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Pen Name:dhiggs
Country: GB
Bio: Hi there new to booksie and very new to writing Poetry and literature have never been studied by me, nor a true love, however art always has, with little time now and limited recourses poetry has surprisingly to me become an interest. So my naivety may indefinitely shine through. However Since...
Pen Name:ddrandall
Country: US
Bio: For all the fellow writers that happen upon this page, please read "Our Pens Of Blood" To all my brothers and sisters of verse, it is my gift to you.So write on my friends!
Pen Name:DCMe
Country: US
Bio: Hello.  My name is Demi. A very odd name, yes. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, but I moved to Colorado some time ago. I really miss my family there. But anyways, it's fine here in Colorado. I have quite a few hobbies. I like to skateboard, snowboard, write (pretty much anything), play my guitar and...
Pen Name:Derrekk Twein
Country: US
Bio:      I really enjoy writing, and its something that I've always loved, even though I'm only in 7th grade.  But in those short years I've been alive, I've won a lot of writing contests, along with playing gigs with my band:)
Pen Name:DylanNewton
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is Dylan Newton and I'm the coolest sophmore at San G. With my beautiful girlfriend Laura by my side I'm never lonely. I have some pretty wack poems but I like to express my feelings on paper and this is as close to that as I'm gonna get. I love my baby and always will. (love...
Pen Name:djtswing
Country: US
Bio: Name: Daniel Current city: Boston School: Northeastern University Major: Pharmacy Organizations: Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity Hobbies: Soccer, Volleyball, Reading Preferred Writing Style: Poetry Favorite Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Current TV Show: Game of Thrones  
Pen Name:Dancer
Country: AU
Bio: I have always written for my living, in one form or another, encompassing a career as a magazine editor, feature and column writer, television and advertising writer. I have been a member of the Australian Society of Authors for many years and have published non-fiction through Harper Collins....
Pen Name:Dragonheart
Country: AU
Bio: My name is James, I'm 14 years old. I enjoy reading and enjoy writing stories even more. Though with all my schoolwork I find it hard to find the time. I don't like being told what to write, like at school, and I write fantasy stories the most. I write fantasy because it helps me escape my world...
Pen Name:Dante Winicot
Country: US
Pen Name:Dmonik
Country: GB
Bio: Cerebral Sibling of ThePseudoMe. The darker self image of society The main non-conformist in a battle of lies Deafened by the voiceless cries   ------    
Pen Name:dystopiandream
Country: GB
Pen Name:dragonrider
Country: US
Bio: My name's Jessie and I love writing poems.  I've not written any for quite some time but I'm thinking of picking back up on it.Anyways, I have blue eyes and blonde hair and I stand about 5'5".  A lot of things have changed in the course of a month and a half.  I no longer work at GameStop...
Pen Name:devilrod
Country: US
Bio: Just need to scribble nonsense
Pen Name:Da Lee La
Country: US
Pen Name:DoomedSoul
Country: US
Bio: *jason*white*skinny*5'4*anime/manga*metal*heavy metal*death metal*black metal*neu metal*scremo*emo*punk*alternative*
Pen Name:DocBill
Country: US
Bio: When I was younger (yeah I was) I hated to write. They didn’t know about ADD then and writing was a slow and painful process. After the advent of the word processor and the spell check I discovered that I actually liked to write, but didn’t take many opportunities to do so. I...
Pen Name:dreamingofalbion
Country: IE
Pen Name:dystopia77
Country: IE
Bio: I have a love affair with words.. they hold so much power.   to be without words is chilling and indeed holds grim memories for me. I have to listen, read, write and speak. I love nothing more than learning new words and waiting for my chance to use them again     I write simply because it...
Pen Name:da One
Country: PH
Bio: hi 2 ol! im new here.. i jaz love reading .. i think this site wil add some spice 2 my lyf..im from the Philippines, pls feel free visiting my account feel free commenting on every single work i've done hope some of you will like it..thanks guys who welcomes me with open arms here.. keep doing...
Pen Name:denisel
Country: US
Bio: IF YOU READ MY POETRY YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT. I NEED ALL THE CRITICISM I CAN GET!     Well first of all my name is Amity Lavergne.   I love to write poetry! I love to play sports, hang out with my friends, get on myspace, and watch t.v.  But yes i do enjoy writing poetry. it seems it...
Pen Name:dangl703
Country: US
Bio: Not much to say other than im full of feelings
Pen Name:Departed From Reality
Country: US
Bio: Name: Anthony Siciliano (Departed From Reality)Birthday(Age): November 1, 1989 (18)Hometown: Wall, NJHigh School(Grad. Year): Wall High School (2007)College (Grad. Year): High Point University (2011)Major: English Writing and Communications Double Major. Literature & Writing, Journalism...
Pen Name:Darling Starling
Country: GB
Bio: Hi my name is Vonnie and I live in Kent. I am 50yrs old well at least for another three weeks I am. I have lived in Kent this last 19yrs after moving down here from Scotland. I have a grown up family six in all I also have seven grandchildren I found after my relationship broke down...
Pen Name:Dominique
Country: US
Bio: Dominique is a 22-year-old student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Pen Name:Dereon
Country: BG
Bio: I am the one, who always wanders, I am the Stranger in the night! I am fighting, i am defending, i long for woman's touch, I hope I'll love and love will find me. I come from darkness and darkness is upon me! I always walk the path alone but long to be found!   More about me: 30 years of age,...
Pen Name:Dorien Grey
Country: US
Bio: If one can have a dual personality without being schizophrenic, I think I'd qualify. Born Roger Margason, Dorien Grey emerged first as a pen-name when, after a career as a book and magazine editor, I began writing mystery novels. However,  as the first book led to the second and then the...
Pen Name:Danielle
Country: US
Bio: PublishAmerica Presents: Growing with Joe by Danielle E. Hiner As each child with a disability is diagnosed, there is a family who enters into a dark place full of fear, anger and a constant feeling of empowerment that only another parent of a special-needs child could possibly comprehend....
Pen Name:demonfangebooks
Country: US
Bio: name: sam hagenschneider age: 19 i love anime and manga. i love skateboarding, and i love writing stories myspace.com/samtheman12345
Pen Name:djmay71
Country: CA
Bio: Hi. I began writing when I started writing songs for my band. I then expanded into a fiction-music-like novel. I have written over 40 episodes to this set, which I call Rockstar Fiction, or abbreivated to Rockstar. I'm still currently writing Rockstar, but I will be finishing it up soon. I will...
Pen Name:Dascha71717
Country: US
Bio:  Since I can remember, I've always loved to create. I started drawing first. And as I grew older, it was so much easier to express myself in words.
Pen Name:Darren Wallace
Country: US
Bio: "Who are you?" said the caterpillar. Alice replied, rather shyly, "I -- I hardly know, Sir, ...At least I know who I was when I got up this morning , but I think I have changed several times since then..."-Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in wonderland"this ain't a pen it's a paint brush and i...
Pen Name:Daydreamer
Country: US
Bio: My pen name's Daydreamer because that's what I actually am. It keeps my imagination alive and it's actually scary that I might mix fantasy with reality, but so far it hasn't happened yet! I loooove to write. It's one of my favorite hobbies in the world. .Aside from painting. I'm currently the...
Pen Name:DarkRider
Country: US
Bio: Just a few things that you  might want to know:1. yes, I am a male human2. i'm 153. and last but not least, i'm a medeocre writter so if my work has errors in it remember that I warned youI'm here for two reasons AND ONLY TWO!!!!1.might sound wrong coming from a guy but I love to write.2....and...

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