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Pen Name:ExVampirius
Country: US
Bio: I am a 19 year-old college student and writer, attending Eastern MIchigan University. Writing and music are my main interests and hobbies, and I can't live without either one. I also enjoy studying the Japanese language as well as their culture, and enjoy watching cartoons and comics, both...
Pen Name:Erna vd Colff
Country: ZA
Bio:   "Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."- Arundhati Roy - 
Country: NG
Bio: .
Pen Name:Emily Faith
Country: US
Bio: Emily Faith loves musical theater, reading, and writing. Her first story was started in 7th grade and now in the later years of highschool, she believes that she has started her masterpiece, a trilogy called Louder Than Words, consisting of The Hope of the Nation, The Healer of the Nation, and...
Pen Name:Elizabeth May Lines
Country: US
Pen Name:Erika
Country: US
Bio: Well,i've been writing my whole life.I just recently started a new book about three days ago,and it's my first since about five years ago.I've been spending more time working on writing poems.
Pen Name:EmilyyAnn2010
Country: US
Bio: I'm Emily. I'm sixteen years old and I'm just living life. Thought I'd see if anyone liked my writing. Let me know?
Pen Name:Eraser
Country: US
Bio: I like to read. Do you have anything for me to read? Gadget by LabPixies.com
Pen Name:Everlasting
Country: US
Bio:                     I am the type of girl, you would find walking around Barnes and Noble with an odd content look on her face. Content to just sit between the rows until the store closes and if they would let me, way beyond. I adore the smell of new books and I also love...
Pen Name:Emmanuel Malunga
Country: ZM
Bio: Iam passionate about reading and writing. I write about anything from a psychological perspective. I have an inclination towards Christian life and Love relationships.
Pen Name:Eddy Brolin
Country: US
Pen Name:cantlive4evr
Country: US
Bio: MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MOVED. My new account name is Bougainvillea. I already have a brand spanking new novel called "Kissing Henry". I'd really appreciate if you guys would check it out. Set in the 18th century, Lorelei Mills is living in a world of corsets and suitors. She has reached the age of...
Pen Name:Emma Sparrow
Country: GB
Bio: ABOUT ME:To tell you all a little something about myself....well I am 28 years old, born the 22nd July 1981, and I love to do anything creative, including writing, cross-stitch, making things etc... I consider myself a highly creative individual with an over-active imagination!! LOL! I enjoy...
Pen Name:Echo
Country: US
Bio: I have started out writing different pieces, and am building myself up to writing the first chapter of a book that will be called, "The Life of Amber Ryan".  I want to thank all those who have taken the time to read my work, and hope that I don't disappoint any of you with the upcoming book.
Pen Name:etphonethishome
Country: US
Bio: umm... yeah... i am a senior in highschool and i like to write a little. im not terribly good, but i think i have an imagination, so thats good. i like science fiction books a lot and yeah... thats me.
Pen Name:EmoVampire13
Country: US
Pen Name:joy in love 4 ever
Country: US
Bio: HiI graduated from high school some time ago but I used to write a lot.  I am looking to get back into it now.  I only write if something is on my mind.  Writing used to be an escape from the reality of my life since I did not voice my concerns.  Now, I'm much more social but I occasionally...
Pen Name:Ethyn
Country: US
Bio: This is my page of an exciting novelist.  I have been writing since I was 12, but I haven't published anything because none of it gets finished.  That's because newer ideas come that are fresher than the old ones.  Ever have that happen to you?I've been known to make my readers feel as...
Pen Name:emilythestrange857
Country: GB
Bio: Well i am a 13 Year old school studentI write poems alot and i am a manga/ anime artist
Pen Name:ERThorne
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 20 years old and am currently studying Business Management at University.

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