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Pen Name:jadelbut
Country: US
Bio: I was born in Milwaukee and have lived here my entire life.I have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1Writing is probably the reason or shall I say my way of escaping reality.
Pen Name:Johan Verwey
Country: GB
Bio: Writing is my passion, started writing in my last year at school and haven't stopped since. As for most people, it is my release from the frustrations of everyday life and a way to say the things you can't say to most of your friends.
Pen Name:Jarlaxe
Country: CA
Bio: Going to college and writing a little bit in my spare time. I love music, its a great inspiration and thats all he wrote.  Name: JarlaxePronounciation: Jar-lax-ee Lot of people seem to have trouble with that get a lot of Jar-lax, the e usually dissapears....
Pen Name:jspeeking
Country: CA
Pen Name:J A Morales
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm going by the name J A Morales I was born in Atlanta, Georgia I now live in Tennesee I died a handful of hours before the strike of the new year I write what i see I am what I am because someone has to be I was the king of teen angst but then I turned 20
Pen Name:jera jam
Country: GB
Bio: I'm trying to get through my love of dense word to word images and reach a point in my writing where poems are a journey for the reader. Please give as much constructive criticism as possible. Listen to Dave Matthews, Dylan, trance/techno, bluegrass/country, Elgar, Ravel, Brahms.. I can't...
Pen Name:John Matthews
Country: AU
Pen Name:Jessica
Country: AI
Bio: Feel free to comment on the writing I publish.
Pen Name:jennroo52
Country: US
Pen Name:jammo2000
Country: CA
Pen Name:JLC420
Country: US
Bio: I write as I feel from the heart. An array of styles techniques and use of language. My writings are a glimpse into my reality. They can be confusing. There is no one subject of which i prefer. Some only a few lines while other take pages. I can be profound and or contrevrsal and sometimes...
Pen Name:Just Dead
Country: US
Bio: My name is Logan, but you can call me anything really, JD is fine. Whatever floats your boat. =D I personally think I am not the most accredited writer, but I'd like to hear personal feedback from people around me. I am a twin, I am 13 years old, and I love Rock and punk music. I am extremely...
Pen Name:John Wanjora
Country: UG
Bio: I work as the managing editor of Liason Media in Kenya, publishers of Small Medium Enterprises Today Magazine. The list above displays a different country as my home; there was no option for Kenya on the site. Hope they will rekebisha this soon. In the meantime Uganda feels close enough.Besides...
Pen Name:jack diamond
Country: US
Bio:  my e-mail is swords_and_shields_2008@hotmail.commy myspace url  is www.myspace.com/swords_and_shields
Pen Name:Jayne Crosby
Country: US
Bio: I am: A lover, a dreamer, a writer, a child of God, a soul set apart, a meoldy of many feelings, a person misunderstood, Impossible to understand I am Me  
Pen Name:Jeevez
Country: CA
Bio: Born: Jaffna, Sri LankaFamily: mommy, daddy, younger sis, older broCame to Canada: September 3, 1991Current Highschool: Woburn Collegiate InsituteCurrent Grade: 12Aspiring to be: Criminal Defence Lawyer   
Pen Name:Justin Schwan
Country: US
Bio: I am an author, dedicated to writing, constantly searching for new ways to better my work, usually by reading books written by authors on the craft, and grammar books. I do a lot of reading of fiction. My favorite novelists are Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and William Faulkner. My goal is to...
Pen Name:jjbreunig3
Country: US
Bio: I guess it's now official; I qualify as a starving artist and poet! Seems weird to be in this position, despite my past efforts. At the aforementioned link, one can find my listing on Amazon.com; there you will find a book review from both my publisher and a New York Times Best-selling Author,...
Pen Name:Jenerali
Country: US
Bio: If you want more things to read by me, All Poetry has all my poems.
Pen Name:Jon Pas John
Country: FR
Pen Name:Just Whatever
Country: US
Bio: HI!!
Pen Name:justme
Country: ZW
Bio: hey its jus me im nothing special, everybody's special is jus a way of saying nobody is....... on a more serious note, my name is karin, i've lived in botswana my whole life, no one ever stays here for long so pretty much every best friend i ever made has moved after 2 years and if they havent...
Pen Name:jenwritingisinmysoul38
Country: US
Bio:   I have wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to pick up a pencil and put words on paper. Writing is in my soul. I might not have anything published yet and I might not ever get published, but I will always be a writer. I write poetry all of the time. It has always been my solace in...
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