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Pen Name:hii121
Country: US
Bio: =)
Pen Name:heartonmysleeve
Country: US
Bio:     Mysterious. Adorable. Naive. Awesome. Salacious. Affectionate.     M.A.N.A.S.A 19 years old. I have the best friends in the world.   I am a dancer; I could not imagine my life without it..[yes, that's me in the picture] Music helps me come to terms with how I feel about many situations...
Pen Name:hannahcharlotte21
Country: US
Pen Name:Hadi
Country: SA
Bio: I'm from Jordan not Saudi Arabia, but Jordan was not in the list.
Pen Name:Hellfrost
Country: NL
Bio: I only recently started writing. I have written stuff like song lyrics before, when I was still in a metal band  but have never attempted something quite as serious as this.  My first story is a small novelette with no title yet. It's just a little go at writing a little bit more professional....
Pen Name:Hate1734
Country: US
Bio: I love avril lavigne an her music . My celeb crush is damon salvatore off of the vampire diaries . He is hot . Which I will be making stories of the vampire diaries too. My favorite music is metal music and rock . My favorite bands are Evanescence , Paramore , Metallica , Godsmack , and more
Pen Name:Haileigh
Country: US
Bio: i'm haileigh. i'm 16 and a sophmore at patrick henry. i play the tombone and the baritone in band, but i'm not your typical band geek. i'm gay or lesbian or whatever you like to call it. i love great danes and pugs. i want to live in portland, oregon. i'm so tired of sunny san diego. i'm pretty...
Pen Name:hirojinbrodie
Country: US
Bio: My name is Jeremiah Jaster. I am a very devoted writer, and believe in the power of my craft. My writing tends to be very dark, and I write virtually everything, from poetry to prose to short stories. I don't believe in writing something just for the hell of it, and I do my best to make sure...
Pen Name:Heathurrlovesyouu
Country: US
Pen Name:hyperforce
Country: US
Bio: I was born on July 27th,1969 which make me 45 years old.I collect comic-books and watch sci-fi shows on TV.
Pen Name:historicalfictionwriter101
Country: US
Bio: I write. I explore. I dream. I guess that describes me. I write at least everyday or come up with ideas. I go over my stories and make-up new ones. I explore worlds of the past and the future. I explore worlds that don't exist and those that do. Mentally and Physically. I dream. Another...
Pen Name:Hawlkeye123
Country: US
Pen Name:Heroaoy
Country: CN
Bio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euFizIq8-fA
Pen Name:hopeyangmei
Pen Name:Hearthit
Country: GB
Bio: I love writing, I write about anything and everything. What I have been through, what others are going through. Short stories are my forte but I am working on novels and write articles. Hope you enjoy! Just set up a new Facebook page Worthing Yummy's. I have a blog sym-ple1.blogspot.com if you...
Pen Name:HHotwang
Country: US
Pen Name:Hanna R Popp
Pen Name:hollydar
Country: GB
Bio: As it was a year since I joined Booksie on the 31st August 2010  I thought it was time to review my Profile.  I have made some great friends, during this time, and I would like to thank everyone for your help and support, which has been a inspiration to me. I now have more confidence in...
Pen Name:Hayleigh King
Country: GB
Bio: Name: Hayleigh King Age: 18 Status: Taken. Lesbian!!!!!!!!! The way I see it is you can either take ever chance you have and live your life to the full or you can sit back and watch as everyone else does.     I live my life how I want it and dont let anyone tell me how to do it.    My...
Pen Name:hhhh
Country: US
Bio: Who Am I?Honestly, I don't even know who I am. My name is Alaina and I am a young writer pending on her book to be published. When it is finished you can buy it at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and Borders! If you want to know anything else about me, just ask, which I'd doubt you would want to...
Pen Name:Holly2014
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm a girl (duh); my real name isn't Holly but call me Holly anyway. I am currently into sci-fi and fantasy(yes there's a difference!) so that's mainly what I'll write about. (I might add more to my bio later.)
Pen Name:heykailin
Country: PH
Bio: Hi, welcome to my page! I'm a law student and government employee by day, and a forum lurker at night. I spend most of my time reading and playing Pokemon, and I love heavy metal, horror movies and ghost stories. I write because it's a compulsion. I may not be a particularly talented writer, but...
Pen Name:Haley Choi
Country: US
Bio: Hello. I am a writer and a reader.   Current Work Addie Rae Addison Daniels, known preferably as Addie Rae, is a tiny seven year old girl with the world in her hands. As she continues to grow under her father's wings, she begins to see a missing piece of the puzzle; a mother. Now determined to...
Pen Name:Howie Mason
Country: GB
Bio: Born in 1957 spent most of childhood in London. Won a music scholarship, attended Catford Boy's Grammar School. I love to paint figurative work showing emotions.  Now live in Bristol.
Pen Name:hayley727
Country: AU
Bio: I spent two years living in Melbourne by myself to dance fulltime, in this time I discovered my love for reading and writing. I wish to hopfully publish a book in the future along side having a career in physio.
Pen Name:HayleyJade
Country: US
Bio: I live in Mexborough in the United Kingdom, England, I'm 20 years of age & I have been told I should do something with my stories & poems, so I am going to make a start online, I love to read & write in my spare time, I also enjoy spending time with family & friends
Pen Name:Harrison Eaton
Country: US
Bio: My name is Harrison Eaton. I am 15 years old, and I live in New Jersey. I am kind of new at this. I love to write. It is one of my passions. I like the kind of poetry that is in songs. Jim Morrison, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan are my favorite song writers. I also like authors like Stephen King...
Pen Name:hillary795
Country: US
Bio: Hello. I'm Hillary. Hillary isnt my real name but a i wish it was. So heres a little bit about me. My favorite movies are probably all the Harry Potters and the Lion King. I love One Direction and the Ready Set. My favorite show is Degrassi. I have braces and they are probably the most annoying...
Pen Name:hyperactiverice
Country: US
Bio: a
Pen Name:Haku Belmont
Country: JP
Pen Name:Hallie C
Pen Name:HaileyUrie
Country: US
Bio: ♡ 14 years old ♡ "How long are you gonna feel bad for being yourself?" Jacky Vincent to Ronnie Radke. In the church of "Emo" we all worship the members from what we call bands. Fanfictions are our bibles and instead of Sunday, we go on Saturdays. Dress code: Band Tees and Skinny Jeans. We...
Pen Name:Hb6
Country: GB
Bio:  Hi! Ok, i'm going to admit it...I'M A BOOKWORM! I just adore reading ^.^ I love writing poem's other than just stories. I'm that type of girl that wishes she was in every story she is reading. Sometimes i even want to be Katniss (From the hunger games) even if she does NEARLY die, even if she...
Pen Name:hbmike
Country: US
Pen Name:HugableAsian
Country: US
Bio: Turning 18 in november =P. I am a romantacist so love everywhere! Kinda strange though because I like heavy rock and metal music ahaha xD. Umm I guess regular rock or soft music works too, My favorite bands range from The Fray to Imagine Dragons to Five Finger Death Punch to Metalica so I'm all...
Pen Name:Huldah
Country: ZA
Bio: I am a mature woman, mother of daughters, and have grandchildren. I love art and music, am a singer songwriter, also play guitar. I have self published a book of poetry, under another nom de plume, and have recently written a novel. I have loved words for a lifetime...writing speaking,...
Pen Name:Henry Peterson
Country: US
Bio: Well first off I'm 25 years old and I will be 26 this coming July and I am a big time animal lover meaning I sign every petition there is from the major animal rescue sites and I donate when I can, I love all animals and I love writing about them so you'll be seeing some animal based stories...
Pen Name:HailMisery
Country: AW
Bio: Well My name is Gwendeline Geraldine Geerman. I'm from a small Island in the Caribbean Sea called Aruba. I'm 23 years old and my sigh is Sagittarius born on December 17 1990. I'm a PROUD MOM of two beautiful girls. I love music life without music would be colorless. I'm addicted to rock any...
Pen Name:HidingBehindASmile
Country: US
Bio: Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am....Isn't me.Cause fucking up takes practice, and I feel I'm well rehearsedEvery morning you wake up and put on a fake smile...but what if one morning you didn't? Would...
Pen Name:hushicho
Country: US
Bio: Hushicho is a creator working professionally in creative fields for over a decade. One of the founders of Cornucopia Studios, he pens the popular mature adventure comic Incubus Tales and the artistic explorations of Pandemonium Renaissance.
Pen Name:holliedoll15
Country: US
Bio: I'm 15 and I read and write poetry. I grew up most of my life in a hick town called Spurger, although I did live in arkansas for a couple of years. I just moved to Woodville to years ago which is thirty minutes from Spuger, but it's more difficult to adjust than you think.  most people look...
Pen Name:HaroldSmith284
Country: GB
Bio: #1: I don't upload anything to Booksie until it's a complete work of literature. Therefore there's no need to worry that if you start reading my writing, I won't finish it. If I've uploaded it, you can trust that it's already complete, although I may occasionally re-write things and replace the...
Pen Name:Hugs and kisses
Country: US
Bio: If you've ever tried to put your hair behind your ears and ended up poking yourself in the eye, copy this into your profile.My Challenge-ish Thingamajig is deleted...but this is NOT a sad face thing! It's a HAPPY FACE thing...because I have the BESTEST idea in the world!!! WRITERS BLOCK IS A...
Pen Name:Heartfelt confessions
Country: IN
Pen Name:Holly Night
Country: US
Bio: Eclectic Witch. Priestess. Writer. Painter. Photographer. The above is my brief explanation of who I am. Now I will break things into a little bit of detail. I am 30 years old, I reside in Mesa, Arizona. Eclectic Witch: I am a practicing witch. I am not Wiccan, or any other specific path, I am...
Pen Name:Hard Feelings
Country: US
Bio: I don't just rerad books. I dissolve into them. Hide behind them. Stand by them. Comfort them like they comfort me. And escape to them.   My own little world, read one page at a time...
Pen Name:halliana
Country: US
Pen Name:haleighrenae
Country: US
Pen Name:holdontightspidermonkey
Country: AU
Bio: Well… Hi! I’m Mia and I blow out candles on the 13th of Feb :) Although I’m only 11 I love to write… I write mostly about twilight but I might make a story about something else like maybe Harry Potter or Glee XD So if you havent got it i LOVE Harry Potter, Glee and Twilight. So please...
Pen Name:Harper Hay
Country: US
Bio: Hey.
Pen Name:Harlowe Pilgrim
Country: US
Pen Name:HeartBr0ken
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm Alyss. I Love Reading and writing different genres. I Hate People who Judge Other easily.~ ( I recently just returned to booksie after being gone for a long time!)   Reading Request: OPEN!
Pen Name:Harry Haller
Country: IE
Pen Name:Hyaena
Country: US
Bio: The spotted hyaena.  The thylacine.  The great white shark... and me.  Dim light reflects from the impassive eyes of the predator as she goes for your throat.  Arterial spray; evisceration, that same light fading from dying eyes.There is an old African proverb:  Do not seek to teach the...
Pen Name:hayshutts
Country: GB
Pen Name:Harry Potter
Country: AU
Bio:  ❒ Team Edward ❒ Team Jacob ✔ Team guy who almost hit Bella with a carLocked inside anger- my first fan fic, its a twihard, but Ive taken S Meyers characters and made them as fucked in the head as me.Deep down im pretty superficial- Just something to stuff arounf with. I dont normally...
Pen Name:hotashley
Country: US
Bio: Hi. Im Ashley,       I enjoy writing stories online. Booksie is a great way to inspire readers! My longest novel was about Kasey. She had to choose between two lovers which is hard. Unfortunatly, one of them won her heart....the other had a heartbreaking experience. That story is called...
Pen Name:HeartDream
Country: US
Bio: Hey all, I am HeartDream, I am just one of six, a second degree black belt in karate, I have also began the studies in the disipilnes of Jui Jitsu and Shodakan (a Japanese martial art) I love to write, I do it everyday, my work may not be the best, but at least I write, I love writing poetry,...
Pen Name:HarkenC2
Country: US
Bio: 17 year old mechanical engineer/game artist in training, free-runner, play 15 instruments and 7 sports. Jesus is my SAVIOR!!! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @daviddexter2 or on Instagram @song_rider either to talk about the wonderful world of writing or just to say 'hi'!
Pen Name:Happy Singh
Country: IN
Bio: I used to write poems when I was 15, but now gradually I wish to write a book. I am not a good writer; I just write what I feel.
Pen Name:hitesh kar
Country: IN
Bio: I have been writting short stories from a long time and have been praised that i shoud become a writter when i grow up,I have been enchouraged by freinds and family and i was very happy to find out this website.It helps young creative minds to bring out their ideas in beautiful words and present...
Pen Name:Hotaru
Country: AU
Bio: Hello everyone. I really like writing stories and I have a huge imagination. I like to think up many impossible or dangerous things. I enjoy reading fantasy, horror, suspense and action stories. My hobbies are writing, drawing, playing video games, reading, watching anime, swimming and day...
Pen Name:Hylung
Country: US
Bio: I'm a student soon to be in highschool. I love to write, and I've done so since I was little. To clarify my writing, the "she" is not always the same person, she is many, I felt best to leave the identies of the individuals to myself.
Pen Name:hbird918
Country: US
Bio: its about a girl whos sister is hypnotized by a old witch.
Pen Name:Hamp
Country: US
Bio:                                    I never really Talk about myself. I am a 62 year old man Married for 40 years to  a wonderful women. I have two Daughters, & two Grandsons. I enjoy writting poems, storys. And painting in my spare time.   I have other poems...
Pen Name:Habibah
Country: MY
Bio: Most of the time, I express my feelings through writing. 
Pen Name:HBomb24
Country: US
Bio: Fiction Adventurer and History Enthusiast :)
Pen Name:Hyuna
Country: US
Bio: I kind of just post whatever. I like to write stories, as insanely crazy or obsurd or unrealistic as they are. :)   "I don't need a telescope to see there's hope, and that makes me feel brave." -Owl City   "Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you...
Pen Name:Hassan96
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a young aspiring student who writes in his spare time and I've been looking for somewhere to put my content and then i found Booksie :)
Pen Name:herodotus
Country: NG
Bio: Iam Olufunminiyi Salawu, a yoruba man,I was born 2 and half decades ago, in Jos Plateau state, Nigeria. Am a prolific writer, public speaker,poet and teacher. Am currently based in Ife Osun state. I write basically prose and poetry and my pen name is herodotus.
Pen Name:hibo244
Country: CA
Bio: Just a student from Ontario who loves to write!
Pen Name:Holly Wood
Country: US
Bio: Sorry for not updating my page or doing anything lately, school  has been a bit hectic and  we just moved  to a new home. I guess I should've let you guys know sooner. I'm still unpacking boxes so until then I may not update all the time but there wiil be often updates. Sorry for the...
Pen Name:Hernald Rumsfield
Country: GB
Bio: Amateur writer and musician.  My writings are quite morbid in nature but they help me breathe. They are really just a calling out for help but I'm too down to ask.   A genuine thank you for reading my literature.  It means a lot. Any comments (good or bad) please write them. Let me know how...
Pen Name:Hope006
Country: BE
Bio: i just love writing but i have problems with staying focused... kinda sucks.... I really love to listen to people I'm 18 atm oh yeah I also love to laugh so if you have any jokes or something pls post 'em :p
Pen Name:harriet
Country: GB
Pen Name:Hamtres
Country: US
Bio: I am 37 years old and have been writing for over 10 years. I have a wide variety of stories that I have worked on over the years. I have a vivid imagination and daydream constantly. I try to capture my dreams and daydreams as soon as I can. I believe that my imagination is my biggest asset.   I...
Pen Name:Home Cabs
Country: IN
Bio: Home Cabs India is a Private Limited Company, Sindon Home Cabs India Pvt. Ltd. a true, service based online car booking portal delivering required car rental services in India, always at the scheduled time.Sindon Home cabs India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of the most affordable radio taxi...
Pen Name:Havok
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! I'm Sarah. I like to write stuff. Please read my stuff :) Please also say stuff about my stuff, I wanna know what you think. ...    
Pen Name:Harsh54321
Country: IN
Bio: I am a 15 year old student who likes to write and read. I want to know about people's thinking and be able to inspire other stoo , with that intention i have made this account.
Pen Name:Hydra
Country: US
Bio: I have gotten into writing literature more these past two years and would like to see if people enjoy reading my literature I create. I'm still a student, but I have gotten remarks from people that I have great imagery, but I haven't gotten any criticism anywhere on the web. Sad isn't it. Not...
Pen Name:hoodlum
Country: US
Bio: I don't write that often and I'm not a great speller but I get my point across when I want to.I'm 18 and I recently moved to spokane from port Angeles.I like short stories and poetry mainly becauseof my lack of patience.I love Dylan Thomas and Edgar Poe.please coment on my work.I would love...
Pen Name:hopefortomorrow
Country: GB
Bio: Im an odd one. I dont have a favourite style of writing, i just write whatever i feel like. I am strongly opinionated and although this causes me problems in life it means that i have goals and i stick to them. My goal in life is to graduate from university and work for a major newspaper,...
Pen Name:HandSee
Pen Name:HideAndSeek
Country: MX
Bio: Twitter Tumblr Wattpad Coming Soon Crossing the Line Scarlet Jenkins has always been a good girl, has always excelled in school and follows the rules down to the final point. Xavier Ashwood on the other hand is a bad boy, down to his Harley Davidson and combat boots. Scarlet knows there's an...
Pen Name:helon
Country: IN
Pen Name:hockeyguy
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Paul. I'm what you would call an intellectual terrorist- an individual who manipulates the mind into believing what he says! MUAHAHAHAHA But really... The goal behind my writing is usually very simple; To make others feel an emotion that they currently aren't feeling. This is by no means...
Pen Name:hickdawg4
Country: US
Bio: I was in the Army for nearly 8 years from 1997-2004.  I served as a Military Police Officer and then changed over to Aviation Operations. In that time I was stationed in Atlanta, Kentucky, Iraq, and schooled in Alabama.I now reside in the Seattle area and have returned to law enforcement in a...
Pen Name:havendalegirl
Country: US
Bio: hello i'm Tina Camille,I was born on November 4, 1967 in delhi, Louisiana.  was raisedin Texas in a town called Texas city.  got married and pregnant  at19.. went on to have 4 kids..  1 son who is now married and mademe a grand mother.. and 3 girl 9,13 and 17. still home with us...we have...
Pen Name:Hope
Country: ZA
Bio: Well you can find out everything about me when you read my poems. I don't follow grammar rules, I just like to express myself. My grammar and everything depends on my mood. Please feel free to read my stuff, and comment. I'm not looking to be a world famous poet, but I want to develop and...
Pen Name:HospitalFlowers
Country: SG
Bio:           No story sits by itself, Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another completely, like stones beneath a river.                                                     My Works                          Born Mia  Mia has...
Pen Name:helloimfabb
Country: US
Pen Name:Holly Blackwell
Country: US
Bio: Heeeey, I'm Holly, and I love to write books! My inspirations are other books, and sure; i'm not a great writter, but I enjoy so I'm going to keep doing it! If you like my novel's, great, if you don't, whatever, it's your opinion. I do requests but only scripts and novels, sorry. I am currently...
Pen Name:HeatherBCarver
Country: CA

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