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Pen Name:ekf07
Country: US
Bio:      Online-Ofline  2 steps work is quite good! TRY IT!!! HEY Zaldudet1 is a REALY GREAT AUTHER  i love her work!!!   HEY PEPS!!!!!!!! thank U for coming 2 my page!!!!   Writing is a huge passion of mine, i wish i could do it for a living. Fiction is what i read {but I will ocasionaly...
Pen Name:BandGeek4EVR
Country: US
Bio: I love fantasy and fiction books. I also like historical fiction. I am a huge band geek. I spend a lot of my time playing instruments or conducting to film scores :) I also like to act. I find it fun to become someone else and express yourself through that character (its especially fun when you...
Pen Name:ECEC333
Country: DK
Pen Name:Erosion271
Country: GB
Pen Name:EattheChildren
Country: US
Bio: Hello!  I'm back in school, but this time it's college!  This means I am completely lousy with free time!  Hopefully, I'll be filled with inspiration as well! If you have any comments or criticism for me, please let me know! I Love getting comments!!   Thank you for 200 views on my novel,...
Pen Name:EmoxxCookies
Country: US
Bio: I'm not really Emo, I just really like the username >.> and Panda-Chan, my original Pen name was taken! (Evil people, stealing my pen names).If you really want to read something always check on mondays for updates.Okay, well personality wise, I'm a very unique gray, a strange amount of black...
Pen Name:3b6e9n
Country: US
Bio: Contradictions in a pattern, That's what makes us up. Scorn on those who drink of sin, Then reach for the cup. Poe is awesome, Poe is great, Poe makes me wanna celebrate :D I like rhyming, this is true, Poems are fun, it's nothing new. I write cause i can, Not for any fan, (but fans are always...
Pen Name:Erich Jablo
Country: US
Bio: I haven't much in the way of a biography, so I'll state the basic facts, I suppose. I'm a pianist, guitarist, ocarina...ist.. I play whatever I can get my hands on. Thus, I say musician. I'm an inexperienced writer, who is completely terrified of reader feedback. Although, I decided it was time...
Pen Name:E Slow
Country: US
Bio: I am a young writing with lots of questions and ambition looking to be known, there is always room for improvement.
Pen Name:Evon Niranjan
Country: CA
Bio:     Hi there, That's me. I'm Evon (Yvonne) and dispite how my name is spelt, I am a girl. *Checks pants* Yup, I'm a girl. Lol. Anyway, this is my second booksie account, and you might be wondering..."why did you abondon  your first one?" Because I really didn't like it. So I made a new...
Pen Name:Elton Camp
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I try to write on a variety of topics and in more than one form.  I am the first to admit that my "poetry" is nothing great.  I think the prose stories and articles are better.  But on both counts, that's for readers to judge.  A greater variety and more complete versions of my...
Pen Name:emoXprincess
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone!!! I'm  Kelly. I'm a very good listener and i'm also a good student.I love heavy metal , rock ,rap.I'm also a musician.I play the piano.I know some people would go ahead and put wrong comments bout this,but I know you and I can be awsome friends not noobs who couldn't know how to e...
Pen Name:Elesana
Country: GB
Bio: I am currently a studentI try to write in my spare timeI love reading, I like reading a lot of supernatural booksA few of my favourite books are:-The Vampire Diaries ;DTwilight FallenTroyWuthering heightsChild 44and many many moreI will be writing a novel called Among the UnknownIts about 15...
Pen Name:Entity
Country: US
Bio: I am a struggling writer, and a strong willed person. I work hard on my writing, which is often misunderstood by those who read it.
Pen Name:Everlasting
Country: US
Bio:                     I am the type of girl, you would find walking around Barnes and Noble with an odd content look on her face. Content to just sit between the rows until the store closes and if they would let me, way beyond. I adore the smell of new books and I also love...
Pen Name:ecrivan
Country: CA
Bio: My professional writing background began in Rome in October 1996 where I contributed an article for the Avvenimenti magazine. Although I had written it in Italian. Coming home two years later after experiencing travel to the Mid-East, meant a continued search for other freelance markets, and my...
Pen Name:Eden Wallis
Country: GB
Bio: Name: Eden Wallis (eltar ego) Age: 25 years old About me: I have a huge imagination and currently live in Cardiff. I've written 5 Screen Plays. 10 Songs. 5 Novels. 1 Poem . 1 CookBook. I co-own a business called Anaphase Clothing. I was made redundant, read to many books and one day I thought...
Pen Name:Eugenia
Country: GB
Bio: Studying Classical Civilisation at school. Writting has always been an enjoyment but one that I have always wanted to keep private until I was encouraged my a teacher that I should write more and get feedback. So here I am writing to an audience, hopefully it won't be too terrifying.
Pen Name:Emma Maria
Country: US
Pen Name:EAweathefield
Country: US
Bio: Hello there.My name is.  I am feet tall.  My hair is a color.  ...don't get worked up.  That's about as cryptic as I get.  Other than the occasional poorly painted shroud of mystery I put up on the internet, I'm a pretty straightforward person.  I live in a no-nonsense world...sure, it has...
Pen Name:EwanMac
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Ewan. I'm twenty-one live in Edinburgh, the capital city of scotland, where many of my writings are based and inspired from.     A lot of my writing is personal to me, and I guess I'm lucky that my work appeals to other people the way it has. Most characters are based on real people,...
Pen Name:Roadk4ever
Country: US
Bio: Ello :D   Kuroko here! (not real name but I'm not gonna tell you my real name).   I'm 18 years old and working on my first semester of college. I'm going for graphic design.   I am anime obsessed! And manga, Japanese music, Korean music, Japanese culture, Japanese fashion...   I LOVE...
Pen Name:ElizaZenith
Country: GB
Bio: "A pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make you .... anybody else"  -Coma white -Marilyn Manson
Pen Name:emilyhn
Country: US
Pen Name:elvenfairy990
Country: US
Bio:   I love to write, especially poetry.  I love photography, fantasy, canoeing, being in the wilderness, kids, sports, grammar, animals, The Lord of the Rings, spearmint gum, mythology, springtime, evening sunshine, warm windy nights, and thunderstorms.  I play the piano, I'm studying...
Pen Name:emili97
Country: US
Bio: I mostly write stories about girls around my own, age with vast ethnic backgrounds similar to my own.  my stories usually incorperate other languages such as Arabic, spanish and greek. but appearantly no one likes my first story on here soo........... :( / :)
Pen Name:ecdavis
Country: US
Bio:   I'm a fan of Medieval history and fantasy novels, I tried my hand at writing as a young man but abandoned it until a few years ago when I decided rather than pursue it as a  profession, I'd simply write for enjoyment.   All my ideas have been Sci-Fi or Fantasy, most with a religious bent to...
Pen Name:elly habwe
Pen Name:eloiseB
Country: GB
Bio: First let me say...Hi!! ^.^ NOTE: I'm not putting anything up currently and I doubt I will anymore afterall I'm barely on this site anymore, however I have over 10000 views on my blue moon, twilight fanfic story with a possible 200 people having actually completely read it all! (I wrote that...
Pen Name:Elle01
Country: PH
Pen Name:Emily
Pen Name:EverAfterDarling
Country: US
Bio: O F F L I N E "Pop a pill.  One... Two... Three... Finger on the trigger.  Pull it once.  Bang.  F r e e d o m ".   ღღღღღღღღღღღ   U p d a t e s  03/02/2015 ;; New poem, "Captured In Her Flames", is now up.  A b o u t  T h e  A u t h o r  Megan | 19 | Bisexual |...
Pen Name:exoteeq
Country: BE
Bio: to be updated ..
Pen Name:evie62
Country: FR
Bio: Worked with kids in northern france teaching them English through songs and games. I also love art and creative writing. I have been getting more and more into poetry and short stories. Don't know if my stuff is any good but I think the main thing is to keep on going. Love to play scrabble, cook...
Pen Name:Eclipse101
Country: US
Bio: I have been writing books for four years and I am a fan of Linkin Park. I am 15 and I'm in ROTC. I love scary movies like Scream. I hope to be a famous author or to join the military. I love to draw and write. My most popular novels are 'Batman:The Red Hood' and 'Black Knights'. When you...
Pen Name:Elnino06
Country: AU
Bio: There's really not a whole lot I can say about myself. Having finished school in 2005, I have spent the better part of a year serving as a kitchen hand in a very fine restaurant. I confess I was not the best student, though I did recieve fairly good marks in the field of creative writing....
Pen Name:edonai
Country: US
Bio: everything you need or want to know about me is in my stories, im always honest, even when i don't want to be, it's part of the healing process:)
Pen Name:Ellie Springs
Country: US
Bio: Hey, its Ellie! After a couple years of getting my act together, I'M BACK.
Pen Name:Elda Megurine
Country: US
Bio: I have been writing since forever. Always loved it, always will xx
Pen Name:Elphaba Thropp
Country: GB
Bio: Yes... I do indeed exist. Don't doubt it.Elphie.
Pen Name:eloisepixietay
Country: GB
Bio: Hi Im ellie. I'm a complete bookworm and I don't care if I get picked on for it. I alway am reading somthing, drawing or writing. Music is what gets me through each day. I have a scary novel that if you want to read be warned you might not ever be able to face the mirror at night again.
Pen Name:Emily Johnson
Country: US
Bio:     Don't forget how life can be because you only have one chance to show yourself to the world. Sincerely, I probably wont read your work unless you read and like mine. New Messages! I enjoy that.
Pen Name:EdwardJBradleySr
Country: US
Bio: Like to write newspaper editorials and op. ed. articles.   A serious hobby with the idea of being informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.  Purpose: To influence public opinion and, in turn, governmental law and policy. Poems can be either fanciful or serious and fit...
Pen Name:elvenmoon
Country: US
Bio: HI EVERYONE!OK! since i haven't been posting too much on this account, just thought i'd say that i'm moving on to my other account that's been around since sometime in feb. www.booksie.com/crystal_aquaif you liked my writing here, check out the work on my new account! it's been improved. any...
Pen Name:Esper
Country: US
Bio: A lovably crazy, rather eccentric person with far too many fun ideas to put on paper.
Pen Name:Emanuel Rodowicz
Country: GB
Pen Name:Ethyn
Country: US
Bio: This is my page of an exciting novelist.  I have been writing since I was 12, but I haven't published anything because none of it gets finished.  That's because newer ideas come that are fresher than the old ones.  Ever have that happen to you?I've been known to make my readers feel as...
Pen Name:mad4eva3399
Country: US
Bio: yo i belive that sparkles is a color and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot
Pen Name:EmptyAerosolCan
Country: NL
Bio: Hi! Well were to begin. I`m a 16 year old boy, I like video games alchol and energydrinks. I am easly atracted to people which is more of a curse then a blessing. My style is a mix between Emo Punk Gangster and a little bit of me. I make graffiti and problems. When I drink I get romantic horny...
Pen Name:emilyleffler
Country: US
Bio: Three Rules: 1. Call me Emily. Not Emmy, or Em, or any other nickname you can think of. Emily. 2. I will not read your novel. Short stories, poems, or things of the sort. But not novels. I do not have enough time. 3. If you give me constructive criticism, I will read a piece of yours of your...
Pen Name:EncoreDeZiza
Country: US
Bio: Well Hello There Lovely!                               I'm Ziza Blackburn, I answer to anything but typically address myself as Zi.  I'm not entirely sure how to talk about myself, so.... If there's a way you can message me on here, go ahead and do that, I'm really open and...
Pen Name:EndLikeSummerFireworks
Country: KR
Bio: I'm known to eat rice and tofu.I love Disney movies.Claire Debussy is my hero.Er normally I'm outside playing sports or watching Team Barca doing their thing (if you're a fan please do contact me because any fan of theirs is a friend of mine haha). I've done every sport imaginable; football,...
Pen Name:esilva01
Country: US
Bio: Hello, my name is Evelyn and I love to write and I would just love for you to check out my writing. There might be a couple mistakes and if there are please let me know about it! Thanks!  
Pen Name:ElyIsTheNewGirl
Country: US
Bio: I really like to write :)
Pen Name:ESHerrera
Country: US
Bio: I write what I feel Welcome to my world.
Pen Name:Elysabeth
Country: US
Bio: To Make You Myne is complete and the story is now closed. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that supported me, became a fan, read and commented throughout the finishing process. I know my updates were very slow and I experienced allot of computer problems which delayed things. I'm hoping that with...
Pen Name:Elias Brooklyn
Country: FR
Bio: A Feather On The Computer.   I am a univerity student who likes writing about anything. I am 18 years old and I am gay (which is the reason why most of my work will probably be gay-themed or gay-related). I was born in an Island called Mayotte, which is Muslim and does not support gay rights. I...
Pen Name:Emma Lee
Country: US
Bio:   Hi! I'm Emma Lee! Thanks for visiting my page ♥   Quote of the Day:  "We took the town to town last night, we kissed like we invented it."    MY WORKS:  Second Chances STATUS: CHAPTER 5 NOW POSTED Summary: Lindsey has been struggling to keep up. Following the death of her fiancé,...
Pen Name:Eddiejgirdner
Country: TR
Bio: American living in Turkey. Taught political science for more than twenty years in Turkey and Cyprus. Author of: People and Power: An Introduction to Politics (Third Ed, 2013) Killing Me Softly: Toxic Waste, Corporate Profit and the Struggle for Environmental Justice. Monthly Review Press (2002)...
Pen Name:ElysiaReinhardt
Country: US
Bio: I'm 19 years old and I was born in Pittsburgh, but raised by my adoptive family in Kittanning. There's really nothing particularly special about me aside from my love of literature and writing fiction.
Pen Name:Eden L
Country: GB
Bio: OK, everyone! I have some news for you all...   I'm leaving Booksie.   yes, i am. It was always unexpected hiatuses before but now it's the real deal. The reason why I'm leaving is cos of, well, I'm working a job now and when school comes around (it's gonna be my third year of high school)...
Pen Name:emilysheart
Country: US
Bio: Meh.
Pen Name:ElDig
Country: US
Bio: My name is Elizabeth Walker, I have lived in California my entire life. I started writing poetry when I was in middle school and started working on short stories when I got into high school.    For me writing is a way to create and insprie people, no matter what style of writing you do. My...
Pen Name:ElroyBurdahl
Country: US
Bio: I am an aspiring writer and also an aspiring drifter.  I love reading, writing, and Bill Murray movies.   Please follow me and let me know what you think!   http://aaronsmallfanclub.wordpress.com/
Pen Name:Eiyachiou
Country: PH
Bio:   SUP. Ello.Hi.Yo.EEEEEYYYY. Hello. Oh wait--- Um, uhhh thank you for taking some of your time to read this profile and also I thank you for reading my works. (If you did that is...) I'm sorry. I know that the novel I posted isn't finished and well... I'm lazy. And currently, I'm dealing with...

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