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Pen Name:Hugs and kisses
Country: US
Bio: If you've ever tried to put your hair behind your ears and ended up poking yourself in the eye, copy this into your profile.My Challenge-ish Thingamajig is deleted...but this is NOT a sad face thing! It's a HAPPY FACE thing...because I have the BESTEST idea in the world!!! WRITERS BLOCK IS A...
Pen Name:hiddenfayt
Country: IS
Bio: I love to write, it's my passion and my medicine. When I'm happy I write, when i'm angry I write, when I"m sad I write. All my true feelings are expressed through writing. And when they're not expressed through writing, they're expressed through music. Next to friends, music and writing are...
Pen Name:half chewed pen
Country: GB
Bio: A HALF CHEWED PEN MY BENEVOLENT FRIEND Apparently Im punctuation dyslexic I Was born in 1971. I gave up birthdays when i was thirty .Realising that they only made me older and I would probably be better off in the long run without them.LOL I have always had an urge to write after being inspired...
Pen Name:Haliax
Country: US
Pen Name:Heth Marie
Country: US
Bio: Hi,I'm Heather :] Currently, I'm 21, living in DC and working on completeing my Bachelors degree! Yay! The downside is I have no time to write :( Obviously, I love writing, hence why I have this site. My best friends inspire most of my characters, for the pure and simple fact that they are some...
Pen Name:Harry Sonic
Country: GR
Bio: I'm Harry and I'm 20 years old,I live to Greece,in a small named Kalamata,Kalamata is famosu for its olive oil production,the most expensive oil in Greece,anyway,I like writing short stories,poems and novels of every type,I like taking parts of my life and making them poems or stories with a...
Pen Name:Haley77
Country: DE
Bio: Hello, all. As you see, I am from Germany ,but I speak fluent English as well. I love writing so very much and hope that someday I might be a writer and perhaps own my own book store. I love to read as you may have guessed. It is almost as if I am trying to read every book ever written. Please...
Pen Name:Helene Lepee
Country: US
Bio: As much as I love to talk about my self, I would much prefer that you read my work for what it is. If there is anything you wish to know about me, I will be glad to answer you, but somehow, I feel nothing will be lost in the lack of my narcissistic gloating.
Pen Name:highwaynomad1
Country: US
Bio:                     Read my stories and soon youll see what im all about.
Pen Name:Happygirl
Country: US
Pen Name:Horseluvrsea
Country: US
Bio: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fav Color- Blue and BrownReligion- I am a CHRISTIAN and proud of it! (Full-Blooded Babtist! lol)Location- THE WORLD!!! lol i not be telling : DFav animal-...
Pen Name:Harry Rensby
Country: TH
Bio: Harry Rensby is a Road scholar with 360 degrees.
Pen Name:hannahlisous
Country: US
Bio:   Hey, I'm Hannalicious.  My hobbies are swimming, going to school so that I can socialize, track, volleyball, basketball, soccer, piano, softball, and living life for God.  My favorite saying is," fake it till you make it".  This year I have three A's and Two high B's.  For school sports...
Pen Name:huskysrokcom
Country: US
Bio: There is not much for me to say  because there isn't much I've done in my fourteen years of life so yeah.  I might write more later I can't think at the moment.
Pen Name:Horsecrazylover
Country: US
Bio: Ello mates! I live in southern San Diego. I am not astralian, but i like saying ello mates (dont ask why). I am very random, like SUPER SUPER random. I am also funny, VERY VERY funny. I go to school in Coronado, I was on the basketball team. So that is backilly all, wait i lied, not all so...
Pen Name:hopeless48
Country: US
Bio: Name: You Can Call me BigMoThere you seeAge: 19i rockB Day: April 15I got this DownThings I love: Writing, Riding horses, dont get to do much tho, playing video games, and just all around chillin.All of you are jealos of meThings I hate: Stupid people, Spinige, DramahehehehehehehehehehYou cant...
Pen Name:Humphery101
Country: US
Bio: I'm  a just a real girl, in a very real world
Pen Name:heartbeats
Country: IN
Bio: hai friends my name is kiran born in bangalore ( india ). i am student of computer science. i am very interested in writing short stories and poetry. i like to share the ideas in community......
Pen Name:hollowayj
Country: CA
Pen Name:hershey
Country: PH
Bio: Hi everyone and welcome to my page.I wish knowing me would be as easy as giving out my name. Don't get me wrong. I'm not hard to please nor a complicated one. I find joy on simple things and crazy antics make me laugh. I can tell my name, you may know things that i like or we can be...
Pen Name:honeyrocketship
Country: PH
Bio: Hi everyone!My name is Honey and I'm starting to write stories! I'm an amateur on this but I will do my best to improve my wrtiting skills and I hope you will post comments on my current Novel: He Doesn't Know, it is important to me to know what are the skills that I need to improve.Thank you...
Pen Name:hemant a sharma
Country: US
Pen Name:hachimitsu
Country: ZA
Pen Name:highwayman
Country: US
Pen Name:Hychydig Afon
Country: US
Bio: My name is Jess, I'm 17 years old currently, and I live in the wonderful Minnesota. UM. I don't know what all to say. I've had writer's block for at least a year now, though I used to write all the time, especially poetry. I've been writing a little bit recently, though...and hopefully be doing...
Pen Name:hustla24
Country: US
Pen Name:hiiiiiiiemmxx
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Emily. I'm 13. There's not much you need to know about me, except I laugh at everything, I have a pretty bad temper, I have a hard time hiding how I feel, music is God's greatest invention, my friends are my life, and my favorite movies are Stand by Me and The Goonies. I like meeting...
Pen Name:HoboWrath
Country: US
Pen Name:Heartfang
Country: US
Bio: heya!im Heartfang, author of the Elnifi Chronicles, proud Anne Bishop fanatic, video games and anime enthusiest, and a warlord prince.the story im writing is not amazing b/c i have a long way to go, but it is now apart of me and i could stop writing as easily as stop breathing. though thats not...
Pen Name:Hera
Country: US
Pen Name:heretoshare
Country: US
Bio: I don't know what I'd say about myself. I'm just a girl in high school, living life the way that it was thrust upon me. Brown hair, green and gray eyes, athlete to the bone. That's basic, but it's the only way I can think of myself. However, the one thing that I have always clung onto ever since...
Pen Name:0Hope4is1Hidden9
Country: US
Bio: I never really write much about myself in bio things like this... usually cause i like to keep to myself probably a little more than i should... so i'm sorry but i really don't know what to write... i guess if you want to know about me comment my work if I ever get around to posting it and my...
Pen Name:HamishLiamMcNiel
Country: US
Bio: there's too much to say too little time to say it in im a lover and a fighter (when nesicarry) a hopeless romantinc but i cant let that stand in the way read my work and form your own oppinions of me cheers, slainte!
Pen Name:Hyde
Country: US
Bio: 1/23/2015   Dear readers, who may or may not still keep up with my page. How many times have I said I am back and on track with my writing? Way too many times. But do I mean it this time? Yes. It's 2015, and writing more is my resolution, so expect more, and expect some bad stuff, but that is...
Pen Name:hridayendra
Country: NP
Pen Name:HowlinDog
Country: US
Bio: umm...
Pen Name:human
Country: ZA
Bio: Good afternoon the time as I write is 13:04 South African time , it is a day alive in each drop that spirals down from that great big blue and black unknown above. A day in which im doing as I do and writing to you... but for myself obviously.My age just as irrelevant as the time, I am a...
Pen Name:HaleyAnnSimmons
Country: US
Bio: I love writing a lot. (:& just in case you were wondering. No. My name ISN'T Haley Ann Simmons. And NO, I'm NOT from Paris, France to my disappointment. And NO, that's NOT a picture of my dogs. I don't even HAVE dogs. But let's face it. Every writer does a little fabrication here and there. I...
Pen Name:hitomichanx
Country: US
Bio: hiii welcome 2 my pageas u kno im hitomi, but my friends either call me cloe, trinh, or trinity,u can call me any of those 4 names but nothing else unless u sed u canim not a very mean person n i love 2 get comments n make friendsim 14 years old n not as brightim from honolulu hawaii n no...
Pen Name:BBHart2heart
Country: US
Bio: I have written all my life. I have probably written about 20 short stories that i am really happy with and tons of poems. I am currently working on a book right now. My major in school is writing and my elective is creative writing. Writing for me is a way to escape when i don't like the world i...
Pen Name:horsefallgonewronge
Country: US
Bio: Hey!!! Welcome to the page of me! I am a crazy girl and love my horses(their not mine), my friends,my family and my sports. Not to mention my dog!!! Her name is Emmie! She is a cutie! Any way I have a few novels and some poetry. I am working on adding some new stuff. Hope you like it!! Enjoy!!!...
Pen Name:hort363
Country: US
Bio: Growing up is bitter sweet it makes you realize everything you love about yourself and everything you hate.I look back a year and my life was so uncomplicated, and now I look and see how complicated have made it and wonder was it worth the knowledge and experience I have gained.I don't know this...
Pen Name:hzbanana
Country: US
Bio: I love writing poetry, it's amazing and fun, i love to exopress myself, and i also writing stories, long ones and short ones, I am a very strong Christian, I like the Jonas Brothers, (like any other girl in the world) I do karate and I am a black belt, I love karate alot, I hope to make it part...
Pen Name:Heavens Angel
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone,I love to write! :DNot much to say about me except that I love horses, being lazy, eating, sleeping and other crazy stuff.I am addicted to Twilight and of course I love Edward Cullen but I think I would be to intimidated to go out with someone as special as him! :D I would much...
Pen Name:Hill
Country: US
Pen Name:Heliconx
Country: GB
Bio: I'm not super sure what I'll be submitting to this but dammit I will.If anyone likes what I do put up then you can see more stuff at www.the13th.com/wolfdisguisedasmonk It's generally drivel and not at all suitable for this site, being largely about Hollyoaks. Many thanks.On another note, I...
Pen Name:Holly93
Country: US
Bio: Hey. I'm Holly :)Twilight rocks... TEAM EDWARD ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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