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Pen Name:gacademy
Country: US
Bio: I'm happy to announce that MUGD is under construction for completion and revision.  I'm so excited to be back on task!
Pen Name:Gem84
Country: GB
Bio: Hey!! I'm Gem, 22 from Hull in the Uk. I'v always bin interested in poetry for as long as i can remember, not so much readin it but i do enjoy writing poems. I find it helps me with things goin on in my mind etc. I came across this website by accident but i'v now put sum of my work up, any...
Pen Name:greeninheartjani
Country: US
Bio: i just write what i feel but lie to others saying it just came to my head....
Pen Name:glenda vautrin
Country: US
Bio:         born in lakeland,florida,youngest child of richard & ellamae maitland    grtaduated from pulaski jr sr high school.married in 97   have two sons. 10 & 12 yrs old. been writing poetry for 20 yrs.    people like my poetry because its easy to understand. 
Pen Name:Guardian Devil
Country: US
Bio: I'm deaf and don't really follow the rules of english and grammar because I'm always writing in free-form style. I started writing since i was in sixth grade and have not stop since then. I had created tons of characters and stories and create a series loosely based on Daredevil. I tend to write...
Pen Name:Goldie
Country: US
Pen Name:horses0is0good
Country: US
Pen Name:M1garand
Country: MY
Bio: I like cheese.
Pen Name:G C Anderson
Country: US
Bio:  Greetings dear reader.Not much to tell really. I'm the youngest of five and the only male so you can just imagine what a picnic that was. I celebrated (if that's what you want to call it) my 50th birthday with my twin (sister for those of you who aren't paying attention) this past August.I'm...
Pen Name:Grey Sanders
Country: US
Bio: I write the truth-no matter how painful it is.  Despise it, go ahead, I dont care.  Just respect my effort... I do ask that you leave honest comments and advice.  I am an ameture writer-I NEED HELP-   I finished Dreaming Reality so if you would like to be able to finish please periodically...
Pen Name:glynn scott
Country: US
Bio: reading and writing are what I enjoy.  live in a nice small moutain community in california.  work as a sub teacher while I work on my masters. writing for me is my most effective way to self-express. 
Pen Name:Gene G Barry
Pen Name:girlish
Country: US
Bio: I grew up in a small town population sixteenhundred.A small farm town in Arkansas.I left there when I was thirteen years old.I took writing stories and poetry after my moma but only gotten serious about it this year after she passed away.I have been a member of the writers-network for a month.I...
Pen Name:grimreaper
Country: CA
Bio: I am a fifteen year old female from Alberta, Canada. I started writing a couple of years ago when I fell inlove with English class. Ever since, I have been writing poetry and short stories. I wish to get something published one of these years. That would make me really happy.  I am currently...
Pen Name:Grigor McGregor
Country: NZ
Pen Name:gypsyfruit00
Country: US
Bio: My name is Kit. Mm, I love to write and daydream. I also love writing Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I will publish everything that comes into my mind. Anything spur of the moment, etc. but if I get bored with the idea, I'll leave it until I'm ready to pursue it again. Sorry about that, but that's...
Pen Name:gothic500
Country: US
Bio: i Valerie, or Felix if you will. i most likly will only put poems on this, no stories. ok, there might be a couple stories, but its unlikey.  and i know you have fingers, so if you read something, COMMENT!!! :DD
Pen Name:GoldenRuby
Country: US
Bio: I have two autistic brothers. They're both older than me and I love them very much. They may be autistic but they're special in their own way. I am offended when someone underestimates them or says there stupid, because they're not; they do not know them.About Me:I am 16 and ready to commit to...
Pen Name:gothpixy666
Country: US
Bio: My name is Meagan...... I'm an open person who doesn't care what others think. I always keep my mind open to any thoughts or ideas that may occur. I sometimes like to try new things for i think it may lead to a new adventure in life, a new hobbie, etc... I'm not necessarily a writer in novels...
Pen Name:Gabriel
Country: US
Bio:      Hello my name is Kyle. Most people just call me Gabe because I normaly roleplay as a charactor name Gabriel. Most of my writeing has been roleplaying so.... I might only acheive "Intresting" level.
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