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Pen Name:EmoStar
Country: US
Bio: Waz up? I'm Candance, I'm 17 and I'm emo...*I'm emo*I do cut*I'm single*yes, I'm lookingI have 4 sisters and 9 brothers, you can call me whatever you like but my nickname is Attaidude, no joke. I have 4 older brothers and 4 younger brothers, I have 1 big sister and 3 younger sisters, my bff's...
Pen Name:Emo with an Angels Heart
Country: GB
Bio: Name ; elli faith Age ; 13 (just)Fave Colour (s) ; black and white Music ; *rock  *celine dion  *ultraviolet  *3 days grace *avril lavineFamily ; mum, sis, dad, socks, gizzy & jayke plus gorgeous boyfriend ALEX Friends ; danni, heather, louise, chris, emmah, hollie mayze, rachel boyse, van...
Pen Name:elphabalives17
Country: US
Bio: Hello people of booksie, welcome to my page! My name is Brittney Kay and I'm 15! Yay! That means I get my permit sooner than later (Unless I fail drivers ed. But lets ignore that idea, please!) I'm 5'5, not very athletic, have brown hair  and green eyes that cant see worth anything without...
Pen Name:EliNash
Country: US
Bio:      My writing mainly dwells in the abstract macabre reality. Enjoy.         "I'm a writer, not a fighter." -Alicia Vuittonet
Pen Name:EternalVampyre
Country: US
Bio: Hello my name is Rachel. My friends call me Rachelle, Rae Rae, and Brownie (a new one!)!You can also contact me at www.myspace.com/painis4masochists!Things I Hate:1.Creepy Crawlies-mice,snakes,cockroaches,etc.2.Annoying People3.Posers-fakersThings I Love:1.Edward and Emmett Cullen2.Friends and...
Pen Name:EwanMac
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Ewan. I'm twenty-one live in Edinburgh, the capital city of scotland, where many of my writings are based and inspired from.     A lot of my writing is personal to me, and I guess I'm lucky that my work appeals to other people the way it has. Most characters are based on real people,...
Pen Name:Every12No1
Country: US
Bio:                 Music Playlist at Hey there! My name is Rayy *((The amazing!!))* Usually people never read these, but I like to think they do. I'm just another ordinary certified ninja (You had to be there) Freshie @ MTVHS. Dontcha' be hatin' :). I appear like the shy quiet type, hahh,...
Pen Name:Eunii
Country: CA
Bio: I am an 18 year old lost soul, who slowly finds herself with each peice she writes. I have a large family, but I only live with my dearest mother and father, who I am very close with. I have a adoring boyfriend of 2 years, one younger brother (age 16) and one older brother that I am VERY close...
Pen Name:Emma Sparrow
Country: GB
Bio: ABOUT ME:To tell you all a little something about myself....well I am 28 years old, born the 22nd July 1981, and I love to do anything creative, including writing, cross-stitch, making things etc... I consider myself a highly creative individual with an over-active imagination!! LOL! I enjoy...
Pen Name:z0mb1ezg0dd3ss
Country: US
Bio:     ~*I am lightness, I am darkness, Im the in between. I am everything to some, and nothing to most. I may never be known to the world, and I may not be the greatest writer of all time. I could die happy if my writing, my experiences, gave even one person hope.. or a moment of happiness....
Pen Name:Emma D
Country: GB
Bio: Hiya!!Welcome to my Booksie Page!!Well... were to start?? I suppose its always best to start at the beginning!My name is EMMA and I live in Nottingham, England. I have recently finished all of my schooling and I am now awaiting my results to hopefully go to college in Semptember. I am finding...
Pen Name:Elexis123
Country: US
Bio: I am an 11th grade high school student trying to get reviews of my writing.
Pen Name:Everlasting
Country: US
Bio:                     I am the type of girl, you would find walking around Barnes and Noble with an odd content look on her face. Content to just sit between the rows until the store closes and if they would let me, way beyond. I adore the smell of new books and I also love...
Pen Name:EdensHeros
Country: US
Bio: Just trying to get noticed or signed by a publisher.Start Of Prologue(A space view on Earth as the narrator speaks)Narrator- In the year 2023 the world was over populated and over population brings many problems, disease, hunger, crime and the Earth was in total chaos. Then came the day of The...
Pen Name:cantlive4evr
Country: US
Bio: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MOVED. My new account name is Bougainvillea. I already have a brand spanking new novel called "Kissing Henry". I'd really appreciate if you guys would check it out. Set in the 18th century, Lorelei Mills is living in a world of corsets and suitors. She has reached the age of...
Pen Name:Edward Lover
Country: US
Bio: I'm Turtle! I love reading, WRITING, dance, SINGING, drawing, and most of all...COLOR GUARD. Big metal flag poles and FLAGS, Heavy Metal Swords, Heavy Wooden Guns, all being tossed, spun, and thrown in the air to come back down and caught. Plus there's LOTS of Choreography involved. It's lots of...
Pen Name:Erinsoap
Country: AU
Bio: G DAY all non Aussies! It's nice to meet you and I hope you'll enjoy reading my books. I only started writing about two years ago, finishing one book and putting the next in the series on hiatus. It's a talent that God himself has given me and I plan to use it for his glory! So now I start again...
Pen Name:EmoWingsOfMine
Country: US
Bio: interesting, funny, anime fan, yaoi fan, gothic, emo, poetry fan, over all not normal"We all have a gift, we just need to find it...We all have beauty, Its just a matter of what kind."
Pen Name:mar1e
Country: SG
Bio: Hello, this is my little poetry nook.  I stumbled across this community and was happy to finally find a place to share my poems, with other fellow poets. Some of mine are personal to me, most of which since 2001, and others, based on recent events.  Thank you for stopping by...... Marie
Pen Name:Epsilon
Country: SG
Pen Name:Emmett and Me
Country: US
Bio: Hello I'm Courtney, I'm 17 but really 101 years old I'm dating Emmett Cullen Yes, he's real I'm really a vampire Emmett found me when I was being attacked by a wolf (dumb wolves!) he goes by some legend saying we're not allowed on the wolves land who's the wolves anyways? Stephinie myer is a...
Pen Name:Emmyb
Country: US
Bio: Hi, My name is Emily Alice, i'm a 14 teenage girl. Some girls wish they were a princess, well unlike them, i wish i were a vampire. My writing isnt the best and i do spell things wrong a lot, but i'm working on it. I do love to write ish, i mean i never seen myself writing when i was little, i...
Pen Name:1truegirl4ever
Country: US
Bio: My name is kaytee, i just turned 22. I am happily married to Jeremy, he is the love of my life. I love to write stories. i write alot of different kind of stories. i also love playing world of warcraft so sometimes i write stories about my charactors.
Pen Name:Eliza Kelly
Country: US
Bio: Twilight Challenge Results: 1st place: BigSunShine's story- My Broken Angel!!!!2nd place: cherries123's story- Cullen truth or dare!!!!3rd place: Bluishmaag's story- Love on a full moon (seth clearwater's love story)!!!!!!CONGRATES!!!!!!I love twilight and making fanfics for it. i live in crappy...
Pen Name:enieweiz
Country: PH
Bio: my name is cres or jane(whatever)... you can call me that...work in process:Love In StandpointI Woke Up and then I'm ThisWhat more about me???i'm a college student (barely alive)what else???i have three colors that i eternally love:blueredblackbut most people think i look good in green...
Pen Name:EmoVampire13
Country: US
Pen Name:elenamiria
Country: US
Bio: Sooooo, I am like totally into writing fanfics right now, and I really hate updating....so don't be suprised if like out of nowhere my books get like 10 more chapters!!!Well this is me! I like to read and write. I really like Death Note right now. I'm very happy and bubbly right now. well hyper...
Pen Name:EmMaWaTsOn
Country: US
Bio: Hi Everyone,I LOVE to write and to act, my favorite actress is Emma Watson, I live in New York, and I want to be either an Actress or a Author.Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series, Unfortunate Events Series, His Dark Materials Triology, Gilda Joyce Mysteries, Secrets of my Hollywood Life Series,...
Pen Name:EliseTurnbull
Country: IE
Bio: Eilsé is a 21 year old female freelance writer , from Ireland (Republic). She is originally from South Dublin , but currently resides on the west coast. She has been writing since the age of ten. Her influences in life are; 'Socrates''Karl Marx''Albert Einstein''Paul Howard' plus, many many...
Pen Name:Ryan Suratte Se7en
Country: US
Bio: ahhhh,,,i dont know....i'm philisophical and i hunger for answers. but i wont sit here and tell you who i think i am,,,cause that would be biased and controlling,,i wont condition you to think of me,,think how you want i guess,,,and you can't know someone by reading their page on the intronet...
Pen Name:Earnest Zitha
Country: ZA
Bio: I am Earnest Zitha work as junoir quantity surveyor. I delight in writings exciting poems. I wish to publish them so that poeple can enjoy reading them. I wish to become the best poetry writor in future. I hope that dream can be achieved as a join this community of publishers and share my...
Pen Name:Eresed
Country: US
Bio: Hi folks.To those of you who were following Branwen and Eros, I most sincerely apologize for my lack of updates. Life has been rather crazed of late, and my writing suffered the most because of it.I shall endeavor to update more in the future, but I can't guarantee anything. (so sorry, so...
Pen Name:enduringthedarkness15
Country: US
Bio:    The winners of Susan's MIMM Challenge are... First Place goes to forged4fire with Bird and the Worm Second Place goes to omgitskandice with Show Me a New World Third Place goesto KyrieWasHere for When it Rains Thank you again for everyone who entered and Thank you Susan for creating...
Pen Name:exarox
Country: AU
Bio: Hey im Erica i love twilight and harry potter. i love to read, write, draw, take photos and sing. i believe music is life :) yes i can be really random but im trying to make this about me thingo civilized.TOP LIST OF THINGS I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! 1. music 2. mates 3.converse 4.skinny jeans ( i...
Pen Name:eydith
Pen Name:EGMoore
Country: US
Bio: Hi there! My name is Emily and I have been writing from a very young age. I have so many ideas I don't know what to do with myself. I made a profile on booksie for a contest i am entering, but now that I am using it and getting feedback, it is great to have a place to go and be critiqued and...
Pen Name:Eddy the Panda
Country: GB
Bio: Hello, i'm Taylor. i'm 16, am currently in  6th-form studying with the hope to be a clinical psychologist. I define myself as a Goth (But this by my own definition of the word, so please don't lecture me if you do not beleive I am or anything along those line), which i see as a mentality and a...
Country: US
Bio: lol!!!!!!!! .I am in 6th grade my very close friends r courtney,Tran ,Roxanne,Fabian ,Carolina, and Aileen.I am the randomest person alive!I am a Twilight freak. I love Pandas and blue. Edward Cullen rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. I am super short so yal can call me Leprachuan. I hope I spelled it...
Pen Name:Elliott
Country: US
Bio: I write from the heart. I don't write books- I write poetry. Most of the poems I write I put to music in my head- making them songs. Some of the things I write about are of romance, violence and dreams. I have been writing for 4 years or so. It really began one day in my math class...
Pen Name:Emilia
Country: AU
Bio: Hey there!Names Emilia!Thought you all should know a bit about me XDI like music (well, who doesnt?) my favourate bands at the moment are Dave Matthews Band, Judas Priest, The songs on the 'Punk Goes...' Collection. & alot more.Urm... Favourate tv shows? Have to say Supernatural, One Tree Hill &...
Pen Name:EmoOutlaw
Country: US
Bio: Um hi call me Andie, I like poetry and The Beatles hehe, I love music and just writting about anything, um i hope you like my work
Pen Name:elmoshurtside
Country: US
Bio: **ME**I'm starting over.Im famale. Im seventeen. Im kinda a loner, and i think i like it.My everyday life is a struggle to stay alive. I started writing to help me cope with my life, now i just write because i love it. It keeps me sane. I love myself. I love my family.I love my friends.And I'll...
Pen Name:Edward Prest
Country: US
Bio:  I would like to show you my visions of horror.
Pen Name:Icesk8er636
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Meredith and I'm 15 years old.  I love to read, write, draw, play pianoo, be sarcastic, have funnn. :P Right now my main inspiration for writing is my close friend that died a year ago, he was only 17 when he died.  Also my two other friends one 13 and the other 14 (R.I.P) Generally...
Pen Name:EdwardandCandi
Country: US
Pen Name:Eblack
Country: US
Bio: My name is Erica but most call me E. or E. Black. Writing is my passion and i hope to share it with many appreciative writers here. I was born and raised in South Carolina. At age 20 I am trying to get my college education majoring in Spanish Education and Minoring in Writing. I have a diverse...
Pen Name:embrasseXmoi
Country: US
Bio: I only write my poems in the morning (1-5AM).just thought i should get that out there. Now:i wear my heart on my sleeve.I wish that i could write some long beautiful bio that described me perfectly, but i can't.I am not perfect, i am one of the most flawed people you will ever meet.i love any...
Pen Name:Enshoku
Country: US
Bio: Hi I'm the kind of girl who takes no, as a question. *signature line*Ok, sorry that was just my signature line, but it can be a question sometimes. Anyways, I'm a stubborn, shy, relaxed, in between nice and mean. I'm basically average T.T, but I'm striving to be even a little above average. So...
Pen Name:Never4Ever
Country: US
Bio: I'm just insane....i'll tell you that....
Pen Name:Escaping minds
Country: AU
Bio: Hi, my name is Bianca I'm 14 and I love reading, writing, animals and sport faaarrr too much so here I am. I'm into fantasy, adventure, mistery well preaty much anything with action.I'm known to be just that tincy bit over inthuseastic....  Twitch, twich.MERRY...
Pen Name:emerald gloom
Country: US
Bio: all you need to know is ... i think stories are just long thoughts that can be scrawled onto paper. and a thought is just a short story. my insparations for writing poems is shel silverstein even though our styles differ. theses are my likes and dislikes :1. i don't like kids named aaron...
Pen Name:Editorial Experts
Country: US
Bio: You have a brilliant story to tell or a book to sell! With 30 years of experience, our freelance editors can edit, proofread, or reshape your fiction or nonfiction manuscript, from first draft to final proof. Our honest and constructive editorial service can help edit, rework, and market your...
Pen Name:Erynn A Louviaite
Country: US
Bio: Read & Download my Novels from Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/Erynn654842My Homepage: http://erynn654842.moonfruit.com/E-mail me: erynn654842@yahoo.comI'm on Facebook & Xanga too!

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