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Pen Name:cbookout
Country: US
Bio: I am a young mother of three wonderful children. I have had my share of ups and downs in life and use them as inspiration in my poetry.
Pen Name:colormeabstract
Country: US
Bio: i am 32 years old- iam married and have a 9 yr, old 11 and 12 yr. old whom i love!i believe in God, he is my hero! I care about people in general, afterall i believe everyone to be a brother or sister as the bible tells me so-I love art and most to do with it-i see art in paculiar ways-i love to...
Pen Name:crazy beautiful christy
Country: US
Bio: My name is christy. I love writing. That is how I exspress myself weither I am sad, mad, happy or even when I am confused. Im still new at writing poems and stories but i want to learn more about it and see where I am going with it. I want to be a writer or a poet I just dont know if I am good...
Pen Name:CMooreKincaid
Country: US
Bio: Freedom of Speech is promised to us in the First Amendment and yet we choose not to use it.  Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged here.  I am very open-minded and enjoy having other people read and comment on my work.  Feel free to speak from the heart and know that all...
Pen Name:Cecelia
Country: US
Pen Name:Cowboys Girl
Country: US
Bio: So i'm 14 and new at this whole writing thing so i'm gonna give it my best shot but thats all i can i love helpful critizim. right now i'm not really aloud on the computer alot  but i will get on and update my story when i can and i'll add my other storys once i think that at least the first...
Pen Name:CatcherBabe34
Country: US
Bio: Everything happens for a reason. It is easy to say live life to the fullest, and live with no regrets. But if you convince yourself, you are set. Life is too short to harbor grudges. It is exaughsting to stay angry. Laughing is the best medicine there is. Always, LIVE< LAUGH< LOVE but NEVER FORGET!
Pen Name:Claire Sharp
Country: GB
Bio: Hello! :) After swearing to stay a student for as long as I possibly could I got very bored of college and decided to quit to focus on writing............ now I work part time in a bakery and you're not likely to see lotsa stuff from me because I can only write on paper for some odd reason and...
Pen Name:Chaospoint
Country: US
Bio: Well, my life's story is fairly complicated, so I'll spare you the details. Suffice to say that I've moved more times in my life than I care to remember and I love to write. Most of my stories before now were fan-based works, up until recently when I decided to start working on some of my own...
Pen Name:Cathy Chui
Country: US
Bio: Wow. I'm back. I guess I wasn't as dedicated to this site as I thought I would be, though I'm certainly as dedicated to writing as I was when I first started. I must admit that I love it more than ever, now that two summers have passed and I'm in my second year as a writer. I still do read...
Pen Name:crazyman
Country: US
Bio: I write to pass the time.I write for me but do enjoy other peoples feedback however bad it may be.I believe there is always room for improvement.I don't feel my poetry is all that good but i put alot into it so maybe you and I can get alot out of it.I also like to kickbox and practice martial...
Pen Name:Creemoreartist
Country: CA
Bio: Please see my website.
Pen Name:cal11893
Country: US
Bio: I am a college student in New Rochelle! I love to both read and write, music is amazing! writing is a perfect opening to the world I have built in my head!
Pen Name:Chris
Country: US
Bio: well hi I'm chris, I'm origianally from germany and speak both english and german. I have lived in germany, scotland, australia and soon canada. If you want to send me a review that would be great. I write in both englsih and german so if there are any german people check out fanfiktion.de and...
Pen Name:cherokee wonder
Country: US
Pen Name:CanadianIdiot
Country: US
Bio: Due to the SUMMER ENDING, a PRE-COLLEGE COURSE I have ot take, SUMMER READING, several MUSICAL ENSEMBLES coming to a close, and COLLEGE STARTING UP (Which means moving in) I'm having a struggle getting to reading requests. I apologize to everyone who has been waiting for me to critique them!...
Pen Name:carl te au
Country: NZ
Bio: Im a38 year old ex-musician who`s life turned round.I sometimes still write my own lyrics or poems however introspective they``ve become.
Pen Name:cartera
Country: GB
Bio: Decent writer turned teacher. previously published to good reviews from well-respected sources, but . . . there you go.In the book world: naive in the extreme.  2 Novels, various short stories and poems published, but . . . there you go.Now retired from the nuisance that is paid...
Pen Name:csmith12
Country: US
Bio: Iam 13, i live in the middle of nowhere alabama. i love basketball, football, baseball and history...... Iam new to writing, but i like to right about history or sports or relationships.  Few some of my work.
Pen Name:crystalclearwater
Country: US
Pen Name:Constantinos Grigoriadis
Country: GR
Bio: "When my voice cannot describe with words my feelingsThen I open the door inside meand the fantasy drives my thoughts to make my feelings words.Where the words use the philoshophy to make you see the world with the eyes of my souland my poems speak to your heart."Constantinos Grigoriadis is a...
Pen Name:Chaos0591
Country: LB
Bio: Iam Roy, i love reading and writing. I am athletic, extravagant and egotistical... um, i love my friends... expecially sara who got6me on here :P
Pen Name:CursedPiratePrincess
Country: US
Bio: hmm lets see i guess im real lazy cause ive got plenty to say but nothing to write.
Pen Name:Christine Manth
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Danielle. I first got into books when I was 4. All my mom did was buy some Dr. Suess book for my sisters and I and I stole them for myself. Out of every one I know I am the only one that can read the entire Harry Potter series in less than one day. I realized that after reading...
Pen Name:Camisado92
Country: CA
Bio: (If you must falter be wise, your mind is in disturbia)To tell you about me would be too hard.You see, I dont know who I am either.I write whatever is on my mind and to cope with built up emotions.I'm the kind of girl who walks independently to work but wears my mom's sweater to have her with...
Pen Name:Catt
Country: US
Bio: I really love art and music. I like to meet new people. I can have fun doing just about anything. Fire turns me on. Reading is something that I do often. I like to go out. I also like to stay in. I like being around people who can make me smile and laugh. I have a great amount of loyalty towards...
Pen Name:caralouann
Country: US
Bio: My name is Cara, I was born in Columbus, Ohio on April 3 1979 I only have been writing since 9/17/07 I have three Children 2 boys 1 girl Logan, Gracie, Trysten I have A loving Supportive Husband My Aunt Isabel Worden-Klym has a book at Wordclay.com for purchasing Old Friends and Ill-Starred...
Pen Name:Charlax
Country: US
Bio: WhoWillWho will read mye poetry will there be a lieberry in the future ofmankind where people turn the books like dimes spent in the slot willthey find CharlaX in the melting pot of crucible so many moredeserving people write the Asimov and the Heinlein will always be theones the children want....
Pen Name:clslater
Country: US
Bio: I am a father, teacher, and occasional amateur writer. I love to write when I have the time and love to hear people's honest opinions of my work. At 30 years old, I know I am not going to make a career out of writing, but that doesn't make me appreciate a reading audience any less. My students...
Pen Name:Chester Collar
Country: US
Bio: I am a 19 year old student and enjoy reading, writing, and especially music.  I write because it makes me feel better and what I know and feel is my inspiration.
Pen Name:cassumofkenny
Country: GB
Bio: Avid writer, love making films but my passion is for writing stories and scripts to later develop into something bigger and much better. 
Pen Name:cheeky sally
Country: US
Bio: ♥i've left booksie.ill be checking back from time to time, but i decided its time for me to move on.♥
Pen Name:CrystalTears
Country: CA
Bio: Hello, welcome to my heart: I’m Crystal Tears, I chose this pen name for many reason. The crystal is a strong, beautiful gemstone; it reflects in the light and shines bright. It represents something brilliant and precious. Tears don’t only reflect sadness but happiness as well....
Pen Name:Crow Feather
Country: US
Bio: Lost, abused, abandoned, betrayedDied at age eightBuried behind the wallsEverywhere there are wallsKeeping the pain outKeeping the fear inContact: crowfeather_caw@yahoo.com
Pen Name:Crystal Brannen
Country: US
Bio: I don't know anything about myself right now. I'm just a confused mess. It's sick.
Pen Name:ChibiMaeLynne
Country: US
Bio: HELLO and welcome to my page! ChibiMaeLynne....wow, I'm so embarassed by my choice of names from middle school ahaha IN ANY CASE I'm seriously working on a comic called 'To Hell'. ALSO working on a poem series called "Demons, Demons, Reincarnation" There's little to no editing for the poem...
Pen Name:codys girl
Country: US
Pen Name:CrazyBirdLady
Country: US
Bio: I am a 40 y/o single female.  I have no children and have never been married, however I have 4 nephews that I love, I am very protective of my family and friends.  I joined the Navy in 1986 and planned to make a 20+ year career of it.  I was on the east coast and Spain and Italy, visited...
Pen Name:Chris Aberforth
Country: US
Pen Name:CLHunter
Country: US
Bio: I am new to the author arena.  I have always enjoyed science fiction and folklore, not only in print, but in movies and imagination. With a B.S. and M.S. in the biological sciences, I utilize my passion for and breadth of scientific knowledge to make the impossible possible. 
Pen Name:Carnelia
Country: GB
Bio: Hey! I'm 17 years old and I write poetry.
Pen Name:ChArLi ZaMmIT
Country: MT
Bio: Hey guys! I'm Charli, I love writing, singing, acting and art. I write lyrics and stories and poems. My work is mostly based on music... It has a huge effect on my life, mood and writings. To me songs are a combination of two things that are very important to me: music and poetry... I don't...
Pen Name:CarlyD
Country: CA
Bio: so basically I was born January 6th, 1993. I live in Canada and I go to a school called KCVI. I am a guitar player, I write my own music and am kind of in a band with another friend of mine. My favourite artists are John Lennon, The Mavericks, REM, Tegan and Sara, The Beatles, Uh Huh Her... I...

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