Name:ChloeLMcgarrett
Country: GB
Bio: WELCOME TO MY PAGE   Im Offline[x] Im Online []   Reading Requests? Novel open[] closed[x] Short story open[] closed[x] Other open[x] closed[]  Im playing catch up peeps Catch Up List Jonjc9 Briannasbooks Shadastorm D A Draven Sid EverAfterDarling Jonathan DeLacuso   Info Im Chloe or Chloey...
Pen Name:curiosity artistic
Country: US
Bio:      I'm Megan, and a very strange individual. I love literature,art,and music; they're my passions and life. I also love the outdoors, i'm inspired by nature and love taking in the history and visual aspect of nature. My personality is strange and odd, but i don't mind being that weird...
Pen Name:Crow of light
Country: AU
Bio: Hi my name is Joshua East or Mr.EAST. I have bee writing poetry for a couple years, not long but long enough to make it my passion. I am not the greatest poet, but all I wish is for my words to be heard. A little about me, i am a christian i love to skate and have a taste for varias music....
Pen Name:Colton
Country: US
Bio: Just using a pen to scribble my thoughts and emotion, hoping to generate the same from you. 
Pen Name:Corey Foster
Country: US
Pen Name:CajunGrl11
Country: US
Bio: .I'm Chelsea. .I'm eighteen. Now a college girl (which is why updates are taking forever). .I'm immature. .I can't burp. .I like pretending I'm a rock star. .And I love to read. .That's about it. .And thanks so so so much to my readers and my fans. You're amazing!. My story on another site...
Pen Name:Cabriolle
Country: US
Bio:   I just like to use writing as a form of emotional outlet, like boxing or shouting, laughing or crying. If there's anyone out there who likes to get to know me more, or just wants to have me as a friend, you can just leave a message anytime!
Pen Name:CeeBrown09
Country: US
Bio: Im a young adult wanting to save lives. I been writing stories and poetry since i was a young girl. Its how I relieved myself from stress. Writingis my life. I just want you all to enjoy it. God bless everyone. I love you all dearly.
Pen Name:Cazpa
Country: AU
Bio: Just an ordinary Aussie girl looking to share her love of the supernatural and romance!!
Pen Name:Ciarron Clarkson
Country: GB
Bio: INT. GRAHAM'S HOUSE, HALLWAY. NIGHT   We are in the hallway of a small terrace house. Through a glass door to the left we see the flickering light from a TV. GRAHAM can be heard in the room. He is thinking aloud, 'Umming and Ahhing'. PAMELA, GRAHAM'S wife is cooking in the kitchen clinking...
Pen Name:CrimsonWriter
Country: US
Bio:  Read me!  So I've obviously not updated Barricades in an awfully long time. I'm dreadfully sorry! I've gotten so busy with school, which, I know, is everyone's excuse. But winter break is coming in 3 weeks and I plan to write, write, write and finish Barricades (only a few chapters left) and...
Pen Name:Cicero
Country: GB
Bio: This isn't my main account, but I use this one for Elder scrolls fan fics, mainly following the life of everyones' favourite phsycopathic jester- Cicero. =) So... Even if you're not familiar with the land of Skyrim (which you should be) please give my writing a go! ;) Reading requests CLOSED-...
Pen Name:ChaffaeMiraLirai
Country: US
Bio: Okey dokey I don't really know where to start... I guess I'll write it like a story then it will just come.The girl was silent to strangers, and loud to friends. She wore masks. Masks to keep the world from knowing her pain, discomfort or hate. No. She didn't hate. Or she tried not to. Tried...
Pen Name:Chris Green
Country: GB
Bio: Hi! I'm Chris. I write short stories and like to choose unusual subjects and viewpoints that are a little off centre. I hope you enjoy these quirky tales of modern life. I posted these stories randomly so they are in no chronological or thematic order, so, dip in at random to get the best from...
Pen Name:Cyraus
Country: US
Pen Name:cantlive4evr
Country: US
Bio: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MOVED. My new account name is Bougainvillea. I already have a brand spanking new novel called "Kissing Henry". I'd really appreciate if you guys would check it out. Set in the 18th century, Lorelei Mills is living in a world of corsets and suitors. She has reached the age of...
Pen Name:Cynanthropy13
Country: US
Bio: Artist/ writer from Florida.
Pen Name:Chris Cross
Country: FR
Bio: Hello fellow writers and readers! This brief appearance of mine on Booksie (life is short) is just meant to satisfy my unquenchable desire of sharing the delirious flashes I have in mind. I hope you will enjoy all the absurdity of my productions (Don't worry, it is not infectious). Feel free to...
Pen Name:chiki101
Country: US
Bio:                                                      ~  Welcome To My Page~                                  Again sorry for being active I kinda had to study for exams and I have an online Russian course sooo yeahh!...
Pen Name:CB Devils
Country: US
Bio: Soon.
Pen Name:chelsea finch
Country: GB
Bio: hey well yeah am chelsea am 15. BI  but not out. really into art and music tho i dont play anything. watch alot of movies in my down time. my fav is the hunger games hehe. my top bands are: paramore, you me at six, all time low escape the fate. even tho there kinda old simple plan :)  i love...
Pen Name:Cullen24Bryant
Country: US
Pen Name:caralouann
Country: US
Bio: My name is Cara, I was born in Columbus, Ohio on April 3 1979 I only have been writing since 9/17/07 I have three Children 2 boys 1 girl Logan, Gracie, Trysten I have A loving Supportive Husband My Aunt Isabel Worden-Klym has a book at Wordclay.com for purchasing Old Friends and Ill-Starred...
Pen Name:ChoiNuna
Country: KR
Bio: Hi i'm Nuna. ChoiNuna. Im 15 soon to be 16. I'm gonna write the lyrics and cute stories for kpop idols. Thanks for reading my short summary. I also am a really good cook. 
Pen Name:Carlos29
Country: US
Bio:   My name is Carlos i'm 21 and just working on becoming a well developed writer. A few things have changed over the course of time, i find myself writing once again, but in hopes this time my story will be heard, it is different and with a new concept that is both meaningful and personal in a...
Pen Name:christblade
Country: US
Bio: I just try to be real in my writings. I try to exploit my mind to write the most gripping story that I'M capable of. they  might need work, but I'm just keeping it real.
Pen Name:Cooki Monstress
Pen Name:CEH
Country: US
Bio: Lets see, I am currently 22, YAY! I am mostly easily please with anything, but I love two things: Reading and Music. I adore Hollywood Undeead, but I enjoy basicly anything. My writing style well it's varried depending one how I feel. Normaly I like to go strange and dark, idk generaly I'm a...

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