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Pen Name:Hearthit
Country: GB
Bio: I love writing, I write about anything and everything. What I have been through, what others are going through. Short stories are my forte but I am working on novels and write articles. Hope you enjoy! Just set up a new Facebook page Worthing Yummy's. I have a blog sym-ple1.blogspot.com if you...
Pen Name:hollydar
Country: GB
Bio: As it was a year since I joined Booksie on the 31st August 2010  I thought it was time to review my Profile.  I have made some great friends, during this time, and I would like to thank everyone for your help and support, which has been a inspiration to me. I now have more confidence in...
Pen Name:Honeymint
Country: US
Bio: I write sometimes very dark stories, that's about it really. Name: Alexandra H. Intrests: Anime/Mangas, Video Games, Other Random Bits And Bobs. 
Pen Name:HopeTheKid
Country: US
Bio: I am just an everyday 20 year old trying ever so hard to reach out to my generation. To bring them back to a little more solid ground. 
Pen Name:honeywell123
Country: GB
Pen Name:helene
Country: DK
Bio: I'm 15, I'm Danish and I love writing. That's all.
Pen Name:HonestyAndCapacity
Country: US
Bio: Favorite Movie: Natural Born Killers Hobbies: Guitar and video games. Favorite Genre: Horror/Thriller   I am grateful for the chance that I can show off some work I've been working on. I highly encourage everybody to give any constructive criticism for my work. I hope for the best from this...
Pen Name:HopeintheSky
Country: US
Bio: HEY!!!! Welcome to my Booksie Page. UMMM  All About Me!!! -Im 12  years old -I love the color purple. -Im African-American mixed with hispanic   READING REQUEST/Authors {X} Open   { } Closed MY Favorite Booksie Writers -Monster01trip -Cheers -Maddie Grey -KiaBoo -Overdosedbybooks -Bella...
Pen Name:hotstory4you
Country: US
Bio: CLICK TO READ [The Dirty Daughter is my most read erotica with 395,000+ reads, 900+ comments and 1700+ Likes] SUMMERY : I fell in love with my step-dad, I loved teasing him, seducing him, and getting naughty with him. One night when my dad and I were spending some good time in a room of a...
Pen Name:hudaaelmoo
Country: SG
Bio: When I was 5, I remembered very clearly what my mother told me. She said, to fulfill your dream, is to believe that there will always be an obstacle to prevent you from achieving it. At first I didn’t understand what it meant until I was 11. I took my six years, to understand one simple...
Pen Name:Homeward
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a human, who has a lot to say.
Pen Name:Hamp
Country: US
Bio:                                    I never really Talk about myself. I am a 62 year old man Married for 40 years to  a wonderful women. I have two Daughters, & two Grandsons. I enjoy writting poems, storys. And painting in my spare time.   I have other poems...
Pen Name:Hawkbite
Country: US
Bio: I love books!
Pen Name:Hoodling
Country: US
Bio: I love to play sports and get active i write normally when i bored which isn't very often. I wrote the poem rain that Ghirardelli posted.  I write atleast 1 poem every day so you shouldn't get bored of my other ones =) and i try to read every ones storys and poems if they have commented on my...
Pen Name:Harmonic Distortion
Country: PH
Bio:   In the dark realm where no one knows an angel's wings where being tore as i walk around, without knowing where to go A mysterious distorted harmony can be heard. trying to erase my memories. keeping me from realizing what was i about to do yet a screaming voice break the barrier calling out...
Pen Name:hoodlum
Country: US
Bio: I don't write that often and I'm not a great speller but I get my point across when I want to.I'm 18 and I recently moved to spokane from port Angeles.I like short stories and poetry mainly becauseof my lack of patience.I love Dylan Thomas and Edgar Poe.please coment on my work.I would love...
Pen Name:HaroldSmith284
Country: GB
Bio: #1: I don't upload anything to Booksie until it's a complete work of literature. Therefore there's no need to worry that if you start reading my writing, I won't finish it. If I've uploaded it, you can trust that it's already complete, although I may occasionally re-write things and replace the...
Pen Name:Hyde
Country: US
Bio: 1/23/2015   Dear readers, who may or may not still keep up with my page. How many times have I said I am back and on track with my writing? Way too many times. But do I mean it this time? Yes. It's 2015, and writing more is my resolution, so expect more, and expect some bad stuff, but that is...
Pen Name:Havok
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! I'm Sarah. I like to write stuff. Please read my stuff :) Please also say stuff about my stuff, I wanna know what you think. ...    
Pen Name:Hurricane
Country: GB
Pen Name:hii121
Country: US
Bio: Hi:) Feel Free To Leave Feedback:) Have Fun:)  
Pen Name:HidingBehindASmile
Country: US
Bio: Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am....Isn't me.Cause fucking up takes practice, and I feel I'm well rehearsedEvery morning you wake up and put on a fake smile...but what if one morning you didn't? Would...
Pen Name:HateToLove
Country: GB
Bio: Hope you enjoy some of my pieces. Please become a fan or atleast read my work :) would mean a lot. Also would love to know what you think about my pieces. :) Thankyou before hand.
Pen Name:hazeucus
Country: US
Bio: my name is hazel, i am 16 yours old.  i live in a broken home and most all o my friend do to i have a best friend who also lives in a broken home her name is Sir Care Bear im pretty crazy my mind has burst into flames so if you have any questions about what i write just ask.
Pen Name:Henry Duthler
Country: CA
Bio: I am very excited to announce to publication of not only one, but two completely original collections of my poetry.  Both of these collections are now available on Ibooks.com, B&N and Kobo.      The first of which is Wicked Sway - A collection of etchings, lyrics and words that have built...
Pen Name:HanoTahir
Country: AU
Pen Name:hugskisses
Pen Name:Hopelessly Devoted
Country: US
Bio: I'm gay. Most of my poetry is based on this guy I like who doesn't know I exist. I also do short stories about dreams I have had and the way I feel most of the time. YAY.
Pen Name:hannah94z
Country: US
Bio: when the cold winds blow you into the great unknown is when i will hunt you down and bring you home again. Now matter how far, no matter how frightening, i will always bring you home. You are my life, my passion and my soul. Nothing will separate us, me and my imagination. :)
Pen Name:Haven Degas
Country: US
Bio:   Me:  I am 18 years old and have obtained my GED. I am a writer of all genres and love to look at others work; they give me inspiration for my own! I hope to be an author/journalist once I finish colleg! My favorite genres to write about are dark fantasy, but have a tendency to incorporate a...
Pen Name:heartonmysleeve
Country: US
Bio:     Mysterious. Adorable. Naive. Awesome. Salacious. Affectionate.     M.A.N.A.S.A 19 years old. I have the best friends in the world.   I am a dancer; I could not imagine my life without it..[yes, that's me in the picture] Music helps me come to terms with how I feel about many situations...
Pen Name:HerbanLegend
Country: US
Bio: 18. Author. Pothead. Music Junkie. Funny. Insightful. All-around cool person. I Plan on uploading a few works pretty soon, you should check them out and let me know what you think. If anyone would like for me to check out their work I do edit, critique, and give feedback. I have an up-and-coming...
Pen Name:Harjeet
Country: IN
Bio: Hi Readers, I am a system engineer in Infosys currently posted at chennai.I am fond of writing short stories and poems.My writing are basically based on romance and have romantic flavour.My hobbies are sky diving and adventures.In sports,i like cricket and basketball very much.I love my parents...
Pen Name:HybridProphet
Country: ZA
Bio: I'M BAAAAAACCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL   Heya!! My name's Lwazi, but my friends call me Beast, or Swali (Swali Barkat al Shaair) and I love writting! :)   "Poetry's not what I do, it's who I am..."       I've been out for a LONG ass time, but I'm back, and back with a VENGENCE...
Pen Name:Haineko14
Country: IE
Bio: I am sixteen years old. I don't know if thats really needed? Ha ha... I'm in Transition Year in secondary school right now. I am mainly interested in fictional stories and poetry (my poetry is mainly based on emotions and my life, such as love) My hobbies include music, reading, art, anime,...
Pen Name:HELL
Country: US
Bio: Hi....I am a guy and like Booksie...check my work and i like to get those orange boxes that say Fan request and or New messages ! I go to Lincoln and my best friends are Imaldo,Logan,Enitza,and Isabel...oh...and Ashley! oh...u see the cat....thats my cat  if u mess with it!And Naruto is...
Pen Name:Houcine Ncib
Country: US
Pen Name:hope james
Country: US
Bio: My name is Hope James, I'm originally from Florida. I love to write is kind of my hobby. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Pen Name:Hanabishi
Country: MY
Bio: Hello. I am Kai from Malaysia. I love reading novels and manga. I am new to writing stories. If my stories not interesting or my grammar is bad. Please teach me, I want to learn something new. Thank you. ^^     Just returned from hospital... I have diagnosed with some heart disease... hope my...
Pen Name:HeroicAttempt
Country: US
Bio: My name is Neko and I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia but have since moved to the US of A. Leave a comment or something if you want me to check out your work!
Pen Name:Howlingwolf214
Country: GB
Bio: Why, Hello there. It seems you have stumbled onto my profile. Whether by accident or not, you're now trapped here! Mwahahaha! Well I hope that got your attention. This is Josh 'Howlingwolf214' Blackburn speaking. A pleasure to meet you. :D I'm eighteen years old as of May 20th. I'm an...
Pen Name:HideAndSeek
Country: MX
Bio: Twitter Tumblr Wattpad Coming Soon Crossing the Line Scarlet Jenkins has always been a good girl, has always excelled in school and follows the rules down to the final point. Xavier Ashwood on the other hand is a bad boy, down to his Harley Davidson and combat boots. Scarlet knows there's an...
Pen Name:HospitalFlowers
Country: SG
Bio:           No story sits by itself, Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another completely, like stones beneath a river.                                                     My Works                          Born Mia  Mia has...
Pen Name:Hanako Cross Heart
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Hanako and I'm 15 years old. I have made a site on Facebook called 'The Writers Project'. If you like my work, please like the page where you can see more then my storys. You can see poams made by my group partner. I enjoy writing storys, however my writing and reading is no that...
Pen Name:HollyHollica
Country: US
Bio: I like writing, drawing, daydreaming, being lazy, listening to music, making animations and playing video games. Typical teenage behavior I guess? I love reading fantasy stories and...those kinda kidnapping stories lol but I'm sure many others can relate. I love art and anything that invovles...
Pen Name:historicalfictionwriter101
Country: US
Bio: I write. I explore. I dream. I guess that describes me. I write at least everyday or come up with ideas. I go over my stories and make-up new ones. I explore worlds of the past and the future. I explore worlds that don't exist and those that do. Mentally and Physically. I dream. Another...
Pen Name:Hanna Emelie
Country: SE
Bio: I'm Hanna. I'm 17 and I live in a very small town in Sweden where drama is rare and hard to find. That's why I create my own, imaginary drama in stories. Happy, fluffy stories don't intrigue me that much. My genre is more dark, mystical and abstract, although I try to keep in touch with reality...
Pen Name:hafsa haq
Country: IN
Bio: I am Hafsa haq student of class 10th ST. FIDELIS SR. SEC. SCHOOL, ALIGARH. My first book publish with the help of my school father last year story ETHEL JOHNSON. I writing a new story who will be completed after 10th exam I want to be publish. Is it possible that you print my story? Pl. give me...
Pen Name:hmrunhitter24
Pen Name:Howie Clark
Country: US
Pen Name:happyangel
Country: AU
Bio: Hi everyone!I'm Joy. andI love to read. Some of my favourite authors are Cornelia Funke, Stephanie Meyer, and Geogia Byng. Yep, i am a fan of the Twilight series. I enjoy music and art, but not ceramics. i love food.I am very random, and again this is a very random place to put this, in the...
Pen Name:HelpImHannah
Country: GB
Pen Name:hafsa91
Country: PK
Pen Name:HayJay
Country: CA
Pen Name:Hafiz Ali Imran
Country: PK
Pen Name:Harry Potter
Country: AU
Bio:  ❒ Team Edward ❒ Team Jacob ✔ Team guy who almost hit Bella with a carLocked inside anger- my first fan fic, its a twihard, but Ive taken S Meyers characters and made them as fucked in the head as me.Deep down im pretty superficial- Just something to stuff arounf with. I dont normally...
Pen Name:Haleyy Alexandraa
Country: US
Bio: my name is haley alexandra.
Country: US
Bio: Hardhead Supahard has been recognized as one of the most exciting rappers of his generation. Since Hardhead's debut with 1up Productionz, he has been igniting audiences with his awe-inspiring, stupefying and mind-blowing technique and time after time, he has left the crowd...
Pen Name:HopelessRomantic93
Country: US
Bio:   You know that girl off in the corner on her laptop with headphones on? yea thats me ^_^ i'm pretty much a lone wolf ~howl~ buut I keep busy writing or reading... mostly reading :P   I wish you would read my stories, I work hard on them and spend hours writing each part, making sure it is...
Pen Name:HazelEyes12
Country: US
Bio: Read My Novel Blood And Tears And LeaveFeedback ( good or bad!)I Love To Read!!!!!!!!!!!!The Novel I Am Currently Reading is: The Pretty One by Cheryl KlamAbout Me:5 things To Know#1 My Name Is Hazel Preston#2 My all time Favorite Books is No Dog's Allowed byBill Wallace#3 My favorite Color Is...
Pen Name:Hinz4
Country: US
Bio: I am leaving Booksie forever.
Pen Name:HopelesslyLost
Country: US
Bio:     ____________________________________________________________________________ Because in life, everyone will eventually be a survivor of something.         I am 21 years old and from the United States. I mostly write and read romance.   Short stories: Home Again   Novels: * Overcome...
Pen Name:HidingInTheWorld
Country: GB
Bio: Working my way through life. Struggling in this quite large place called Northampton in the UK. Still hoping for an escape. Spent my life here in Northampton. 21years and counting. The years come and go so quick! My romance is quite good. He comes to see me as often as we can manage. He is the...
Pen Name:HSBerliner
Country: US
Bio: Basically just an old guy that used to write when he was younger.  Published even.  Then I stopped.  Mainly because I thought that nobody would find my work interesting.  Actually I didn't find my work interesting.  And now I have two teenage daughters, both of whom like to write.  And...
Pen Name:Habit
Country: US
Bio: I like to cheese it!
Pen Name:howsweet
Pen Name:Hannah Engle
Country: US
Bio: later
Pen Name:Hawlkeye123
Country: US
Pen Name:Harlowe Pilgrim
Country: US
Pen Name:HelderOliveira
Country: AO
Bio: My name is Helder Oliveira (Helder de Jesus Ferreira de Oliveira) and I wrote my first poem when I was 17. Since then I have been writing poetry both in English and Portuguese. In fact, one of my passions in life is to read and write poetry. For a more detailed profile, photos and links to poems...
Pen Name:HaileySisk10
Country: US
Bio: Hello! I want to become the next author. I consider myself as one, anyway. I am age 10 and I write many stories at school, home, and online. I hope you go to my website at" www.haileysisk.blogspot.com and get up to date on my stories. Please follow it. Thanks, Hailey Sisk
Pen Name:history lover
Country: US
Bio: (I spent forever making my profile look cool with the text styles and stuff buh Booksie was like "Ner! Ner cool looking profile for you >:o" Booksie is such a bully -3- Also it wont let me change my profile picture! Sad face Q~Q)   Well herro dere :o Da names Erica Like most people on here,...
Pen Name:HushHush145
Country: US
Bio: Hai hai! I'm Abby. I enjoy reading, writing, collecting friends, talking about random stuff, movies, nature, animals, and just about everything else. If you want a friend, I'm here. You want something to read, check out my works or my reading lists. Needing someone to talk about your fandom...
Pen Name:HaruYoshida
Country: US

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