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Pen Name:farfromfearless
Country: CA
Pen Name:foldingover
Country: US
Pen Name:frenchcore
Pen Name:forfila
Country: NZ
Bio: I'm a male growing up in N.Z, everything i have to say is from the heart and spirit. please give me a chance and tell me what you think. I have had a very contraversal start to my life with writing (In the many forms I write) I'm a dedicated christian through and through, I will fight for peace...
Pen Name:Forever Together
Country: US
Pen Name:Flo
Country: US
Bio: i am 27 year old native american, and despite what my poetry may suggest, i am a very happy go lucky person.  i don't generally let pain become overwhelming unless there is no choice.  i love to read and i love writing.  like all writers, i do occasionally suffer from writers block.  i have...
Pen Name:Freckles
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 and love to write poetry.  I wanted to start putting poetry up because of my grandma....she has a profile up to and very talented! She inspires me! I hope you enjoy reading my stuff...I'm just a rookie! You can also visit me at http://www.myspace.com/shiannanoel shi 
Pen Name:facmd09
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Frank Alexander Clark and I am originally from the south of side of the windy city. I am currently a third year medical student at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine.  I enjoy reading, writing poetry, dancing, attending muscials, ballets, operas, etc. I consider myself a...
Pen Name:foreveryourgirl123
Country: AU
Bio: I love to write, but I know I'm not that great at it. I'm currently in college and am enrolled in an English Writing class. I have hopes that my writing skills will improve throughout the year and this will become evident within the work submitted on this site. If you read any of my work, please...
Pen Name:FragileHeart
Country: AU
Bio: Hi im FragileHeart im female and im almost 15 (at this current time).
Pen Name:fyreyedtyger
Country: US
Bio: My writing: I like to write. Specifically, romance, for the most part anyway. Poems are the easiest for me to finish; my A.D.D-ish-ness and O.C.D-ish-ness make it harder for me to finish stories, which are what I prefer to write.  I would ask that you keep an open mind  when reading my...
Pen Name:freewill
Country: CA
Bio: BLAH BLAH BLAH.........
Pen Name:fictionwriter31
Country: US
Pen Name:Factxzrx
Country: CA
Bio: My works are of thoughts and ideas I have constructed in to storyboards. Poems, Novels, Short stories, (Comic), Screen wright. Please excuse any incorrections for my work is all as a rough draft and not in its finul cut. Images are set for inspiration use only, not for marketing or to profit...
Pen Name:fersurelyxlinzee
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy independence.I don't know exactly what I want to be when I grow upand I finally think that it's okay to not have my life planned out.I want to see the world through someone elses eyes.My friends = life, love, happiness.Fist-fighting with my best friend is my form of bliss.Horror movies...
Pen Name:fetus
Country: US
Bio: grew up in chicago, lived in fond du lac, wi a couple times- moved back about 3 years ago to finish high school after dropping out in chicago, met some cool people, decided to stay, now work at the dollar tree and a hippie shop called cotopaxi, like to occassionally draw,paint and write... have...
Pen Name:flownogard
Country: US
Bio: nothing really to tell, a vibologist doing what vibologist do.  thanks for letting me check in here from time to time.
Pen Name:Frances Gail
Country: US
Bio: I was born in White Plains, New York in 1949. I attended Woodlands High School and Fairleigh Dickenson University, where I received a BA in elementary education.  In Rockland County, New York I taught kindergarten for three years.  I have changed careers and entered the business world as a...
Pen Name:Faith1982
Country: GB
Bio: I am a 24 year old English graduate who has been writing since the age of 13, although I have published nothing to date I plan to publish m first major novel 'Waiting For Deliverence'. It is in it's early stages at the moment as it was orginally a short story written for my English degree Course...
Pen Name:fallenangel126
Country: US
Bio: Hi!! My name is Colleen. I am 17. I'm from Columbus, Ohio. I hate it here I rather be in New Orleans. My favorite bands are: Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Saliva, Seether, KoRn, and tons more. I can be really shy, but around my friends I'm loud and crazy! lol..I am a bookworm, it doesn't take...
Pen Name:FallFromGrace
Country: ZA
Bio: I’m an unpredictable 16 year old female that hails from Johannesburg South Africa. I go to Fourways High with my friends: Nadine, Taryn, Nicola and Megan. Subjects I take: English, Afrikaans, Maths, Life Orientation, Biology, Science and History. So yeah I’m a pretty nerdy adolescent...
Pen Name:Feryn Tide
Country: GB
Bio:  Chemical Engineer with Business Management.
Pen Name:Forsure
Country: US
Bio: I started writing when I was in the 7th grade; short stories of family and trips camping. Always alaberated on book reports in school. I started writing for a magazine when I was 18 yrs old ; stories and poetry for reader's digest off and on. Going through life has had its ups and downs being a...
Pen Name:Fowl
Country: GB
Pen Name:Flash
Country: US
Bio: I write poetry and short stories.  My short stories consist of stories that teach my nieces about God.  My poetry contain many subjects and various themes.  Writing is my passion, even though I have very little time to write.  I write for me.  If it pleases me, then it's ok.  I love to...
Pen Name:Farah Yameen
Country: IN
Bio: I
Pen Name:Francois Roux
Country: ZA
Bio: Hi,   I hope you guys will rip my work to shreds 
Pen Name:FatalSerenity
Country: US
Bio: I am still very new to writing, so grammar, story line, plot... A lot of these will need massive improvements. So, I decided to try and submit something to see what kind of reviews I would get. Any criticism, constructive preferred, would be appreciated. I am also an anime and video game person,...
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