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Pen Name:dubl
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Dubl. I write poetry mostly, but have a few short stories. I am open to any sort of critique on my work. If you hate it, let me know and know why. If you see a mistake or you think something could be better, I would like to know so I may improve. I do this for fun and don't spend an...
Pen Name:dadio
Country: GB
Bio:       Terry Collett has been writing since 1971 and published on and off since 1972. He has written poems, plays, short story and short novels.He is also a digital artist and photographer. He is married with eight children ( His son Oliver Died suddenly on January 27th 2014.) and eight...
Pen Name:Da Lee La
Country: US
Pen Name:donkylemore
Country: IE
Bio: Retired 5 yrs ago ; much of time dedicated to medical pfofession- seems longer but as I approach 60 maybe not soon enough.Occupation - none now - but i consider living an occupation though i do very little - I would not qualify as a 'professional liver' as it were - just an amateur ( amo - amas...
Pen Name:Dark Skylight
Country: CN
Bio:   .  
Pen Name:disco
Country: AU
Bio: OK, totally new to this.Anyway, my work could best be described as 'totally draft'. It's a story I kept trying to finish a long time ago and all the jarring spelling and grammar errors make it nigh impossible to read. I only realized how bad it was when uploading it today. Guess I'll have to go...
Pen Name:Denso
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 16 and From Glasgow. I love to read and write (although I'm not very good at the second one) but I enjoy it so I will keep doing it :)
Pen Name:dreaming of you
Country: GB
Bio:    I see that some of you are still inviting my father to look at your work . It is very nice of you and i know that he would be very eager to encourage you but my father is dead . Please feel free to read his writing whenever you wish and don't be offended that he has'nt replied to your...
Pen Name:DParks
Country: US
Bio: Working in child care all my life, I have become fascinated with stories. 
Pen Name:danang priambodo
Country: ID
Bio: My name is Danang Priambodo. I was born in March, 14, 1979.Here, in all my works, I will share my knowledge, based on the unifiedanalysis of Freudian psychology, Marxist economics, Einstenian physics,and Darwinian biology.
Pen Name:DomXD
Country: CA
Bio: So I am BACK like definitely back and I am so excited !!! xxxxDOM.bieALL ABOUT MOI!!!Name: Dominique Gender: Female Birthday: February 1st Blown-out: 15Candles WOOT!! Religious Views: Christian except I don't really view Christianity as a religion more like my faith, and it's really important to...
Pen Name:DylanJH
Country: AU
Bio: I am a young writer and enjoy all forms of media (except news). I primarily write in the action/fantasy genre and have been working on some of my stuff for five years. Along with writing my passion for writing is acting, singing and telling people what to do (i.e. directing, but more...
Pen Name:deuceiswild
Country: US
Pen Name:dramaqueentr1000
Country: US
Bio: Hello my name is Tyler. Yeah, I am a girl and my house happens to be in Indiana. My personality: very outgoing and I am open to anything and very adventurous. Also random, at times. I love to read almost anything except boring stuff. 1994, I'll let you do the math. And that's it.
Country: CA
Pen Name:Dr Hikari
Country: CA
Bio: I created this account for the sole purpose of showing  my writing.
Pen Name:DreamofFalling
Country: US
Bio: What do I put here? 15, Christian, writer/artist. Interests- writing, drawing, singing, sleeping, blogging.
Pen Name:David Hale
Country: US
Pen Name:Dan Johns
Country: US
Pen Name:Daemonic Resplendence
Country: GR
Bio: My magnum opus: DCLXVI ROCK -The Final Version, probably-And guess what. Booksie finds it too long to be posted as one text.Link here for those who care.
Pen Name:DragonsSong
Country: US
Bio: This is me.And this is me too. I would post a pic of when I had blue hair, but I can't find it anywhere.... June 9th   It's my Birthday!!!! Lol, finally legal, 21!    
Pen Name:dmorales2008
Country: US
Bio: My name is Daisy Morales. I am 18 years old, and was born and raised in Chicago, where I still live today. I am hispanic. My mother is Mexican, and my dad is Puerto Rican... so that makes me... Mexerican! haha. I graduated from Mirta Ramirez Computer Science Charter High school June of 2008. I...
Pen Name:Dunamis
Country: CA
Bio: Writer, Singer/Song Writer, skilled in Video production, photography and comupters.
Pen Name:Desperately Wanting
Country: US
Bio: Hello world, I hope you're listening.
Pen Name:daldisco
Country: PR
Bio: I'm Dal.I'm seventeen, living in Puerto Rico, and have dreams that are far too big for this tiny island.I like way too many thigns for my own good, but name a few:Ben & Jerry's, Pre and Post-Depression eras, fashion, movies, dance & indie music, the color purple, my macs, and Asian dramas.
Pen Name:darkmistress4ever
Country: US
Bio: I Love Writing its pratically my Life. Ummmm.... sometimes I procrastinate on adding stuff to sights so please be patient with me. I write about stuff I know and Feel. I love coffee and chocalate not that you really cared to know that. Anyways if you have any other questions about me just ask.
Pen Name:dtpennington
Country: US
Bio: After spending years hopping from one interest to another, I had to figure out what exactly it was that I was going to do for the rest of my days.  While the free spirits I have met all tell me just to live life as it comes, I find myself with fewer anxieties when I have some kind of constant...
Pen Name:Derek Laurens
Country: US
Bio: Derek Laurens is the pen name of Northern California attorney Bryan Smith.      G. (Gerald) Bryan Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Georgia State University in 1979 (BA, Journalism). Thereafter, he worked for several years as a reporter and news editor for Atlanta-area...

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