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Pen Name:Luna Hades
Country: US
Bio: I have BOD (Book.Obsession.Disorder) is is scientifically proven. :p My hobbies include thinking of stories to write and then not writing them. The struggle in here *points at head* is real, dude. Contact Me: www.twitter.com/lilytronks www.tumblr.com/itsonlyforever-notlongatall...
Pen Name:lgcrezende
Country: BR
Bio: That's me... A person addicted to writing... Why do I like to write? I don't know... I love to create stories... it's crazy, bu I care about my characters... I always try to put my real emotions in all of them. This is my space to write stories in english... And I'm not fluent in english - I'm...
Pen Name:teamedward4life
Country: US
Bio:     The vampire in the basement is FINISHED! Check it out! The Re-Write of dreamless nights has been started! check it out, and let me know wut you think! chapter 2 is up!  lots  New Rob pattz blingees! check it out! I'm going to try to add a song or two for each story, now! starting w/‎...
Pen Name:LiveLaughLove64
Country: GB
Bio: Heyyy :)I'm Emma and I'm a student in England!I love reading on Booksie... there are so many good authors!I dance, do drama, am an Air Cadet (Youth Military Thing), part of a theatre group, editor of school paper and I'm planning on studying Maths at University! (No I am not a geek ;) hehe)I...
Pen Name:L R Griff
Country: GB
Bio: Don't mind me, I'm just passing through...
Pen Name:LastAmaranth
Country: US
Bio: I suck at biographies because talking about myself is hard But I guess you could call me a writer or a poet of some sort And if you read my stuff or become a fan I think I will love you forever  
Pen Name:Larry Jackson
Country: US
Pen Name:Lady Cataluna
Country: GB
Pen Name:LyraHydraComa
Country: US
Bio: A golden Thigh; a thought, a myriad of thoughts, Thoughts like questions pondering vastness only to find the answer in a box. Shall I whine and complain About stepping on broken glass? On thighs sit great things- birth; renewal Sands form glass, wine pours freely Grapevine Dionysius Child-...
Pen Name:leahhammer91211
Country: US
Pen Name:LifelessAlice
Country: US
Bio: Hi.. My names Alyssa. I'm 14, and a Freshman in a Trade School. I have a bit of a difficult time, and get Writers Block on many occasions, so sometimes I'll get halfway through something, and need a break for a while to think of more to write :3 And just to clarify on the Trade School bit:...
Pen Name:littlemissromance13
Country: US
Bio: Hello You Beautiful,Goregous Thing You! Chapter Four of Dedication is Everything is Up! Character Photos for Dedication is Everything are Up!   About Me: My name is Krissy. I am 18 years old. I love romance novels and films.  I love reading and writing. Right now I am obsessed with the TV...
Pen Name:Lucky Alyssa
Country: US
Bio:   .  
Pen Name:LightningValkyrie
Country: US
Bio: Hiya, I'm Chandler Writing is my thing. Straight up, it's just what I do. I live in Anchorage, but I've seen a fair bit of the world and inted to see the rest one day. I wrote my first... eh, "novel" when I was eight and I just caught the bug. I haven't been able to shake it ever since. Maybe...
Pen Name:lola00
Country: GB
Bio: Rather than tell you about myself, I'll convey my life's journey: I try to hide from the system And not become a victim But it's hard when you're living in a city full of pictures   OK is the school's new literature Life's journey is cool till it trips you up Sipping WKD and vodka in their cups...
Pen Name:Lishi
Country: IN
Bio: I want to carve my imaginations in beautiful sequence of words.. hope u like it.
Pen Name:1luka
Country: NL
Pen Name:LB3
Country: CA
Bio:   We are grade twelve students studying Writers Craft at Niagara Christian Community of School, Fort Erie, Canada.   Our final project was to write a book about Fairy Tales. Our class selected the topic of women in Fairy Tales. We did analysis' of the Fairy Tales and we re-wrote the Fairy...
Pen Name:lisia
Country: ID
Bio:     hi I'm Lisia from Surabaya , Indonesia . I'm female .  I'm sorry I can't tell you my real name . Since my first English is my second language , so don't be surprised if you found any mistake in my writings :D .    Right now I'm writing my first novel "  The Wonder Three " Please read...
Pen Name:lyrad2008
Country: PH
Bio: I love writing about History paricularly about the past.  My short stories (Tales from World War 2 ) which are  placed on my blog, http://worldwar42.blogspot.com.   For more info about me visit: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=610210199. Writing is fun if you have the love of making...
Pen Name:LukeD90
Country: GB
Pen Name:ladyziggs
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm 19 and my pen name is Mia J. Sienna I'm obsessed with romance novels, and I love the supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, the whole she-bang. (Die hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan!) I especially like writing young adult novels, about teen life and growing up and family (with a little...
Pen Name:Live4Christ2003
Country: US
Bio: Writing is my way of releasing all of my thoughts, ideas and daily life into perspective.  I ask questions like, "What did I do today?" or "Why did I do that instead of this?" I believe that when you write every day about your life, writing about other things becomes much easier.  As a piano...
Pen Name:littlerose33
Country: GB
Bio: Right, guys. I have an announcement. I'm taking a break from Booksie, and trying out Wattpad. http://www.wattpad.com/user/JennyRose09< tis the link peace!
Pen Name:Laurie Amber
Country: US
Bio: I'm thirteen. Yes, and I'm a writer. Shocking, isn't it? Well, I'm thirteen, indeed, and I love the BBC television shows "Sherlock" and "The Last Enemy" (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH FANS-REUNITE!!). I enjoy writing fictional stories, mainly fantasy stories. Occasionally I have a few minor romancie...
Pen Name:Love of a demon
Country: AT
Bio: Welcome To My World online ()  offline ()  Away (x) the person in the display picture is me i am a emo and proud im gay and proud and pagan and proud not many people like me and  i know that may never change i love to write stories , poetry and love to draw fan me and i will fan you back ...
Pen Name:lost love long forgotten
Country: US
Bio: i enjoy doing a lot of things like writing or reading, i dropped out of high school so that i could get my G.E.D and go to college. I recently became a peer educator something i am very proud of. Im a 17 year old girl and i spend most of my time either caring for my grandma who has terminal...
Pen Name:Laureloxo
Country: GB
Bio: I am 15, I like reading, writing and maths. I have a lot of favourite music and my favourite colour is blue.
Pen Name:lixxi
Country: GB
Bio: Please read my books and leave comments. Thnxs
Pen Name:Lady Alanna
Country: US
Bio: "Pennames are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves" -Author Unknown
Pen Name:London Escorts
Country: GB
Bio: High Class Escort Agencies in LondonLooking for elegant companions? Confused how to find classy and elite London model girls to escort you? Perhaps you tried searching the lap dance clubs and massage parlors. Have you looked at high class escort agencies in London? Escort agencies help both...
Pen Name:loveandmusic
Country: US
Bio: Um, um, um. I don't know what to put...never do.I know what to put now! Kinda...haha. Okay, so I'm a Christian and I love God. I would love for someone who knows me to one day call me a Jesus Freak. It would make me soo happy. Oh, I can be really weird and I don't know if it shows in my writing...
Pen Name:LostInTheCraft
Country: US
Bio: I'd rather be writing a novel than a biography.I am [ ]Online [X]OfflineMy Motto: When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how the hell you did it.
Pen Name:see0the0lee0lee
Country: AU
Bio: My name is Lee-Anne, I've always enjoyed reading and writing. I enjoy writing non-fiction and fantasy stories mostly. I try to entise the reader into my stories, to allow them to feel the emotions of the situation, feel the happiness, cry in the sadness and let there heart race in...
Pen Name:lockerdecoration
Country: US
Pen Name:Lilo96
Country: CA
Bio: I'm a Canadian girl, who spends a majority of her time with her face in a book or a pen in her hand. When I'm not reading or writing I enjoy exploring  the world and capturing every beautiful moment of it. I am beginning my career as a photographer and am further pursuing the arts. Happy...
Pen Name:LiveForExpressionDieForFreedom
Country: US
Bio: I am afflicted with MDD, Major Depressive Disorder, and if I don't get my emotions out in a way as constructive as this, I'll probably commit suicide. I asked some of my friends what they thought about it, and they said it was good, so I guess I'll post it on here and see what you guys think.
Pen Name:Lyric01
Country: US
Bio: Hiya! I'm Tierra . I love music. Trey songz , Drake , Tyga,Chris brown , A7x, Are some of my fave music. I love to write and I read...alot. Fanfics are the best. I am currently in a love/hate relationship with Twilight. I'm a Junior in highschool. I love to sing and dance. Very random at times....
Pen Name:Larri Kaine
Country: US
Bio: Just checking out whats good and sharing my writing  is all
Pen Name:Lamia Fira Ravenmist
Country: US
Bio: My name is Lamia. I will be honest, it's just an alias. My true name you will find out in due time. I'm a writer in progress. Planning to be a Novelist actually, along with a psychologist. I'm not too good with poems unless it's something I'm really passionate about, but I love to read them. I...
Pen Name:leahponsford007
Country: US
Pen Name:LoneStallion54
Country: US
Bio:     I am back!!!!!!!!!!!    Please help me to reach my goal of 100 followers and 100 reads on my new Novel Called Angels Have Fallen To Dismay it would really mean a lot to me!   CONGRATS TO IKKY2000 FOR WINNING 1st PLACE IN MY SHORT STORY PAIN TOPIC CONTEST! YOUR STORY WAS  AMAZING IN...
Pen Name:Lone Surviving Wolf
Country: US
Bio:   I've been writing since I was able to write. The oldest one I found was one about a unicorn pegasus mix who was cast away into the relm of horses because he didnt fit in and it was back in 2nd grade. I draw as well as write and I find a picture is truely worth a thousand words and they help...
Pen Name:Lady Lexi
Country: US
Bio: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"   Hello All! Just a few things that I'm going to say, though some of it, some of you won't like but hey, do I really need to care what your opinion is? First of all, I don't give out personal information unless we've been talking for a...
Pen Name:Lady Elizabeth
Country: US
Bio: I love to read and write fantasy.  Sometimes the spark even strikes me to write a poem now and then.  I also have a really strange imagination and an odd sense of humor.  I don't get a lot of time to write, but I thoroughly enjoy it when I do.There are a few authors on Booksie that I admire...
Pen Name:lydiaruth
Country: GB
Bio: Okay guys, it's been months and months since I updated, but now I will, and I hope I continue. Right, my name is Lydia and I'm 14.I love lots of things, including words.You reading and commenting will genuinely make me happy, so I thank you in advance.I'll leave you with these words and my...
Pen Name:loveforeva1
Country: US
Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Maya. I love writing. I am bisexual and I write about lgbt stuff but i also write about more darker stuff such as depression and suicide. I'd love feedback!  I also have an email. Messege me! loveforeva1fans@aol.com
Pen Name:Lindsey Renea
Country: US
Bio: Well I'm Lindsey.  I am wanting to become a writer. I love to write more than anything. To me, writing is my escape from reality. I write about my past, my feelings and thoughts. I also write whatever comes to mind or whatever inspires me. When I'm not writing, I am thinking. I think about...
Pen Name:lancetti
Country: US
Bio: Check the "news" for updates btw. All of my stories are boy's love. The current story, Nearly There Nicely, was started Nov 17 2011. It is incomplete. Yes, before you ask. After working several years on this story and it's still not done.... At least I love my boys. Chapter 1-10 Act 11-20 Phase...
Pen Name:Luisribas
Country: US
Bio: I am cool
Pen Name:LifeIsntAlwaysFair98
Country: AU
Bio: Why Hello their! Thank you for visiting my page, be sure to leave a comment on my work or just a good old reading request, Nice meeting you! :) About Me- Well, well, where to start ;) I absolutely love the colour Blue. My fav animal would have to be a Wolf & Tigersince their both so adorable...
Pen Name:LittleStar
Country: PH
Bio: Hi there. I'm a fourteen year old girl who happens to enjoy reading and writing. People say that I've got talent in writing, but I still have lots to learn. I've joined Booksie to share my work and hopefully get some constructive feedback for improvement. :)     Here's a little more about me.....
Pen Name:Lag Seeing
Country: GB
Bio: so. umm, what exactly do i write here? if i was to summaries myself i would say that im a creative person, but i find it hard to put down what i want in to words. i am currently working on my novel 'mourning frost' whilst attending college, so im finding it hard to keep to a scheduele for...
Pen Name:Louise Rose
Country: DK
Pen Name:lovepoetryandbooks
Country: CA
Bio: I can't really summerize myself. I love to read and write. Drawing is also one of my favourite hobbies. I'm homeschooled, so I have a lot of free time. Up for reading requests. My favourite kinds of novels are about kidnapping. If you are writing a kidnapping story or if you know of one please...
Pen Name:lhj5338693
Country: US
Bio:   This store offers high quality laptop CPU fan, power outlet, keyboard. Our integrity is the power of the enterprise, you buy this product, cheap, reliable global delivery! Online sales http://www.21marketplace.com http://www.coolingcpufan.com Is an experienced network of sales...
Pen Name:Ltrainor96
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm Laura, I LOVE WRITING!!! hope you read my stuff! I'm into love stories and adventure type books :)  Music is my absolute life.  Please read my work and comment!!! Also become a fan if you like what i do:)
Pen Name:lamarpfeffer
Pen Name:lilchiblets
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm lilchiblets. :) but please call me Chibi or Chii.(10/21/10) My writings, haikus, and tankas, are on hiatus. I will update when I can, but the progress is slow, ever since college started.My writing is about average, but when I look back at it, I know that I can see improvement as I...
Pen Name:llsgg
Country: GB
Bio: Hi i am lisa, a pisces pessimist mother of 2 boys, i like many different people and things, am a little bit crazy but like a laugh xxxx
Pen Name:Luke Miller
Country: CA
Bio: I'm an eighteen year old student, currently studying literature at the University of Winnipeg. I'm an aspiring novelist and I hope that my writing is well liked and that I can build on my wrting from different critiques and suggestions. I'm also cool.
Pen Name:love can be complicated
Country: US
Bio: hey guys welcome to my booksie page hope you have fun reading my stories
Pen Name:Band4Life
Country: US
Bio: Let's see... I am indeed a band nerd, just to clear that. I AM 16 AND LOVING IT!!! I love writng stories. Oh, and about band... it is an important part of my life. Don't like it? That's fine. You aren't the one in the band. I like singing along to Taylor Swift while drinking a cream soda when I...
Pen Name:Light bulb
Country: GB
Bio:   ♪ - ♫ - ♪ - ♫ - ♪ - ♫ - ♪     I am 16 and love to write, I'm hoping to one day become an author. I usually write about my dreams or the ideas that pop into my head.           εїз εїз εїз εїз εїз   My favourite place to be is sea side, I guess that's...
Pen Name:lilmisschatterbox25
Country: GB
Bio:   I am twentyfive years old and am the youngest of five children. I have two brothers and two sisters, I like being the youngest really as they are all grown up and two of them are even grandparents themselves. I also have a pet cat called Ginger who is the love of my life he is fourteen and I...
Pen Name:lovablelilly
Country: TT
Bio: i love everything to do with reading and im EMO                                                           Valentine’s Day Roses are Red Violets are Blue I can’t be with another Because I’m still in love with you If you don’t feel the same way Sorry I must...
Pen Name:lwando92
Country: ZA
Bio: I am in Lwando in Cape Town.I love poetry,art and reading.poetry is what inspires me to get focused and it keeps my mind off unimportant things.I love nature and meeting new people everday
Pen Name:last2know
Country: LK
Bio: Hi gUyS ......... I am a human being who is dreaming to be a writer...sooo guys please read my works and leave a comment. I would return the favor for the ones who are kind to me. Wish you a good time on Booksie... 1. If you add me as a fan I will definitely add you as a fan and I'm going to...
Pen Name:LunarNights
Country: PH
Bio: I am LunarNights. My favorite book is a book which was written by starfields. It was called, In Serein. It was in time of magics and is a fantasy ( Or i Believe to be reality) genre. I reccoment people who like reading novels to read In Serein. I like novels or stories with fantasy genre and...
Pen Name:Lunette
Country: ZA
Bio:     Hello there!  my real name is Nonkululeko and it's a Ndebele name which means freedom and I am from SOUTH AFRICA. I am currently doing my senior year in high school. I only write poetry,for now, but I hope that in the near future I'll be able to write more than that. Oh, one more thing I...
Pen Name:lost in translation
Country: US
Bio: My name is Michael Shew. I live in Wilkesboro,  North Carolina. A small town at the foot of the Applaichain mountains. I've been here all my life(26yrs), and don't see myself leaving anytime soon. I have had a challenging childhood, and unless you know me you'll never know. What else can I...

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