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Pen Name:daynatr
Country: US
Pen Name:Danomaly1983
Country: NO
Bio: I am a Norwegian guy who loves writing, music and languages. My hobbies include weight lifting, biking, song-writing, playing keyboard, recording and, of course, writing.
Pen Name:D P Hamon
Country: GB
Pen Name:Daisy Ink
Country: US
Bio: (Update)
Pen Name:dawneh
Country: GB
Pen Name:Darien Kade
Country: US
Bio: Author of Fight Psycho Boy and Madson. 
Pen Name:DrewBellack
Country: US
Bio: When I write, I'm putting myself in a situation, writing how I would feel. If you don't like the way I write... don't read it. I'm opinionated, but open-minded. I don't want critism, but I would like too know your opinion. Also I may not be the oldest writer around here but my writings are very...
Pen Name:declan mckimm
Country: GB
Bio: Declan Mckimm is not my full name. I am from the South of England I am a big fan of mysteries and mystery writing. I will write pretty much anything if I feel like it. If you send me a reading request I will read it if you read and comment on one piece of my work. I will comment on any work that...
Pen Name:Dreamy Soul
Country: IN
Bio: A Happy, joyous, dreamy person , :-) who likes to read mostly the 'Happy Ending' type of stories ! yeah! thats ME !
Pen Name:DLCannon
Country: US
Pen Name:daze
Country: US
Bio: Favorite authors: Haruki Marukami, John Steinbeck, Dostoyevsky, Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen King, and Colum McCann.
Pen Name:DoomedSoul
Country: US
Bio: *jason*white*skinny*5'4*anime/manga*metal*heavy metal*death metal*black metal*neu metal*scremo*emo*punk*alternative*
Pen Name:DavidWinter
Country: US
Bio: I'm currently a college student and I love writing on the side. Please read my writing and provide feedback, and I will of course do the same.
Pen Name:dreaming of you
Country: GB
Bio:    I see that some of you are still inviting my father to look at your work . It is very nice of you and i know that he would be very eager to encourage you but my father is dead . Please feel free to read his writing whenever you wish and don't be offended that he has'nt replied to your...
Pen Name:deseo
Country: GB
Pen Name:Dylans124
Country: US
Bio: Well, I don't have much to say on here but I love writing these stories. And I'm new so I suck at it 
Pen Name:dancelikereject
Country: US
Bio: My name is Kimberley. I'm fourteen years old and i love to read and write. I'm not good at finishing things although :) Im an Island Girl! I live on an island in Scotland!. I'm addicted to music, stephenie meyer and asian dramas!Me and my friends!
Pen Name:doubledarkness
Country: GB
Bio: I write poems about my emotions and real life stories
Pen Name:Devon Pitlor
Country: US
Bio: 4/28/14   3 volume paperback:  THE STRANGE STORIES OF DEVON PITLOR.  Available soon in e-book.  Available now in 3 paperbound volumes.  70 stories.  Romance, supernatural, adventure, biography, essay, mystery, crime, futurist, etc.    /          
Pen Name:DrK
Country: BR
Bio: Who am i? Well im a small 15 year old madman who recently started his (hopeful) writting carrer. I was born in brazil and i live here ever since, i don't have much story to share other than the ones i create, i must thank my friends for supporting me in writting my first novel (Tales of...
Pen Name:Daily Insanity
Country: GB
Bio: O n l i n e [  ] O f f l i n e [  ] N e i t h e r [ x ]"L a u g h . C r y . Die."I t ' s  t h a t  s i m p l eMγ friεηds kησw mε αs αℓℓγsση  αℓℓγI dσn’t cαrε αbσuτ whατ s*** pεσplε thiηk αbσuτ mεI lαugh ατ τhiηgs thατ αrεη’τ...
Pen Name:Donna Cavanagh
Country: US
Bio: I have to say that humor has definitely become my passion. I write a lot of poetry and for those who get into positively-inspired poetry, you can read it on my blog on my website MyVeryOwnFan.com,  I have two books of poetry out as well Poems for a Positive Day  and Poems for a Positive Day...
Pen Name:Dragongoddess13
Country: US
Bio: www.myspace.com/ironchef2015Hi my name is Theresa!!!!That's with an H people!!! and it's silent!!! my friends call me either Redor Hopeless Romantic!!!I have Red hair and Blue eyes, i'm 17 and i live in Girard Ohio A.K.A NO MANS LAND!!!!! i'm mostly Italian and German but i have alot...
Pen Name:DLCannon Reprise
Country: US
Bio: ALL WRITING AND PROFILE CONTINUES ON DLCannon FOR BOOKSIESilk READERS, PLEASE VIST ME @ http://.www.booksiesilk.com/dlcannon_reprise , AND FOR CONTENT RATED "G.", "P.G.", OR "R.", PLEASE VISIT ME @ http://www.booksie.com/dlcannon_reprise . FOR NEWER WORK, PLEASE VIST  ME @...
Pen Name:DeScribe
Pen Name:DiamondzDee93
Country: US
Bio: Like writing poetry and drawing art. When words comes into my mind, i rhyme or put them into poetry.
Pen Name:Decaying Dollie
Country: US
Bio: -Laura. -Texas Native. -Leo Woman. ♌
Pen Name:daddybts
Country: GB
Bio: Poetry has always been a connection to something more ethereal in this world.  I'm on a journey to find out what... Along the way I have a beautiful wife and 5 children.   
Pen Name:donkylemore
Country: IE
Bio: Retired 5 yrs ago ; much of time dedicated to medical pfofession- seems longer but as I approach 60 maybe not soon enough.Occupation - none now - but i consider living an occupation though i do very little - I would not qualify as a 'professional liver' as it were - just an amateur ( amo - amas...
Pen Name:DylanMiller
Country: US
Bio: I'm a low incom citizen filled with criticism. My writings take a simple subject and redefine it by looking at from an unpopular angle. I do some poetry and novels, but mainly I do short stories and character studies. If you can't tell I mainly do fiction in various genres. I do have one...
Pen Name:donjc9
Country: US
Bio:   I just love writing Drama/romance. Sometimes a good cry can solve your problems. Life isn't full of happiness, and we all know it. They thought reading a happy book or watching a comedy can cover the sadness of life. WRONG! ^_^   The only solution to be happy is to understand why and how....
Pen Name:Distorted
Country: US
Pen Name:Dumbshittywriter
Country: US
Bio: Poetry is something i do when sad  Or really drunk comments appreciated ... please... 
Pen Name:Dan Zuniga
Country: US
Bio: "From the loose gallows and through the tall trees...' -Jacob Litvin, 2014
Pen Name:Denis Goodwin
Country: AU
Bio: My novel is NOW ALL HERE on Booksie. Remember, you can generate your own Booksie eBook. Happy reading. Please tell me what you think, particularly if there are format difficulties reading it on your device.          Have you ever come up with an idea you thought was useful? Were you...
Pen Name:Devils Angel
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Devils Angel. I am a freelance writer. I also love to write books.  When I write, I write about my life experience with jobs that I have worked for. All the jobs that I worked for has had a lot of flaws. When I write books. I write non fictional books. Mostly, mysteries and...
Pen Name:darthtimon
Country: GB
Bio: I love books. I have loved them since I was a kid. Growing up, I loved Roald Dahl. I still love those stories today. As an adult, my taste is very much sci-fi- David Weber, John G. Hemry, Peter F Hamilton and John Scalzi are all authors whose work I thoroughly enjoy. I have also enjoyed the four...
Pen Name:downup
Country: HR
Bio: http://www.youtube.com/user/kristyg99?feature=mhee I can't live in my imaginary world as it is way too twisted, ( probably because I enjoy seeing life from different perspectives.)  =3   Silence Speaks more than Words. 'Why?' Because it writes on Paper. =X By the way if you comment on the...
Pen Name:dholte14
Country: US
Bio:   Hello Booksie! (This page is currently undergoing major construction) I miss how booksie used to be:( It's just not the same anymore.      Reading Requests: (x)OPEN ()CLOSED Some General rules apply though.... 1. Please, make it original. I don't want this vampire and jacob crap. It's...
Pen Name:dadio
Country: GB
Bio:       Terry Collett has been writing since 1971 and published on and off since 1972. He has written poems, plays, short story and short novels.He is also a digital artist and photographer. He is married with eight children ( His son Oliver Died suddenly on January 27th 2014.) and eight...
Pen Name:DJ Hawke
Country: US
Bio: 55 years old. Live in CA. Lived in mainland China 2 years. Do not smoke, drink, or take drugs, but I have in the past, and I do not care if you do now. None of my business. Just do not throw up on my rug.I still have problems with punctuation, so please bear with me. Maybe I will add more later.
Pen Name:Dea Fleet
Country: US
Bio: hey guys, my names dea. ive been here awhile and ive had lots of different experiences in my life since then. so i really hope you enjoy my stories, all of them reflect a little bit of me in a way. oh and btw______ READING REQUESTS ARE CLOSEDDDD however if you comment on one of my stories...
Pen Name:DarkAngel13
Country: US
Bio: -Name is Kendall -Age 19 -Artist and Writer -Loves Music, Plays guitar -Lives life to the fullest -Expecting a Son -Movie and Candy ADDICT -VERY open minded, Sometimes to open minded -Extremley Energetic and LOUD -Currently resides in Virginia -Lives in reality, Vacations in Wonderland -Has 1...
Pen Name:Dear Maria
Country: US
Bio:                 *~STORY INFORMATION~*   ~*~*~*Mia Doesn't Play With Rock Stars- Mia Heart is your average 17-year-old girl. On the surface at least. Daughter of an abusive drunk mother all Mia wants to do is dance and sing her way out of disaster. But when her mother tells her that...
Pen Name:doclawson
Country: US
Pen Name:divyesh
Pen Name:Dempsey666
Country: GB
Bio: My name iz Dempsey, im 15 year old and will be writing only 15 short stories for my cuzin/friend LukeMuir, he writes science fiction and supernatural fiction. He will write over 200 stories i think? about weird things happening at the school i go and he use 2 go 2. but also all the plots will be...
Pen Name:Douglas Reese
Country: US
Pen Name:Deathsin20
Country: US
Bio: Hey i moved to another name some time ago. Hopeing i could get some organization but couldn't. I stay on there though find me on the name: Autumnflowers if you want. 
Pen Name:Demetrius
Country: US
Bio: As of June 21, 2008, I am 22. Yes, good ole 22, and I have loved writing ever since I can remember...which has been way back when I was a child. Art is another passion of mine. And to be able to incorporate both of those into a career would be great. Here's to hoping, with a little ambition on...
Pen Name:darkism
Country: SK
Bio: The only reason you are happy is because you choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering.  (by  don Miguel Ruiz). >----------------------------------IM NOT DARK PERSON!!,IM YUST PUTTING  DARK PHRASES IN MY POEMS BECAUSE OF THE THRILL AND RIMES THAT TAKE PLACE THERE,...
Pen Name:DestiniesRiley
Country: US
Bio: Hey, there.  I'm eighteen. I'm Riley. I'm a struggling college student with a love of writing.   
Pen Name:dick todd
Country: GB
Bio: I like to write stuff that you have to read twice before it makes sense...be warned!  
Pen Name:Dai
Country: US
Bio: I like writing novels...but sometimes i find i don't have the attention span for it. Haha, so i redeem myself by writing short stories every once in awhile. My short stories are always completed and exactly the way i wanted them to be...unlike my novels which are usually downplayed by me and...
Pen Name:dj2000
Country: CA
Bio: I live in One Hundred Mile House BC (Canada), I am 31 years old, male.  I enjoy writing poems and art work being my second favorite talent.  I wanted to share my poetry with the world and include my drawings for some of my poems on here.  I always take time and effort and allow the words to...
Pen Name:Duke Z
Country: US
Bio: Hi- I'm Duke Z. Wolf-lover and current writer.  I love writing stories on wolves and other wild dogs. I've also written a few poems and a horror story. I think Writing is one of the best things to do in your spare time. As well as reading. Especially, reading good books. That gives you a good...
Pen Name:Drumergirl33
Country: US
Bio: Im 15 and can't wait to turn 16.  When I not writing my stories and poetry Im at school or at my drumline practices.  Im in the Wilson High School drumline.  It is where I first started writing.  I write mostly about dreams I have I turn them into something more than a dream.  I feel that a...
Pen Name:Daniela Lozano
Country: US
Bio: My All Time Favorite Books   The Alchemist   The Godfather   The Glass Castle   The Education of Little Tree
Pen Name:Dark Skylight
Country: CN
Bio:   .  
Pen Name:D A Draven
Country: GB
Country: IN
Bio: I am DEEPAK SHRIVASTAVA from India. I was Ex. Engineer but right now, I am a teacher. I like making a budget of news, reading books, playing chess and cricket, cycling and cooking. 
Pen Name:Delirious Comet
Country: CA
Bio: 16, just a city girl living in a confusing world. I'm really not good at the whole bio thing but whatever. I hope you enjoy.
Pen Name:Daniel Priest
Country: GB
Pen Name:Demon Cat
Country: US
Bio: hey. For once not to sure what to say. ^.^ Alright i am a writer but am not known. I am an artist but I am not seen. I am myself and that's all I can be. I want to know what you the reader think of my stoires. I want your input, your thoughts. If there is anything you want to know feel free to...
Pen Name:Dannika
Country: RO
Bio: Heyy, people!Okay, so I put up a poem♥Fair Regent of the Night♥Please check it out. Let me know what you think.♥Oh, and Such Sweet Sorrow is on Hiatus.♥Blessed Be♥Danni.
Pen Name:downtoearthworm
Country: MY
Bio: "Where human endeavors fail to strive, the flow of the pen will truly strive." My real name is Kenneth Chung Yee Khye. I'm 17, and your typical high school boy. I do ok in school, and am involved in many extracurricular activities in school. I’m the head debater and head boy in my...
Pen Name:Derek Patterson
Country: US
Bio: I'm a high school reshamn looking hopefully to share my ideas! Many have said I'd be aazing as both a football player and writer, so hopefully I can gain some feedback. I love science fiction, but love tales of survivial. Nothing has ever been more brave or heroic to me than having tha ability...
Pen Name:Derelict
Country: SE
Pen Name:deanfraserphillips
Country: SE
Bio: Author, movie writer and poet. Writing a new movie Gate 64. New book in Amazon's top 100 for poetry. From the UK but live in Sweden. Love travel and life.
Pen Name:DoraDaydream
Country: GB
Bio: Was born in Haifa (Israel) and lived there for three years. Then moved to Paris (France) and enjoyed my five years there. Now I live in England, and I am very tired with the rain we get here.
Pen Name:Derrick Crane
Country: US
Bio: Hi my name is Derrick and i am not really that interesting. I attend community college and spend time with my small circle of close friends, pretty average stuff i suppose. I have very intense dreams, and often explore and analyze their meaning. Often i will write down my dream, and play around...
Pen Name:droptoplesabre
Country: US
Bio: i'm just an ol' country boy that grew up with bonanza, gunsmoke,and the likes. i love reading louis lamour, and zane grey books.
Pen Name:Devils bountyhunter
Country: US
Bio: Under Construction....
Pen Name:Danie Medina
Country: LB
Pen Name:Darth Anarchus
Country: US
Bio:  My passions are my family and music. I try to emphasize the pain that comes with joy in this world. Life is hard and I try to share my pain with the world as so many artists try to.
Pen Name:7deni7
Country: US
Bio: All About Me! ;) ;) Ok, so to start off, I'm Denise! I live in Texas, USA! I'm 16 years old and I love writing!!! I love making new friends, so...FAN ME!!!! I don't mind! And I love reading, so I will take reading requests :D I want to be known for my creativity. My goal in life it to become a...
Pen Name:dclovesfd
Country: US
Bio: CURRENTLY:  OFFLINE July, 30th. 2015 Cherish Me - Ch 3 is now posted! New Short Story. Bamon fan fiction!    Authors Info: Hi! I'm 18 and have a soul as old as dirt. I love the shows Grimm, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. I read Romance, and Fantasy.  instagram: the.bamon.diaries...
Pen Name:davidmam
Country: US
Bio: my name is david mam. i am 28yrs old, raised in the united states, born of an asian descent. i am a soldier in the united states army, proud and serving in afghanistan.i always loved reading, and wanted to always write myself. i have plenty of pieces that i have written but have never finished....
Pen Name:Da Lee La
Country: US

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