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Pen Name:LauraJayne9295
Country: GB
Pen Name:lawoman66
Country: US
Bio: I'm 19 years old and just finished my freshman year of college. I plan on becoming a pre-school teacher but I love writing & always have. I really truly believe that fate messed up & I was born in the wrong time. I'd give anything to have been born in the mid 40s (so I could live the full...
Pen Name:LostxSoul
Country: AU
Pen Name:LilyBellRose
Country: US
Pen Name:ILuvYuh4Life
Country: CA
Bio: Hello, my name is Jenny.  I hope you like the stories I wrote. It's not quite done but I'm working on it.  And Yes I am Thirteen and some were writen when I was 12. My passions are writing, drawing and singging.         I love anime and music. (=^.^=) I'm always looking forward and...
Pen Name:ladyziggs
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my pen name is Mia J. Sienna and my birthday is October 25! I absolutely love YA literature, and a lot of my works are in that genre. Romance novels are my favorite, and I greatly appreciate the supernatural. (Die hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan!) I especially like writing young adult...
Pen Name:lololuv
Country: US
Bio: i'm emo and silly and sweet.
Pen Name:lavenderrosepetals
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley but all that know me, i go by Ash.I'm updating this profile, as to what i am or will be doing soon. I am thinking that i will read exerpts, poetry and novels on here, an give critic of what i like, and to help people with their writing. This will give me some experience into...
Pen Name:Lisa Marie
Country: US
Bio: I am a special education teacher in New York.I have a Masters In Education. I live a hectic life by day and writing is an escape for me. I was never much of a reader and I hate to sit still; so many of my works are brief and written as monologues or poems. I write from personal experiences of...
Pen Name:Luneceepyon
Country: ID
Bio: Misha's here!!I'm still new here, and English isn't my native language so please mind my grammatical mistakes!I fucking love YAOI, so I'm really sorry but please recommend ONLY your yaoi story, dont ask me to read anything besides yaoi because it's not that I dont like het,  but I prefer yaoi...
Pen Name:Lawson Luke
Country: NG
Bio: Lawson Luke enjoys reading, writing, and abstract reasoning. He is witty, opinionated, erratic (no thanks to his gemini nature), and is a Physics graduate.  
Pen Name:Lady Ciela
Country: US
Bio: Hi. I'm Andi. There's not really much to write here because the only thing worth saying is as i make this account on July 30th, 2015 is that I am 6 months pregnant with my son Cayn.
Pen Name:Luvving
Country: GB
Bio: No news for now!.
Pen Name:L A Fernandez Jr
Country: PH
Pen Name:LorenEve
Country: GB
Bio: I'm restarting my booksie. I need a fresh start. Sorry everyone, hope you find my work again sometime :/
Pen Name:Livvym11
Pen Name:Lele0208
Country: US
Bio: I am they type of girl who is very clumsy, and says things that make sense in my head but when I say them out loud people just stare at me. I love to read and write!!! As well as listen to music, watch TV, and hang out with friends!!!I am obsessed with Syfy's Alice!!!  As well as Harry Potter...
Pen Name:lawlady02
Country: US
Bio: Don't you just love the "about me" section?  I guess I will run down the basics.  I am a 29 year old paralegal, (although I currently do not work in a law office).  I work for a local pharmacy doing collection work, and handling legal details.  I have never published any of my writing, so...
Pen Name:Lillystories
Country: GB
Bio: I love Fresh Strawberry Smoothies at Sprinkles Gelato and Pancakes. I love Romantic,Drama,Action,Comedy Mangas and English books. If you have any of them, please comment me what your best Books with all kinds of genre like: Action,Romance,Comedy.. I love maths but I am really bad at it. Please...
Pen Name:Little Miss Rachie
Country: US
Bio: Hi there!!! I'm Little Miss Rachie and I'm the author of 'Take A Hint' and 'Destiny's Fate'. These are the current books I'm working on.ANYWAYS!!! On to the next thing I was going to say! I'm also curently working on...-five I think?- other books. They are all either action packed with romance,...
Pen Name:LadyStitches
Country: US
Bio: Welcome  Hello onlookers, I'm Jessica Sitton I've always loved to write stories but only family has been reading them. I have a dream that one day one, just one, story will be published and loved through out the nation. I'm seventeen years old. I'm one of four and have been in a relationship...
Pen Name:lunalovegood114
Country: CA
Bio: !!!!WELCOME  ALL READERS!!!! Okay look! I'm a HARRY POTTER fan! Harry Potter will always be my number one favourite movies, novel, posters, and shirts! I love it and we all have opinions, but I selute all Harry Potter fans! lol it's the BEST! Harry Potter and the rest of the characters will...
Pen Name:LMayhew
Country: GB
Bio: I am 26 and live in england, I take care of my little family and house. I love to walk and write. mos of what i righ is lesbian romantic stories. my fav author is Gerri Hill I have all of her books and very excited to get her new upcomin books. please feel free to read my storries, leave...
Pen Name:LostSisterGrimm
Country: US
Bio: 26. ✨ Writer. ✏️ Mommy. 👶🏼 DC chick. 💋 Packers fan. 🏈 Fluent in ASL. 👌🏼 www.facebook.com/lostsistergrimm
Pen Name:liljayjay101
Country: US
Pen Name:Leo Bond
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I am Leo, I'm new to writing, and I would like to get my novels noticed. Now even though i want my novels noticed i would truly love to one day have them converted into there own animated series. I believe that one should put there heart and soul into what they do, in my case it is...
Pen Name:Lovelygirl151515x
Country: US
Pen Name:LittleMizOz
Country: US
Bio:          Offline My Darlings :(   Be sure to check out my deviantART site below!   EmeraldEquinox Updates: So I am not going to be reading anyone's work unless I have requested an update. Please DO NOT send me requests - THEY WILL BE DELETED   Hey guys! Call me Oz, I love writing and...
Pen Name:Lenore G98
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Hannah Lenore Ganser. Writing has been one of my favorite things to do since I was very young and I was always looking for feedback. I can thow out a short story in a few hours with it being somewhat interesting, and poems the come completely from my heart in maybe an hour. I'm...
Pen Name:Leon RT
Pen Name:Lady Leah
Country: ZA
Bio: WELCOME TO MY BOOKSIE PAGESome useless information:My name is Leah, I love cats, and hate onions.I'm going to Varsity soon, super excited!And I love reading, and writing, I would imagine that's pretty obvious though!Feel free to read my work, and let me know what you think.All the best...
Pen Name:ladyinwaiting
Country: US
Bio: Dear Lovelie Booksie ReadersI am very sorry to Imform all of you that I will no longer be posting on this site from now on. Booksie truthfully has became a bore, full of incoherant, untrusting people causing to have no incentive whatsoever to continue posting on this site. I love you all very...
Pen Name:LB Studio
Country: US
Bio: Retired from adult work. Currently blogging, writing stories. I do volunteer work with our local Meals-On- Wheels organization. I write Humor, satire & am working on more than one book idea. I can be found on Face Book, Google plus, Twitter & Wordpress. Look me up.    
Pen Name:Lady Karma
Country: CA
Bio: I am fourteen years old, and I believe in being my own PERSON and standing up for what I BELIEVE in, even if it gets me in trouble. I hate racist or sexist people, and can't stand people who are too serious.I LOVE MUSIC, it's one of the three things my life revolves around (besides family...
Pen Name:vicki23leafs
Country: CA
Pen Name:lives2write
Country: US
Bio: Peace, Love, Music, Free Hugs, RainbowsBri
Pen Name:ladygothicka
Country: GB
Bio:   Hi! I'm Jess, and I think the first thing to say is the list of my medical and mental conditions (don't worry I'm not bonkers!). OK, so here goes. I have: Asperger Syndrome, depression, a sway back, a dicky hip, migraines, short-sightedness, an astigmatism in my right eye ... and a slight...
Pen Name:levistpeter1
Country: US
Bio: I guess that. I just fight for what I believe in. And I like to believe that I have good aspects and morals.. Or good enough one's not to make me an evil person. I love writing, I spend most of my time doing so, and I do wish to become something great.. And I guess this is step one.
Pen Name:Lex The Damned
Country: ZA
Bio: I am Truth, I lIve in Truth and iI Communicate my Truth.
Pen Name:lainie
Pen Name:Live4Christ2003
Country: US
Bio: Writing is my way of releasing all of my thoughts, ideas and daily life into perspective.  I ask questions like, "What did I do today?" or "Why did I do that instead of this?" I believe that when you write every day about your life, writing about other things becomes much easier.  As a piano...
Pen Name:LEBEA
Country: ZA
Pen Name:livingwater15
Country: US
Bio: The name is Taylor. :)  I write poetry, I love to read (have you figured out that I'm a nerd yet?) I am out to change the world, even if the change is only in myself.Taylor
Pen Name:lh2413
Country: GB
Pen Name:louise16
Country: GB
Bio: I'm new to this so here we go..i'm 19, live in England. Reading to be more precise (not famed for it's history of budding writers i know).Love music, my friends ... I write for fun and i know it's not fantastic but hey! i'm allowed to do it_Dont let the trials of life // change who you are tonight_
Pen Name:Labyrinth Black
Country: GB
Bio:   Labyrinth Black has loved to write ever since she wrote a short story when she was eight years old. She's writing this because she can, and because she knows that nobody really cares. She lives in Tonbridge, England, and love every animal she sees, except wasps, slugs and vampire bats ^_^...
Pen Name:Lilly Thomas
Country: RO
Bio: Just so you know the problem with my stories is that I don't see the ending :p
Pen Name:Livvbabex
Country: GB
Pen Name:lecram
Country: US
Bio: Just writing for fun. I am writing about the things I know.
Pen Name:LoneStallion54
Country: US
Bio:      Guys I am Really Reeally Sorry for not being on that much, I am super busy with all my Summer Things, and my job, and I want to spend time with friends before school starts up again because my friend and I aren't going to the same school this year. SO I apolgize for not being on.. The...
Pen Name:lizzie1124
Country: US
Bio: *ONLINE* All writings are © copyright of lizzie1124 (If you steal my work you WILL be reported!)   I'm starting to write stories. The types of stories I will be writing are short-stories, poems, and novels. The topics will be about love, relationships, bullies, family, and friends. I want...
Pen Name:LynetteSphls
Country: CA
Bio: uhh, im 13, i may or may not self harm, but thats what most of my poems are about, idk why. i love singing, and my favorite somg is If I Die Young, by The Band Perry.
Pen Name:Lauren Risley
Country: US
Bio: hello friends. i'm lauren, i'm 17. i'm going to be studying forensic science in the fall. i like reading, writing, math, science, and watching tv/movies and listening to music. :)
Pen Name:LonesomeQueen
Country: NL
Bio: In our play we reveal what kind of people we are. -Ovid
Pen Name:Laura Plum
Country: AR
Bio: They told me that you have to call yourself a writer to be a writer and to believe. I think that's true, even if it is just something you do for yourself. I have always written and read, travelled and moved, taught and learnt. I studied English at Liverpool Univeristy and then an MA in Literary...
Pen Name:ldlred
Country: US
Bio: Hi my name is Lisa! And I am 18 years old. Photography is my passion! I love taking pictures of nature. I also love writing; i love short stories and poetry. I often have writers block and can’t think of anything to write so things come out months at a time, but when i do figure out something...
Pen Name:Lightyagimi
Country: US
Pen Name:Liikanen
Pen Name:LChristophe
Country: US
Bio: Hello! I'm Legendary Christophe', and I'm here to welcome you to enjoy good lyrics of my life and my music as well. Going through the phases of life. Experiences, and saying things that some may thinkit's so questionable. Each album have a deep meaning behind them, but you'll love them all!...
Pen Name:Luisa Silveira
Country: BR
Bio: I am me, and as well as nobody else is like me I am like nobody else.   Aspie, depressed, happy, sad, anxious, quiet, loud... - it's a matter oF perspective.
Pen Name:Lady Jewells
Country: US
Bio: Hello Readers,          I'm Lady Jewells, at least that's what name I slurred to the paramedic that asked me if I knew my name. The paramedics were trying to assess me to determine my level of impairment. He had asked me, but I did not know what my name was for several seconds. Then it...
Pen Name:lala1
Country: US
Bio: Well, not that great at descriptions so if there is anything you want to know just ask : )  
Pen Name:LoveToWrite2727
Country: US
Bio: Hey there! Fifteen years young. Livin' it up in New York City. Reader, Writer, Singer, & Artist.   Lover of Music. Lover of Romance. Lover of Life. Rules for Reading Requests: - Romance or Young Adult only please. - I also read poems (any poems). If you want my opinion on yours, I'll try...
Pen Name:LoveCicely
Country: US
Bio: I am Cicely, age 14. DO NOT JUDGE ME BY AGE. I would like to be reviewed as an adult. All my friends assume I am going to be a writer when I grow up, but I am not so sure.Is writing something you can buy and sell? To me the answer is no, writing is just there to be. Just as we are meant to...
Pen Name:lifeisabitchthenyoudie
Country: US
Pen Name:LightningValkyrie
Country: US
Bio: Hiya, I'm Chandler Writing is my thing. Straight up, it's just what I do. I live in Anchorage, but I've seen a fair bit of the world and inted to see the rest one day. I wrote my first... eh, "novel" when I was eight and I just caught the bug. I haven't been able to shake it ever since. Maybe...
Pen Name:LovesToWrite18
Country: US
Bio: Name's Vicky. Eighteen years. Writer. I enjoy books. Music is basically my entire life. I'm good at wearing my heart on my sleeve.   Currently Reading: Black Dawn - Rachel Caine  Currently Obsessed With: Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy          
Pen Name:Love at all sight
Country: MU
Bio: Talking about true life, love, adventure, action and reality, my novel can make you realise world... I'm  15  and love writing...  if you read my novels, thanks and GOOD READING!
Pen Name:lqwertyl
Country: US
Bio: Hello everyone :) I am lqwertyl (you probably already know that...) but anyways, thanks for checking out my booksie page. If you like what you see please think about becoming a fan and commenting on what I write. Thanks again :D Wassup peoples :D Chapter 6 of Last Man Standing is out!!!!!!! (If...
Pen Name:lost love long forgotten
Country: US
Bio: i enjoy doing a lot of things like writing or reading, i dropped out of high school so that i could get my G.E.D and go to college. I recently became a peer educator something i am very proud of. Im a 19 year old girl and i spend most of my time either caring for my grandma who has terminal...
Pen Name:LunarPentagram
Country: US
Pen Name:lloydsriley
Pen Name:Littlecanoe
Country: US
Pen Name:llsgg
Country: GB
Bio: Hi i am lisa, a pisces pessimist mother of 2 boys, i like many different people and things, am a little bit crazy but like a laugh xxxx
Pen Name:leahdawn1979
Country: PH
Bio: I'm simple person.
Pen Name:lionessknight
Country: US
Bio: I don't know how to delete my account and so I am taking all of my work off of here. Sorry.

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