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Pen Name:Haku Belmont
Country: JP
Pen Name:Haelan Gelomic
Country: PH
Bio: Hi. I am Haelan, a newbie writer.   I am a fan of adventure novels, anime's and video games. I hate very cliche romance stories... well, some are great so there are still exceptions. Please treat me well 0:)
Pen Name:hoytwentz
Country: GB
Bio: I have recently just passed my journalism degree at uni,whilst there I specialist in gonzo journalism. but since I passed I have lost my interest in writing for the media, and felt it time that I moved onto writing things in a more creative light. I have started work on my first short story...
Pen Name:Hugs and kisses
Country: US
Bio: If you've ever tried to put your hair behind your ears and ended up poking yourself in the eye, copy this into your profile.My Challenge-ish Thingamajig is deleted...but this is NOT a sad face thing! It's a HAPPY FACE thing...because I have the BESTEST idea in the world!!! WRITERS BLOCK IS A...
Pen Name:Hayleigh King
Country: GB
Bio: Name: Hayleigh King Age: 18 Status: Taken. Lesbian!!!!!!!!! The way I see it is you can either take ever chance you have and live your life to the full or you can sit back and watch as everyone else does.     I live my life how I want it and dont let anyone tell me how to do it.    My...
Pen Name:HSherriff
Country: GB
Pen Name:Hyuna
Country: US
Bio: "I don't need a telescope to see there's hope, and that makes me feel brave." -Owl City   "Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -Christopher Robin   "The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's...
Pen Name:haze220
Country: US
Bio:  I have a book im working on, but its on a different site, have you heard of "wattpad"? well my user name on wattpad is "HazeucusPerry" the book i had writen on that website is a true story, one about me and people close to me the name of the book is "i love" i really hope you would take the...
Pen Name:HideAndSeek
Country: MX
Bio: Twitter Tumblr Wattpad Coming Soon Crossing the Line Scarlet Jenkins has always been a good girl, has always excelled in school and follows the rules down to the final point. Xavier Ashwood on the other hand is a bad boy, down to his Harley Davidson and combat boots. Scarlet knows there's an...
Pen Name:Heroaoy
Country: CN
Bio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euFizIq8-fA
Pen Name:heykailin
Country: PH
Bio: Hi, welcome to my page! I'm a law student and government employee by day, and a forum lurker at night. I spend most of my time reading and playing Pokemon, and I love heavy metal, horror movies and ghost stories. I write because it's a compulsion. I may not be a particularly talented writer, but...
Pen Name:Heidihammond14
Country: US
Bio: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.John 3:16 i'm Heidi. i'm 17 and a senior at New Hanover. I have a younger brother and a older sister,  Hollie's 22 and Luke's 14. they're the best. ever. My mom is...
Pen Name:Halside
Country: US
Bio: I am a person who likes to write stories,novels,chapter books, and etc. I have to no specific genre snd would like to work on something new everyday.
Pen Name:Hernald Rumsfield
Country: GB
Bio: Amateur writer and musician.  My writings are quite morbid in nature but they help me breathe. They are really just a calling out for help but I'm too down to ask.   A genuine thank you for reading my literature.  It means a lot. Any comments (good or bad) please write them. Let me know how...
Pen Name:HuntedTornado
Country: US
Bio: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This semester at my school, I will be enrolled in AP US History. My fiction works will be on hold until about June, but there will be several history related essays being posted on my site. If you wish to read any of them, they will all begin with DISCUSSON ON... I hope...
Pen Name:HelderOliveira
Country: AO
Bio: My name is Helder Oliveira (Helder de Jesus Ferreira de Oliveira) and I wrote my first poem when I was 17. Since then I have been writing poetry both in English and Portuguese. In fact, one of my passions in life is to read and write poetry. For a more detailed profile, photos and links to poems...
Pen Name:Holly Hawiye
Country: US
Bio: I have had the good fortune of coming to the United States as an immigrant. My family has set up shop, and I'm getting used to being an American. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be, adjusting, as I've visited the US quite a few times before. My writing will resume now that my life is...
Pen Name:Hamtres
Country: US
Bio: I am 37 years old and have been writing for over 10 years. I have a wide variety of stories that I have worked on over the years. I have a vivid imagination and daydream constantly. I try to capture my dreams and daydreams as soon as I can. I believe that my imagination is my biggest asset.   I...
Pen Name:Hugoserinya
Country: GB
Pen Name:HaroldSmith284
Country: GB
Bio: #1: I don't upload anything to Booksie until it's a complete work of literature. Therefore there's no need to worry that if you start reading my writing, I won't finish it. If I've uploaded it, you can trust that it's already complete, although I may occasionally re-write things and replace the...
Pen Name:Heidi Chandler
Country: AU
Bio: Hi everyone! I'm 19 and an almost full time cellist, I love writing but I've never shown anyone my work before.. so I thought, maybe over the internet would be cool - it's anonymous! So I hope you enjoy my novel! Feedback very welcome :) Oh and the cover pictures I've got are by Josephine...
Pen Name:Haineko14
Country: IE
Bio: I am sixteen years old. I don't know if thats really needed? Ha ha... I'm in Transition Year in secondary school right now. I am mainly interested in fictional stories and poetry (my poetry is mainly based on emotions and my life, such as love) My hobbies include music, reading, art, anime,...
Pen Name:hyperforce
Country: US
Bio: I was born on July 27th,1969 which make me 45 years old.I collect comic-books and watch sci-fi shows on TV.
Pen Name:hotstory4you
Country: US
Bio: CLICK TO READ [The Dirty Daughter is my most read erotica with 395,000+ reads, 900+ comments and 1700+ Likes] SUMMERY : I fell in love with my step-dad, I loved teasing him, seducing him, and getting naughty with him. One night when my dad and I were spending some good time in a room of a...
Pen Name:HillaryRAWR
Pen Name:1313HannahBeth
Country: US
Bio: I'm a Teen who LOVES to read. I write mostly short stories and poetry. I'm not sure if what I do can really be called it writing. I am mostly writing for myself. I decided to put it on here because I've gone through a LOT of notebooks. So this saves paper and gives me more time to revise. I...
Pen Name:harlilee
Country: US
Bio: Well, My name is harli im 16 i love being outside and the beach but i also love staying inside and hanging out i love movies water i love hangin out with friends. i love drawing painting and writing Music is my love/passion i write play and sing my own songs..ummm i love shopping and playing...
Pen Name:Harlowe Pilgrim
Country: US
Pen Name:holdmybieber
Country: GB
Bio: MAIA ∞     twitter: @holdmybieber 
Pen Name:HomophobiaIsGay
Country: US
Bio: My name is Zach and i love to write and yes, i'm gay. =p"You can't quit until you try, you can't live until you die, you can't learn to tell the truth until you learn to lie." -Nikki SixxYou can call me anything you want too. I love to write and I hope everybody likes my writing!Peace, Zach
Pen Name:HeatherNichole
Country: US
Pen Name:Hanlie
Country: ZA
Bio: I am a new age, nocturnal, pre-postmortem, insomnia, over imaginary, mental (not really) artist!!   I love writing and I can't get enough of it...   To tell you the truth, I was never big on writing until I read something Patricia Cornwell said, and since she was my favorite  writer at that...
Pen Name:Haley Choi
Country: US
Bio: Hello. I am a writer and a reader.   Current Work Addie Rae Addison Daniels, known preferably as Addie Rae, is a tiny seven year old girl with the world in her hands. As she continues to grow under her father's wings, she begins to see a missing piece of the puzzle; a mother. Now determined to...
Pen Name:HarleyMarie
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm HarleyMarie. I'm a full time student, and a spare time writer. It'd be nice for the two to switch places, though.  My imagination likes to run away with me from time to time, so I make sure to enjoy the ride. :) I'm a Christian, and I love Jesus more than anything, but my family,...
Pen Name:HelenaHolland
Country: GB
Bio: Love writing, I always have. It's a place where you can just escape everything and live in a different world for a while.   I have an account on All Poetry, the set up has recently changed but it has a lot more of my work on it:  http://allpoetry.com/HelenaHolland I might post all the stuff...
Pen Name:Hanna Nicol
Country: GB
Pen Name:Hayley Pickler
Country: GB
Bio: I can't think of anything to write here at the moment, which sort of defies the point of being a writer, but I'll update this when I get the chance. Thanks for reading my ramblings... You are awesome.  :)
Pen Name: Hamburger 10
Country: US
Pen Name:Homequrrl Laughter
Country: US
Bio: I am interested into sophistocated,wonderful reading.Reading brought me into the world.As a 7th grader,my view is that reading helps you with EVERYTHING.I learned that as a 6th grader.
Pen Name:hazeucus
Country: US
Bio: my name is hazel, i am 16 yours old.  i live in a broken home and most all o my friend do to i have a best friend who also lives in a broken home her name is Sir Care Bear im pretty crazy my mind has burst into flames so if you have any questions about what i write just ask.
Pen Name:HorizonBound75
Country: AU
Bio: ~.~ You'll get to know me through my poetry. I'm happy to answer any questions etc. If you 'fan' me, usually I'll 'fan' back. Please don't spam my page either, I don't want people asking me to read their novels, I'll read short stories, poems etc, but nothing really long, I'm too lazy and I get...
Pen Name:hafsa haq
Country: IN
Bio: I am Hafsa haq student of class 10th ST. FIDELIS SR. SEC. SCHOOL, ALIGARH. My first book publish with the help of my school father last year story ETHEL JOHNSON. I writing a new story who will be completed after 10th exam I want to be publish. Is it possible that you print my story? Pl. give me...
Pen Name:Henry Duthler
Country: CA
Bio: I am very excited to announce to publication of not only one, but two completely original collections of my poetry.  Both of these collections are now available on Ibooks.com, B&N and Kobo.      The first of which is Wicked Sway - A collection of etchings, lyrics and words that have built...
Pen Name:Heth Marie
Country: US
Bio: Hi,I'm Heather :] Currently, I'm 21, living in DC and working on completeing my Bachelors degree! Yay! The downside is I have no time to write :( Obviously, I love writing, hence why I have this site. My best friends inspire most of my characters, for the pure and simple fact that they are some...
Pen Name:half chewed pen
Country: GB
Bio: A HALF CHEWED PEN MY BENEVOLENT FRIEND Apparently Im punctuation dyslexic I Was born in 1971. I gave up birthdays when i was thirty .Realising that they only made me older and I would probably be better off in the long run without them.LOL I have always had an urge to write after being inspired...
Pen Name:HappinessTrap
Country: AU
Bio: .
Pen Name:HeartElm77
Country: CA
Pen Name:HannahAlongForTheRide
Country: US
Bio:    Hey Im Hannah                I don't write as much as I'd like to.    I like sleeping on the floor.    I hate waking up in the morning.   I love going to bed late (or early).     I don't like being bored.   I can be very shy.   I love to laugh.  I like drinking...
Pen Name:hope james
Country: US
Bio: My name is Hope James, I'm originally from Florida. I love to write is kind of my hobby. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Pen Name:hollow hearted
Country: US
Bio: im a twenty one year old single man thats outgoing and loves meeting new people just looking for love im bout six foot maybe more i weigh 160 my body is well toned but my mind is full of sorrrow pain regret till love comes to claim my name and defeat this pain
Pen Name:H Catalyst
Country: IS
Bio:   http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007TJCN5K
Pen Name:honeyblossom
Country: DE
Bio: WATTPAD: CLICK HERE   HANNIE » SEVENTEEN » GERMANY BLOGGER » WRITER » PLAYLIST CREATOR     "And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."   » twitter...
Pen Name:Happiness
Country: AU
Bio: WARNING!!! SHITEST NEWS EVER!!! So im here to tell you that unfortunately, my laptop had a complete meltdown and a hardware failure. For those of you that dont understand, that basically means (in computer language that is) a big fat FUCK YOU!! Excuse my language, but im so pissed off right now...
Pen Name:HollyJaye
Country: US
Bio: Hey there and thanks for stopping by my page and taking time out to read my work. I'm Holly Jaye an aspiring writer with a passion for reading and listening to music. The music I listen to greatly influences my writing as I'm sure it does with many of you. My reasons for coming to Booksie vary,...
Pen Name:H2OfanRiki
Country: GB
Bio: Hey everyone, I'm Eleanor Frances and I am an espiring writer; im only a student so sometimes my books are a little slow to finish but eventually every book that I start I will finish (even if it takes me till in 60). Most of my books are fantasy based but gramma and spelling may be tricky,...
Pen Name:hayley727
Country: AU
Bio: I spent two years living in Melbourne by myself to dance fulltime, in this time I discovered my love for reading and writing. I wish to hopfully publish a book in the future along side having a career in physio.
Pen Name:MyLife4Hire
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Shelby. I've written many things. I think that they might be helpful to the world, well maybe someone. And I've finally decided to put some of my "poetry" out there. Also, as you can see, i 
Pen Name:hayhaybear1928
Country: US
Bio: I am a C I am a C-H I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N and I have C-H-R-I-S-T in my H-E-A-R-T and I will L-I-V-E  E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-YIt's real apparent that I'm a Christian!!! And trying to better myself in that department!My name is Hayhaybear1928....it's not because I was born in 1928 it's because on the...
Pen Name:Hanabishi
Country: MY
Bio: Hello. I am Kai from Malaysia. I love reading novels and manga. I am new to writing stories. If my stories not interesting or my grammar is bad. Please teach me, I want to learn something new. Thank you. ^^     Just returned from hospital... I have diagnosed with some heart disease... hope my...
Pen Name:Holly Night
Country: US
Bio: Eclectic Witch. Priestess. Writer. Painter. Photographer. The above is my brief explanation of who I am. Now I will break things into a little bit of detail. I am 30 years old, I reside in Mesa, Arizona. Eclectic Witch: I am a practicing witch. I am not Wiccan, or any other specific path, I am...
Pen Name:Hamp
Country: US
Bio:                                    I never really Talk about myself. I am a 62 year old man Married for 40 years to  a wonderful women. I have two Daughters, & two Grandsons. I enjoy writting poems, storys. And painting in my spare time.   I have other poems...
Pen Name:haylee5251
Country: US
Bio: I love to read in my spare time, im a reader not a writer I tried but 1m not really good at it.    A little about mwaa(: - I am 16 (yaay!) - Names Haylee Raay(: -  Respect is earned(: - I love cartoons (especially SPONGEBOB and ADVENTURE TIME(:..) - iM RANDOM...!!!! - I curse a lott(: - I...
Pen Name:HeyDonna
Country: US
Bio: Who's Donna? No one. And someone. No one because she's completely made up. Someone because she's a fragment of a persons shadow. She's the dark side of the corner, the part where I'm even afraid of. But at times, she likes to prowl around. And have a visit and a heavy stay. Who's Donna...?  ...
Pen Name:Hurt23
Country: US
Pen Name:Helena Parris
Country: US
Bio: Welcome! Please be aware: I do not read or write horror or erotica. I do not read or write anything to do with vampires, ghosts, haunted houses, witches, fairies, elves, gnomes, or the tooth fairy. And although my stories contain scumbags galore, you will never hear them cursing. Yes, I know...
Pen Name:hekiv
Country: SE
Bio:         About Me I´m only one person with a lot of knowledge  ... Some people who know me really get surprised all the time, because of the stories I make ... or the things I say that is so ... Unlike me  My favorite color is pink, purple, black and red as blood beacuse it's a happy...
Pen Name:Hellokittymyass
Country: US
Bio: Hi guys... I'm a chick in high school, currently (currently as in the high school part not the chick part xD) hope y'all like my writing. I also have a figment account: www.figment.com username: Sam I have a fan fiction account: www.fanfiction.net username: HelloKittyMyAss Things I like in...
Pen Name:hii121
Country: US
Bio: Hi:) Feel Free To Leave Feedback:) Have Fun:)  
Pen Name:Horsefrienzie
Country: US
Pen Name:Hiphop Queen
Country: US
Bio: Ok well I'm not gonna have a huge into on who I am because y'all don't know me xD ok well I'm Cassie Rae. I'm 15 and I'm crazy xD I'm not like everyone else and I know that :)  Love is love if you don't like my opinion, then don't follow me and my work :)     
Pen Name:history lover
Country: US
Bio: (I spent forever making my profile look cool with the text styles and stuff buh Booksie was like "Ner! Ner cool looking profile for you >:o" Booksie is such a bully -3- Also it wont let me change my profile picture! Sad face Q~Q)   Well herro dere :o Da names Erica Like most people on here,...
Pen Name:Honestly
Country: US
Bio: My name is Brittany better known as AlwaysHonest! I'm from Louisiana so i am a true Southerner so forgive me if I make grammar mistakes! I'm basically here to write novels and read them. I'm trying to find a new writing spot so I hope I can make this my new home!
Pen Name:Hollyfeather
Country: US
Pen Name:holihua29
Country: PH
Bio: OMG! Booksie's back in my country!!! YEAH!!! uhuh! that's right! LOL.XD Hey, I'm deleting all my stories here in Booksie. I've decided that this account is where I'll post my poems from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience. =) Anyway, now that I'm back. I have a lot of stories to post here for...
Pen Name:Havok
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! I'm Sarah. I like to write stuff. Please read my stuff :) Please also say stuff about my stuff, I wanna know what you think. ...    
Pen Name:HeartBr0ken
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm Alyss. I Love Reading and writing different genres. I Hate People who Judge Other easily.~ ( I recently just returned to booksie after being gone for a long time!)   Reading Request: OPEN!

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