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Pen Name:Lee Anderson
Country: US
Bio: Love Is Forever is my first attempt at writing fiction, and I decided to use the novel as my venue.  Having been an accounting instructor in the Alabama Post-Secondary School System for the past 27 years, I’m much more comfortable with numbers than words.   Since retiring, I’ve...
Pen Name:leleena
Country: GB
Bio: I have a new account now, Shannen Forrester.
Pen Name:leesah
Country: US
Bio:  Let's see, where to begin....  Here is where you would think you could get to know me better, but I think if you read my poetry, there you will see me more clearly.  I love words, I love to laugh, I love books and meeting people from all over the world. I joined booksie quite some time...
Pen Name:Lord Hoth
Country: US
Bio: I doubt I'm any good at this but oh well A little something about me: My favorite movies are the STAR WARS series 300 and kingdom of heaven. My five favorite bands are in order  1.Rammstein 2.Iron Maiden 3.Johnny Cash 4.AC/DC and 5.Slayer. My favorite songs are 1. Heirete Mich by...
Pen Name:levistpeter1
Country: US
Bio: I guess that. I just fight for what I believe in. And I like to believe that I have good aspects and morals.. Or good enough one's not to make me an evil person. I love writing, I spend most of my time doing so, and I do wish to become something great.. And I guess this is step one.
Pen Name:Lubungo N Tafadhali
Country: US
Pen Name:Landin Johnson
Country: US
Bio: Never doubt the power of love, hate, fear, and other such base emotions.  They run our world and fuel our greatest poets.   I am only seventeen years of age, but i cant tell you how many times i have seen the words "very deep" in the comments i have received. I like to write poetry when i am...
Pen Name:lukestamillion
Country: ZA
Bio: People who know me are more familiar with my creative mind and how things just pop in my head.  Im trying to put all my ideas into writing. All i can say is ill do my best!  I think Westwood teachers is going to be brilliant set of work for all my fans to read.  Thanks for checkin my site out! 
Pen Name:Lance
Country: US
Bio: I hate talking about myself, so I promise I will TRY to be brief:I am a long-time fan of science fiction, dating back to the original "Star Trek" series which introduced me to the the genre. When developing my series, "The Reign", the original "Star Trek" and "Babylon 5" were primary influences....
Pen Name:lissomelady
Country: IN
Bio:   Life. People. Senses. Learning. Growth. Spirit. Celebration. Contribution.
Pen Name:Lucie
Country: ZA
Bio: I'm a 50 year old South African.  I never really regarded my writings as poetry, but this year I have actively been participating in sites where your poetry is reviewed by independent people and most of my writings have elicited a good response.  As soon as I return from my writing vacation I...
Pen Name:Love Pages
Country: ZA
Bio: I was born 13/05/83, and I llive in a township called Alexandre. I started writing from since I was 11 years old.I love it when people comment and criticize my work, please do feel free to do so; I will appreciate it.lots of Love:Love Pages
Pen Name:lesmerles
Country: US
Bio: Je suis francophone, je suis anglophone, et j'aime bien écrire. J'écrit des petites histoires qui ne s'est jamais passé, au moins, pas avec moi, mais qui puis expliqué beaucoup de choses dans ma tête s'ils ont actualement exister. Même que je parle français aussi que...
Pen Name:Loveless
Country: US
Bio: Reading is my passion. People tell me I treat my books better than I treat my friends, that may be true. A friend might fight with you and a lover might leave you, but a good book stays with you no matter where you are, where you go, what you do, or who you do it with. A day without reading is...
Pen Name:Lady4thoughts
Country: US
Bio: I consider myself to be a very laid back down type of person. I enjoy doing many different things. I am a Christian and I have been one for many years. I do online ministry each and everyday, I believe that we need to treat people with respect and kindness. My reasoning for joining this site is...
Pen Name:lady clarissa
Country: IE
Bio: my name is clarissa  i am a 25 year old mum of 2 . i have 2 boys hayden 2 n a half  and tyler 6 i am currently living in waterford .my hobbies n interests are singing reading writing and occasionally socialising i love n live for my family if there is neting u wud like to kno just ask lady...
Pen Name:sexyk4lyfe
Country: US
Pen Name:leobardo velasquez
Country: US
Bio: This poem is from my hert to the one I love the most I hope everyone likes it. I'am married with two boys and a great wife that I would never change all my poems come from the heart from me to her.
Pen Name:LemonTree
Country: ZA
Bio: hey... I am just an ordinary girl and not really much of a writer lol but anyway here are some of my attempts hope you have fun reading them and thank you for visiting me :D
Pen Name:Lynn Tharpe
Country: US
Bio: I have always enjoyed writing. I enjoy writing in a variety of aspects including journaling, blogging, news articles and short stories. I'm very creative so writing short stories is what I enjoy most. They are long enough to allow me to pursue a trail of thought but not so long I get bored and...
Pen Name:lydia
Country: GB
Bio: i love to create poems or short stories for my children and have been doing this since they were born. i once wrote a story along the lines of madagasgar which then became a box office hit..i wish i had found a publisher!!i am an ordinary mum who loves to put pen to paper whether it be a...
Pen Name:lexie
Country: JM
Bio:      I was always the quiet child. I would sit in a little corner by myself and cry for no reason. My mom saw this one day and told me to express myself (whether it was singing, dancing etc.), I chose writing, and I’ve been doing so ever since.    I love to go out, shop and have...
Pen Name:L J Harris
Country: ZA
Bio: L J Harris is a member of the Writers 2000 writing circle based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has published poetry on the web, as well as short stories and short shorts. REVIVAL, his debut novel, introduced South Africa to her first gay literary detective, Rain Godart. It was published in...
Pen Name:lostrelic
Country: CA
Pen Name:Lina Leigh
Country: GB
Bio: Hi! My name is Lina and I am a senior in college. I've been writing a novel for about five years and what I really am looking for now are objective reviews. It's pretty long but I've put a lot into it. It deals with history, sociology, individualilty, and the capacity in humans to overcome...
Pen Name:LEBEA
Country: ZA
Pen Name:lacrossechick
Country: US
Bio: Just so you know... I don't like a lot of what I write but I'll put most of it on here anyway just in case someone else likes it. Also, I apologize because some of my writing isnt very good (my older stuff in particular). Anyway, leave comments!! I love love love them!!! =]]...and please be...
Pen Name:lovewithoutaname
Country: US
Bio: Anonymous writings that speak my mind and heart, fall in these shadows...
Pen Name:Lennybacca
Country: CA
Bio: Hey all, I'm a just a 19 year old kid who enjoys writing about random stuff. I've always thought my writing was pretty good, at least in an entertainment aspect, my styles and grammer, and spelling may be atrocious. I just wanted a place to get feedback on wheather ot not it is...
Pen Name:lesslikeme
Country: PT
Bio:  Ok, so i personally believe i am a quiet person, my friends may disagree,  but anyway i guess it's just hard to say what you feel sometimes, so i love reading literature and enjoy writing poetry, now whether i'm any good at that you may decide for yourself because i really have no idea...
Pen Name:Lee82
Country: GB
Bio: I am 25yrs old like to go to the gym my mum is mum55 I started to write poetry while i was at school. Enjoy playing Darts . Liverpool Surporter. Play Pool. Enjoy all sorts of music I am very caring and for my age have experienced lots of emotions.
Pen Name:lavenderrosepetals
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley but all that know me, i go by Ash.I'm updating this profile, as to what i am or will be doing soon. I am thinking that i will read exerpts, poetry and novels on here, an give critic of what i like, and to help people with their writing. This will give me some experience into...
Pen Name:Lori Lopez
Country: US
Bio: I write books, short stories, columns and articles, songs and poetry.  I am also an artist, actress, singer-songwriter and musician (though there is never enough space to practice).  I support conservation, animal rights, and advocate against abuse. My novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS was the winner...

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