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Pen Name:denisel
Country: US
Bio: IF YOU READ MY POETRY YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT. I NEED ALL THE CRITICISM I CAN GET!     Well first of all my name is Amity Lavergne.   I love to write poetry! I love to play sports, hang out with my friends, get on myspace, and watch t.v.  But yes i do enjoy writing poetry. it seems it...
Pen Name:devilrod
Country: US
Bio: Just need to scribble nonsense
Pen Name:djtswing
Country: US
Bio: Name: Daniel Current city: Boston School: Northeastern University Major: Pharmacy Organizations: Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity Hobbies: Soccer, Volleyball, Reading Preferred Writing Style: Poetry Favorite Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Current TV Show: Game of Thrones  
Pen Name:dianarose
Country: US
Bio: Im 47 and just started writing or coming up with poems. i like the romance writing and the porn ones also. funny ones are cute. but i dont know what im doing...just having fun...i write them about my boyfriend who just moved to Costa Rica and he says they are good and encourages me to read...
Pen Name:DylanNewton
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is Dylan Newton and I'm the coolest sophmore at San G. With my beautiful girlfriend Laura by my side I'm never lonely. I have some pretty wack poems but I like to express my feelings on paper and this is as close to that as I'm gonna get. I love my baby and always will. (love...
Pen Name:Dmonik
Country: GB
Bio: Cerebral Sibling of ThePseudoMe. The darker self image of society The main non-conformist in a battle of lies Deafened by the voiceless cries   ------    
Pen Name:DevinSan
Country: US
Bio: Well, I'm a nerd to put it simply. I enjoy manga, anime, and proffesional gaming. I love reading Japanese books and works of Edgar Allen Poe. I am currently working on my novel, Soul Hunter. My friends all say that it is well done and one of the most interesting books they've read. If you like...
Pen Name: Destination Darkness
Country: US
Bio:  This is another name for me. I am using this to put my thoughts and feelings about the man I am in love with on this one. It will also have my more erotic short stories on here as well.
Pen Name:Deandra
Country: US
Bio: I'm just your average girl and a soon to be self published writer.  I love to write and I enjoy reading. My favorite genres are Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and at times tragedy. I also enjoy historical fiction. And if you haven't read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer you're serious missing out for...
Pen Name:Damaelle
Country: US
Bio: I live in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.  I've been writing poetry since I was young.  I'm currently working on a fantasy novel based on my escape from the real world.  My goal when writing is to have the reader feel and see what I saw while writing.  My mind is filled with endless possibilities...
Pen Name:darkrain689
Country: US
Bio: Im interested in ushering a new wave of cultural revolution. Spirituality is a concept that has only been scratched on the surface by our minds and I am determined to share what i know about it all.
Pen Name:Drake Seraphrin Draconis
Country: US
Bio: Its hard to condense who I am into a small paragraph such as this but I will give it a shot. I am a walking enigma. Not because I chose to be but because human beings as a whole are mysteries to themselves and everyone around them. Not many people can truely say they know who or what they are. I...
Pen Name:Ducky
Country: CA
Bio: Well yeah. My names Cyle. Yes thats Kyle with a C for anyone thats wondering. Im 16 years old, and love to read and write. Although I dont generally find my own writing that interesting, other people usually do. Suprisingly, I only have one book so far that Ive actually made an attempt in...
Pen Name:devintapola
Country: US
Bio: im a strange kid with alot on my mind i have stories to tell and things to lirne and happy to still be alive and hope you are too my life has changed too meany times it's cinda amoing but i deel ...i get borde easly so this things eventuly gona fill up but not in one day i think too much to do...
Pen Name:DrunkenRam
Country: US
Bio: My Wife Is Cara LouannI am 45 yrs of Age I live in Columbus, Ohio I have 7 Children 2 with Cara, Logan And Gracie
Pen Name:Delilah Carmichael
Country: NZ
Bio: As long as I could physically handle a pen, I loved to write. I remember being a young girl and simply scrawling on any loose paper my Mother could afford to sacrifice - just to see the pen cross the page. Writing is a deceptively simple act, for the layers of meaning in words are as rich and...
Pen Name:deb
Country: DE
Bio: readin writin
Pen Name:ddrandall
Country: US
Bio: For all the fellow writers that happen upon this page, please read "Our Pens Of Blood" To all my brothers and sisters of verse, it is my gift to you.So write on my friends!
Pen Name:DoomedSoul
Country: US
Bio: *jason*white*skinny*5'4*anime/manga*metal*heavy metal*death metal*black metal*neu metal*scremo*emo*punk*alternative*
Pen Name:dolphinbeauty09
Country: US
Bio: I'm a 20 year old gal just trying to speak her feelings and mind... This is for my enjoyment and anyone else interested... I'm an open and honest person, so while reading, just be prepared that some entries may be more in depth and detailed than others...
Pen Name:Dragonheart
Country: AU
Bio: My name is James, I'm 14 years old. I enjoy reading and enjoy writing stories even more. Though with all my schoolwork I find it hard to find the time. I don't like being told what to write, like at school, and I write fantasy stories the most. I write fantasy because it helps me escape my world...
Pen Name:dancerjive
Country: AU
Bio: I'm an average teenager...sweet 16 LOL , i love my life, my music, my mates. I live to dance, and dance to live. love writing and reading, they're some of my fav things to do, you can express yourself with no fears and boundaries and for once you call the shots and have it how you want it to...
Pen Name:dan17892
Country: GB
Pen Name:DaveRae
Country: AU
Bio:     Ay everybody, names Dave/Dee/Wolfy and im from Newwie in Australia. I had this daydream ages ago in a geology lecture and I started writing it out in the form of this story. I play lead guitar in a metal band called Guns Ablazing, I have lots of curly and straight hair making me look...
Pen Name:dhiggs
Country: GB
Bio: Hi there new to booksie and very new to writing Poetry and literature have never been studied by me, nor a true love, however art always has, with little time now and limited recourses poetry has surprisingly to me become an interest. So my naivety may indefinitely shine through. However Since...
Pen Name:DylanJames
Country: US
Bio:     Hi my name is Dylan
Pen Name:Dreaming of reality
Country: US
Pen Name:DeliriumRemix
Country: US
Pen Name:DarkZenith
Country: US
Bio: Complicated mind.
Pen Name:dragonsythe
Country: US
Bio: Hello my name's Antonio Roberson I love to write novels I'be been doing it since I was in sixth grade.
Pen Name:Dino
Country: US
Bio: Actor, reader, writer, italian, from NYC.
Pen Name:DBR
Country: US
Bio: I'm a dedicated student who loves to take stress out in my writing.  Part of me is always dreaming although reality sometimes hits.  i hope to one day become an author and open the imaginations of all ages.  Never grow up!!
Country: IN
Pen Name:DanielleD
Country: US
Bio: First of all, I just want to thank you for taking the time read about me. I'm not that interesting of a person. I'm just...me. I have been described as the girl next door with a smidgeon of snark to keep me from being boring. I have, in my opinion, the world's best husband. He does the laundry...
Pen Name:Derrekk Twein
Country: US
Bio:      I really enjoy writing, and its something that I've always loved, even though I'm only in 7th grade.  But in those short years I've been alive, I've won a lot of writing contests, along with playing gigs with my band:)

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