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Pen Name:Ekim
Country: US
Bio: Nothing. No more, no less. Just nothing.
Pen Name:earlofmarl
Country: GB
Bio: I just want to share the stories that are in my head. And hopefully some of you will like them. My name is Nick and at the time of writing this (October 2014) I am 45 years old. I have been writing on and off for 20 years but have never had the nerve to circulate wider than close friends or...
Pen Name:ECEC333
Country: DK
Pen Name:Emma Sparrow
Country: GB
Bio: ABOUT ME:To tell you all a little something about myself....well I am 28 years old, born the 22nd July 1981, and I love to do anything creative, including writing, cross-stitch, making things etc... I consider myself a highly creative individual with an over-active imagination!! LOL! I enjoy...
Pen Name:E Cluff
Country: US
Bio: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QCCz4mtd0E  I began writing to work through my grief  over the loss of my sister to cancer.  Since her loss I have felt like a piece of me is missing, too.  In the process I have taken a deeper look at my family before and my...
Pen Name:Roadk4ever
Country: US
Bio: Ello :D   Kuroko here! (not real name but I'm not gonna tell you my real name).   I'm 18 years old and working on my first semester of college. I'm going for graphic design.   I am anime obsessed! And manga, Japanese music, Korean music, Japanese culture, Japanese fashion...   I LOVE...
Pen Name:Esperanzaj15
Country: US
Bio: I know i might suck . Im an amateur, but i truly love writing poems. Most are how i feel inside and true events. Please leave comments, or tell me how you feel about it. Thank you (: ...
Pen Name:Ekaterina Vlas
Country: US
Bio: Hi everybody, My name is Ekaterina, or Kat for short. I am 24 years old and have been through a lot to say the least. I am a former Marine, a singer, a violinist, and hopefully someday I will be a published author. I began to write fan fiction when I was in the fifth grade, but as the years...
Pen Name:Ella Lynn
Country: US
Bio:     poor poor Fluffy!! Okay let me clear this up because I can see how its confusing! MY NAME IS NOT Ella Lynn! My sister and I shared this account and it was a mix of our names Elizabeth and Madelynn. Just call me Maddie! :D Anyways.... Hey I'm Maddie! Welcome to my profile! I have been...
Pen Name:Elton Camp
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I try to write on a variety of topics and in more than one form.  I am the first to admit that my "poetry" is nothing great.  I think the prose stories and articles are better.  But on both counts, that's for readers to judge.  A greater variety and more complete versions of my...
Pen Name:elvenfairy990
Country: US
Bio:   I love to write, especially poetry.  (Clearly.)  I love photography, fantasy, canoeing, being in the wilderness, kids, sports, grammar, animals, The Lord of the Rings, spearmint gum, mythology, springtime, evening sunshine, warm windy nights, and thunderstorms.  I play the piano, I'm...
Pen Name:Eddie C Morton
Country: US
Bio: Wannabe Artist, Self-deluding Writer and Poet, Retired Street Cop, former US Army Special Forces Officer, traveler, father, and wanderer.
Pen Name:eamonnsadler
Country: GB
Bio: Layout Credit   Welcome.   Thanks for stopping by. I am an Englishman living in Jakarta Indonesia. I run a few businesses but what I enjoy most is playing music and writing. I hope you enjoy my Booksie portfolio. Most of the pieces are articles written for local magazines and newspapers. My...
Pen Name:EN Heim
Country: DE
Bio: The earliest I remember was 6 months after my birth in the Windy City—1937. I was riding in a buggy looking out, and ever since, life seemed to be in that direction. Six years later, we moved to SoCal LA where I grew up looking out in all directions and grasping for knowledge and experiences....
Pen Name:Essvari
Country: MY
Bio: Hi everyone. I'm Essvari.  Great to connect with all of you after like eons. So I have some good news and even awesomer (is that even a word? :p ) news to share with all of you. I have published my maiden metaphysical adventure novel titled... "The Chosen One: The Quests for The Back Rose"...
Pen Name:EnemiesEverywhere
Country: US
Pen Name:Eileen Mcbriar
Country: CH
Bio: Hi i'm Eileen and I have returned to Booksie for a 4th time with some of my earlier material and a few new publishing items you can find me on Penpalworld and Interpals too so check me out.    
Pen Name:Elias Brooklyn
Country: FR
Bio: A Feather On The Computer.   I am a univerity student who likes writing about anything. I am 18 years old and I am gay (which is the reason why most of my work will probably be gay-themed or gay-related). I was born in an Island called Mayotte, which is Muslim and does not support gay rights. I...
Pen Name:EvilDogProductions
Country: CA
Pen Name:Eden L
Country: GB
Bio: OK, everyone! I have some news for you all...   I'm leaving Booksie.   yes, i am. It was always unexpected hiatuses before but now it's the real deal. The reason why I'm leaving is cos of, well, I'm working a job now and when school comes around (it's gonna be my third year of high school)...
Pen Name:RenesmeeCarlie4ever
Country: US
Bio: I LOVE WRITING!!!!! I AM ADDICTED TO FANFIC :P  Okay so I have a Fanfiction.net account now where I will be putting up some Carlisle and Esme one shots SO CHECK THAT OUT. I will put the links below. Also I have a Twitter and Tumblr to keep you guys updated. AND I have a schedule, every...
Pen Name:Erik Cain
Country: CA
Bio: I can't speak about myself.
Pen Name:Elsa the Night Fury
Country: US
Bio: My name is Trinity and I love writing and reading. I have wrote many stories for fun and I have recieved tons of reviews, favorites, and views. I like writing dragon stories and animal stories mainly. Favorite Animals: Dragons Dogs Cats Favorite Books: The Last Dogs: The Vanishing Wings Of Fire:...
Pen Name:enigmatically obscure
Country: US
Bio: hello:)
Pen Name:Elda Megurine
Country: US
Bio: I have been writing since forever. Always loved it, always will xx I hope people can find the time to read my stuff (Judgement is my personal favourite) If you like it let me know and ,if you want, leave a comment to help me improve. Be honest with your opinions and feel free to give harsh...
Pen Name:Emo Chick13
Country: US
Bio: well I'm a girl thats had her heart broken many times but i dont believe that tears can help anything i take all of my feelings and put them on paper. I love music mostly heavy metal. I love to sing. I'm the lead singer in a band. I have many friends and many enemys but wat they dont know is...
Pen Name:eloiseB
Country: GB
Bio: First let me say...Hi!! ^.^ NOTE: I'm not putting anything up currently and I doubt I will anymore afterall I'm barely on this site anymore, however I have over 10000 views on my blue moon, twilight fanfic story with a possible 200 people having actually completely read it all! (I wrote that...
Pen Name:EternalSacrifice
Country: US
Bio: I am person-like anyone else-who has some major issues. I dont wish to face my demons face to face but in the end I think I will win. I write because I love it. I write because when I re-read those words that I have created it feels like the world has came together, instead of it all...
Pen Name:CountryGirl4ever
Country: US
Bio:       My Novels: *High School Sweethearts     -Sweethearts from the Start (Squeal) *Say It and It Will Come True     -I Told You It Will Come True (Squeal) *Small Town Love      -Forever Love (Squeal) *I'm such a Military Brat        -It's our life (Squeal to I'm such a...
Pen Name:EmoxxCookies
Country: US
Bio: I'm not really Emo, I just really like the username >.> and Panda-Chan, my original Pen name was taken! (Evil people, stealing my pen names).If you really want to read something always check on mondays for updates.Okay, well personality wise, I'm a very unique gray, a strange amount of black...
Pen Name:Erie
Country: US
Bio: Young mother starting over from nothing. Just want to express herself without fear of others. I just write for my release just to release my soul my spirit from anything that was on my mind. It makes my reality feel just a little less alone knowing another may understand relate to what I write...
Pen Name:EfHoyla
Country: PH
Pen Name:Oh2e
Country: IE
Bio: Hi! My name is Hope and I am a fourteen year old girl who is passionate about reading. 🐳 I also love watching films, drawing, talking and singing (although I'm awful at it.). I work much better with music on in the background. I like The Saw Doctors, Adele, Phil Collins, My Chemical Romance,...
Pen Name:EarthWolf32535
Country: US
Bio:     WHAT I THINK: Firona:  It is marvelous.  Anyone who loves fantasy, friendship, and mystery and magic will love this novel.  I am currently waiting for her to update, but I strongly suggest that you check the story out.  It was well written, though had a few spelling errors.  The plot...
Pen Name:Erin Manbeck
Country: US
Bio: I was born and raised in New Jersey (USA), but have found myself a new, calmer life in Florida. With a B.S in Criminology from FSU, and a military deployment behind me, I'm now working full-time and raising a family. Whenever I can sneak away from those responsibilities(another job in itself)...
Pen Name:Eli Manson
Country: US
Bio: Believe it or not, I'm just a mere girl.
Pen Name:edoyonathanhasibuan
Country: ID
Pen Name:ErinfeelingmyselfBrown
Country: US
Bio: Down to earth and FUN. Dont ask dont tell .....but if you tell me I promise I wont judge. I love myself , my daughters , and the man who help me bring them into this world.  I am extremely  blessed with the friends and family that are in my life. I LOVE hard........ I HATE harder , So im...
Pen Name:Ethan J Cummuta
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I like to write and I live in Prairie du Chien, WI. I also have two cats and a very, VERY, large dog. I like playing sports like basketball or soccer, also enjoy drawing and writing.
Pen Name:ElsaWonderStruck
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm ElsaWonderStruck and I like writing and reading! So I made an account on Booksie so I can make actual books online and share them to my friends and family :) So I hope you guys enjoy my writing and have a good day/night!
Pen Name:ecdavis
Country: US
Bio:   I'm a fan of Medieval history and fantasy novels, I tried my hand at writing as a young man but abandoned it until a few years ago when I decided rather than pursue it as a  profession, I'd simply write for enjoyment.   All my ideas have been Sci-Fi or Fantasy, most with a religious bent to...
Pen Name:Emilee Mari
Country: US
Bio: I eat, sleep, and breathe the Earth. I am a child of nature, the offspring of the Goddess, and Crafter/Writer by trade. Loves: Tarot, Dragons, Wolves, Faeries, Magick, Crystals, Herbs, Bonfires, Oils, Crafting, Spell Casting, Antiques, Haunted Dollies, The Supernatural, Oiuja, Candles, The...
Pen Name:ennisdelbluff1
Pen Name:EverAfterDarling
Country: US
Bio: O F F L I N E "Pop a pill.  One... Two... Three... Finger on the trigger.  Pull it once.  Bang.  F r e e d o m ".   A b o u t  T h e  A u t h o r  Megan | 19 | Bisexual | Waitress | Writer  I live in Pennsylvania, work at a nearby diner four nights a week, and spend most of my time...
Pen Name:edizano
Country: AL
Bio: I just like to write stuff that will transmit some kind of emotion to the reader... It doesnt matter if it is disgust, heartbreak, fear, warm feelings, cold feelings etc. If i manage to transmit something the mission is acomplished. Because it is hard to transmit emotions through writing without...
Pen Name:emochick786
Country: US
Bio: :Z (nope nothing. This is my personal life, get a real hobby)
Pen Name:EveryoneWill
Country: US
Bio: Hey friends!!!! I'm sorry BUT I can't figure out my password to this profile SOOOO I made a new one! Look me up: Purely Amazing I am not continuing any of my stories on here... Starting fresh. Hope y'all don't mind! :)    I've inproved the last 3 months so hopefully I'll have more fans and my...
Pen Name:EmoKiss
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! My name is Monica, I'm 14 with brown hair and eyes and I LOVE to write...I'm addicted to it. It's my FAVORITE thing on EARTH! I also love reveiws, so if you read one of my stories, please reveiw!! I don't care that much for flames,well, rude flames, I don't even read them. If you don't like...
Pen Name:Effy Roams
Country: US
Bio: I previously had an old account, of which i got tired of, I'm re-starting one my books, of which I hope you will read :) It's going to be my only novel for awhile XD So, my reading request are Open (X)   Closed () I read these catergories, no song lyrics, or scripts. -Horror -Romance -Fantasy...
Pen Name:EuphoricCranium
Country: US
Bio: The names Jevon, just looking for somewhere I could share my words
Pen Name:Enrai Manako
Country: US
Bio: I am taking down the story 'Usually Always Me' and completely editing it and all until it actually sounds good, so...thats where it went :)   I'm not sure that I want to go into detail about myself on the internet, just because there are very strange people out there...but here are some things...
Pen Name:EternalVampyre
Country: US
Bio: Hello my name is Rachel. My friends call me Rachelle, Rae Rae, and Brownie (a new one!)!You can also contact me at www.myspace.com/painis4masochists!Things I Hate:1.Creepy Crawlies-mice,snakes,cockroaches,etc.2.Annoying People3.Posers-fakersThings I Love:1.Edward and Emmett Cullen2.Friends and...
Pen Name:EdwardJBradleySr
Country: US
Bio: Like to write newspaper editorials and op. ed. articles.   A serious hobby with the idea of being informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.  Purpose: To influence public opinion and, in turn, governmental law and policy. Poems can be either fanciful or serious and fit...
Pen Name:Empyre
Country: CA
Bio: I am the recluse.
Pen Name:emilyleffler
Country: US
Bio: Three Rules: 1. Call me Emily. Not Emmy, or Em, or any other nickname you can think of. Emily. 2. I will not read your novel. Short stories, poems, or things of the sort. But not novels. I do not have enough time. 3. If you give me constructive criticism, I will read a piece of yours of your...
Pen Name:Eggshapedcarrot
Country: CA
Bio: I'm just a writer.That's it..Well, I draw too, but...  ;)Novels ~(~Click the picture or title to go to the story~)SailorMeet Elle and Tomomi. Elle is an 18-year-old student, in her last year of high school. She's a fragile, small girl, with no particular talents. When her and her brother were...
Pen Name:Ehtaniel
Country: US
Pen Name:egm924
Country: US
Bio: So, about me. I love flowers and butterflies. Blue is my favorite color. Cerulean is my favorite shade of blue. I'm a peaceful person. I don't like drama, I don't mind dull, I'd rather have "normal" than "exciting." Writing is what I love, editing is a passion that comes with it. Music makes...
Pen Name:Erosion271
Country: GB
Pen Name:EmilieHail
Country: CA
Bio: Hey, lovelies! sadly, booksie has been awful to me lately, it's not letting me change literally anything, i tried deleting my novel, but sadly it didn't work and it's completely not working, so i'm making a new account. Not positive on the new name, but will upload it here when I decide. I'll...
Pen Name:erinbear13
Country: US
Bio: My name is Erin.I'm 14.I'm me.
Pen Name:emelyelouise
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 14, I live in England. I like to write short stories and I would like peoples honest opinions :')
Pen Name:Epona
Country: AU
Bio: I have always been a dreamer, and never found my purpose. Writing stories has always been so easy although spelling and grammar have always been a problem. Fortunately I enjoy reading my own works and dream of the day when someone else does.  
Pen Name:ERMO
Country: US
Bio:   Tecum vivere amem, tecum obeam libens:: With you I would love to live, with you I would be willing to die.  Militat omnis amans :: Every lover is engaged in warfare    "All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name."         I'm ERMO, a 18 year-old going to school at...
Pen Name:Edward Alvey
Country: US
Bio: I was born in La Plata, Maryland. I am currently a senior in highschool who is starting to learn how to write short stories. "I like writing stories and telling them because they entertain others and  have always been an entertainer no matter what it was." I hope that all of you reading my...
Pen Name:elizabethannmoore
Country: US
Bio:   Name: Elizabeth Ann Moore'Kyser Nickname: Liz, Beff, Beth, E.B. Age:29 years old Lives: Marion Ohio Works: Harding Pointe Occupation: S.T.N.A. Enjoys: Reading, Writing, Doing work with photoshop Poet,Song Lyric Writer, Story-writer, roleplayer Loves spending time with family, friends,...
Pen Name:EwanMac
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Ewan. I'm twenty-one live in Edinburgh, the capital city of scotland, where many of my writings are based and inspired from.     A lot of my writing is personal to me, and I guess I'm lucky that my work appeals to other people the way it has. Most characters are based on real people,...
Pen Name:emilysheart
Country: US
Bio: Meh.
Pen Name:emilieuser2
Pen Name:Eejane Ng
Country: MY
Bio: I am a girl living in a city, still young but somehow felt like grown-ups, any kind of an article will be produce under requesting or personal amusement hope to forsee you all enjoy, have fun reading!
Pen Name:ElizabethBell
Country: US
Pen Name:everlastinglove
Country: GB
Bio: My name is eanna, and i my world evolves around writing poetry studying and learning it too. I have recently won a competition for my writing to be published and the book will be held in the house of congress. Teeheee soo excited!! I like to wirte dark poetry based on feelings and emotions of...

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