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Pen Name:lunalovegood114
Country: CA
Bio: !!!!WELCOME  ALL READERS!!!! Okay look! I'm a HARRY POTTER fan! Harry Potter will always be my number one favourite movies, novel, posters, and shirts! I love it and we all have opinions, but I selute all Harry Potter fans! lol it's the BEST! Harry Potter and the rest of the characters will...
Pen Name:LezLoveHonesty
Country: US
Bio: Hey People. So my name is Kayden and Ive been writing stories for a long time. Its what i do to pass time. I have a story that I'm working on now that I've been working on for years. It'll be the first one up. If you really want to get to know me read the story because it is a partly non-fiction...
Pen Name:LoveTemptation92
Country: US
Bio: i am someone just looking for input on a story i wrote in english class.
Pen Name:liquidvamp
Country: US
Bio: i am 17 years old, i may be young but i have lived thew a lot. i have thought that i found the right girl for me but turns out thati was wrong, ive been stabed in the back by most of my friends with no explination. i lost people in my life that i couldnt afford to lose, and i still greive for...
Pen Name:Lea Lea
Country: GB
Bio: I don't claim to be any good at this, but the things I write are personal and real.Sometimes my head gets crowded and i have to write. Things pop into my head randomly and i pop them down. If i don't get them out I get frustrated.Some of what I write are poems, some are songs, and some are just...
Pen Name:Leighlo
Country: ZA
Bio: Hi There all.I am 26 years old and live in the beautiful, sunny South Africa. I have always liked to make up stories but have never gotten as far as writting them down. This is why I joined this site. I am hoping that it will inspire me to put my thoughts down for a change.Please give my honest...
Pen Name:Ladiie CiCi
Country: US
Bio: Why Hellooo There..! My Name is Alexis Janelle. Im 12 1/2 years old from Pittsburgh PA. I was born July 28 1996 and i been shining ever since. I have alot of brothers and sisters from my dads side..no matter how much they tick me off i still love them at the end of the day. Im defentially...
Pen Name:lexxi185
Country: AU
Pen Name:lilypoet89
Country: GB
Bio: I am 23 years old and I have entered a few poems over the years since the age of 16.I have won a competition held in America,I enjoy writing poetry and novels I have written 2 novels in 2010-2011.I really want to make it as a poet and an author in novel writing.
Pen Name:leaderwolfmoon
Country: US
Bio: hello, my name is Alexandra Wendling. i am currently 19 years old. i like to write short stories in my free time sometimes. i am a huge fan of wolves, anime, yaoi (guyXguy), and Korean pop music.you may not believe me when i say this, but i have the spirit of a black wolf and i have spirit...
Pen Name:3llen
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Ellen, I'm from England and I like to write short stories sometimes, aswell as some poetry.
Pen Name:Le Petit Conteur
Country: US
Bio: A Christian author who is nervous about more than just close friends reading my material. The purpose of what I write is either to unwind my own emotions or portray those of others all to the glory of my Savior and King. I pray that somehow, what I write may bless you and touch you. In Christ,...
Pen Name:littlemshappy
Country: ID
Bio: Not an alien.
Pen Name:Lilly Thomas
Country: RO
Bio: Just so you know the problem with my stories is that I don't see the ending :p
Pen Name:lancetti
Country: US
Bio: Check the "news" for updates btw. facebook.com/NTNicely ❁ nearlytherenicely.tumblr   All of my stories are boy's love. The current story, Nearly There Nicely, was started Nov 17 2011. It is incomplete. Yes, before you ask. After working several years on this story and it's still not done.......
Pen Name:Lucidity
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing just as much as anybody, I've been doing it my entire life, and it's one of the many things out there that I've stuck with. Just like a painter expresses his art with a brush and paint, I, like all other writers, express my art with a pencil and paper. The fact that you can start...
Pen Name:LostSisterGrimm
Country: US
Bio: 26. ✨ Writer. ✏️ Mommy. 👶 DC chick. 💋 Packers fan. 🏈 Fluent in ASL. 👌 www.facebook.com/lostsistergrimm
Pen Name:lisabella1999
Country: IT
Bio:                                                  Hello my name is Lisa Bella and I would like to be known from my work. I am not famous, I have not published anything yet but hopefully in the future I shall. When I was in comp, I always wanted to...
Pen Name:livelielove1
Country: US
Bio: Hi :) i love quotes, watching the sky, hanging out with my friends, and animals :D Im not very good at writing but i fell in love, i failed, i died, i live and i know many of you feel the same as i do today. I don't want to keep my feeling all to my self anymore, so please listen to my words...
Pen Name:Luna Moonreader
Country: US
Bio: I have so many stories wrapped up in my head. I'm glad I fanally found a place to put them. I also like to read (obviously) and I love pokemon and video games.
Pen Name:lone
Country: ZA
Bio: Quite difficult to figure out, im cheerful, im depressed, im creative, im athletic.... im liquorice allsorts :)
Pen Name:Lylaet
Country: GH
Bio:  I am cheerful and happy by nature.My full  name if you want to know is LYDIA BERIGENA AFURIKA..LOL! its long i am a Christian!! My best friend A.K.A my sister Laetitia and me! Oldest of five; three sisters and a brother (hehe, sucks for him but we raise him manly.. :)  I love...
Pen Name:Luisa Silveira
Country: BR
Bio: I am me, and as well as nobody else is like me I am like nobody else.   Aspie, depressed, happy, sad, anxious, quiet, loud... - it's a matter oF perspective.
Pen Name:Lunetta Cyprus
Country: NO
Bio: "She seems transformed- into the dark chambers of her incredulous, frightened little hear comes warmth and light." I am a first year university student studying nutrition.  I love literature, and reading and writing poetry in my free time.  Writing poetry is one of the main things that puts my...
Pen Name:Lisa Marie
Country: US
Bio: I am a special education teacher in New York.I have a Masters In Education. I live a hectic life by day and writing is an escape for me. I was never much of a reader and I hate to sit still; so many of my works are brief and written as monologues or poems. I write from personal experiences of...
Pen Name:laloush
Country: LB
Pen Name:Louis Jay
Country: US
Bio: My hobbies include editing my life story, and trying to convince my shadow that i'm someone worth following.  When its all said and done there gonna say that i was a man who never spoke unless what i had to say improved upon silence and never moved unless my actions improved upon stillness.
Pen Name:LittleDropsofHeaven
Country: GB
Bio: Call me Rosie I’m 17 years old from south-west England. I’m dyslexic, so I’m sorry about my spelling. This is my second account on booksie, first being RosieJB. If you want to talk to me either on Wattpad (link Below) or my email which is Burgrj123@aol.com (Subject Booksie)          
Pen Name:LyraHydraComa
Country: US
Bio: A golden Thigh; a thought, a myriad of thoughts, Thoughts like questions pondering vastness only to find the answer in a box. Shall I whine and complain About stepping on broken glass? On thighs sit great things- birth; renewal Sands form glass, wine pours freely Grapevine Dionysius Child-...
Pen Name:LunaStar
Country: US
Bio:   Devoted wife and Proud Mother of 2! Great friend and family memeber...over all, Great person to have as a faithful friend! I've been happily married for 14 yrs, to my hubby Ray. I have two beautiful children, that I'm crazy about! I'm a wonderful daughter, both my parents tell me sooo, lol,...
Pen Name:littleillusionmachine
Country: US
Bio: I like Beach House.
Pen Name:lost love long forgotten
Country: US
Bio: i enjoy doing a lot of things like writing or reading, i dropped out of high school so that i could get my G.E.D and go to college. I recently became a peer educator something i am very proud of. Im a 19 year old girl and i spend most of my time either caring for my grandma who has terminal...
Pen Name:loveforeva1
Country: US
Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Maya. I love writing. I am bisexual and I write about lgbt stuff but i also write about more darker stuff such as depression and suicide. I'd love feedback!  I also have an email. Messege me! loveforeva1fans@aol.com
Pen Name:lehi girl72509
Country: US
Bio: Okayyy so I looked at my profile...decided it was WAAAAY too bland...and so I'm revamping. Hellooooo all of you people who are wonderful enough to read my profile :) My name is Lisa, and I don't know how to change the username, or I would...cause I'm not dating that guy anymore, and it was...
Pen Name:L S Warde
Country: GB
Bio: I have never written before. But recent events that have happened to me that have totally changed my life have led me to want to record the events and their affect on my life.
Pen Name:Lev821
Country: GB
Bio: My main themes are horror/thriller. I am also an artist. If you would like to see some of my work, please visit www.liversketchingclub.co.uk and go to members, then John Jones.I will try and read and comment on other work, but I'm quite limited in my time spent on the internet. I hope you enjoy...
Pen Name:Expressions4life
Country: IN
Pen Name:lexie7093
Country: US
Bio: I love fantasy books and some romance.
Pen Name:lauricula
Country: US
Bio: ❤  Welcome! You're visiting Lauricula's Booksie Page! Please enjoy your stay! ❤   ❤  ❤  ❤   I am [x] online [] offline I am [x] taking reading requests [] not taking reading requests I am [x] available to participate in contests [] not available to participate in...
Pen Name:Lynchalot
Pen Name:lexixeri
Country: AU
Bio: Hello everyone, chapter two of Tara's story will be uploaded soon.  
Pen Name:lola00
Country: GB
Bio: Rather than tell you about myself, I'll convey my life's journey: I try to hide from the system And not become a victim But it's hard when you're living in a city full of pictures   OK is the school's new literature Life's journey is cool till it trips you up Sipping WKD and vodka in their cups...
Pen Name:lotustiger17
Country: US
Bio: Love to read, I am a beginning writer and I'm just looking for feedback.
Pen Name:lisa2012
Country: US
Pen Name:Livi Bear
Country: CA
Bio: - Writing is my passion - Painting, Photography & Film editing My name is Olivia. I'm eighteen years old. I'm french canadian. I'm in love. I'm a writer. I'm a freak. I'm funny. I'm lame. I'm addicted to soap operas. I'm scared of cars. I'm happy. I'm depressed. I'm me. Favorite Books: Kissed...
Pen Name:lucyintheskywithdiamonds
Country: US
Pen Name:Liam Cooper
Country: US
Bio: Hi! I'm Liam. My mom saw Eddie Money on a plane once.
Pen Name:Linty
Country: GB
Bio: Hi! I'm Linty, and Welcome to my Profile! I write casually, and mostly about modern, more realisticlly based stories. I may try my hand at Fantasy or such, but for now, I focus on the real world, or similar. Check out my Website, dedicated to my writing: http://lintys-writing.weebly.com/
Pen Name:lollipophotspot
Country: AU
Bio: HEY GUYZZZZZZZZ! I Love Romance and most of my stuff will be about fan fiction. I love making things up which aren't realy possible in real life but, I give you a chance to imagine it. HOPE U LIKE IT!!!! ENJOY
Pen Name:Lee Anderson
Country: US
Bio: Love Is Forever is my first attempt at writing fiction, and I decided to use the novel as my venue.  Having been an accounting instructor in the Alabama Post-Secondary School System for the past 27 years, I’m much more comfortable with numbers than words.   Since retiring, I’ve...
Pen Name:Luke Mullen
Country: GB
Pen Name:lexiana
Country: US
Bio: My name is Alex, and I am a 14 year old 9th grader. I have 2 little sisters and 1 little brother.  I love my dad more than my mom. I just bonded better with him. I always like to spend the summer in Tennessee with him, my step-mom, Amy, my 9 year old sis- Devyn, and my adorable 5 year old...
Pen Name:LuxVeritas
Country: US
Bio:       ABOUT ME: I spend alot of time doing things on the computer/internet.    I noticed other authors doing this so I think I will, a section of things about me.   My Favorite Colour: Blue   Age: 16   Things I do: I read a lot and watch netflix/streaming on the internet. I spend a...
Pen Name:Love Kills Slowly
Country: US
Bio: January 5, 2014 (10:13pm): I'm writing again! I'll hopefully have a chapter for my story Life's Not a Fairytale up soon! Excited to get back into this along with reading some of my old favorite stories and favorite author (kirkyb, I'm looking at you here)! oxoxo Miranda ♥  ♥
Pen Name:Lanae D
Country: US
Bio: I love to write. I've been writing since I was a child; it was a natural talent. I always practice and come up with new ideas. My second favorite hobby is to read, I've read all sorts of books.
Pen Name:Laura Colette
Country: US
Bio: Laura Colette grew up in Penn Valley, California, and is an avid artist. She loves writing, movies and music. She is all for trying a little of each - acting, singing, writing and editing. As a writer, she's passionate about ideas. Her genres include mystery, drama, crime, historical, fantasy...
Pen Name:lonley hearts
Country: GB
Bio: If things were easy to find they wouldnt be worth finding ....   Writing is a passion, if not an escapism for me. What i write is real, true and from my own experience's. Events that have shaped my life and affected them run through and deep in my writing and i hope it trancends clear and...

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