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Pen Name:Lucky2556
Country: US
Bio: there isnt alot to say, but there never is with me. i just try to roll with the punches that the world throws at me. people say im crazy and they swear i have a.d.d. but thats why my boyfriend loves me. i love my dog (even if it's tried to hang itself and go SPLAT on the road) but i dont like to...
Pen Name:lyndsey10123
Country: CA
Bio: Welcome To My Booksie Page ------------------------------------------------------ {News} April 14th, 2014 Hey guys, I know its been a while. But I'm back, I promise. A new chapter of Just the Truth is out, so go check it out :)   READING REQUESTS ARE CLOSED, UNLESS I ALREADY READ YOUR STORY...
Pen Name:L J Jones
Country: GB
Bio: Hello, I'm just trying this out for the first time I'm new to the writing scene, I have always enjoyed writing but  never thought it was good enough to show the world so i'm just giving it a go :)
Pen Name:Lloser02
Country: US
Bio: I'm not too special. I'm just any other kid that has a story they'd like to share. I am a Christian, however, and if that bothers you, I'd then ask you to explore that problem via your nearest church. I can't promise I'll be up here all the time, but I'll give you a story.
Pen Name:lancetti
Country: US
Bio: Check the "news" for updates btw. All of my stories are boy's love. The current story, Nearly There Nicely, was started Nov 17 2011. It is incomplete. Yes, before you ask. After working several years on this story and it's still not done.... At least I love my boys. Chapter 1-10 Act 11-20 Phase...
Pen Name:Lost
Country: US
Bio: BasicsName:KristenAge:14Sex:FemaleDate of Birth:March 26, 1994Hair Color:BrownEye Color:GreenRace:WhiteFavorite. . .Color(s):Black, White, RedFood:PizzaDrink:Dr. PepperTelevision Show:Army WivesMovie:TitanicSong:CassieArtist:FlylefPlace to be:By The RiverStuffed animal:PigPet:DogPerson:Uhh Sam ....
Pen Name:Laura Hybrid Malfoy Marauder
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Laura and I am on Fanfiction.  I love these books/series: Harry Potter; Percy Jackson; Morganville Vampires; Immortals after Dark Series; Alice in Wonderland; Tales of Beedle the Bard; Kiss and Janet Evanovich. I hate these books/series: Twilight, Sense and Sensibility. Basically,...
Pen Name:lunalovegood114
Country: CA
Bio: !!!!WELCOME  ALL READERS!!!! Okay look! I'm a HARRY POTTER fan! Harry Potter will always be my number one favourite movies, novel, posters, and shirts! I love it and we all have opinions, but I selute all Harry Potter fans! lol it's the BEST! Harry Potter and the rest of the characters will...
Pen Name:literaturefreak
Country: GR
Bio: Hello. I'm just an ordinary girl, whose passion is to write. I would appreciate any comments and feedback you could give me. Thank you :D  
Pen Name:lolahatter0912
Country: US
Bio:   Location: The Mad Hatter's Tea Shop, Wonderland About Me: Yes, it says Lola Hatter on my profile, but that's just my stage name! -- I'm an aspiring actress/singer/writer/chef/FBI profiler :P   -- I love books, my favorite being The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)   -- I love poetry, my favorite...
Pen Name:LietKocham
Country: US
Bio: Hi there, I'm Liet. A socially awkward lesbian who wants to live in Canada.   My goal is someday become fluent in every major language of the world. So far, I only know French. And English.   Currently, I am trying to teach myself guitar, and currently, it's not going so well. But I can play...
Pen Name:LaurenRotten
Country: US
Pen Name:LunarPentagram
Country: US
Pen Name:Lilly Gilovitz
Country: AU
Bio: Until age 13, I lived in a small country town called Northcliffe in the deep south-west of Western Australia. My mum and I moved up to Perth so i could attend High School here at a specialist arts school. I study drama at school, a passion that this school helped me discover. Now 16, i have...
Pen Name:LadyAaliyah
Country: US
Bio: Hey everone,  My name is Ashanti, but feel free to call me LadyAaliyah! I very much prefer to be called that. I am currently a senior. I am actually a hoemschool student. There is so much to tell about me. Yet, I will keep it to a minimum to leave your adolescent minds asking for more...
Pen Name:Lumina Sector
Country: GR
Bio: BORN IN 1976. LUMINA SECTOR IS A ONE-MAN PROJECT MUSICIAN, AUTHOR...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8pwL5fylwc
Pen Name:LividKarrie
Country: US
Bio:                     Hey there fellow reader/writer I am Karrie .I am a amateur writer whom has been writing since i was 12 , i absolutely love writing, reading and photography.  when it comes to spelling I am not the best but hopefully my horrid grammar and spelling is made...
Pen Name:ladyziggs
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my pen name is Mia J. Sienna and my birthday is October 25! I absolutely love YA literature, and a lot of my works are in that genre. Romance novels are my favorite, and I greatly appreciate the supernatural. (Die hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan!) I especially like writing young adult...
Pen Name:LucidKatie
Country: US
Bio: Hello! My name is Katie. Im 21 years old and writting is my life. Its my escape. I crave creativity and have a mind full of ideas. Whatever I write usually comes straight from direct/random thought. Im very passionate. Everyone has a purpose in life. I beleive my purpose is to love. I love the...
Pen Name:Luke Thompson
Country: US
Pen Name:liveatsixteen
Country: US
Bio: NEXT UPDATE: “The Sunday Sex Series”: Wednesday, September 8 “Secrets of Sereh”: Saturday, September 11 Hi all! Welcome to my page. I'm finally back and in action! Although the action hasn't started here (yet). I'm working on both "Secrets of Sereh" AND "The Sunday Sex Series" (I must...
Pen Name:loststar
Country: US
Bio: Just a lost star trying to light up the dark....
Pen Name:LMNolte
Pen Name:LeafySnails
Country: SG
Bio: Hey guys! I'm from Singapore and you can call me Leafy or Snails whichever you prefer. I can speak English, Chinese, some French and some Cantonese. I like Pokemon a lot and I play it almost everyday. The stories that I write are normally about what happens in my life, but converted into sorta...
Pen Name:lauricula
Country: US
Bio: ❤  Welcome! You're visiting Lauricula's Booksie Page! Please enjoy your stay! ❤   ❤  ❤  ❤   I am [x] online [] offline I am [x] taking reading requests [] not taking reading requests I am [x] available to participate in contests [] not available to participate in...
Pen Name:LoneStallion54
Country: US
Bio:      Guys I am Really Reeally Sorry for not being on that much, I am super busy with all my Summer Things, and my job, and I want to spend time with friends before school starts up again because my friend and I aren't going to the same school this year. SO I apolgize for not being on.. The...
Pen Name:Leighton Meester
Country: US
Bio: hi i'm leighton..i like writing...i love God..i love people..i love thinking.and thats about it..
Pen Name:Luke Mullen
Country: GB
Pen Name:Little Frey
Country: US
Bio: ♦Welcome to Little Frey's Profile♦ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Song of the Day: May Angels Lead You In Quote of the Day: An It Harm None, Do As Ye Will!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♦About Me♦ I live in the U.S. in a family of girls. We live in a very small town.  I am an...
Pen Name:LavenderBrooke
Country: GB
Bio: I have finally realised that there is no ‘right time’ to follow a dream.If not now, then when? In my head I have been always been a writer. It has been my secret identity even if my CV might not say that. Now. though, the time has come for me to unmask myself – to reveal the worlds I...
Pen Name:Lovely Ree
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone! Hello my beautiful lovelies :)  Hey there, I haven't wrote here in a long time and I know, I'm very sorry. I've been writing in another site called Pocketwriters. My newest novels are in there. I've been struggling to write a new one here that I could post up but I'll keep...
Pen Name:lauraduck87
Country: GB
Pen Name:Lev821
Country: GB
Bio: My main themes are horror/thriller. I am also an artist. If you would like to see some of my work, please visit www.liversketchingclub.co.uk and go to members, then John Jones.I will try and read and comment on other work, but I'm quite limited in my time spent on the internet. I hope you enjoy...
Pen Name:Lover95
Country: AU
Bio: I am 19 year old female from Victoria Australia and I love to write love stories
Pen Name:Ladybythelake55
Country: US
Bio: My name is Lucie Elizabeth Ann Wesson. This is the name I took on my Confirmation Day on Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 6, 1996.  I am an author, writer, paralegal and family rights advocate. I was born in Bethesda, Montgomery County, Maryland with three brothers, who two are still alive and...
Country: US
Bio: i do not have a high school education.i belong to no religious organization.i believe in the pen is mightier than the sword.i live a reculsive life,and keep too myself.i believe we can change the world.i am 60 y.o. i put down my pen and refuse to ever try to teach the world again.i don't want...
Pen Name:Lochh
Country: NZ
Bio: "Those that are unique are those that shall be remembered."   I'm currently a language student, majoring in Japanese, with the strong goal of teaching English in Japan alongside my best friend and highschool crush, Naoto Matsuoka. In my freetime, I'm an avid reader, journal-junkie, cat lady,...
Pen Name:lifepain
Country: US
Pen Name:Lywren Bellisario
Country: US
Bio: I prefer to keep this short and sweet, as I do believe in a certain degree of privacy and mystery.  After all, isn't discovery the entire point of writing? Here goes. So... I'm seventeen years old.  I go to an average high school in an average town, the true wherabouts I will not mention...
Pen Name:LittleMizOz
Country: US
Bio:          Offline My Darlings :(   Be sure to check out my deviantART site below!   EmeraldEquinox Updates: So I am not going to be reading anyone's work unless I have requested an update. Please DO NOT send me requests - THEY WILL BE DELETED   Hey guys! Call me Oz, I love writing and...
Pen Name:lhoneyman9913
Country: AU
Pen Name:logan168
Pen Name:lemonsweet
Country: PE
Bio: Hello readers this is lemonsweet, i am a girl and i am from lima Peru and now also living in Peru now hope you all enjoy my books im only 13 writting storys is my hobby when I grown up I want to be a reporter hope you all support me !
Pen Name:Amber13love
Pen Name:lailoken
Country: GB
Bio: Not quite a full shilling! M.K. O'Brian lives as a hermit in a North Yorkshire cave, where he writes about the past, present and future, and hopes that humanity will survive all the madness.    
Pen Name:Luna333444
Country: US
Pen Name:LightFeather09
Country: DE
Bio:   “the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the...
Pen Name:Lisa Marie
Country: US
Bio: I am a special education teacher in New York.I have a Masters In Education. I live a hectic life by day and writing is an escape for me. I was never much of a reader and I hate to sit still; so many of my works are brief and written as monologues or poems. I write from personal experiences of...
Pen Name:LilShug
Country: US
Bio: Profile Verner Reid www.LilShug@Booksie.com I am Verner Reid a recently retired Evidence Based Reading (EBRI) Professor at Malcolm X by Highlightly">College (MXC) one of seven Chicago City  by Highlightly">Colleges.  I am an African American female; dynamic, productive, articulate, smart,...
Pen Name:Lincarsou
Country: TW
Bio:   Well Things to Know About Me: ♫  ♫ Online ♫ d[-_-]b ♫ Offline [I might forget to change it] ~~ I believe Supernatural, Kyle Xy, and Hawaii 5.0 is easily the best tv shows ever and a HAVE TO WATCH SHOW! :)     ~~~ Before I die list =] Flipping over different school's wall(s):...
Pen Name:Labyrinth Black
Country: GB
Bio: Labyrinth Black has loved to write ever since she wrote a short story when she was eight years old. She's writing this because she can, and because she knows that nobody really cares. She lives in Tonbridge, England, and love every animal she sees, except wasps, slugs and vampire bats ^_^  Hey...
Pen Name:Lady Meka
Country: US
Bio: Every since i was in elementary school i wanted to write stories. I love writing and im very quiet, reserved and shy at first but once u get to kno me im outgoing, smart, silly and just fun to be around and i expect you to be entertained to what i write just like i am when im writing.
Pen Name:lifezgreateztmyztery12
Country: ZA
Bio: Sorry but i will no longer be posting my writing or taking reading requests on this site. I really do not have the time with the amount of work that comes with going to university. However, if i am reading your novel then keep me updated.
Pen Name:Loveforreadinglovestories
Country: GB
Bio:   ~ His Contagious Chemistry ~                    Lily Embers doesn't date. She is a twenty six year old widow who only spent one year with her husband before he was killed in Afghanistan. Two years later and purposely she misses out on the fun, while her university friends hit up...
Pen Name:LoveToWrite2727
Country: US
Bio: Hey there! Fifteen years young. Livin' it up in New York City. Reader, Writer, Singer, & Artist.   Lover of Music. Lover of Romance. Lover of Life. Rules for Reading Requests: - Romance or Young Adult only please. - I also read poems (any poems). If you want my opinion on yours, I'll try...
Pen Name:LoveStoriesFan823
Country: US
Pen Name:LoveIsAlwaysRight
Country: US
Bio: **Hello. After a couple years, I found my old Booksie! I had totally forgotten about it. If anyone is still here or remembers me at all, I'm so sorry. I have a new booksie called Nocturnal Ponderings, and my writing has improved greatly. I was about 13 upon making this account, so I apologize...
Pen Name:lrhhotie
Country: US
Bio: My name is Leslie. I was adopted at eight days old from Lima, Peru. I love music. I can't go a day without listening to music!! I have two dogs who I love so much. Their names are Lilly and Teddy. I have two sisters. I have the best parents. I write alot of the time. Its just something I have...
Pen Name:Loretta Jane
Country: US
Bio:     Okay Hey, Just to let you know i am a guy but I used a girls name as a pen name because well I don't really know haha XP I just used what came to me and Bam I became Loretta Jane. My real name is Robert E Leigh. Just sayen. Uh alittle about me well I am 16 for one.. Any one looking at...
Pen Name:LongLiveTheCarCrashHearts
Country: US
Bio: I'm anything you wanna call me. I write fanfic. I love Pierce The Veil. Yeah, I suck. Facebook.com/crispychickenfgtz
Pen Name:LadyRinKayamata
Country: US
Bio: I want to be the greatest writer the world has ever known- I hope to one day make enough money to live off solely on writing.
Pen Name:Laylah Pledger
Country: US
Bio: Hi Guys! Doing this from a library computer... I miss you all! Just to let you guys know, I saw some of you're comments on my page, IM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU MISS ME! In my new school, not telling which grade, I got into the gifted program and it's so fun since I get to write all the time! So.....
Pen Name:Lulzvek
Country: US
Bio: I plan to invert, subvert, and reverse as many fantasy/sci-fi book cliches as humanly possible. Other than that, I simply intend to share ideas, suggestions, and advice with the world and the writing community in general.    
Pen Name:Lauren Anne
Country: US
Bio: Hello! I am an aspiring writer, who loves to write (of course!), but I also love to read other peoples' works.  I usually write short stories but I sometimes experiment here and there with poetry and scriptwriting.  I have always had a passion for writing and reading.  It has become so...
Pen Name:lieseaude33
Pen Name:Lucretcia Darien
Country: US
Pen Name:laolsen
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing very much, it is a relaxing hobby to me. I would never be this far without the help of my friends, and teachers. Especially Mrs. Woelfel, who helped me greatly. Also kudos to my editor Katie Senn, i would die without her abbilities.  Ok now i guess i have to do something about...
Pen Name:loveplushateequalsfun
Country: US
Bio: I live in a small town in Arizona. I am the baby of the family. I have an older brother named Devon and a older sister named Jena. My sister has a boyfriend named Jason and they have a small little baby girl named Jocelynn. I have a dog named Buddy Bo Jangles he's a golden retriever/black...
Pen Name:lillopez95
Country: US
Bio: My name is Alexandra! I'm 16 years old I live in New York I have brown hair and brown eyes. twitter.com/GlamAphonicLexi formspring.me/glamaphoniclexi Clearly I enjoy writing & reading, kinda the point of joining this website. I like to read and write Twilight Fan Fiction But even more I enjoy...
Pen Name:Luvving
Country: GB
Bio: No news for now!.
Pen Name:Love Reaper
Country: US
Bio: Ask what ever your heart desires as I will answer with excruciating bluntness. I'm Ari by the way.
Pen Name:lie21073
Country: US
Pen Name:Lady Deva
Country: NL
Pen Name:Luna A Phoebe
Country: GB
Bio:  >>  www.cookiee07.deviantart.com>>   www.cookiee07.daportfolio.comby a single click, you can make my dream become reality !.Once apon a  time, I was looking for a fairytale; the type you read about in books and see in movies. A desperate girl, a romantic prince, and a happily ever after....
Pen Name:loopa78
Country: GB
Bio: I am a young writer but hope to get better, so it'd be great if you read my stories that I upload :) I try hard to write vivid and descriptive stories in my spare time, so this has given me somewhere to put them. Thank you for visiting my page. Thank You
Pen Name:LyssFrazi
Country: US
Bio: I'm an 18 year old student working toward my bachelor's degree in biomedical technology, have an amazing boyfriend, a lovely little sister, adorable baby brother and two fuck ups I dare to call siblings(boys) and a not-so-typical mom. I am currently in the midst of preparing a novel of my own...
Pen Name:LetTheGaymeBegin
Country: FR
Bio: Hi, my name is Meghan and I'm a French 18 years old girl. I really enjoy writing and speaking English. So I decided to write short stories in English. It gives me a way to explain my feelings because I find it easier in an other language, as if it were more powerful, and true. I know it's hard...

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