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Pen Name:djmay71
Country: CA
Bio: Hi. I began writing when I started writing songs for my band. I then expanded into a fiction-music-like novel. I have written over 40 episodes to this set, which I call Rockstar Fiction, or abbreivated to Rockstar. I'm still currently writing Rockstar, but I will be finishing it up soon. I will...
Pen Name:Divena
Country: US
Bio: What does one write about oneself? I'm a fantasy writer, though occasionally I dabble in other genres (all fiction, I have enough of real life every day). I was recommended to Booksie by a friend who has some stories here (highly recommend: Iason Tonyaka). So far I have completed four novels...
Pen Name:Don Vito Corleone
Country: AU
Bio:  dun, dun dun,dun dun, dun...duunnn (godfather music) ello' this is Don Vito Corleone, but u can call me the "Godfather"  I still regret Marlon Brando playing my character. WHY! WHHYYYY!!! Nah' he was good. You will hear from me on my latest news...eh?Your's truly...Don Vito Corleone.
Pen Name:DeeplyChilled
Country: AU
Pen Name:Ditz
Country: US
Bio: Hi all! I'm Alexis Jane, I live in Ventura, CA, I love it, it's so cool. If you've never tried body surfing a wave, you have to try it before you die. I love to act, I've been in lots of Shaksperian shows and Geoffry Chaucer stuff. I love to take pics, I'm about to start a new photo class... C...
Pen Name:Darling Starling
Country: GB
Bio: Hi my name is Vonnie and I live in Kent. I am 50yrs old well at least for another three weeks I am. I have lived in Kent this last 19yrs after moving down here from Scotland. I have a grown up family six in all I also have seven grandchildren I found after my relationship broke down...
Pen Name:dupsy
Pen Name:dubl
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Dubl. I write poetry mostly, but have a few short stories. I am open to any sort of critique on my work. If you hate it, let me know and know why. If you see a mistake or you think something could be better, I would like to know so I may improve. I do this for fun and don't spend an...
Pen Name:dmlmex
Country: US
Bio: I like everything that has to do with art (writting poetry, short stories, singing, dancing, writting lyirics, designing dresses, designing houses, taking pictures, drawing, painting, cartooning, etc.). I have so many favorite music genres:Screamo, Emo, Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Rock,...
Pen Name:Dmonik
Country: GB
Bio: Cerebral Sibling of ThePseudoMe. The darker self image of society The main non-conformist in a battle of lies Deafened by the voiceless cries   ------    
Pen Name:Devin Brooks
Country: US
Bio: Real Name: Devin Sean BrooksPen Name: Devin Brooks, McLovin'Type of Writings: Novels, Some PoemsLanguages Known: English, GermanEthnicity: Caucasian (Irish)About Me: Well, as of right now I am fifteen, engaged, and a honor student at Lincoln County Ninth Grade Academy. The name may sound fancy,...
Pen Name:Devyn
Country: US
Bio: I am 17.I love to write, read, sit under trees and listen to the wind, even do schoolwork.Despite my name, Devyn, I am a girl. I can be an overachiever at times, but also a huge procrastinator.I plan on going to medical school.My interests include art, music (especially acoustic/folk) and...
Pen Name:December
Country: AU
Pen Name:Dreamer101
Country: US
Bio: I love to write! When I'm not writing I'm drawing. Writing is really realxing to me so I do it often. Also I like to read.
Pen Name:Dove Grey
Country: US
Pen Name:deannajoy
Country: US
Bio: OK so i guess this is where im supposed to toot my own horn which im not very good at :  so a little about myself i am 37 years old i have 2 daughters ages 16 and 18. my 16 year olds name is Mariah and she has the most loving spirit of just about anyone i know i love her for all that she is...
Pen Name:Dawnstar
Country: US
Bio: Hi! You can call me Dawnstar! (I'm not telling you my real name!) I love the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, but since I finished the last book, and it takes FOREVER for a new one to come out, I decided to write my own Warriors fanfic based on the Warriors series, and my Warriors RPG! You can...
Pen Name:damien james
Country: US
Bio: i spend most of my time learning and writing. i'm a non-conventional person who enjoys non-conventional things. like every other person on this planet, music fills a void that nothing else can. poetry, songs, and quotes are what get me excited. my moods are effected by the weather. i am...
Pen Name:donvin
Country: NG
Bio:   Vincent was born in Enugu, Nigeria, on Novermber 4, 1988, sharing the same birthday with Abraham Lincoln. His father sylvester was a computerized man with one of the largest computer practices outside Nigeria, His paternal grandfather okolo was both a computerized and a celebrated nature...
Pen Name:Da Lee La
Country: US
Pen Name:Destined for Darkness
Country: US
Bio: Hi everyone,I'm not very good at this, but I'll give it a try. I am currently a 18 year old living in Holland, Michigan.I love to read, but I'm still pretty new to writing. My favorite kinds of stories are Fantasy, SciFi, and anything with a good twist. I'm working on my first novel, based off...
Pen Name:Dreamwriter
Country: TT
Pen Name:DarkRider
Country: US
Bio: Just a few things that you  might want to know:1. yes, I am a male human2. i'm 153. and last but not least, i'm a medeocre writter so if my work has errors in it remember that I warned youI'm here for two reasons AND ONLY TWO!!!!1.might sound wrong coming from a guy but I love to write.2....and...
Pen Name:Dark Skylight
Country: CN
Bio:   .  
Pen Name:devilrod
Country: US
Bio: Just need to scribble nonsense
Pen Name:DeadMemory
Country: US
Bio: Im new at the whole writing thing so pls dont be mean about my writing.Fantasy/Scifi is my style of writing if you havent noticed.Yes thats me in the pic. Im 16, music is my life and what inspires me to write.I also draw manga, im not an expert at it but im pretty good.Im also a pretty big...
Pen Name:Danny643
Country: US
Bio: I have always enjoyed writing poems and such.  It has been a hobby of mine for some time now and I figured, why not share them with people who may want to read them.  I have a heavy influence from music.  I love Metal music, that is my biggest influence.  When I write poems I think of them...
Pen Name: Destination Darkness
Country: US
Bio:  This is another name for me. I am using this to put my thoughts and feelings about the man I am in love with on this one. It will also have my more erotic short stories on here as well.
Pen Name:darlingILY
Country: US
Bio: Best Viewed With Mozilla Firefox.I'm darlingILY.I make mistakes, just like you.I'm one of the most busiest people, you'll ever meet.I loove talking to people and music and tofu and animals.I enjoy literacy; but mostly just proper spelling.I read a lot online, so if you read mine, I'll surely...
Pen Name:Divinekid
Country: PR
Bio: i like poetry
Pen Name:Doni Roni
Country: US

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