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Pen Name:Lea Lea
Country: GB
Bio: I don't claim to be any good at this, but the things I write are personal and real.Sometimes my head gets crowded and i have to write. Things pop into my head randomly and i pop them down. If i don't get them out I get frustrated.Some of what I write are poems, some are songs, and some are just...
Pen Name:LetTheGaymeBegin
Country: FR
Bio: Hi, my name is Meghan and I'm a French 18 years old girl. I really enjoy writing and speaking English. So I decided to write short stories in English. It gives me a way to explain my feelings because I find it easier in an other language, as if it were more powerful, and true. I know it's hard...
Pen Name:Lucy Kajiura
Country: DE
Bio: B I O I was born in 1996 in Russia. When I was four, my parents moved with me to Germany. In the last two years I taught myself English through animes and video games. I had a basic Latin, French and Spanish education in school. I am in a long-distance relationship and I love Supernatural and...
Pen Name:Louis1
Country: ZA
Bio: I live in Africa where the Acacia trees spread their umbrella cannopies majestically on the African plain.  Where Lion and Zebra gather at the waterhole to drink in the midday heat. Where the tribes are real, and the smell of burnt maize permeates the air around the villages.  The bark of the...
Pen Name:Leopard305
Country: NZ
Pen Name:Lady Black Bat
Country: IL
Pen Name:LunarEclipse
Country: US
Bio: Writing is something I always hated to do and now I do it almost everyday.Although I usually get bored with one story and go on to the next.That isn't always the problem though.Sometimes I face writers block and then I give up because I can never get by it. Anything I write always has a new...
Pen Name:laolsen
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing very much, it is a relaxing hobby to me. I would never be this far without the help of my friends, and teachers. Especially Mrs. Woelfel, who helped me greatly. Also kudos to my editor Katie Senn, i would die without her abbilities.  Ok now i guess i have to do something about...
Pen Name:Leo Bond
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I am Leo, I'm new to writing, and I would like to get my novels noticed. Now even though i want my novels noticed i would truly love to one day have them converted into there own animated serious. I believe that one should put there heart and soul into what they do, in my case it is...
Pen Name:L R Griff
Country: GB
Bio: Don't mind me, I'm just passing through...
Pen Name:l1ghtningst0rm
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, my name's Summer,  I'm 16 years old and I live in the UK. I've loved reading and writing ever since I can remember. I like to write about things that matter, like gender or racial inequality and abuse, but I also like to let my feelings out and express how I feel or have felt and perhaps...
Pen Name:LetsStealCookies
Country: US
Bio: They call me Rachael(:I love to read ♥I write poetryI tend to be a bit randomI am a major gum chewer ^^I am very picky with many thingsI love God&I'm not afraid to talk about Him♥Feel free to talk I will talk back :DAsk me anythingI ask that you don't take my writing&will gladly be your...
Pen Name:LastAmaranth
Country: US
Bio: I suck at biographies because talking about myself is hard But I guess you could call me a writer or a poet of some sort And if you read my stuff or become a fan I think I will love you forever  
Pen Name:LoveStoriesFan823
Country: US
Pen Name:lifezgreateztmyztery12
Country: ZA
Bio: Sorry but i will no longer be posting my writing or taking reading requests on this site. I really do not have the time with the amount of work that comes with going to university. However, if i am reading your novel then keep me updated.
Pen Name:LunarPentagram
Country: US
Pen Name:Lara96
Country: AU
Bio:    happy valentines day everyone !!    Hello everyone welcome to my page my name is Lara. READING REQUESTS ARE CLOSE AT THE MOMENT     What I love to do in my spare time include (interests): when I’m not at school, I love to play my guitar, the piano and I also like to sing. Besides all...
Pen Name:llsgg
Country: GB
Bio: Hi i am lisa, a pisces pessimist mother of 2 boys, i like many different people and things, am a little bit crazy but like a laugh xxxx
Pen Name:Lips of an Angel
Country: AU
Bio:   You really dont need to know much about me, other than to read my words. That will be enough to tell you who I am. I love writing poetry and have done so all my life. I have journals filled with my writings and collections of poetry, literature all from favorite writers. I am writing a book...
Pen Name:lmcornelison
Country: US
Bio: I was raised in a small farming community in California. I married young and started a family, settling a few miles from my home town. I worked in Human Resources for a few years, but soon decided that being a stay at home mom is my true calling. Shuttling kids to and from practice, school and...
Pen Name:Lance Tinsley
Country: US
Bio: hii  my name is delancey and i'm good at taking two year hiatuses lmfao. check out my stories :]
Pen Name:Luke Andrew
Country: BZ
Pen Name:lovelikehey
Country: US
Bio: Sorry to anyone who has asked me to read thier story. I haven't had the time with school and working on my own stories. So so so sorry. I promise I'll eventually get around to reading your work! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ~*~*~*~ ONE DIRECTION (I do not own any of these photos. Found on Tumblr.)  ...
Pen Name:LilyBellRose
Country: US
Pen Name:littlemissromance13
Country: US
Bio: Hello You Beautiful, Goregous Thing You!     About Me: My name is Krissy. I am 19 years old. I love romance novels and films.  I love reading and writing. I adore the band The 1975. My celebrity crush is Matthew Gray Gubler.
Pen Name:lesbianrebel94
Country: US
Bio: Well hello out there to all my fans. It has been awhile guys. I`m sorry about that. The main reason i disappeared for so long is that my muse just disappeared on me, it may have had a lot to do with the relationship crap i was going through at the time but thats over now and im happily single....
Pen Name:LostInTheShadows
Country: GB
Bio: I Write About Real Life Emotions And Experiences. Not All Of My Work Will Be Depressive So Stay Tunes For More.
Pen Name:Lady Wolf
Country: US
Bio:  *~Hello! Welcome to my sanctuary~*   I'm 23-years-old and just separated from serving in the United States Air Force. I enjoy reading/writing romance and horror. Finding beauty in the twisted way the human imagination works has always inspired me. I'm a Christian and am currently trying to...
Pen Name:lilamarie
Country: US
Bio: My parents are John and Maggi Smith. I have 2 little sisters who are 12 and 16. I am 25. I've been dating my boyfriend, Cody, for the past 4 years. My dream is to become a teacher and a writer. I write a lot of historical fiction cause I love history. I am currently OBSESSED with The Tudors....
Pen Name:Luna95
Country: US
Pen Name:Lady Alanna
Country: US
Bio: "Pennames are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves" -Author Unknown
Pen Name:Lofty Muskaan
Country: PK
Bio: Yo there, people!!! I'm your gorgeous Muskaan Khan. LOL, I'm cocky and I know it. :* That's me below   I'm 17. But will soon be turning 18! And I LOVE ~   My boyfriend, Zee  Writing. Reading. Obviously  Hanging out with my friends, Sara and Mariah  Facebook-ing. Tweeting. Stilettos ...
Pen Name:Laurie M
Country: CA
Bio: HELLO. My name is Laura; nicknamed Laurie. I'm 16 years old, I don't currently live in Montreal, Canada, but next year, I'll be moving there. My dream is to become a producer/director/writer. I always imagine myself living in palm beach, working in a successful business with my cousin. “The...
Pen Name:lifexperience
Country: US
Bio: Hi Everyone just to update I'm  really enjoying my time here at Booksie, admittedly it can be a bit addictive. I do read, like and comment on the works of others and as I've said to a few members you guys even have me reading and liking POETRY- thats major for me. I guess that means I'M OPEN TO...
Pen Name:luckycharms4516
Country: US
Bio: Dear Booksie,I'm hardly on here anymore, and I'm sorry for that.And, I'm not going to be taking reading requests, but I wish you luck with your writing. Just don't take it personally, if I don't read your stuff.All of my stories are currently, and maybe permanently on HIATUS. I'm really,...
Pen Name:Loving Song
Country: US
Bio: I'm just an undiagnosed Bi-Polar alcoholic that's dying in slow motion while making ends meet.... That's the worst of me... so now the best of me can surprise you!!! Loving Song is the meaning of my government first and middle name... but I'm A'Loveless Song...
Pen Name:Lathriel
Country: US
Bio: I am just another creative soul in the sea of plenty. Writing whimsically or when my muse strikes with a fierce vengeance. So enjoy what lies here, a multitude of works varying in quality, subjects, and how much you question my sanity. LOVE&PEACE, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, Lathriel
Pen Name:Lucas McBride
Country: CA
Bio: Writing is my passion, and with each passing day i strive to improve this passion and hopefully, one day, make it an occupation. I hope one day to enravel my readers into my stories, and make them feel a whole host of emotions from reading my words! I am new to this kind of publishing site, but...
Pen Name:LForte
Country: US
Bio: I like toast, cheap red wine, dark chocolate, vintage punk rock, Stevie Nicks,The Golden Girls, long walks, being absolutely alone without any interruptions, Jodi Piccoult, history, beer, Golden Gharams, Spaceballs, taking baths, swimming in the ocean, SKA music, my dog Dottie, my pillow, and...
Pen Name:LB Studio
Country: US
Bio: Retired from adult work. Currently blogging, writing stories. I do volunteer work with our local Meals-On- Wheels organization. I write Humor, satire & am working on more than one book idea. I can be found on Face Book, Google plus, Twitter & Wordpress. Look me up.    
Pen Name:lindaleerathbun
Country: US
Bio: I am a dual citizen of the United States and Australia. I recently returned to the States after many years in Australia with my husband, Steve. Steve is a photographer, and together, we have had over 200 articles published in magazines worldwide. We have also had four 4WD touring guides to...
Pen Name:Lucena
Country: US
Bio: I write: Short Stories, Novels, Book Reviews. I'm a dreamer who likes to put it on paper . . . or type it on the computer, since these are the modern days. Everyone and anyone is welcome to read my work, and if you have any request, just leave me a comment below and I'll try to check out every...
Pen Name:lightning999
Country: MA
Bio: My Real Name is Kamel Kadri & unlike most of you i was never intrested in poetry but her spirit inspired me to become one I may not be the best but i am looking forward to learn & improve. I am Rugby player, a writer, an author, a graphic/logo/web designer, PUA, A Romance artist, an Amorati, a...
Pen Name:tika123love
Country: US
Bio: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ even the moon, master of the sea, illuminator of the night,  has his craters. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Pen Name:LostAndConfused
Country: MT
Bio: Just another lost soul who's only muse is given from the staggering world of literature. As a general theme, I usually prefer fiction, due to the simple fact that I believe, fiction is just actual concepts or witnessed occurances which have been shaped and manifested into an enchanting piece of...
Pen Name:LeeWilson
Country: GB
Bio: I’m Lee-Ann, I’m 27 years old. I am a primary teacher, but also enjoy writing short stories. I love reading, any and all books. I like cats too.
Pen Name:LucienMaier
Country: US
Bio: They always used to say "Lucien marches to the beat of his own drummer"   When people say that's impossible that is when I begin to look at the problem. So my writing is no different. I have presented it in an multitude of media. After all is it not the pen that matter but the story behind it.
Pen Name:ladyhokage
Country: NG
Pen Name:lucymareee
Country: AU
Pen Name:lauricula
Country: US
Bio: ❤  Welcome! You're visiting Lauricula's Booksie Page! Please enjoy your stay! ❤   ❤  ❤  ❤   I am [x] online [] offline I am [x] taking reading requests [] not taking reading requests I am [x] available to participate in contests [] not available to participate in...
Pen Name:MCR4Life
Country: US
Bio: Hi guys. I'm the past "LoveNeverForever247". Hopefully word will get out...Some things happend, but everythings alright now. I'm not going to stop writing! I promise. I love your advice, so post away! I still LOVE My Chemical Romance(obviously)   But I found a new band! Incubus? Ya, I love...
Pen Name:linalangley
Country: GB
Bio: Lina has a degree in Literature and Creative Writing and is currently pursuing a postgrad degree in Creative Writing.
Pen Name:lala1
Country: US
Bio: Well, not that great at descriptions so if there is anything you want to know just ask : )  
Pen Name:LoveDoctor14
Pen Name:littlejo
Country: US
Bio: I am just a short ,fat lady who likes to write about things that happen in my life. I look at things a little diffently than most people. I tryto find the humor in things.I am 48 yrs old, married to my best friend and we are the proud parents of a 23 yr old daughter who is away at college...
Pen Name:Laura Addison
Country: GB
Pen Name:Lashanna
Country: ZW
Bio: Just a girl who wants to write :)
Pen Name:LotsOfLoveX
Country: GB
Bio: HEYYYY I thought I'd just say that I'm going to make it my goal to finish a novel by May:D hiya my names Matilda (like the book) but you can call me Tilda or Tilli, im not bothered :) My all time favourite book has to be the hunger games but i also love noughts and crosses and many more books....
Pen Name:LynetteSphls
Country: CA
Bio: uhh, im 13, i may or may not self harm, but thats what most of my poems are about, idk why. i love singing, and my favorite somg is If I Die Young, by The Band Perry.
Pen Name:Lenxica
Country: GB
Bio: I'm sixteen years old and I love to both read and write, but I have only recently started to post things online after much persuasion from my friends. I love to hear what people have to say about my work both good and bad as then I can improve. I live in England and have never been outside of...
Pen Name:Lucas McDevitt
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys! New poetry is coming every Thursday! Make sure to read, like and leave comments on last weeks poems and leave comment suggestions for next weeks poems! Thanks! Enjoy!  
Pen Name:LOLlolita
Country: US
Pen Name:LeCraigyPoo
Country: US
Pen Name:lilskittle101011
Country: US
Bio: Well, I obviously like to read and write, I am on a different site. Quizilla.com myusern ame is the same there. My stories havent been able to upload lately though, and its making me upset, so I decided to try here and hopefully I won't have any problems. I am 16, I'm a complete goofball. I have...
Pen Name:Lucas Lysne
Country: US
Bio: I like to write, and people seem to like it. So why not let more see it? I'm a multi-instrumentalist with the strangest taste for sludge metal and alt-rock. I enjoy many authors, but none so much as Howard Phillips Lovecraft and David Foster Wallace. I'm an atheist, but philosophizing and...
Pen Name:love mon princess
Country: IN
Bio: I am a normal girl, normal from outside. Normal as my daddy's princess as my mothers sweetheart as my brothers dearest sister my sisters frank friend and my friends loving and caring darling and to others just a girl.But to 99% I am what I described but to my actual face I am a obssesed...
Pen Name:Leah Marie P
Country: US
Bio: I'm Leah Marie P...... Read my stuff..... That's about it, guys.
Pen Name:LogInGirl
Country: CA
Bio:     Hi there!   Not a routine writer, but writing is definitely something I enjoy & literature is something I have a passion for, so stop by and take a browse? :) New Short Story Alert! : Baby Step to Forever, please give it a read & leave some feed back, much appreciated :) Test of...
Pen Name:Lisa Ayers
Country: US
Bio:                                                                                                                       Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy your time here.  I love...
Pen Name:Loli
Country: GB
Bio: A long, long time ago I was still an innocent kid...But no longer!!!! I'm back - after a year's worth of hard work in school!!!!!!!Friends be prepared for my next fantasy novel "Nightmare"!
Pen Name:LaurUndead
Country: US
Bio: Writing is my biggest passion, the stunt that fuels my dreams, my inspirations, my life.It's my task of coping, my key of discovery in a world less-noticable. It may one day be my demise, but I can only wish for destiny.I live in a small town, but I've dreams of the city. I've moved around so...
Pen Name:LoveOfMusic
Country: US
Bio: NI'm Lauren. I write Music and Books. I am 17 years old. My alter ego in other websites is that I am 27 years old and I 'work' as a local singer/songwriter. My dream is to become a New York Times Best Selling Author. Someday I will be married to the perfect guy, and have one son and two...
Pen Name:loversgonewrong444
Country: US
Pen Name:LadyHarker
Country: US
Bio: Hi there, my name is Violet Lucy. I love to write, read, daydream, draw, and enjoy the beautiful night time. I do like to write and read fiction/fantasy romances. I usually write a book involving vampires but sometimes I use other mythical creatures. If you ever need to contact me about...
Pen Name:Le Petit Conteur
Country: US
Bio: A Christian author who is nervous about more than just close friends reading my material. The purpose of what I write is either to unwind my own emotions or portray those of others all to the glory of my Savior and King. I pray that somehow, what I write may bless you and touch you. In Christ,...
Pen Name:Luvving
Country: GB
Bio: No news for now!.
Pen Name:Lacy Cornwall
Country: US
Bio: Hi. I'm a sweet person. Shy. Polite. Nice. So DON'T PUSH IT!! :) I don't know if I'll post anything. I haven't decided yet. But I'll read. Let me direct you to the wonderful K. Marino and her delightful series "Into The Hourglass". It's worth your time, guys. Did you know that I'm a fictional...
Pen Name:lawoman66
Country: US
Bio: I'm 19 years old and just finished my freshman year of college. I plan on becoming a pre-school teacher but I love writing & always have. I really truly believe that fate messed up & I was born in the wrong time. I'd give anything to have been born in the mid 40s (so I could live the full...
Pen Name:LeviStack
Country: US
Bio: Levi Stack is a debut author who lives in the rural mountains outside San Diego. His love of epics and fantasy led him to plan The Card Game Series, a four-part tale he is working to complete.

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