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Pen Name:Chauncey Gardiner
Country: AU
Bio: Philosopher, psychologist, physicist, outsider
Pen Name:Coin Slot Muse
Country: US
Bio: Not a lot to say about me really, im 21 almost 22. I was adopted by my grandparents when i was 2, wich strange as it sounds makes my mother my sister and my uncle my brother. I dont know my real dad and i probably never will. I met my husband when i was 18 and working at The Home Depot (thank...
Pen Name:Cabe
Country: AU
Bio: Short stories have become a bit of a thing with me now. Hoping to get some up here soon, it's been awhile.   First one up should be called "Trapped" please check it out :D
Pen Name:Codey
Country: US
Bio: Just ask.
Pen Name:Corwin Blue
Country: US
Bio: Im just a starting to write but i love to read all the time and draw as well
Pen Name:ccBoo
Country: GB
Bio: Words are certainly something that I love - both their sounds and meanings. I get a kick out of restructurung things to see how it affects the meaning of sentences. My first introduction to a real story was at Junior school when every afternoon we had story time. I remember our teacher...
Pen Name:Chumb
Country: NZ
Bio: FarewellLike a bird learning to flyI sit still in my nest and wait in patientsFor my wings to become intact So that I may be free to soar and glideI wait patiently till I am brave enoughTo be able to face this world alone,Like a bird set free from a cage.Yet I wait, slowly and serenelyThe world...
Pen Name:cauchy33
Country: HK
Bio: chinese poet
Pen Name:corky8rox
Country: CA
Bio: The name;;;Is CoUrTnEy.    Hair Dye is my ThInG.Do not;; LaBeL mE. I like being uNiQe. I like too StAnD oUt. Feeel Freee~~ to talk to me. Get to know me.    Im a TOTAL eyeliner whore. Every color you can buy =) Im a service Advisor for Canadian tire, and I LOVE automotives.As far as im...
Pen Name:ColdLight
Country: US
Bio: Remember the last time I said I was back but then I left?I'm back again. My name is Hannah. I am 15 years young. I am a Harry Potter junkie. I despise Twilight. I'm in love with Hayley Williams from Paramore. I hate it when people are in love with Edward Cullen. I'm in love with George...
Pen Name:craziantix
Country: IN
Bio: so here's something about me,whether u like it or not!I am (well there's a start).I love to collect matchboxes(&stamps,coins,and other ridiculous odd ends).I am a fullblooded metalhead.I love to write stories and poems.I model with clay,paper even aluminium foil.I'm a pyromaniac.Books are my...
Pen Name:cheeky sally
Country: US
Bio: ♥i've left booksie.ill be checking back from time to time, but i decided its time for me to move on.♥
Pen Name:s0ccerchick2008
Country: US
Bio:  Hi Booksie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hi, I'm s0ccerchick2008 and I am a soccer player try out at TLAM. I basically go to the gayest middle school on Earth (jk)! But anyway contact me 4 writing reasons or just to email! My email is: s0ccerchick2008@yahoo.com! So...read my stuff please! Latest Books by...
Pen Name:coolcrowe
Country: US
Bio: "he was always distracted by the very mention of an open door"-dcfc..."Then he said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.'"..."but as God said, crossing his legs, I see where I have made plenty of poets but not...
Pen Name:Catherine
Country: US
Pen Name:controverse
Country: US
Bio: I write poems from time to time. I try to experiment with stories to.~~~~afk
Pen Name:cheerful
Country: MY
Bio: I love to write... But I need help... I need to know where my standard stands...Having a bit of a problem with my grammer... tend to be a little careless.But it would really be great if you could take a look at what I have to offer.God Bless.
Pen Name:19cntrygthicgrl
Country: US
Bio: In retrospect, a lot of my work is very juvenile and ridiculous.  But, in spite of that, I'm not going to take anything down.  I might even post up more from my younger days.  It's been so long since I've written anything decent, I believe I just gave up entirely.  Still, if an idea strike...
Pen Name:Chello
Country: SG
Bio: Has been a member of Olpsian Times during high school.  It's a school paper and has been interviewing students about controversial issues in the society and throughout the world.  A hopeless romantic.  Has written hundreds of poems during college but never published one.  Don't know where...
Pen Name:carolina
Country: IN
Pen Name:catfish
Country: US
Bio: Started writing for the Lord two years ago, and love every bit of it . I have no schooling in writing, so thank God for spell check and proof readers. Plus I love photography and painting. But the best for me is writing and reading short stories.
Pen Name:Crazy Lover
Country: US
Pen Name:Carnation
Country: IN
Pen Name:cavirzanee
Country: US
Bio: Raised between heaven and hell. Caught up in time.I'm just an average guy. Seems like time is passing quickly. In these truths I find my rhyme.
Pen Name:courtlol
Country: US
Bio:              Hi well im Courtney and i love music and books and Jesus. I def dont consider myself a writer but i want to try. Lovve  poetry. Not much else to...
Pen Name:Cassie Lawson
Country: US
Bio: Hello world, They call me Cassandra Khulenberg/Liles. I had a beautiful baby boy on June 17th 2010, at 8:09pm. His name is Douglas Michael Liles. I had my daughter Annabelle Rose Liles on January 1st 2012, at 1:31am. (: If you need more information, just ask.  I'm made up of contradictions,...
Pen Name:CLHunter
Country: US
Bio: I am new to the author arena.  I have always enjoyed science fiction and folklore, not only in print, but in movies and imagination. With a B.S. and M.S. in the biological sciences, I utilize my passion for and breadth of scientific knowledge to make the impossible possible. 
Pen Name:Cyrus Merces
Country: US
Bio: Where to start...I always knew wanted to write since I was about six.  I have done everything from poems to screen plays to novels.  I have had countless amounts of mentors and trainers to sharpen my skills, including three month long programs in novels, screenplays, and a creative writing...
Pen Name:Chun
Country: US
Pen Name:Crazy4Moony
Country: BE
Bio: Hey :D I'm Crazy4Moony, but you can call me Sirius if you want to^^ (Don't let the name fool you though, I'm 1OO% female!)I love writing, and I'm sorta working on a novel, though my specialty is writing fanfiction, or requested short-stories. My mind is kinda blank now... so I'll edit this...
Pen Name:Cassie Miller
Country: US
Pen Name:cath09
Country: US
Bio:  Names Catherine. 15 years of age and still kickin. Go to a gay school called Lincoln High.  I read mostly books about vampires or anything mystical.  Twlight series is the best thing on the earth.Edward is Worshipped daily. Stephani Marie Damato introduced me to twlight.  She is also...
Pen Name:CDaws
Country: CA
Bio: Feel free to visit my lulu storefront: stores.lulu.com/cdaws86All music and novels are free to download and cheap to buy a hard-copy.
Pen Name:Caitlin Dunley
Country: US
Bio: Europhile, logophile, and fantasy aficionada. Also check me out at www.flickr.com/caitlindunks : )
Pen Name:corujuca
Country: VE
Bio: Hi there,My name is JC .Abeti and i am trying to make it into the enterteinment bussines.....I will " publish" my work eventually ,feel free to make any comments(i rather serius ones)Enlaces gratisEnlaces gratisEnlaces gratis
Pen Name:coolzizo
Country: MA
Pen Name:Comfort
Country: GB
Pen Name:Chelsey
Country: US
Bio: ConfidentHealthyEnergeticLove 2 laughStrong on inside and outExtremeYoung but wise
Pen Name:Coyote
Country: US
Bio: I am a business consultant, a jobless anthropologist. Well I do have a job, not my dream job. I love to write. I love to play guitar. I love to sing. Life has good and bad points. Lets just try to make everyhing and everyone work together.
Pen Name:csmead426
Country: US
Bio: ☀My name is Courtney, I am16 and I live in Louisiana. I absolutely ღlove ღto read!! ツMy favorite colors are turquoise blue and pink. I hate it when my computer is being difficult like it is now!! Besides reading, I enjoy swimming, talking on the phone, watching tv, listening to music,...
Pen Name:chansie41
Country: PH
Bio: Noob writer..:D
Pen Name:candacetorrance
Country: CA
Bio: Howdy! I'm back and glad to be here. I guess I came back from the grave, but I'm still working on my main project; Bone Chiller and the possible sequel Surge. I had a ginormous computer crash and all of my files have been deleted, so I started writing bits of Surge, which just doesn't make sense...

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