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Pen Name:dreamer609
Country: US
Bio: ALERT!!!!!!!! I do not use wattpad.com. If you read any of my stories or any stories by dreamer609 in wattpad.com, that is NOT me. Someone is copying my stories and others and posting them. I apologize to anyone out there who thought that I was the one stealing stories and posting them on...
Pen Name:dclovesfd
Country: US
Pen Name:DolphinLover117
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a thirteen year old girl from Huntingdon and I Iove reading and writing. I go to Sawtry Community College and my favourite subject is English. Writing is where I want to take my life so lots of feedback on my writing would be great. My most popular novel Who We Are is based on what it used...
Pen Name:Dusk Dawn
Country: US
Bio: Please help with Designed Only for Chaos (it'd be appriciated)What I Am Working On:Designed Only For Chaos (DOFC is on a break)Tony Storm's life has come to an end.  Both literally and metaphorically.  He died with his father in the same horrible car crash yet somehow he was able to attend the...
Pen Name:dudewhite8
Country: US
Pen Name:Discriminant
Country: US
Bio: I just completed my second book, and thought, hey why not post it on line(the first one, Anyways). I'm used to writing short stories and poems that are usually nonsensical and incomplete, so finishing two books is a big step up for me and I just thought I'd share. So here it goes.
Pen Name:DeanMullen10
Country: IE
Bio: My name is Dean Mullen, I'm from Dublin, Ireland, my hobbies are playing soccer, writting books/stories & making you tube movies.
Pen Name:DeDragonRider
Country: US
Bio: I love reading and writing and I came onto this site to “let out” some story ideas that I can't actually publish. For example, my book The Imprinted is about the wolves from Twilight. And, I can't publish that story into an actual book because of all the copywright crap. But, I can write a...
Pen Name:Darius 318
Country: US
Bio: I'm a great guy...I'm just trying to figure my dreams...
Pen Name:destineygurl
Country: CA
Bio: i have great friends and relatives.i love to write short stories of anything. i think im bad with stories but i'll find out if i get some fans. I also have a softish spot for wolves they are one of my favourite animals! My favourite characters from Harry Potter are Fred and George From Vampire...
Pen Name:dynamic12
Country: IN
Bio:   Hello Friends, I like romantic poetry and songs. Wrting is my hobby and I love to express it this way. Poems relating to love and romance are my favorite topics. Of late, I've started writing on different themes. But  poems based on Love comes naturally to me & I find it easier to express. I...
Pen Name:Devadath Shaji Parakkattu
Country: IN
Bio: My Life is my Teacher.... & now....Just trying To be a Human
Pen Name:DLCannon
Country: US
Bio: FOR MATURE CONTENT, PLEASE VIST ME @ http://.www.booksiesilk.com/dlcannon , AND FOR STANDARD CONTENT, PLEASE VISIT ME @ http://www.booksie.com/dlcannon . FOR OLDER WORK, PLEASE VIST THE COMPLETE SITES OF MY PAST @ http://www.booksie.com/dlcannon_reprise FOR STANDARD CONTENT, AND @...
Pen Name:DrasticallyMild
Country: CA
Bio: My name is Libby. I had another account on here but then I took a really long break from Booksie and when I decided it was time to come back... well... I forgot my password. So here I am, basically brand new. And as you probably don't know me here are a few things about myself: I'm 14. I row, I...
Pen Name:DarkSpectre
Country: US
Bio: This is weird. I keep forgetting that thousands of people will be able to see this. I really don't feel like saying cliches such as "I was born on so and so.... "or what not. I will tell you one thing, though. I am one of the angriest people on this planet. I have recently found writing as an...
Pen Name:dreamerboy
Country: PH
Bio: I'm kind of eccentric and don't sleep much. I love listening to metal, classical music, hatsune miku and 90's songs. I'm kind of a loner. I don't know why but I love reading poems especially the ones that portrays sadness and loneliness. Probably because it relates to me? If you have a poem like...
Pen Name:darkism
Country: SK
Bio: The only reason you are happy is because you choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering.  (by  don Miguel Ruiz). >----------------------------------IM NOT DARK PERSON!!,IM YUST PUTTING  DARK PHRASES IN MY POEMS BECAUSE OF THE THRILL AND RIMES THAT TAKE PLACE THERE,...
Pen Name:Digangana
Country: IN
Bio: I love scribbling random thoughts....if you have a minute, stop by and be a part of my 'randomness'.
Pen Name:Daisy Ink
Country: US
Bio: (Don't Get Too Attached to My Page Because I Update this thing ALOT)   Online/Offline Status: I'm currently offline       NEWS:Sorry everyone, I have to take a little break  from this website for a little bit. Thank you for your support.   About Reading Requests I accept all reading...
Pen Name:dadio
Country: GB
Bio:       Terry Collett has been writing since 1971 and published on and off since 1972. He has written poems, plays, short story and short novels.He is also a digital artist and photographer. He is married with eight children ( His son Oliver Died suddenly on January 27th 2014.) and eight...
Pen Name:Dr Raj Kumar Sharma
Country: IN
Bio:    RAJ KUMAR SHARMA                                                                                              E-Mail: rajsharma2008@outlook.com  ...
Pen Name:DreamALittleDreamOfMe
Country: AU
Bio: Hello Fellow Readers and Book lovers! I am an aspiring writer. I love reading and writing poetry. It means so much to me if you read my work, so please take a look at my poems and give me lots of feedback and comments! I must warn you, I write honestly and very emotionally so my writing can be a...
Pen Name:DDanielB54
Country: US
Bio: D. Daniel Brian is the author of several non-fiction books, including Henry, a book {and now a film script} based on the exploits of Henry Lee Lucas, one of the most vicious serial killers in American history. He has also interviewed convicted serial killer David Berkowitz {Son of Sam} by email...
Pen Name:DontStopBelievin
Country: BS
Bio: The name's Kas-E and I'm from a little collection of islands known as The Bahamas in the Carribean.I have just turned 17 and I love to write though I'm ussually not that very good at it. Bummer.MY Favorite writer is Stephen King. I always loved the horror type of thing. I'm not too big on the...
Pen Name:DragonsSong
Country: US
Bio: This is me.And this is me too. I would post a pic of when I had blue hair, but I can't find it anywhere.... June 9th   It's my Birthday!!!! Lol, finally legal, 21!    
Pen Name:DemonWriter
Country: US
Bio: Dear readers/fans/friends, I am sorry to announce this, but I will be leaving Booksie. Not completely yet. For those whom have updated me on their stories before I wrote this, I will read up to that chapter, but no more than that. Also, I will continue to update my stories until they are...
Pen Name:dj fliparratchii
Country: US
Pen Name:Dennis1984
Country: US
Bio: my name is Dennis miller. I have been writing sence middle school. I have all kinds of animals rabbit cats dogs and goats. I like writing stories with superheros In them. I have two jobs one is at westminster food lion and the other is at a place called intergual components.
Pen Name:DamianH42
Country: US
Pen Name:DemonLo
Country: US
Bio: *Note* I am NOT  new to booksie, just created a new account.    My name is Rachael. I am sixteen years old and I write for FUN I used to write because It was something I wanted to persue as a career,  But I soon found a new love in Playing the Piano My intentions in writing are just for...
Pen Name:downtoearthworm
Country: MY
Bio: "Where human endeavors fail to strive, the flow of the pen will truly strive." My real name is Kenneth Chung Yee Khye. I'm 17, and your typical high school boy. I do ok in school, and am involved in many extracurricular activities in school. I’m the head debater and head boy in my...
Pen Name:darthtimon
Country: GB
Bio: I love books. I have loved them since I was a kid. Growing up, I loved Roald Dahl. I still love those stories today. As an adult, my taste is very much sci-fi- David Weber, John G. Hemry, Peter F Hamilton and John Scalzi are all authors whose work I thoroughly enjoy. I have also enjoyed the four...
Pen Name:ddog880
Country: US
Bio:                                                  HI IM DANIEL AND I HAVE REWORKED MY BOOKSIE PAGE :)  the type of poetry i write are about how i feel could be about a person who has effected my life. .i hope u guyz n gals like my work. so if u...
Pen Name:Demonic Dreamer
Country: US
Bio: I am a girl who just loves to write poetry, and I am in love with this guy, and have been for two years, most of my poetry is about him. He doesn't like me like that, just a friend!!!! I have currently moved on from this crush... and am kind of seeing someone else, the newer stuff is about...
Pen Name:DBuntyn
Country: US
Bio: I am 25, a single father to a beautiful 3 year old daughter, I love GOD, I love life, I love sports, and I love to seek, receive, and impart wisdom everyday. I want to improve myself until the day I die. I am a progressive and passionate man.
Pen Name:disturbedpoet
Country: US
Bio: I am obviously a poet so my bio will be a poem I am just a lame girl expressing my self with words words that disturb many I am not misses popular I never wear pink thats all i really am at least i think
Pen Name:DiaryOfMyLife
Country: CA
Bio: This account will be fully about my life
Pen Name:darkerthanlife
Country: CA
Bio: Well... now what do I put in this? >->
Pen Name:bafana2d
Country: ZA
Pen Name:danawjones
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! First of all, thanks for stopping by! I'm a 21 year old student living in Kingston, ON that loves reading, writing, music, and video games. I usually focus on short stories, writing history fiction, science fiction, and sometimes a mixture of the two. I love using historical people, places,...
Pen Name:Deena Davis
Country: US
Bio:      My name is Deena Davis and I am 14 years old and I love to write stories and sing and I am a gret actor. I sing alto and I can dance to the best songs and coreograph the dances right thereon spot. It is cool I think.
Pen Name:depressedme
Country: US
Bio:   Follow on Twitter @DaddiesLilDefct   If you're angry at a loved one, hug that person.  And mean it.  You may not want to hug - which is all the more reason to do so.  It's hard to stay angry when someone shows they love you, and that's precisely what happens when we hug each other. ...
Pen Name:dubl
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Dubl. I write poetry mostly, but have a few short stories. I am open to any sort of critique on my work. If you hate it, let me know and know why. If you see a mistake or you think something could be better, I would like to know so I may improve. I do this for fun and don't spend an...
Pen Name:DadaGspot69
Country: GB
Pen Name:Darklady
Country: PT
Bio: I Like to write when I feel sad or depressed, share my thoughts and feelings ...... Put in writing what I cannot say by words.... What can I say about myself?!... I like to read, draw, PS3 games, play poker for fun, learn new things, new cultures, share opinions and experiences, meet people all...
Pen Name:debravarva
Country: US
Bio: Comments are welcome I am fascinated with the creative process. From arts and crafts to writing, I gain a deep satisfaction in making something beautiful. I am an avid reader who carries a book everywhere—and opens it whenever there is a spare ten minutes. All genres interest me as long as...
Pen Name:Diamonnes
Country: US
Bio: Greetings, fellow writers.  Books have been my passion since I was a small child, my mother reading to me from the moment I was born.  I began reading by myself at age three, and at age ten I took a test that declared I could read as well as an average college student.I was introduced to the...
Pen Name:Drake Solomon
Country: US
Bio: I'm a 27 year old veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan where I served as an infantryman.  Throughout my time I always loved to write but kept it all very close to my heart.  Now that I have more time on my hands I would like to start sharing some of my work with people and get some...
Pen Name:Dinesh Ooi
Country: MY
Pen Name:ditshego
Pen Name:Darrian Winters
Country: ZA
Bio: "Ships in a harbour are safe, but thats not what ships are built for"
Pen Name:DiscoveredDream
Country: US
Bio: Helen's back, and kickin'. :)
Pen Name:DavidGrape
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing. It has been a hobby/passion of mine ever since I was small. A lot of the stories that I write, I wrote them because it was a story or a subject that I wanted to read.   I enjoy science fiction and fantasy so that is what I like to write. I have penned a few stories that have...
Pen Name:dijocurry
Country: US
Bio: I’m just a simple guy with a whole lot of free time on his hands and a poor education.  Now reading that you might be asking yourself, “What are you doing here then?” and the answer is simple. I Love to wright. I always have since I first started on fanfics back in the fifth grade, I...
Pen Name:dbull78
Country: GB
Bio: I would consider myself to have no knowledge of poetry in respects of layouts or particular types, I just write dark poetry from my own personal experiences, observations, random thoughts and some fantasy. Checkout my all new personal website www.darkersideofpoetrry.co.uk Please help me get...
Pen Name:dvsharpie
Country: US
Bio: About Me: I wasn't exactly dealt a good hand in life, and my writing is my escape. I love writing with all my heart, and I consider myself fortunate to love something so much. I'm fifteen and I've been writing since the first grade. I hate everyone and love everyone at the same time, I don't...
Pen Name:DfwDude
Country: US
Bio: I have dabbled at writing fiction for years. Most all of it needs editing (I promise to catch up on that). I have made a site to post both my fiction and the videoe/music videos I have created.  
Pen Name:dominica
Country: GB

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