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Pen Name:Heliconx
Country: GB
Bio: I'm not super sure what I'll be submitting to this but dammit I will.If anyone likes what I do put up then you can see more stuff at www.the13th.com/wolfdisguisedasmonk It's generally drivel and not at all suitable for this site, being largely about Hollyoaks. Many thanks.On another note, I...
Pen Name:Holly93
Country: US
Bio: Hey. I'm Holly :)Twilight rocks... TEAM EDWARD ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Pen Name:Hakiem Berry Doche
Country: US
Bio: Hello, my name is Hakiem Berry-Doche and welcome to my profile. I am a poet; from what I've been told, a very good one. I've been writing in general since 2nd grade, but I started writing poetry in 4th. I am in the 8th grade and I am only 14. I like to write just about everything. I can write...
Pen Name:Heavens Angel
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone,I love to write! :DNot much to say about me except that I love horses, being lazy, eating, sleeping and other crazy stuff.I am addicted to Twilight and of course I love Edward Cullen but I think I would be to intimidated to go out with someone as special as him! :D I would much...
Pen Name:hzbanana
Country: US
Bio: I love writing poetry, it's amazing and fun, i love to exopress myself, and i also writing stories, long ones and short ones, I am a very strong Christian, I like the Jonas Brothers, (like any other girl in the world) I do karate and I am a black belt, I love karate alot, I hope to make it part...
Pen Name:Harly Light
Country: US
Bio: Ok I'm a 20 year old college student and I am majoring in auto body repair its awesome and I love doin it as much as I love to write thts on reason I haven't been updating skool. not alot of time to post anything. I love to write and writing helps me get away from real life, i can be who...
Pen Name:Hyde
Country: US
Bio: 1/23/2015   Dear readers, who may or may not still keep up with my page. How many times have I said I am back and on track with my writing? Way too many times. But do I mean it this time? Yes. It's 2015, and writing more is my resolution, so expect more, and expect some bad stuff, but that is...
Pen Name:hort363
Country: US
Bio: Growing up is bitter sweet it makes you realize everything you love about yourself and everything you hate.I look back a year and my life was so uncomplicated, and now I look and see how complicated have made it and wonder was it worth the knowledge and experience I have gained.I don't know this...
Pen Name:hotashley
Country: US
Bio: Hi. Im Ashley,       I enjoy writing stories online. Booksie is a great way to inspire readers! My longest novel was about Kasey. She had to choose between two lovers which is hard. Unfortunatly, one of them won her heart....the other had a heartbreaking experience. That story is called...
Pen Name:heath
Country: US
Pen Name:harley
Country: US
Bio: well im 14 and i absoulty love any books that have to do with vampires. i dont really like to read but i will if it is a vampire book. well im in the 9th grade and i live in collins fo rmore inffo just email me
Pen Name:Howlingwolf214
Country: GB
Bio: Why, Hello there. It seems you have stumbled onto my profile. Whether by accident or not, you're now trapped here! Mwahahaha! Well I hope that got your attention. This is Josh 'Howlingwolf214' Blackburn speaking. A pleasure to meet you. :D I'm eighteen years old as of May 20th. I'm an...
Pen Name:Haytheiam
Country: EG
Bio: Writing is what gives the soul a passage to worlds beyond dreams. Dare to tread the world of your own, and discover the magnificence beyond it. Eru Kan
Pen Name:heather0264
Country: US
Pen Name:horsefallgonewronge
Country: US
Bio: Hey!!! Welcome to the page of me! I am a crazy girl and love my horses(their not mine), my friends,my family and my sports. Not to mention my dog!!! Her name is Emmie! She is a cutie! Any way I have a few novels and some poetry. I am working on adding some new stuff. Hope you like it!! Enjoy!!!...
Pen Name:Hamboo243
Country: GB
Bio: Hey Everyone, I've been a member of Booksie for ages now, at least 3 years. I'm Hamboo243 (obviously) and I am 14 years old. I like writing about teen stuff, like falling in love, heartbreaks etc... But I've got another book, which is fantasy fiction. It's called The Cat Walk,...
Pen Name:HybridProphet
Country: ZA
Bio: I'M BAAAAAACCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL   Heya!! My name's Lwazi, but my friends call me Beast, or Swali (Swali Barkat al Shaair) and I love writting! :)   "Poetry's not what I do, it's who I am..."       I've been out for a LONG ass time, but I'm back, and back with a VENGENCE...
Pen Name:hisgirl
Country: GB
Bio: I'm new to this site and just thought I would sign up and post a little. I haven't written for atleast 6 years now and never along the lines of what I'm trying with my new novel. I'd love for pointers so please feel free to advise me on where I may be going wrong. I'll put more here when I...
Pen Name:Hawkeye
Country: AU
Pen Name:hopeless
Country: US
Pen Name:hedalton
Pen Name:hardwiredflaws
Country: US
Pen Name:hp4ever11
Country: CA
Pen Name:haleydanielleh
Country: US
Bio: The names Haley. I am currently single, but you can try to change that if you wish. I can be the most judgmental person but at the same time, a total sweetheart. I'm a type of girl you don't find too often. I'm scared of the monsters under my bed; if its dark in my house at night, ill run to my...
Pen Name:hawkstorm
Country: MY
Pen Name:hustla24
Country: US
Pen Name:ontherun2home
Country: US
Pen Name:hannahnatalya
Country: US
Pen Name:haseya07
Country: PH
Bio:     Stories, Novels, Poems... these things have such a profound importance in my life. I can't live without them. Mainly, it's because I'm weak and can't handle reality. Stories, for me, provide escape to an alternate reality. Somewhere I want to be.. someplace I would give anything to be. I...
Pen Name:hardheadedwoman
Country: US
Bio: This page is about meeeeeeeee! so there. read it, and like it!  Just to warn you, because i'm  a HUGE spaz,this part of the page may not make any sense, but read it anyway, you'll make me feel so special! Here is my AMAZING story, and after you read it, theres bio stuff after it, but it is...
Pen Name:happygirl19
Pen Name:Hannah Castello
Country: PH
Bio: I'm a soul searching for my place in this vast world, desperately trying to figure out where I truly belong like a butterfly that flies from one flower to the other.  I am exploring my abilities and my potentials and i am looking for opportunities when I could find myself useful and needed!I...
Pen Name:HidingASecret
Country: GB
Bio: Does anyone actually use this anymore? I find it refreshing coming on here and reading old pieces now that my life has changed over the last 1 - 2 years It's frightening seeing things change so fast, how you think that everything is going to be the same for ever and it won't I live in a new...
Pen Name:Hugs and kisses
Country: US
Bio: If you've ever tried to put your hair behind your ears and ended up poking yourself in the eye, copy this into your profile.My Challenge-ish Thingamajig is deleted...but this is NOT a sad face thing! It's a HAPPY FACE thing...because I have the BESTEST idea in the world!!! WRITERS BLOCK IS A...
Pen Name:HomeCharityGraceHope
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my name is Kataria but my friends call me Kat. I'm 15 years old. And I love the Earth. I also love to write. It is my life. I hope to become a writer when I grow up.
Pen Name:HomophobiaIsGay
Country: US
Bio: My name is Zach and i love to write and yes, i'm gay. =p"You can't quit until you try, you can't live until you die, you can't learn to tell the truth until you learn to lie." -Nikki SixxYou can call me anything you want too. I love to write and I hope everybody likes my writing!Peace, Zach
Pen Name:HollyColeman
Country: US
Bio: None at the moment, I'll do this later. XD

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