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Pen Name:cantlive4evr
Country: US
Bio: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MOVED. My new account name is Bougainvillea. I already have a brand spanking new novel called "Kissing Henry". I'd really appreciate if you guys would check it out. Set in the 18th century, Lorelei Mills is living in a world of corsets and suitors. She has reached the age of...
Pen Name:cake
Country: CA
Pen Name:Courtnee25
Country: CA
Bio: BOO!I scared you. Didn't I? Don't lie. I know I did! Haha! Loser...loser! Loser! -nagnagtaunt-So anyway, back on track. My name is Courtnee [Insert last name here]. I LOVE writing, although my novel-writing has been put on hold due to personal reasoning. I also enjoy drawing, gaming,...
Pen Name:Complexillusion
Country: US
Bio: My name is Kim, im 17, Blue eyes, Black hair, short, and I have very interesting and different style, as people would say.I am one of the only people I know with 16 piercings, but I dont only express myself through style,I do mostly through words on loose pages.Writing isn't just a passion, its...
Pen Name:Ck Deane
Country: US
Bio: What do you say when you are asked to state who you are?Do you start by giving your profession?I'm just that. This? What? That. I forgot.I simply don't know what to write. Take that.Cheers guys, life goes on, no need to be ever depressed, not in life, not in writing.
Pen Name:Cazzie
Country: GB
Bio: Hi. My name is Cazzie but when i am online i  like to be called Cazzie-chan (the chan bit is Japanese) lolz. I have been wanting to write for a long time now, i recently sent my book to the publishers and they said no. i hope to get it published sometime this year so i have been searching...
Pen Name:cheertastic
Country: US
Bio: Name is diep. Visit my fan fics in Quizilla. =D Simplymeh
Pen Name:Chaotica
Country: US
Bio: Characters:Ryan Zayne- Kyle Zaran -Drake Zaran-Skylar Gage- Surenity Kultz- Celest-
Pen Name:Camisado92
Country: CA
Bio: (If you must falter be wise, your mind is in disturbia)To tell you about me would be too hard.You see, I dont know who I am either.I write whatever is on my mind and to cope with built up emotions.I'm the kind of girl who walks independently to work but wears my mom's sweater to have her with...
Pen Name:Constantinos Grigoriadis
Country: GR
Bio: "When my voice cannot describe with words my feelingsThen I open the door inside meand the fantasy drives my thoughts to make my feelings words.Where the words use the philoshophy to make you see the world with the eyes of my souland my poems speak to your heart."Constantinos Grigoriadis is a...
Pen Name:coolcrowe
Country: US
Bio: "he was always distracted by the very mention of an open door"-dcfc..."Then he said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.'"..."but as God said, crossing his legs, I see where I have made plenty of poets but not...
Pen Name:cactus
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ricky Cactus, or as I'm commonly called online, The Cactus King. When I'm not ruling over my empire, I'm a professional asshole. I honestly don't remember what got me into writing, or how long I've been doing it, but it's been a long time. I think it was about a year ago I finally...
Pen Name:Carolyn Lewis Poe
Country: US
Bio: Hi. I'm Carolyn Lewis Poe on here. I have c h o s e n that pen n a m e because they a r e the combined n a m e s of some o f my favorite w r i t e r s, Carolyn Keen, a u t h o r of the N a n c y Drew series, L e w i s Carol, author o f Alice in W o n d e r l a n d and other n o v e l s and Poe...
Pen Name:crzyanglcassie14
Country: US
Pen Name:CinnamonRoll
Country: US
Bio: I like to eat.I haven't been on in forever; I'm actually updating for once.  Hee hee, ho ho, jiggety jiggety joe.  You have to say that while pumping your shoulders, else it won't make sense."The inner mechanizations of my mind are an enigma." - Patrick Star.
Pen Name:cloudydaiz
Country: US
Bio: I am 18 and enjoying life. I am learning that the greatest battle with this world is keeping up with it. But with the Lord by my side i know i can do anything with his strength. I will wear His armour and battle lifes hardest thing which is people.
Pen Name:Charlie Red
Country: US
Bio: I am.
Pen Name:111694cgd
Country: US
Bio: struglling living breathing me thats it
Pen Name:Cornelia Hope
Country: US
Pen Name:Cutiepo0
Country: CA
Bio: I love to read,swim, skate, draw, play  tennis, soccer and ocasionally write. I can't really sum the rest of me up though...OH well!
Pen Name:CassieFraser
Country: CA
Bio: I like action/horror/fantasy/western movies. I read all fiction books. I try not to judge people. I love listening to music while I write, its almost impossible for me to write without it. My favorite songs are All Around Me by Flyleaf and Breaking Dishes by Rihanna, I just love how she admits...
Pen Name:Chessers
Country: US
Bio: My fiction and poetry writing isn't the best (I'll admit that freely -- I tend to excel when writing literary analysis, unfortunately), but I do enjoy it, regardless of the intense headaches writer's block causes.
Pen Name:cassiroll411
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to the abis of my mind, where one moment could be smiles and sweet kisses and the next the world dropped out from under you into the pit of depair. Where stories end in bloodshed and trickery. Where nothing is what it seems and the land of the dead and living are seperated only by a thin...
Pen Name:cheerchic1
Country: US
Bio: Heyyy! so this profile is a little bit about me im nothing all big special but hey you dont have to read this its your choice. I am currently in 10th grade in high school. Im 15 years old soon to be 16 in a little over 6months. i love vampires werewolfs and anything supernatural. i enjoy writing...
Pen Name:corujuca
Country: VE
Bio: Hi there,My name is JC .Abeti and i am trying to make it into the enterteinment bussines.....I will " publish" my work eventually ,feel free to make any comments(i rather serius ones)Enlaces gratisEnlaces gratisEnlaces gratis
Pen Name:Chumb
Country: NZ
Bio: FarewellLike a bird learning to flyI sit still in my nest and wait in patientsFor my wings to become intact So that I may be free to soar and glideI wait patiently till I am brave enoughTo be able to face this world alone,Like a bird set free from a cage.Yet I wait, slowly and serenelyThe world...
Pen Name:CrossLand
Country: US
Bio:  Mr. Dawson is a native Texan.  He spent his childhood and young adulthood residing in Austin, Texas moving throughout the state assisting individuals of special needs.  He has also helped many facilities assist this population by helping them follow the guidelines that have been set forth by...
Pen Name:ChibiMaeLynne
Country: US
Bio: HELLO and welcome to my page! ChibiMaeLynne....wow, I'm so embarassed by my choice of names from middle school ahaha IN ANY CASE I'm seriously working on a comic called 'To Hell'. ALSO working on a poem series called "Demons, Demons, Reincarnation" There's little to no editing for the poem...
Pen Name:Caethes
Country: US
Bio: HI! ^_^ My name is Krysta! I write poetry and stories, takes a long long while to finish a story for me though o.o. Let's see....I love anime! And yaoi...and basically anything anime related. I am slightly shy, usually outgoing but I have to get to know a person first. I really really really...
Pen Name:cauchy33
Country: HK
Bio: chinese poet
Pen Name:cheeky sally
Country: US
Bio: ♥i've left booksie.ill be checking back from time to time, but i decided its time for me to move on.♥
Pen Name:coolgirl12345
Country: GB
Bio: lol plz plz read my stuff im mostly writing poems and short stories and i get boreed not readin wat other ppl have written about me plz plz plz read my stuff lol.
Pen Name:creationtheory
Country: NL
Bio: For more information about me you can visit my website at:Creation Theory Revised
Pen Name:Carnation
Country: IN
Pen Name:chill4068
Country: US
Pen Name:cecii luvs shootin starz
Country: US

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