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Pen Name:leesah
Country: US
Bio:  Let's see, where to begin....  Here is where you would think you could get to know me better, but I think if you read my poetry, there you will see me more clearly.  I love words, I love to laugh, I love books and meeting people from all over the world. I joined booksie quite some time...
Pen Name:Lydia Smyth
Country: US
Pen Name:lilrissaboo09
Country: US
Bio: I'm Marissa. I'm 15, I'll be 16 in July. I don't have much time for writing anymore but I still love it. I write a lot of poetry. Mostly my poetry is sad but that's because I only write poetry when I'm upset. I love music and I love to read but I hardly ever read anymore. I collect a lot of...
Pen Name:Landin Johnson
Country: US
Bio: Never doubt the power of love, hate, fear, and other such base emotions.  They run our world and fuel our greatest poets.   I am only seventeen years of age, but i cant tell you how many times i have seen the words "very deep" in the comments i have received. I like to write poetry when i am...
Pen Name:lavenderrosepetals
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley but all that know me, i go by Ash.I'm updating this profile, as to what i am or will be doing soon. I am thinking that i will read exerpts, poetry and novels on here, an give critic of what i like, and to help people with their writing. This will give me some experience into...
Pen Name:losttopic91
Country: US
Bio: i am just an aspiring author trying to get a bit of feedback on some short stories and such that i have recently written you can find me at my myspace: www.myspace.com/soyohohello my writing is my life along with history family and my dogs
Pen Name:lacrossechick
Country: US
Bio: Just so you know... I don't like a lot of what I write but I'll put most of it on here anyway just in case someone else likes it. Also, I apologize because some of my writing isnt very good (my older stuff in particular). Anyway, leave comments!! I love love love them!!! =]]...and please be...
Pen Name:Lord Hoth
Country: US
Bio: I doubt I'm any good at this but oh well A little something about me: My favorite movies are the STAR WARS series 300 and kingdom of heaven. My five favorite bands are in order  1.Rammstein 2.Iron Maiden 3.Johnny Cash 4.AC/DC and 5.Slayer. My favorite songs are 1. Heirete Mich by...
Pen Name:lyrastheory
Country: US
Pen Name:Leo james
Country: GB
Bio: I live in a small town called preston in lancashire. England. I am a single parent,( due to a bereavment )  and I'm between job's!
Pen Name:Lunnypeaches
Country: US
Pen Name:Lillith
Country: AU
Bio: I am Lillith the Dark One. I grew wings and escaped from the garden of eden. Now darkness is my Home and My domain (Just a little History about Lillith lol) Like a Carpathian Male/Female: I protect my own and mine Like a Wolf: I can become Fierce when warrented and loyal if it is Deserved "I am...
Pen Name:lilypad1
Country: IT
Bio: Hey to all at booksie.
Pen Name:Lilly Her
Country: US
Bio: well, i don't really know what sort of books I like to read the most.....I just go along with whatever catches my wondering mind. I like reading Japanese Manga and some fantasy books.......i also like to read about books that has to do with fiction and books that have not only explicit imagery...
Pen Name:Love Pages
Country: ZA
Bio: I was born 13/05/83, and I llive in a township called Alexandre. I started writing from since I was 11 years old.I love it when people comment and criticize my work, please do feel free to do so; I will appreciate it.lots of Love:Love Pages
Pen Name:Libithina
Country: GB
Bio:  I love to write stories about anything really, some fantasy, spiritua, inspirational and fairy poetry, and recently pirates,and the romance surrounding this seem to be inspiring. I have some of my works published in some small magazines, which was lovely to contribute. I also love to sing. I...
Pen Name:LexiLane
Country: US
Pen Name:LilGpoet
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Sydne and Im 17. My hobby? Writing. Relieves whatever chaos stirs in my head.. My favorites involve these: My inspiration-  Edgar A. Poe, Bill Gates  Color- Crimson, Mint Green Animal- Undecided (Either Narwhals, Penguins,Japanese Macaques, Chameleons or Koalas. Hah) Movie- V For...
Pen Name:loveless2010
Country: US
Bio: Ok so I don't really know anything about this website and am only on it because I have to be for my creative writing class.  I really prefer dieviantart over most other writing websites for my poetry but like I said I have to have this and maybe I'll like it but I might not spend to much time...
Country: ZA
Pen Name:lpaprincess
Country: US
Bio: hi, im a 14 yr old girl, and i love animals, i've not been writing very long, but i've been told that i'm really good at it! i hope to become a veterinarian when i grow up. and i'm a VERY loyal friend, so if you start messin with prepprincess or justonenight, i WILL come after you, and thats a...
Pen Name:lin17
Country: PH
Pen Name:Lathriel
Country: US
Bio: I am just another creative soul in the sea of plenty. Writing whimsically or when my muse strikes with a fierce vengeance. So enjoy what lies here, a multitude of works varying in quality, subjects, and how much you question my sanity. LOVE&PEACE, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, Lathriel
Pen Name:Logan
Country: GB
Bio: Just finished working as freelance journalist. Really i'm just in need of some time to relax and gather my thoughts, read other peoples work and share my own.
Pen Name:LegendPlayer
Country: US
Bio: I write when I feel like it. 
Pen Name:Lajwantee
Country: PK
Bio: Huh I'm what I am:)
Pen Name:Lector xx
Country: US
Bio: Another human being. Fascinated by many things. Goes deep into the great art of reading, and attempts writing my very self. Living in the world, not well suited to my type, I get by. Passions be to few to many things. To sitting hours on end, consumed in the pages of a fascinating piece to...
Pen Name:LARAlaxatives
Country: NZ
Bio: Started writing poems after my best friend passed - most are about him but theres also some others.
Pen Name:lives2write
Country: US
Bio: Peace, Love, Music, Free Hugs, RainbowsBri
Pen Name:Lizzz
Country: US
Bio: I contribute love! "There's a reason why we wake up share yourself from day to day Life is pleasing when you make up your own wealth and learn to play!"
Pen Name:leleena
Country: GB
Bio: I have a new account now, Shannen Forrester.
Pen Name:lowrypei
Country: US
Bio:             My father grew up in Soochow, China; my mother came from Columbus, Kansas.  Improbable as it seems even to me, they married and became my parents in Chicago in 1946.  I grew up in St. Louis amidst the full hypocrisy of the 50’s, without air conditioning or TV, but...
Pen Name:LeaveMeLonely
Country: US
Bio: I am LeaveMeLonely. Ph34r my m4d skillz. Bow before them.I'm into nearly every form of art: music, drama, writing, drawing, etc. But writing and drawing are the biggest, currently. However, I'd die if I couldn't listen to my music. I have pretty esoteric tastes, and can become obsessed over...
Pen Name:lonew0lf
Country: US
Bio: dfbhjdfhf
Pen Name:lazybutterfly
Country: GB
Pen Name:Leviathan
Country: US
Bio: Father of two, frustrated writer, too much in love with technology. Am aiming to become more spiritual. Have been writing for years, mainly to get things off my chest. Love the unexplained, the obscure, black comedy, anything off the beaten path.
Pen Name:LindsayDeath
Country: US
Bio: My name is Lindsay, but after awhile my friends(and other people) started calling me Lindsay Death... or just death. My favorite thing to do is write ghost stories and scare people so, this all works out well.(Please read my stories)I'm obsessed with ghosts, monsters, witches and Invader Zim....
Pen Name:Lucy Locket
Country: US
Bio: Welcome!Hi, I am a big (giant) fan of Warrior cats *screams* I especially love Feathertail, Stormfur, Brook, Silverstream, Cinderpelt, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Patchpelt, One-eye.
Pen Name:loliee11
Country: AU
Bio: Hi everybody,                     First things first my name is Sherry and you can see a website i haven't finished yet at www.whalifeisabout.piczo.com  I'm 11 turning 12 in October the 11th 2008. I hope you read some of the pieces I have written and I hope you enjoy them. My...
Pen Name:lubstein
Country: ZA
Bio: I believe that our World Vision shows us that human beings will continue to increase their personal energy levels.During the evolution of our business practices and goals, and the transformation of our professional and occupational roles, we will be guided on our way by synchronistic moments,...
Pen Name:lesslikeme
Country: PT
Bio:  Ok, so i personally believe i am a quiet person, my friends may disagree,  but anyway i guess it's just hard to say what you feel sometimes, so i love reading literature and enjoy writing poetry, now whether i'm any good at that you may decide for yourself because i really have no idea...
Pen Name:Leighton Meester
Country: US
Bio: hi i'm leighton..i like writing...i love God..i love people..i love thinking.and thats about it..
Pen Name:Lucky2556
Country: US
Bio: there isnt alot to say, but there never is with me. i just try to roll with the punches that the world throws at me. people say im crazy and they swear i have a.d.d. but thats why my boyfriend loves me. i love my dog (even if it's tried to hang itself and go SPLAT on the road) but i dont like to...
Pen Name:Lollypops
Country: GB
Bio: Listen, I'm a Lollypop. No, not a Lollipop, a Lollypop. There's a difference. If you don't know what that difference is, you should click the following link for information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Pen Name:LifexSucksxLovexSucks
Country: CA
Bio: My name: Rob My Passion: Music I have a band. Check us out. Love, Rob.
Pen Name:liciary
Pen Name:letit0ut
Country: US
Pen Name:L A Gardner
Country: US
Bio: The other day in my psychology class we were asked to draw a pig. It turned out to be a personality test. According to my Personality Pig I'm a realist, I'm friendly and remember dates, I'm analytical cautious and distrustful, I'm secure stubborn and stick to my ideals, I'm a good listener, and...

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