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Pen Name:Dark Skylight
Country: CN
Bio:   .  
Pen Name:Dillon Gay
Country: US
Pen Name:dubl
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Dubl. I write poetry mostly, but have a few short stories. I am open to any sort of critique on my work. If you hate it, let me know and know why. If you see a mistake or you think something could be better, I would like to know so I may improve. I do this for fun and don't spend an...
Pen Name:dadio
Country: GB
Bio:       Terry Collett has been writing since 1971 and published on and off since 1972. He has written poems, plays, short story and short novels.He is also a digital artist and photographer. He is married with eight children ( His son Oliver Died suddenly on January 27th 2014.) and eight...
Pen Name:Drizzy
Country: US
Bio: I love cats, and all animals really, but cats are my main thing. Though I normally enjoy writing POEMS!  Well, hope you will read and comment on my stories and poems!TOP NEWS WITH DRIZZY ~My cat is missingHi people!!! Just call me Tiger, if you don't call me that already, and if you don't you...
Pen Name:DLCannon Reprise
Country: US
Bio: ALL WRITING AND PROFILE CONTINUES ON DLCannon FOR BOOKSIESilk READERS, PLEASE VIST ME @ http://.www.booksiesilk.com/dlcannon_reprise , AND FOR CONTENT RATED "G.", "P.G.", OR "R.", PLEASE VISIT ME @ http://www.booksie.com/dlcannon_reprise . FOR NEWER WORK, PLEASE VIST  ME @...
Pen Name:daughterOFevil
Country: US
Bio: My name's Anniston Terra Ziffalia (Annice/Ann). I live in New Jersey, and I am 14 yrs old. My favorite color is... GREEN, ORANGE, RED, and BLACK! I am a naughty girl at home, but at school, I am so very shy :D. My life's complicated, everything's messed up, and I just want to share my feelings...
Pen Name:dystopia77
Country: IE
Bio: I have a love affair with words.. they hold so much power.   to be without words is chilling and indeed holds grim memories for me. I have to listen, read, write and speak. I love nothing more than learning new words and waiting for my chance to use them again     I write simply because it...
Pen Name:DestinyReleased
Country: US
Bio: Name: Anthony Keith ColemanAge: 25D.O.B: July 27; 1983City/State: Harlem, New YorkI am a proud parent to my son Josiah Anthony and daughter Jaidyn Anaiya. Married to awesome wife Cynthia. They truely are a blessing to me evn when times get rough we always pull through. A lot of my writtings I...
Pen Name:Dragongoddess13
Country: US
Bio: www.myspace.com/ironchef2015Hi my name is Theresa!!!!That's with an H people!!! and it's silent!!! my friends call me either Redor Hopeless Romantic!!!I have Red hair and Blue eyes, i'm 17 and i live in Girard Ohio A.K.A NO MANS LAND!!!!! i'm mostly Italian and German but i have alot...
Pen Name:DamienHaze
Country: US
Bio: PostPoems.org / Amazon.com / My Athenaeum or Webpage / Twitter.com / Goodreads.com   Matthew Wayne, I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moved to and grew up in Texas when I was but just an infant. I started writing at an early age and quickly realized it was much easier for me to express...
Pen Name:uluvme2dou
Country: CA
Bio: My name is Amanda and the day I was born on was April 22nd of 1993.  I enjoy reading, writing, and dancing.  I also enjoy singing and acting. I'm not saying I'm mad because I fell under the Twilight Spell, or at least for a period of time.  HATE TWILIGHT NOW.  I.  My favorite object would...
Pen Name:DragonsSong
Country: US
Bio: This is me.And this is me too. I would post a pic of when I had blue hair, but I can't find it anywhere.... June 9th   It's my Birthday!!!! Lol, finally legal, 21!    
Pen Name:Desperately Wanting
Country: US
Bio: Hello world, I hope you're listening.
Pen Name:DreamWorthHaving
Country: US
Bio: Hi Everyone! Welcome to my page. I don't really have much to say but please read my writtings and let me know what you think. I don't have many up yet, but yea lol.
Pen Name:DLCannon
Country: US
Pen Name:December Stardust
Country: US
Bio: Scribble my thoughts; scribble my heart onto the page.Take it or leave it.-December Stardust
Pen Name:ddolenc
Country: BG
Bio: xx
Pen Name:donkylemore
Country: IE
Bio: Retired 5 yrs ago ; much of time dedicated to medical pfofession- seems longer but as I approach 60 maybe not soon enough.Occupation - none now - but i consider living an occupation though i do very little - I would not qualify as a 'professional liver' as it were - just an amateur ( amo - amas...
Pen Name:diyankarlo
Country: PH
Pen Name:Del2008
Country: IE
Pen Name:Derek Laurens
Country: US
Bio: Derek Laurens is the pen name of Northern California attorney Bryan Smith.      G. (Gerald) Bryan Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Georgia State University in 1979 (BA, Journalism). Thereafter, he worked for several years as a reporter and news editor for Atlanta-area...
Pen Name:deadsorrows
Country: US
Bio: Im a pretty interesting person, if i do say so myself. I hate egotistical people, liars, vain people, people who think they're amazing and they're better than everyone. I'm extremely openminded. Im not afraid to be who i am, which is a bisexual girl. I have a strange obsession with penguins. I'm...
Pen Name:Daisy Demented
Country: AU
Bio: FUCK'N RAWR!!!  Me, 'DaIsY' tHe KuNtToFaCaMeRaWhOrE.......... ♥ .......XxYou ....could slit....my throat,....andwith ....my one....lastgasping....breath I'd ....appologisefor....bleeding on....your shirt. xX PeNiS HeHe BeBo - .Dearly Demented. XxMe.xX01. I like wen I wake up & the...
Pen Name:Dark Passenger
Country: US
Bio: Duality is more than a state; it's my reality.
Pen Name:dreaming of you
Country: GB
Bio:    I see that some of you are still inviting my father to look at your work . It is very nice of you and i know that he would be very eager to encourage you but my father is dead . Please feel free to read his writing whenever you wish and don't be offended that he has'nt replied to your...
Pen Name:DR EA
Country: US
Pen Name:DarkSweetPrincess
Country: US
Pen Name:DaretoDream
Country: IN
Bio: Poetry is nothing but the verbal expression of human feelings,emotions and mood swings.Physically all humans express their feelings by means of smile,laughter,tears and anger. Poetry is also a form of expressing ones own feeling and views.Here I have expressed my feelings and I would like to...
Pen Name:darielmanzanilla
Country: PH
Bio: "Everyone has a freedom to write and to express themselves.Grammar and spellings are not the basis of how good the writer is but his passion, determination, inspiration and message to everyone.Authors will not hurt your heart but will teach you how to live your life happily without any...
Pen Name:dragonfly moon fairy
Country: US
Bio: Hi, the names Ana, I'm 17 years old. I am a SeNiOr at Loconoma Valley High. I love to write, listen to awsome music, play sports, hang out with friends and do all sorts of stuff. My life has not been so easy, nor good. ive had alot of people lie to me, betray me, use me, and abandon me. usually...
Pen Name:detour27
Country: US
Bio: hi my name is elijah. i'm 16 and i play guitar, and drums. i'm kind of random and my friends say i'm funny. i'm really new to this booksie thing. i'm into fantasy and greek mythology. i even got enough courage to ask a girl this: will you be my hera if i will be your zues? i was seriously high....
Pen Name:Daemonick
Country: GR
Bio: Hi everybody, I am a lost soul from Greece and recently I discovered my passion about writing poems... It 's not much, but it 's the only way for me to survive in the close and destructive society that Greece provides me with. Writing poems, is for me some kind of expression that I really...
Pen Name:dalebboi
Country: GB
Bio: Dale --> Dent Head10+7 Equals 17 :) Britsh Born And Bread (YN)Thats Enough Now ;]Haha!Wana Know More?Add Me On > Dalebboi@hotmail.comEnjoy My Poems! ;;Comments Well Aprisheated!
Pen Name:DomXD
Country: CA
Bio: So I am BACK like definitely back and I am so excited !!! xxxxDOM.bieALL ABOUT MOI!!!Name: Dominique Gender: Female Birthday: February 1st Blown-out: 15Candles WOOT!! Religious Views: Christian except I don't really view Christianity as a religion more like my faith, and it's really important to...
Pen Name:darlingILY
Country: US
Bio: Best Viewed With Mozilla Firefox.I'm darlingILY.I make mistakes, just like you.I'm one of the most busiest people, you'll ever meet.I loove talking to people and music and tofu and animals.I enjoy literacy; but mostly just proper spelling.I read a lot online, so if you read mine, I'll surely...

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