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Pen Name:ecdavis
Country: US
Bio:    The stories featured here will take place in the same 'universe' which I am slowly fleshing out.   The Chronicles of Aurei is a Trilogy dealing with the adventures of Aurei Bugley, a Drow girl who was raised by humans in the sleepy duchy of Westmark.   The Marksylvania series takes place...
Pen Name:EverAfterDarling
Country: US
Bio: Offline   I know I haven't been on at all these past few months, and I am sorry for that. Writing hasn't come easily to me in awhile, and I loathe the fact I let it get this bad. So, here I am, trying to get myself back into the flow once more. I'll be working on my novel, "Deadly Beauty", as...
Pen Name:Emma Barnstaple
Pen Name:Everett Swift
Country: US
Bio: Everett Swift Was born in Rosine Kentucky. He Joined the Navy at age 17. He Married Brendea Geary Of Horse Branch while in the Navy and togather they had two daughters, Olivia and Michelle. After they Divorced he moved to Michigan in 1984 and married Karen Wootten of Hillman, MI. After their...
Pen Name:avril4ever4687
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Sofia.  I love Harry Potter and Ghost Whisperer. I love writing stories but not essays. I like to write fiction, I hate being told what to write. I will not be accepting long novels to read because of school and dont have as much time.I'm nothing like my character Emma, probobly at...
Pen Name:eludingdarling
Country: US
Bio: Well I'm real, in case that was ever put into doubt. Just a jolly ol' gal, with a panache for language and other stuff. I write my word for worlds for which these words work in wondrous ways of would be, could be wording, ergo, I enjoy story telling. It's a thing I do. I do this thing. I do do...
Pen Name:Eden L
Country: GB
Bio: OK, everyone! I have some news for you all...   I'm leaving Booksie.   yes, i am. It was always unexpected hiatuses before but now it's the real deal. The reason why I'm leaving is cos of, well, I'm working a job now and when school comes around (it's gonna be my third year of high school)...
Pen Name:Emilio Amaro
Country: US
Bio: Filth is my politics, filth is my life-Divine          I also have e-books available on Amazon   Tales for the Mentally Ill- http://www.amazon.com/Tales-Mentally-Ill-Emilio-Amaro-ebook/dp/B00QNA2GZS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1433466605&sr=8-3&keywords=Emilio+Amaro   Tales for Demented...
Pen Name:Erie
Country: US
Bio: Young mother starting over from nothing. Just want to express herself without fear of others. I just write for my release just to release my soul my spirit from anything that was on my mind. It makes my reality feel just a little less alone knowing another may understand relate to what I write...
Pen Name:Etsure
Country: US
Bio: Ummm.... well there's not much to say about me. My name is Destiny but my friends call me Cookie. I'm a Senior in High School. I'm Seventeen and my birthday is May 23. My favorite color is purple. My first love is music. My second love is writing.     And well, I think thats all... If you...
Pen Name:elvenfairy990
Country: US
Bio:   I love to write, especially poetry.  (Clearly.)  I love photography, fantasy, canoeing, being in the wilderness, kids, sports, grammar, animals, The Lord of the Rings, spearmint gum, mythology, springtime, evening sunshine, warm windy nights, and thunderstorms.  I play the piano, I'm...
Pen Name:Everean
Country: US
Bio: I have not been in here in a long time! But I am back!     My Works :) These may not be my best works because I am still in the beginner circle so please bear with me and please support me with your feedback. I will not get mad if it's bad. ~Got Every Thing But Me~ First novel ~Drunkard~ Short...
Pen Name:emmauck
Country: US
Bio: so i love writing. mainly poems. its what lets me escape to the world of my feelings. everything i write is all true and really happend. i love the feeling of blank paper in front of me and a brand new notebook waiting to be filled. i can't just write a poem, i have to be inspired by whatever it...
Pen Name:Emily Anne Zody
Country: US
Bio: Bonjour. I'm Emma : ) Hey all! Making my comeback, w00t! I finished Mutiny a week ago (two notches under my belt now!) and now there's a new novel up: Kiri. Kind of a dark, romantic sort of thing. Hope you check it out! My favorite color is purple. But I like the rainbow too. My favorite...
Pen Name:Eleanora Lavanan
Country: GB
Pen Name:milly4edwardcullen
Country: GB
Bio: HEY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, mmm, maybe thats a bit much to start. HELLO PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE ok, much better. hi, my name is milla, i write to improve my writing, simple as. I love to read stories that have romance that struggles through tough times or is not recognised until such times are...
Pen Name:emulatedsilence
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I just write stuff sometimes,   I hope you enjoy.   Thank you
Pen Name:Elaine Ewertz
Country: US
Bio: I have written stories since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, life happened at some point and I lost sight of writing. For many of us, we grow up and stop doing what it is that we truly love. We get "real jobs" and suddenly find that we no longer have the time to write, or paint, or...
Pen Name:Emily Daniels
Country: US
Bio: I currently do not use my account anymore, I may or may not be back in the future. Keep writing, lovelies. You're one and only, the original. EMILYYYYY.♥                              Credit to: weheartit.com       Jealous of my dancing cow? I love cows.
Pen Name:emogurl123
Country: US
Bio: I am currently 17 years old. My birthday is December-27-93. I was born in Georgia. I never really had a child hood growing up. My mother left when I was young and my father became a single dad. It was hard because he had no information that a female would need as they grow older so, I had to...
Pen Name:einorox
Country: BH
Bio: Hey there, Im Lorena Therming; I'm a Year 7 student who lives in Bahrain.Bahrain is a tiny little island located in the Middle East-really very HOT!My hobbies are reading, singing and now... writing!!I really like English and P.E ; however I HATE maths... it's really pathetic!!
Pen Name:evtarver
Country: CA
Bio: hi, I'm Emily and I'm from England.  I enjoy writing, working with animals and hanging out with friends.
Pen Name:estellamalik
Country: US
Bio: !!!FREE TRIAL!!! HT RUSH TESTO BOOST-【SHOCKING REVIEW】 | http://www.hits4slim.com/ht-rush.html
Pen Name:Elshafie
Country: MY
Pen Name:Eribit
Country: US
Bio: I'm just another Petrarchan lover.
Pen Name:Evann
Pen Name:ElMendigo
Country: US
Bio: Frigobar Gurbanguly Gandilozogander was born on the nineteenth of December of 1899 in the republic of Ishkheria on the outskirts of Besmislica, the capital of Ishkheria. His father was a milkman and amateur zoologist who died fighting in the Ishkherian Civil War in May of 1903 and his mother...
Pen Name:Emma Sparrow
Country: GB
Bio: ABOUT ME:To tell you all a little something about myself....well I am 28 years old, born the 22nd July 1981, and I love to do anything creative, including writing, cross-stitch, making things etc... I consider myself a highly creative individual with an over-active imagination!! LOL! I enjoy...
Pen Name:ECEC333
Country: DK
Bio: http://www.penneskaftet.dk/67849211   It has been a while since I published anything on BOOKSIE. However. in the meantime I've published quite a lot on AuthorHouse, LULU and SAXO ....  
Pen Name:Eraser
Country: US
Bio: I like to read. Do you have anything for me to read? Gadget by LabPixies.com
Pen Name:EmberessElmira
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to the Booksie of the Amazingly Awesome Katlynn Anne Elmira Chilson, a chubby lesbian who works hard at trying to find her place in the world.  
Pen Name:elizabethannmoore
Country: US
Bio:   Name: Elizabeth Ann Moore'Kyser Nickname: Liz, Beff, Beth, E.B. Age:29 years old Lives: Marion Ohio Works: Harding Pointe Occupation: S.T.N.A. Enjoys: Reading, Writing, Doing work with photoshop Poet,Song Lyric Writer, Story-writer, roleplayer Loves spending time with family, friends,...
Pen Name:etlis
Country: CH
Bio: Dear friends,Let me tell you a story...
Pen Name:Elizabetha Gabriella
Country: US
Bio: I was born in Houston, Texas  in 1961. I lived in Texas most of my life except when I was in my twenties I went to Guatemala and almost moved there todo missionary work.  I like writing Rock N Roll song lyrics, christian contemporary songs, and Country.  I went to splashtown three times...
Pen Name:Ekinha
Country: US
Bio: My name is Evelyne Mireille Kinha, 30 years old. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My family is everything to me. I was born in Benin Republic but moved to the U.S. with my mother at the age of 11 years old. My mother raise us all alone with help from her sister. I had never met my father and the...
Pen Name:emgym
Country: US
Pen Name:Estelle
Country: US
Bio: My new account is StarryEyed.
Pen Name:Emelia123
Country: GH
Bio: Am interesting to be friends with
Pen Name:Emily Johnson
Country: US
Bio:     Don't forget how life can be because you only have one chance to show yourself to the world. Sincerely, I probably wont read your work unless you read and like mine. New Messages! I enjoy that.
Pen Name:emmettwifey
Country: US
Pen Name:Eli Mason
Country: HR
Bio: Hi people.  I'm Eli Mason.  I'm a great fan of horror/ mystery/ fiction novels, short stories, etc. My favorite writer is Stephen King, and beside reading I also like to write stuff. Especially short stories and poems.  I hope that you will find my work interesting and that You will enjoy...
Pen Name:Element
Country: US
Bio: Hi there community. I've been a free lance writer for a number of years now, generally doing small work for friends or associates who need some type of creative work done. Now I'm here. I'd love any and all comments to things I'm working on.
Pen Name:E T Counts
Country: GB
Bio: Quite simply I'm an English teacher first and foremost. I'm not an accountant - so I care nothing for the price of books and how little budget the department has (even when some bright spark decides it's more logical to rip up two hundred exercise books because the department cannot afford to...
Pen Name:Emily Tracy
Country: US
Pen Name:EschatonOmega
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Tony, I am 19, I am a metalhead, Art and writing are passions of mine. Those who inspire me the most are H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert W. Chambers, Shakespeare and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I prefer to write horror and psychological fiction, though will delve into drama,...
Pen Name:Estherrrr
Country: GB
Bio: Im new to this, I'll probably Jazz up my profile later... ;]  
Pen Name:EmptyRoad
Country: US
Pen Name:EldritchJames
Pen Name:EwanMac
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Ewan. I'm twenty-one live in Edinburgh, the capital city of scotland, where many of my writings are based and inspired from.     A lot of my writing is personal to me, and I guess I'm lucky that my work appeals to other people the way it has. Most characters are based on real people,...
Pen Name:BandGeek4EVR
Country: US
Bio: I love fantasy and fiction books. I also like historical fiction. I am a huge band geek. I spend a lot of my time playing instruments or conducting to film scores :) I also like to act. I find it fun to become someone else and express yourself through that character (its especially fun when you...
Pen Name:Elias Brooklyn
Country: FR
Bio: A Feather On The Computer.   I am a univerity student who likes writing about anything. I am 18 years old and I am gay (which is the reason why most of my work will probably be gay-themed or gay-related). I was born in an Island called Mayotte, which is Muslim and does not support gay rights. I...
Pen Name:EmOtIoNaLgIrL
Country: US
Bio: Well firstly my real name is Sarah and I am 15 years old. I am a freshman at Aviation High School and do fairly well at school. Although I could do better. I first started to write poetry about a year ago. Although I only truly got into it when I started high school. Usually I dont like to...
Pen Name:Elsberry Middle School
Country: US
Bio: Hello! We are 7th and 8th graders from Elsberry Middle School in Elsberry, Missouri! We are taking a mystery class this year with Ms. Towery. We have been reading all about mystery stories and now it is our turn to become mystery authors! We were put into groups of two or three and created our...
Pen Name:edwar4ever1901
Country: DK
Bio: Jennifer Smith.Name: Jrnnifer Danielle Smith.Age: 15.Occupation: School.Favorite music: Rock. Paramore, Avril Lavigne and Metallica are awesome!My big sister, Abby.My mom, Pamela, and my baby sis, Luanne.Short bio: I've just moved to the Faroe Islands. It's really nice here. I learned to read,...
Pen Name:EmmelieSky
Country: FI
Bio: Fighting my own demons. Writing what comes to mind. Still a little new to this thing.
Pen Name:Ed19
Country: RO
Pen Name:Eclipse101
Country: US
Bio: Hi, welcome to my page. I'm Eclipse101. I have been writing books for four years. I am 15 and I'm in ROTC. I love scary movies like Scream. I hope to be a famous author someday. I love to draw and write. My most popular novels are 'The Incredible Heists' and 'Black Knights'. When you read...
Pen Name:elds
Country: US
Bio: I dropped your salad into that black hole over there sorry it was an accident
Pen Name:Eternal Infernal
Country: AU
Bio: Carl Wessling B.A. My wish is to be an author of alternate reality, my reality is warped and apparently so are my dreams. An Avid Gamer, profficiant in League of Legends Lore and Assassin's Creed :) I'm 24, an effeminate male, Lutheran Mystic, fat and asexual, I find myself way too complex to...
Pen Name:Emily Quest
Country: US
Pen Name:mar1e
Country: SG
Bio: Hello, this is my little poetry nook.  I stumbled across this community and was happy to finally find a place to share my poems, with other fellow poets. Some of mine are personal to me, most of which since 2001, and others, based on recent events.  Thank you for stopping by...... Marie
Pen Name:ElizaZenith
Country: GB
Bio: "A pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make you .... anybody else"  -Coma white -Marilyn Manson
Pen Name:emilyatarkansas
Country: US
Bio: Currently a student majoring in English- Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas. I'm hoping that through this account I can become more of the writer I've been wanting to become.
Pen Name:U4EA
Country: US
Bio: I'm the 8th wonder of the world. Dubbed the discrete mend, the breakfast in bed. I've been published twice http://www.blazevox.org/BX%20Covers/BXFall11/Avery%20Zaduk%20Winter%202011.pdf http://madswirlspoetryforum.blogspot.com/2011/08/best-of-mad-swirls-poetry-forum-080611.html
Pen Name:endevour
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, My name is Sarah and i love to read and write. What can i say about me......... well my hobbies include reading (anything really), writing, art, anything 'Simpson' related, cars and mechanics, and i also have diplomas in criminology and profiling. I love horse riding and football and...
Pen Name:evferree
Country: US
Bio: Slowly but surely I'm finding my way.
Country: PK
Pen Name:Elysabeth
Country: US
Bio: To Make You Myne is complete and the story is now closed. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that supported me, became a fan, read and commented throughout the finishing process. I know my updates were very slow and I experienced allot of computer problems which delayed things. I'm hoping that with...
Pen Name:eloiseB
Country: GB
Bio: First let me say...Hi!! ^.^ NOTE: I'm not putting anything up currently and I doubt I will anymore afterall I'm barely on this site anymore, however I have over 10000 views on my blue moon, twilight fanfic story with a possible 200 people having actually completely read it all! (I wrote that...
Pen Name:pathofhate4ever
Country: US
Bio: i am worthy. ii have found my religon. i am on the path of love. and have found my faith.  
Pen Name:EuphoricCranium
Country: US
Bio: The names Jevon, just looking for somewhere I could share my words
Pen Name:Erik Pollet
Country: US
Bio: I am new, be gentle.  
Pen Name:Elviracynthia
Country: IN
Pen Name:Elton Camp
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I try to write on a variety of topics and in more than one form.  I am the first to admit that my "poetry" is nothing great.  I think the prose stories and articles are better.  But on both counts, that's for readers to judge.  A greater variety and more complete versions of my...
Pen Name:estesz
Country: US
Pen Name:eamonnsadler
Country: GB
Bio: Layout Credit   Welcome.   Thanks for stopping by. I am an Englishman living in Jakarta Indonesia. I run a few businesses but what I enjoy most is playing music and writing. I hope you enjoy my Booksie portfolio. Most of the pieces are articles written for local magazines and newspapers. My...
Pen Name:Eugenia
Country: GB
Bio: Studying Classical Civilisation at school. Writting has always been an enjoyment but one that I have always wanted to keep private until I was encouraged my a teacher that I should write more and get feedback. So here I am writing to an audience, hopefully it won't be too terrifying.
Pen Name:Experimental Writing
Country: US
Bio: Get ready for EXPERIMENTAL WRITING! Experimental Writing has been created for the enjoyment and pleasure of the masses. With Experimental Writing, readers will find unique and VERY INTERESTING writing pieces. Experimental Writing not only provides readers with literary satisfication, but...
Pen Name:emogirljb
Country: US
Bio: YO! hey there xD So this is my ummm profile- bio thing I guess. So yesh, I write. I'm a sucker for romance, erotica and poetry. So yeah. So read, fan, comment, like, hate, whatever floats your boat! Anywho~ xD "I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door. I've had you so many times,...
Pen Name:Emaginem
Country: US
Bio: I'd like to consider this as one of my creative outlets.
Pen Name:Emma Vance
Country: US
Bio: Not much to tell...I'm here to read...that's all. Reading requests are totally welcome! I read anything except gay.
Pen Name:essay fitzgerald
Country: US
Bio: HI! My name's Essay! I'm currently learning French because I am planning to move there once I move out of my house and ballet now because I'm clumsy and the sport is beautiful! I LOVE Siberian Huskies, Airwalks, Knee Highs, and Harajuku/Lolita fashion. I wear green and black glasses - sounds...
Pen Name:EmberYouth
Country: IN
Pen Name:Eliza J
Country: US
Bio:            hey, you. yes, YOU. the one reading this about me you are beautiful, talented, smart, kind and just plain amazing at being you. just remember that. Hi i'm Eliza. i like to write, read, and listen to music. i'm pretty lazy about updating, that's why i take so long to do it....
Pen Name:EllaWallis
Country: GB
Bio: "Reading is what keeps the brain healthy and alive"

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