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Pen Name:lavenderrosepetals
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley but all that know me, i go by Ash.I'm updating this profile, as to what i am or will be doing soon. I am thinking that i will read exerpts, poetry and novels on here, an give critic of what i like, and to help people with their writing. This will give me some experience into...
Pen Name:lacrossechick
Country: US
Bio: Just so you know... I don't like a lot of what I write but I'll put most of it on here anyway just in case someone else likes it. Also, I apologize because some of my writing isnt very good (my older stuff in particular). Anyway, leave comments!! I love love love them!!! =]]...and please be...
Pen Name:lostforwords87
Country: BS
Bio: recently had a writters  block hopefuly it come back to me.
Pen Name:Lina Leigh
Country: GB
Bio: Hi! My name is Lina and I am a senior in college. I've been writing a novel for about five years and what I really am looking for now are objective reviews. It's pretty long but I've put a lot into it. It deals with history, sociology, individualilty, and the capacity in humans to overcome...
Pen Name:leesah
Country: US
Bio:  Let's see, where to begin....  Here is where you would think you could get to know me better, but I think if you read my poetry, there you will see me more clearly.  I love words, I love to laugh, I love books and meeting people from all over the world. I joined booksie quite some time...
Pen Name:Lucky2556
Country: US
Bio: there isnt alot to say, but there never is with me. i just try to roll with the punches that the world throws at me. people say im crazy and they swear i have a.d.d. but thats why my boyfriend loves me. i love my dog (even if it's tried to hang itself and go SPLAT on the road) but i dont like to...
Pen Name:lover
Country: US
Bio: all my poems are real
Pen Name:lyrebird
Country: AU
Bio: I am a 33 yr old woman from Oz... ~~Who am I? I am me!!! to you a nobody .... but to others a somebody~~   ---------------------------------------------- WasteLand Of The Mind....... ~ My voice of words, my release to feel.... a thought, a snippet of a second, that has crossed my mind......  ...
Pen Name:lmanne
Country: US
Bio: I have dabbled in writing my whole life. It is a compulsion with me.  I do shorts and poems.  I do a lot of just one page or so prose writing.  I write when I feel the need to.  I have many ideas floating in my head, but most of them just don't jell.  It's a way for me to express myself and...
Pen Name:Lord Shadowsong
Country: US
Pen Name:LiliPaige
Country: GB
Bio: I am currently a student of the Dramatic Arts variety.  I write short stories, poems and plays.
Pen Name:lexie
Country: JM
Bio:      I was always the quiet child. I would sit in a little corner by myself and cry for no reason. My mom saw this one day and told me to express myself (whether it was singing, dancing etc.), I chose writing, and I’ve been doing so ever since.    I love to go out, shop and have...
Pen Name:LA Thunder
Country: US
Bio: Lynette Mather/L.A.Thunder (Pen Name) is the author of: Don’t Blink, Dying Secrets, Deadly Steam, Culver’s Treasure, Trickery Treat, and The Ritual. She is hard at work writing other books: Vanished, Cold Water, Be Silent, Reckless Reasons, Forgotten Souls, Vicious Tunnel, and...
Pen Name:LeaveMeLonely
Country: US
Bio: I am LeaveMeLonely. Ph34r my m4d skillz. Bow before them.I'm into nearly every form of art: music, drama, writing, drawing, etc. But writing and drawing are the biggest, currently. However, I'd die if I couldn't listen to my music. I have pretty esoteric tastes, and can become obsessed over...
Pen Name:laylaisback
Country: GB
Bio: its layla. same girl new life. my older work is under layla, just started writing again.
Pen Name:Little Miss Morbidity
Country: US
Bio: I love to read, write and listen to music. My life revolves around the last one. I'm a 4 year member of my schools poetry club and now an officer of the GSA. I have a book that I read chapter by chapter during our monthly poetry club meetings, and I'm thinking about posting it here. It's more...
Pen Name:Ladydeath
Country: NZ
Bio: I am currently studying at the Sir Anthony Hopkins School Performing Arts in New Zealand. Poetry is a way for me to vent my emotions. Getting that emotion across to the reader is more important to me than the structure, but I am learning. Many of my writings here are from when I was a...
Pen Name:Leisa13
Country: AU
Pen Name:Lady Fantasy
Country: US
Bio: Hey! My name is Evie and I am commonly known as Lady Fantasy. I got the name from my friends, who thought my imagination was too good not to name (what losers, :P), so they gave me the name Lady Fantasy. I try to be consise in my writing, but sometimes, when I write, I'm spacing out, so if my...
Pen Name:Lori Lopez
Country: US
Bio: I write books, short stories, columns and articles, songs and poetry.  I am also an artist, actress, singer-songwriter and musician (though there is never enough space to practice).  I support conservation, animal rights, and advocate against abuse. My novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS was the winner...
Pen Name:LunarEm
Country: US
Bio: Hello, everyone! My name is Emma and I am 15 years old. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember, and have been writing stories almost as long as I've been reading. Mostly, I love fantasy and historical fiction, but I can read anything, as long as it is interesting. Some of my favorite...
Pen Name:Liyita
Country: VE
Bio: My name is Ligia Álvarez.  . I´m a former UCV and USB teacher. Now I´m teaching at the   UBV. I hold two master degrees in Literature. At the moment , I am completing my doctorate studies in Culture. I´m interested in writing plays and short stories. I often write in Spanish but I want...
Pen Name:Love Pages
Country: ZA
Bio: I was born 13/05/83, and I llive in a township called Alexandre. I started writing from since I was 11 years old.I love it when people comment and criticize my work, please do feel free to do so; I will appreciate it.lots of Love:Love Pages
Pen Name:Lauren Whitt
Country: US
Bio:      Hello. I don't like giving out any personal information so i'll just write what I feel you should know about me. First, my name is not really Lauren Whitt, and i don't feel you need to know it seeing as i'm only 13.  I LOVE to read and write. In fact I am in a short stories writing...
Pen Name:LegendPlayer
Country: US
Bio: I write when I feel like it. 
Pen Name:LaurenRotten
Country: US
Pen Name:LostTraveller
Country: CA
Bio: Honestly I never really know what to put in my bio. Most of the thing I would put, would no doubt depress or scare one away. So I will have to try and work on something that will make someone want to actually know me or read what I have to say.
Pen Name:LaurenLydon
Country: US
Pen Name:lilrissaboo09
Country: US
Bio: I'm Marissa. I'm 15, I'll be 16 in July. I don't have much time for writing anymore but I still love it. I write a lot of poetry. Mostly my poetry is sad but that's because I only write poetry when I'm upset. I love music and I love to read but I hardly ever read anymore. I collect a lot of...
Pen Name:lilypad1
Country: IT
Bio: Hey to all at booksie.
Pen Name:Lauren Tanghal
Country: CH
Bio: I'm Lauren. I've lived all over the world from south korea to oregon to delaware to atlanta to switzerland. I was adopted when I was 8 months old. I speak english and german, somewhat. I have an unusual sense of humor. I appreciate intellect and value honesty. I love Juno and Superbad and I love...
Pen Name:lol123
Country: AU
Bio: To make my profile short and simple, I would say my name is Layla, I live in Melbourne Australia and live my life basically making my parents proud (most of the time) I'm turning 14 on June 5th and love winter (Gemini!).  I would say I am a simple person who puts family before everything (my...
Pen Name:Leo james
Country: GB
Bio: I live in a small town called preston in lancashire. England. I am a single parent,( due to a bereavment )  and I'm between job's!

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