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Country: US
Pen Name:elle77
Country: AU
Pen Name:EdwardJBradleySr
Country: US
Bio: Like to write newspaper editorials and op. ed. articles.   A serious hobby with the idea of being informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.  Purpose: To influence public opinion and, in turn, governmental law and policy. Poems can be either fanciful or serious and fit...
Pen Name:elegantbleeding
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley and I like to think.I mean, think really hard until it warps my mind in 20+ different directions and I don't know who I am anymore.I guess I like myself better when I don't recognize myself in the mirror... I like myself when I think that everything else isn't going to be...
Pen Name:EmOtIoNaLgIrL
Country: US
Bio: Well firstly my real name is Sarah and I am 15 years old. I am a freshman at Aviation High School and do fairly well at school. Although I could do better. I first started to write poetry about a year ago. Although I only truly got into it when I started high school. Usually I dont like to...
Pen Name:Elnino06
Country: AU
Bio: There's really not a whole lot I can say about myself. Having finished school in 2005, I have spent the better part of a year serving as a kitchen hand in a very fine restaurant. I confess I was not the best student, though I did recieve fairly good marks in the field of creative writing....
Pen Name:efernandini
Pen Name:emmauck
Country: US
Bio: so i love writing. mainly poems. its what lets me escape to the world of my feelings. everything i write is all true and really happend. i love the feeling of blank paper in front of me and a brand new notebook waiting to be filled. i can't just write a poem, i have to be inspired by whatever it...
Pen Name:Empty soul
Country: US
Bio: well first off i cant spell to save my life. but well i have i thing for death you know...its something most people dread but i embrace it....but lets talk about love it plays a big part in my life its what makes us happy but it is all so what makes us hurt but yet well continue to love.....
Pen Name:Emerick North
Country: US
Bio: "I'm A Fake"The Used[Spoken:]Small, simple, safe priceRise the wake and carry me with all of my regretsThis is not a small cut that scabs, and dries, and flakes, and healsAnd I am not afraid to dieI'm not afraid to bleed, and fuck, and fight.I want the pain of paymentWhat's left, but a section...
Pen Name:Edna Sweetlove
Country: GB
Bio: I am lovely Edna, the world's sexiest and most intelligent and modest online poetess to the stars.
Pen Name:elizabeth2001
Country: CA
Bio: i am a student..i love to read and write!
Pen Name:emokid
Country: GB
Bio: Hey, I'm HannahI'm 13 and come from St Annes which is a tiny little town near Blackpool. I'm a crazy girl and i'm very hyper =]I LOVE music, especially McFly, Honeymagic, Outrage, Fall Out Boy, Bels Boys, My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavinge, Lil Chris, Green Day, Oasis, The Beatles, The Who, Matt...
Pen Name:Evan Matthews
Country: US
Bio: Um... I'm 19 and I love to do pretty much everything. Except for paperwork. lolI love all kinds of music. But my favorites have got to be:(In no particular order)RammsteinPink FloydOpethKornMetallicaSystem of a DownAvenged Sevenfold  Yea, I was also in the Drumline at my High School. Come...
Pen Name:Elisa
Country: US
Bio: Im a crazy heavy metal girl i live for my music, music like mudvayne, cradel of filth, mushroomhead, slipknot, NIN, tool, archenemy, well there is just too much to list im an artist also i draw, write, paint, sculpture, realy anything that has to do with art i am an impresionist and i collect...
Pen Name:edward collinson
Country: CA
Bio: About the Author Edward Roy Collinson born in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, spent 10 years in the child welfare system. These childhood experineces had a profound impact on his life. Following a tour of duty in the Canadian Military, Edward moved to the NWT as a firetower ranger. After living in...
Pen Name:EmmaRuth
Country: US
Bio: IWriteForFreedom.IWriteBecauseICan. IWriteForLove. 
Pen Name:mar1e
Country: SG
Bio: Hello, this is my little poetry nook.  I stumbled across this community and was happy to finally find a place to share my poems, with other fellow poets. Some of mine are personal to me, most of which since 2001, and others, based on recent events.  Thank you for stopping by...... Marie
Pen Name:Enzos Lovechild
Country: AU
Pen Name:Emma Sparrow
Country: GB
Bio: ABOUT ME:To tell you all a little something about myself....well I am 28 years old, born the 22nd July 1981, and I love to do anything creative, including writing, cross-stitch, making things etc... I consider myself a highly creative individual with an over-active imagination!! LOL! I enjoy...
Pen Name:emilyjuck
Country: CA
Bio: Everything is fucked but I enjoy life any how. I am a 16 year old girl and love to write with every fibre of my being. Though, I've recently become lazy and find to that I've lost some of my ability to compose lingustic works. FUCK.
Pen Name:EthrealSpiritWriter
Country: AN
Bio: Hello reader, I'm Zinnie. I'm fourteen years old and my dreams(soon to be a reality) for the present is to publish my book 'Aria of Dawning' and its series and for the future is to be a professional writer and psychologist. As you can tell, writing can be incorporated in psychology as in the...
Pen Name:Ella Peterson
Country: US
Pen Name:Emmie11
Pen Name:emby ollie
Country: US
Bio: just out of college, i'm trying to begun a career as a writer-- without having a stand-in or backup. obviously this is foolish... but i'm optimistic-- for once.
Pen Name:englishmuffin
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a full time student, part time barmaid who likes to write when the opportunity arises. I find inspiration in what lies around me, the people I know, the world I see and placing myself in other peoples shoes. feedback is of course appreciated, some of these poems are quite old and some are...
Pen Name:Esther Kariuki
Country: ZM
Pen Name:electriclinzyland
Country: US
Bio: I'm fun, weird, unique, spontaneous... I'm a hopeless romantic. I fell in love with my best friend after years of nonsense and I wish I could have realized it sooner than later but I don't regret it one bit because now I love him more than EVER before! I'm a mother of a beautiful 7 year old...
Pen Name:ezzy
Country: US
Bio: I like to read horror books, adventure, fiction, nonfiction, comic books, and some fanasty, well just about anything that catches my interest.About me: I like to have and keep an open mind to anything listen to everybodies opinions.I am 17 and taken by the most awesome man in the world!I love...
Pen Name:EDull
Country: US
Pen Name:Eglentyne
Country: GB
Pen Name:Echoes
Country: GB
Bio: I lvoe to read, basically. I love Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Wind in the Willows, Railway Children, everything! Well, as long as it was written by people I like. I'm writing my own novel right now. Want to know the story. Well, okay, if you insist! A woman of a young age is invited to a...
Pen Name:ElijahGagne
Country: GB
Pen Name:Elinor Roswood
Country: US
Bio: I tend to be very- no, let's say extremly- obvious. I say what I see, I say what others see also. I just say what others think about but don't dare to say for themselves. I find it frustrating that no one stands up for themselves any more. They let society and what is expected of them to act for...
Pen Name:eeeMilly22
Country: CA
Bio: I'm not exactly sure where to start. My name is Emily, and I have always been an avid reader. I've only just started writing in March 2007, and it was terrible. Over the past few years I've been refining it (with the help of some friends) and I think (or at least hope) it's gotten better. I like...
Pen Name:EimiYams
Country: US
Bio: I am the all MIGHTY Abby. Wow, how gai is my name. Well, lets get this over with. I won't judge. I won't put up with your shit. I won't let you mess with my head. I won't act innocent for you anymore. I won't let you speak for me. I won't allow you to hurt me, or my friends. I will care for...
Pen Name:EmilyNadine
Country: IL
Bio: American originally, I moved to this holliest of lands when I was three. Since then I've visited the US twice a year or so as my mother's family lives there. I can't say anymore where I feel more at home, in the comforts and polution of LA or here in the midst of constent wars and drama. I've...
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