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Pen Name:Casey AD
Country: US
Bio: whats there to talk about? im pretty boring lol!!! but i have been trying out photography and i be uploading some of the pictures i take. i take constructive criticism so tell me what you think.
Pen Name:ChristineBrooks
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm  Nic, better known as Nixie here on Booksie. This is a profile dedicated to my nan, Chstine Brooks who's work my parents discovered after she died 7 years ago. My dad has just passed all her writings to me as he is emigrating. When I started to read her stories and poems I felt as...
Pen Name:Catherine
Country: US
Pen Name:Cabe
Country: AU
Bio: Short stories have become a bit of a thing with me now. Hoping to get some up here soon, it's been awhile.   First one up should be called "Trapped" please check it out :D
Pen Name:corky8rox
Country: CA
Bio: The name;;;Is CoUrTnEy.    Hair Dye is my ThInG.Do not;; LaBeL mE. I like being uNiQe. I like too StAnD oUt. Feeel Freee~~ to talk to me. Get to know me.    Im a TOTAL eyeliner whore. Every color you can buy =) Im a service Advisor for Canadian tire, and I LOVE automotives.As far as im...
Pen Name:caelan96
Country: AU
Bio: This is the summarry of my life:Meh.......
Pen Name:craziantix
Country: IN
Bio: so here's something about me,whether u like it or not!I am (well there's a start).I love to collect matchboxes(&stamps,coins,and other ridiculous odd ends).I am a fullblooded metalhead.I love to write stories and poems.I model with clay,paper even aluminium foil.I'm a pyromaniac.Books are my...
Pen Name:cauchy33
Country: HK
Bio: chinese poet
Pen Name:csmead426
Country: US
Bio: ☀My name is Courtney, I am16 and I live in Louisiana. I absolutely ღlove ღto read!! ツMy favorite colors are turquoise blue and pink. I hate it when my computer is being difficult like it is now!! Besides reading, I enjoy swimming, talking on the phone, watching tv, listening to music,...
Pen Name:Chumb
Country: NZ
Bio: FarewellLike a bird learning to flyI sit still in my nest and wait in patientsFor my wings to become intact So that I may be free to soar and glideI wait patiently till I am brave enoughTo be able to face this world alone,Like a bird set free from a cage.Yet I wait, slowly and serenelyThe world...
Pen Name:controverse
Country: US
Bio: I write poems from time to time. I try to experiment with stories to.~~~~afk
Pen Name:creationtheory
Country: NL
Bio: For more information about me you can visit my website at:Creation Theory Revised
Pen Name:Cutesly
Country: NG
Pen Name:cal11893
Country: US
Bio: I am a college student in New Rochelle! I love to both read and write, music is amazing! writing is a perfect opening to the world I have built in my head!
Pen Name:cheeky sally
Country: US
Bio: ♥i've left booksie.ill be checking back from time to time, but i decided its time for me to move on.♥
Pen Name:Cream
Country: DE
Pen Name:craaig
Country: GB
Bio: Not a lot from me.  Not a lot to tell.I do love Booksie;  I don't have to yell.This page is much more than eponymousSo far as I remain anonymousPlease feel free to comment on my writing -- even if you think it's rubbish.  That's part of what Booksie is about: writers helping others to...
Pen Name:Crazyguy
Country: US
Bio: Names Matt, time to update I figure.  I will be writing songs, slowly but surely.  I don't have a girlfriend, nor do I care a whole lot, they are a LOT of maintance.  I love dirt biking, I love rock crawling.  I have skills, though I can't remember which?  I built a Jeep, I can weld, I...
Pen Name:Codey
Country: US
Bio: Just ask.
Pen Name:Casseopeia
Country: NZ
Bio: Hey, I'm a fourteen year old in Auckland, New Zealand (will be fifteen soonish. Driving license time, haha). I like chocolate, laughing, travel, weird words, mangoes, llamas, art,  the colour indigo, rain, Flight of the Conchords (being the supportive New Zealnder that I am), surprises (good...
Pen Name:Chauncey Gardiner
Country: AU
Bio: Philosopher, psychologist, physicist, outsider
Pen Name:Coin Slot Muse
Country: US
Bio: Not a lot to say about me really, im 21 almost 22. I was adopted by my grandparents when i was 2, wich strange as it sounds makes my mother my sister and my uncle my brother. I dont know my real dad and i probably never will. I met my husband when i was 18 and working at The Home Depot (thank...
Pen Name:Corwin Blue
Country: US
Bio: Im just a starting to write but i love to read all the time and draw as well
Pen Name:ccBoo
Country: GB
Bio: Words are certainly something that I love - both their sounds and meanings. I get a kick out of restructurung things to see how it affects the meaning of sentences. My first introduction to a real story was at Junior school when every afternoon we had story time. I remember our teacher...
Pen Name:ColdLight
Country: US
Bio: Remember the last time I said I was back but then I left?I'm back again. My name is Hannah. I am 15 years young. I am a Harry Potter junkie. I despise Twilight. I'm in love with Hayley Williams from Paramore. I hate it when people are in love with Edward Cullen. I'm in love with George...
Pen Name:s0ccerchick2008
Country: US
Bio:  Hi Booksie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hi, I'm s0ccerchick2008 and I am a soccer player try out at TLAM. I basically go to the gayest middle school on Earth (jk)! But anyway contact me 4 writing reasons or just to email! My email is: s0ccerchick2008@yahoo.com! So...read my stuff please! Latest Books by...
Pen Name:coolcrowe
Country: US
Bio: "he was always distracted by the very mention of an open door"-dcfc..."Then he said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.'"..."but as God said, crossing his legs, I see where I have made plenty of poets but not...
Pen Name:Chipmunk Wrath
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Skye. And out of a strange turn of events, my nickname became Chipmunk. If any of you are wondering why I have that nickname, it's because that's the name I received from my friends at school after they found out that i was addicted to sunflower seeds. LOL! My favorite writer is Ace...
Pen Name:cheerful
Country: MY
Bio: I love to write... But I need help... I need to know where my standard stands...Having a bit of a problem with my grammer... tend to be a little careless.But it would really be great if you could take a look at what I have to offer.God Bless.
Pen Name:cake
Country: CA
Pen Name:19cntrygthicgrl
Country: US
Bio: In retrospect, a lot of my work is very juvenile and ridiculous.  But, in spite of that, I'm not going to take anything down.  I might even post up more from my younger days.  It's been so long since I've written anything decent, I believe I just gave up entirely.  Still, if an idea strike...
Pen Name:Chello
Country: SG
Bio: Has been a member of Olpsian Times during high school.  It's a school paper and has been interviewing students about controversial issues in the society and throughout the world.  A hopeless romantic.  Has written hundreds of poems during college but never published one.  Don't know where...
Pen Name:carolina
Country: IN
Pen Name:catfish
Country: US
Bio: Started writing for the Lord two years ago, and love every bit of it . I have no schooling in writing, so thank God for spell check and proof readers. Plus I love photography and painting. But the best for me is writing and reading short stories.
Pen Name:Crazy Lover
Country: US
Pen Name:Carnation
Country: IN
Pen Name:cavirzanee
Country: US
Bio: Raised between heaven and hell. Caught up in time.I'm just an average guy. Seems like time is passing quickly. In these truths I find my rhyme.
Pen Name:courtlol
Country: US
Bio:              Hi well im Courtney and i love music and books and Jesus. I def dont consider myself a writer but i want to try. Lovve  poetry. Not much else to...
Pen Name:ch4zzy
Country: GB
Bio: Back to BasicsName: Charlotte (Chaz)Age: Oh, wouldn't YOU like to know! :PI'm currently writing a story called Ocean Without Water. Sorry if i spend a long time getting a chapter finished or if i change anything. I'm one of those people who can't make their mind up. I don't know what to have...
Pen Name:CLHunter
Country: US
Bio: I am new to the author arena.  I have always enjoyed science fiction and folklore, not only in print, but in movies and imagination. With a B.S. and M.S. in the biological sciences, I utilize my passion for and breadth of scientific knowledge to make the impossible possible. 
Pen Name:Cassie Lawson
Country: US
Bio: Hello world, They call me Cassandra Khulenberg/Liles. I had a beautiful baby boy on June 17th 2010, at 8:09pm. His name is Douglas Michael Liles. I had my daughter Annabelle Rose Liles on January 1st 2012, at 1:31am. (: If you need more information, just ask.  I'm made up of contradictions,...
Pen Name:cassumofkenny
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm callum. I'm doing a BTEC level 3 course in tv and film production:). when I'm bored I tend to use my imagination to create something and this is the best way of recording my thoughts in the form of a story so enjoy...
Pen Name:CDaws
Country: CA
Bio: Feel free to visit my lulu storefront: stores.lulu.com/cdaws86All music and novels are free to download and cheap to buy a hard-copy.
Pen Name:Chun
Country: US
Pen Name:Cyrus Merces
Country: US
Bio: Where to start...I always knew wanted to write since I was about six.  I have done everything from poems to screen plays to novels.  I have had countless amounts of mentors and trainers to sharpen my skills, including three month long programs in novels, screenplays, and a creative writing...

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