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Pen Name:cantlive4evr
Country: US
Bio: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MOVED. My new account name is Bougainvillea. I already have a brand spanking new novel called "Kissing Henry". I'd really appreciate if you guys would check it out. Set in the 18th century, Lorelei Mills is living in a world of corsets and suitors. She has reached the age of...
Pen Name:Oh2e
Country: IE
Bio: Hi! My name is Hope and I am a fourteen year old girl who is passionate about reading. 🐳 I also love watching films, drawing, talking and singing (although I'm awful at it.). I work much better with music on in the background. I like The Saw Doctors, Adele, Phil Collins, My Chemical Romance,...
Pen Name:Engr Cyrus
Pen Name:Evii
Country: BG
Bio: Hello ^^ My name is Eve (>_>) 19 years old (some people call me grandma D:) *cough* My childish behavior is duo to animes. I love animes what can I do T__T Umm ....umm .. I don't know what to say so .. have a nice day o.O
Pen Name:EAweathefield
Country: US
Bio: Hello there.My name is.  I am feet tall.  My hair is a color.  ...don't get worked up.  That's about as cryptic as I get.  Other than the occasional poorly painted shroud of mystery I put up on the internet, I'm a pretty straightforward person.  I live in a no-nonsense world...sure, it has...
Pen Name:ECEC333
Country: DK
Pen Name:E Slow
Country: US
Bio: I am a young writing with lots of questions and ambition looking to be known, there is always room for improvement.
Pen Name:Emmalee Rose
Country: US
Pen Name:Emily Wilson
Country: US
Bio: I'm 16 years old , I practice Wicca it has become my life the past few years but i have been introduced to laveyan satanism and im slowly losing my passion for wicca. I have had a messed up past and I'm more mature then usual teens , I have a huge heart but a lot of evil in me to I would kill...
Pen Name:EverAfterDarling
Country: US
Bio: O F F L I N E Almost to 200 fans ;D Keep 'em coming
Pen Name:evilgirl14
Country: US
Bio: Hi my name is tabitha like to read and write. i am a shy person. i don't make many friends. writing has always been my passion. I also like cats and really fast cars.  I love my friends and family very much. I have always been afraid of telling somebody that I like them. I've been away from...
Pen Name:EmoGothVampGurl
Country: US
Bio: online()    offline(x) I will be shutting down this account in exactly one week. If you want to know why or have any questions/suggestions for me just e-mail me at suckapuncha14@gmail.com   Also I am still on Wattpad. Just go to SwaggJordann to read some of my stories or have any suggestions...
Pen Name:Emy1990
Country: US
Bio: I'm Imene from Algeria, 22 years old. I'm preparing fro a master degree in bank financing but writing is what I enjoy the most.
Pen Name:Eviebabez
Country: GB
Bio: Well I Love Romance and if you're a Romance writer i'll definetely read your story so just tell me.I absolutely love Love/hate relationship stories.But any kind of romance is good. As you can see i'm in love with love quotes and wise sayings.I do not have any professions in writing i just...
Country: US
Bio: Help.(bisexual) frendless faling into a deep depressionand a bad speller
Pen Name:Elda King
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer that mostly does it because I need to write down my ideas. I write: Poetry Short Stoires Fan Fiction Horror Movie Review
Pen Name:elizabethannmoore
Country: US
Bio:   Name: Elizabeth Ann Moore'Kyser Nickname: Liz, Beff, Beth, E.B. Age:29 years old Lives: Marion Ohio Works: Harding Pointe Occupation: S.T.N.A. Enjoys: Reading, Writing, Doing work with photoshop Poet,Song Lyric Writer, Story-writer, roleplayer Loves spending time with family, friends,...
Pen Name:everlastinglove
Country: GB
Bio: My name is eanna, and i my world evolves around writing poetry studying and learning it too. I have recently won a competition for my writing to be published and the book will be held in the house of congress. Teeheee soo excited!! I like to wirte dark poetry based on feelings and emotions of...
Pen Name:Emily Johnson
Country: US
Bio:     Don't forget how life can be because you only have one chance to show yourself to the world. Sincerely, I probably wont read your work unless you read and like mine. New Messages! I enjoy that.
Pen Name:Emily Dixon
Country: US
Bio: Hi! :)
Pen Name:elegantbleeding
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley and I like to think.I mean, think really hard until it warps my mind in 20+ different directions and I don't know who I am anymore.I guess I like myself better when I don't recognize myself in the mirror... I like myself when I think that everything else isn't going to be...
Pen Name:EmberessElmira
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to the Booksie of the Amazingly Awesome Katlynn Anne Elmira Chilson, a chubby lesbian who works hard at trying to find her place in the world.  
Pen Name:egc0929
Country: US
Bio: N/A: Hey guys. I know I've been totally MIA for a while but I just couldn't find the passion to continue my writing. I'm so sorry about that but I've become the editor for my friend's writing instead! And I'm giving her total permission to take over my book The Elements off Darkness. I'd...
Pen Name:Etien
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Etien, and no I am not french. I write in my free time - or when I am in the mood. I prefer short storeys and books to poems, I love Philip Reeve and Eoin Colfer. My top 3 books/series would be 1) Mortal Engines Series - Philip Reeve 2) Airman - Eoin Colfer 3) Alchemy Of Stone -...
Pen Name:EllaJane
Country: US
Bio:            I write for fun. I am in no way a professional. I did not major in English Lit or creative writing. I make occasional grammar and typing mistakes. I love to read and I always have, since I was a kid. At some point, reading lead me to writing.   I'm in my 20's, but most of...
Pen Name:endlessfinsih
Country: US
Bio: Hi, im primaly planning on posting short stories that I write for fun. If you enjoy them feel free to tell me and even let me know why you could have enjoyed them more. Otherwise your probally slightly more sane, but you still took the time to read this so at the end its my win. 
Pen Name:enylian
Country: PH
Bio: Hello. I like reading and writing.... i wish that someday i could publish my book... https://twitter.com/jennefherjordan https://www.facebook.com/jennefher.jordan http://www.wattpad.com/user/EnylianMyrweal
Pen Name:Emena
Country: FR
Pen Name:Erotavlas
Country: US
Bio: I am 16 years old and I love to tell stories. I plan on becoming a film director as an adult and right now my passion is story telling. I love being able to just let my mind go and my fingers do the typing. I like to write unconventional love stories, or really anything that may interest me at...
Pen Name:Entity
Country: US
Bio: I am a struggling writer, and a strong willed person. I work hard on my writing, which is often misunderstood by those who read it.
Pen Name:ekp
Country: US
Bio: What can I say, reading is my life i've read most books. I'm 15 and i plan to be a writer some time in my life, in fact I'm writing a book right now. I have a lot of ideas for books a will be posting many of them.  Anyway coming here i hope that not only will i be entertained by your writing...
Pen Name:ExclusiveLisa
Country: CA
Bio: "A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."~Coco Chanel "Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are."~Lady Gaga "Only time can heal your broken heart, just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs."~Miss Piggy  Random Facts: 1. I love...
Pen Name:Evelina Duile
Country: US
Bio: Here's some stuff about me!:) Socially, I'm the first to arrive at a party and the last to leave. I have a really weird sense of humor, which is why I like really weird stories whether they are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror. Musically, I like Chromeo, Paramore, Gorillaz, Chevelle and Imagine...
Pen Name:ElUltimoRastro
Country: BG
Bio: I am not going to write my life story on here, regardless of the Bio/Summary sign (or title of whatever it's proper name is) on my left. The one nd only thing I'm going to say is that I am a nobody working hard and trying to become a somebody, a whole, finished, real person and I hope I can do...
Pen Name:EllaWallis
Country: GB
Bio: "Reading is what keeps the brain healthy and alive"
Pen Name:Elaine Ewertz
Country: US
Bio: I have written stories since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, life happened at some point and I lost sight of writing. For many of us, we grow up and stop doing what it is that we truly love. We get "real jobs" and suddenly find that we no longer have the time to write, or paint, or...
Pen Name:Elizabeth Smit
Country: ZA
Bio:   Hi! Welcome to my page*     *I am Elizabeth...but my friends call  me Lisa,although I always say Liz. Its 'cuz  I'm a bit Lazy.*                                                     Reading requests? =) LOVE to ablige..just remember to return the favour*      ...
Pen Name:Emily Katherine
Country: AU
Bio: Hello there.  I like to write because it stops my mind from running in over drive all the time. i like to be able to write about my dreams and aspirations, but also about pure made up fun.  Please no hate. Isn't writing about expressing ones self. Not about who's right or wrong?  I don't...
Pen Name:evingtonuk
Country: GB
Bio: Have worked as a journallist for a while amongst many other things and always wanted to get my work published seriously.  Like philosophy and poetry.
Pen Name:Eli Mason
Country: HR
Bio: Hi people.  I'm Eli Mason.  I'm a great fan of horror/ mystery/ fiction novels, short stories, etc. My favorite writer is Stephen King, and beside reading I also like to write stuff. Especially short stories and poems.  I hope that you will find my work interesting and that You will enjoy...
Pen Name:Eddiejgirdner
Country: TR
Bio: American living in Turkey. Taught political science for more than twenty years in Turkey and Cyprus. Author of: People and Power: An Introduction to Politics (Third Ed, 2013) Killing Me Softly: Toxic Waste, Corporate Profit and the Struggle for Environmental Justice. Monthly Review Press (2002)...
Pen Name:EmoxxCookies
Country: US
Bio: I'm not really Emo, I just really like the username >.> and Panda-Chan, my original Pen name was taken! (Evil people, stealing my pen names).If you really want to read something always check on mondays for updates.Okay, well personality wise, I'm a very unique gray, a strange amount of black...
Pen Name:0Elise0
Country: US
Bio: Well... me, little old me... I love writing and reading, especially about real-life situations and problems, but I'll read just about anything! I love to juggle, it's always a good way to come up with new story ideas! Ummm.... I hope to publish a book someday, but that day will probably be far...

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