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Pen Name:devilrod
Country: US
Bio: Just need to scribble nonsense
Pen Name:Darth Anarchus
Country: US
Bio:  My passions are my family and music. I try to emphasize the pain that comes with joy in this world. Life is hard and I try to share my pain with the world as so many artists try to.
Pen Name:Demonic Dreamer
Country: US
Bio: I am a girl who just loves to write poetry, and I am in love with this guy, and have been for two years, most of my poetry is about him. He doesn't like me like that, just a friend!!!! I have currently moved on from this crush... and am kind of seeing someone else, the newer stuff is about...
Pen Name:Dancer
Country: AU
Bio: I have always written for my living, in one form or another, encompassing a career as a magazine editor, feature and column writer, television and advertising writer. I have been a member of the Australian Society of Authors for many years and have published non-fiction through Harper Collins....
Pen Name:Daydreamer
Country: US
Bio: My pen name's Daydreamer because that's what I actually am. It keeps my imagination alive and it's actually scary that I might mix fantasy with reality, but so far it hasn't happened yet! I loooove to write. It's one of my favorite hobbies in the world. .Aside from painting. I'm currently the...
Pen Name:ddrandall
Country: US
Bio: For all the fellow writers that happen upon this page, please read "Our Pens Of Blood" To all my brothers and sisters of verse, it is my gift to you.So write on my friends!
Pen Name:djtswing
Country: US
Bio: Name: Daniel Current city: Boston School: Northeastern University Major: Pharmacy Organizations: Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity Hobbies: Soccer, Volleyball, Reading Preferred Writing Style: Poetry Favorite Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Current TV Show: Game of Thrones  
Pen Name:Dragonshadow
Country: CA
Pen Name:Doc Scurlock
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a pretty typical post-teen pseudo-Bohemian loser.  I write short stories and it's occured to me that I may as well make them open to other people so as to hear their opinions and with the hope that they enjoy what I've written. I've written a screenplay for Valhalla, a short film...
Pen Name:dianarose
Country: US
Bio: Im 47 and just started writing or coming up with poems. i like the romance writing and the porn ones also. funny ones are cute. but i dont know what im doing...just having fun...i write them about my boyfriend who just moved to Costa Rica and he says they are good and encourages me to read...
Pen Name:dokimak
Country: EG
Pen Name:DylanNewton
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is Dylan Newton and I'm the coolest sophmore at San G. With my beautiful girlfriend Laura by my side I'm never lonely. I have some pretty wack poems but I like to express my feelings on paper and this is as close to that as I'm gonna get. I love my baby and always will. (love...
Pen Name:Dmonik
Country: GB
Bio: Cerebral Sibling of ThePseudoMe. The darker self image of society The main non-conformist in a battle of lies Deafened by the voiceless cries   ------    
Pen Name:danjeharry
Country: US
Bio: Shan Wangdanjeharry@gmail.com
Pen Name:devintapola
Country: US
Bio: im a strange kid with alot on my mind i have stories to tell and things to lirne and happy to still be alive and hope you are too my life has changed too meany times it's cinda amoing but i deel ...i get borde easly so this things eventuly gona fill up but not in one day i think too much to do...
Pen Name:denisel
Country: US
Bio: IF YOU READ MY POETRY YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT. I NEED ALL THE CRITICISM I CAN GET!     Well first of all my name is Amity Lavergne.   I love to write poetry! I love to play sports, hang out with my friends, get on myspace, and watch t.v.  But yes i do enjoy writing poetry. it seems it...
Pen Name:Deelylah Rose
Country: US
Bio: _*deelylah rose*_Working on a new story.First Chapter will be up relatively soon.
Pen Name:Dove Hanshew
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Brianna. I love to read and write. I also love to sing. I live for surprises, and taking pictures is just about one of my favorite things to do. I'm 16 and live in Florida. I grew up in the subarbs of NY. I miss it very much.I have a boyfriend, he and I have been dating for two...
Pen Name:Darkd
Country: US
Pen Name:daysepoo
Country: US
Bio: hi i'm dayse :) well..actually this is evelyn making dayse a booksie but whatever :) lol. dayse is 14, taller than me, my daughter, n supderduper funny&random. iloveher2death and i square its true :) lol.
Pen Name:Prayer4Death666
Country: US
Bio: Umm... not quite sure what to say here. I'm 13 years old... I enjoy writing poetry. Most of my poetry is dark or "emo" because I don't tell people my real feelings, so i have many angry and sad feelings bottled up. Writing poetry is my way of letting go. Most of my poetry is from personal...
Pen Name:Dino
Country: US
Bio: Actor, reader, writer, italian, from NYC.

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