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Pen Name:lainie
Pen Name:lark
Country: US
Bio: I am an English major working my way towards a career as a professor. I hope to someday get some of my poems or a novel published. I have many ideas but am afraid to put them out to the publishing industries--I thought that this website seemed like a good way to get some reviews before I try to...
Pen Name:Lex The Damned
Country: ZA
Bio: I am Truth, I lIve in Truth and iI Communicate my Truth.
Pen Name:Lanaia Lee
Pen Name:lindadoster
Country: US
Bio: lindadoster is a middle-aged lady who is not where she though she would be at this time of her life. Linda married young at 16 to her first and only true love, only to be haunted by his memories,30yrs later. With four grown kids now she spends most of her time working at a printing co.she's been...
Pen Name:ladyJ
Country: US
Bio: I've been writing since elementary school, where I wrote stories for assignments and with friends whenever I got the chance.  After I moved I decided to try other hobbies, so I tried, well, everything!  Skating, swimming, gymnastics, photography, and more.  I stuck with acting, though, so I'm...
Pen Name:Lijy
Country: US
Bio: I love to write! I'm really just looking to read some nice peices of writing. I am really hoping for people to read my work and give me some comments or constructive criticism!!
Pen Name:LEBEA
Country: ZA
Pen Name:lovechild
Country: US
Bio: I'm new at this.  Any feedback is appreciated. I've been writing since I was young but never thought to share my writing with others.  I'm starting out easy with a youthful theme.  It's a very different thing writing for oneself as opposed to writing for readers.  It's hard work!  I...
Pen Name:lsbaker01
Country: US
Bio: I am a 30 yr old single female. I was born in Oklahoma moved to Austin Texas in 2003 and decided to relocated to Phoenix Arizona. I love to read, cook, collect postage stamp (when I have time) and Write poetry. I have one son who is currently 12yrs old and I was born and raise as the other...
Pen Name:lady351
Country: US
Pen Name:Lovita1
Country: US
Bio:  I live in CA , and i have been writting for about  6 years now, I love to write , I  get to deep like many great poets , I very simble .I play in our band with my husband and daugther , she has been now in the band for 3 yrs , and my husband and I have been playing for 12 yrs. I love it...
Pen Name:Lisbon
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a simple person, learning to live life at their best.
Pen Name:Landin Johnson
Country: US
Bio: Never doubt the power of love, hate, fear, and other such base emotions.  They run our world and fuel our greatest poets.   I am only seventeen years of age, but i cant tell you how many times i have seen the words "very deep" in the comments i have received. I like to write poetry when i am...
Pen Name:Lord Hoth
Country: US
Bio: I doubt I'm any good at this but oh well A little something about me: My favorite movies are the STAR WARS series 300 and kingdom of heaven. My five favorite bands are in order  1.Rammstein 2.Iron Maiden 3.Johnny Cash 4.AC/DC and 5.Slayer. My favorite songs are 1. Heirete Mich by...
Pen Name:leesah
Country: US
Bio:  Let's see, where to begin....  Here is where you would think you could get to know me better, but I think if you read my poetry, there you will see me more clearly.  I love words, I love to laugh, I love books and meeting people from all over the world. I joined booksie quite some time...
Pen Name:Lucie
Country: ZA
Bio: I'm a 50 year old South African.  I never really regarded my writings as poetry, but this year I have actively been participating in sites where your poetry is reviewed by independent people and most of my writings have elicited a good response.  As soon as I return from my writing vacation I...
Pen Name:Lorna A Ochieng
Country: AE
Bio: I am very passionate about writing and am eager to learn all there is to know about writing....I have been interested in writing since my Primary school days, but it was in High School that my love for writing heightened. A few classmates and i decided to form Journalism Club and it was one of...
Pen Name:lexie
Country: JM
Bio:      I was always the quiet child. I would sit in a little corner by myself and cry for no reason. My mom saw this one day and told me to express myself (whether it was singing, dancing etc.), I chose writing, and I’ve been doing so ever since.    I love to go out, shop and have...
Pen Name:Lewis Earnshaw
Country: GB
Bio: im a young begginer in the world of writing and i want a chance to express my views on life and other aspects of the world in my writing. At the age of 15 i find this difficult as my knowlege of English is not yet as superior as many other Writers.
Pen Name:linksitsityes
Pen Name:CraZ4Life
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a girl whose passion for reading has lead to an ever stregthening passion for writing.
Pen Name:LPforeva
Country: US
Bio: im a calm but hyper type of person, that makes no sence but i am.  i like to think im smarter than my grades reflect, alo makes no sence. i usually dont make much sence, now that makes sence, 16 years old, and kinda odd but i dont usually show it. Hugleymania is running stupid, lol, hugley.
Pen Name:le Penna Cattiva
Country: US
Pen Name:Lizzy
Country: CA
Pen Name:layla
Country: GB
Bio: I have lived in london for as long as i can remember. i dont know very much about my family history because i do not know any of my blood relatives. this in someways i found to be an advantage as i have created my own identity from a blank canvas. i grew up in fairly inpersonal and uncaring or...
Pen Name:LoveLuckLife
Country: AU
Bio: hey everyone,Well im 15, im currently in year 10 at school. I live in australia. I like poetry. Don't quite love it just as yet but hoping to grow more of an appreciation for it. I like writing. Once again im not exactly the best at it but i am hoping to improve.
Pen Name:Ladydeath
Country: NZ
Bio: I am currently studying at the Sir Anthony Hopkins School Performing Arts in New Zealand. Poetry is a way for me to vent my emotions. Getting that emotion across to the reader is more important to me than the structure, but I am learning. Many of my writings here are from when I was a...
Pen Name:littlerosebud
Country: GB
Pen Name:Little Miss Morbidity
Country: US
Bio: I love to read, write and listen to music. My life revolves around the last one. I'm a 4 year member of my schools poetry club and now an officer of the GSA. I have a book that I read chapter by chapter during our monthly poetry club meetings, and I'm thinking about posting it here. It's more...
Pen Name:Lance
Country: US
Bio: I hate talking about myself, so I promise I will TRY to be brief:I am a long-time fan of science fiction, dating back to the original "Star Trek" series which introduced me to the the genre. When developing my series, "The Reign", the original "Star Trek" and "Babylon 5" were primary influences....
Pen Name:Made2LuvU
Country: US
Bio: I'm sixteen years old and spend most of my time in a fantasy world--one where my life can be anything I want it to be--my mind.  I love to write, read, and imagine things that could happen.  Fantasy is my passion; I love reading and writing anything to do with that particular genre, and I also...
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