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Pen Name:Lector xx
Country: US
Bio: Another human being. Fascinated by many things. Goes deep into the great art of reading, and attempts writing my very self. Living in the world, not well suited to my type, I get by. Passions be to few to many things. To sitting hours on end, consumed in the pages of a fascinating piece to...
Pen Name:L A Gardner
Country: US
Bio: The other day in my psychology class we were asked to draw a pig. It turned out to be a personality test. According to my Personality Pig I'm a realist, I'm friendly and remember dates, I'm analytical cautious and distrustful, I'm secure stubborn and stick to my ideals, I'm a good listener, and...
Pen Name:Lollypops
Country: GB
Bio: Listen, I'm a Lollypop. No, not a Lollipop, a Lollypop. There's a difference. If you don't know what that difference is, you should click the following link for information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Pen Name:LifexSucksxLovexSucks
Country: CA
Bio: My name: Rob My Passion: Music I have a band. Check us out. Love, Rob.
Pen Name:LivGrace
Country: GB
Bio: [i'll do this at home(:]
Pen Name:Lupin Black
Country: US
Pen Name:LeAnne
Country: US
Bio: Hey there, I've finally come back and would like everyone to come and meet me at xCarpeDiemx. My finished novel would be there and hopefully i would see all of you there!! And i will be contacting my fans. . . .just a heads up! Hopefully things would be back to normal!
Pen Name:lpaprincess
Country: US
Bio: hi, im a 14 yr old girl, and i love animals, i've not been writing very long, but i've been told that i'm really good at it! i hope to become a veterinarian when i grow up. and i'm a VERY loyal friend, so if you start messin with prepprincess or justonenight, i WILL come after you, and thats a...
Pen Name:lavenderrosepetals
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley but all that know me, i go by Ash.I'm updating this profile, as to what i am or will be doing soon. I am thinking that i will read exerpts, poetry and novels on here, an give critic of what i like, and to help people with their writing. This will give me some experience into...
Pen Name:Liquid Hell
Country: US
Pen Name:Lacey Evans
Country: US
Bio:     My story is about a girl in a who has really realistic nightmares. Her name is Donna and she is 20 years old. She lives in Buffalo, New York and has recently moved there. She was stalked by a man that was in love with her and has moved away, only to find him 'living' with her again. It is...
Pen Name:LFYoung
Country: US
Bio: Been writing poetry for about eight years after the lose of my little finger (don't ask) lets just say that it was because of that lose that I became a nurse and started writing poems. I have been creating story ideas just about all of my adult life, i've taken what i have learned from my poems...
Pen Name:Lex The Damned
Country: ZA
Bio: I am Truth, I lIve in Truth and iI Communicate my Truth.
Pen Name:loliee11
Country: AU
Bio: Hi everybody,                     First things first my name is Sherry and you can see a website i haven't finished yet at www.whalifeisabout.piczo.com  I'm 11 turning 12 in October the 11th 2008. I hope you read some of the pieces I have written and I hope you enjoy them. My...
Pen Name:lizcrow
Country: US
Bio: I'm a huge fan of crows. I like anime and I enjoy reading manga. I also enjoy reading Vampire stories.
Pen Name:LilGpoet
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Sydne and Im 17. My hobby? Writing. Relieves whatever chaos stirs in my head.. My favorites involve these: My inspiration-  Edgar A. Poe, Bill Gates  Color- Crimson, Mint Green Animal- Undecided (Either Narwhals, Penguins,Japanese Macaques, Chameleons or Koalas. Hah) Movie- V For...
Pen Name:luke smulski
Country: US
Bio: i love writing iv even made a 110 page book at age 13 its not done yet but i'm getting there and some day it will be in every library for all to read
Pen Name:lunaroses
Country: US
Bio: My name is K.A Smith, or atleast that is i want to be known as someday. When i eventually become a writer.
Pen Name:ladyJ
Country: US
Bio: I've been writing since elementary school, where I wrote stories for assignments and with friends whenever I got the chance.  After I moved I decided to try other hobbies, so I tried, well, everything!  Skating, swimming, gymnastics, photography, and more.  I stuck with acting, though, so I'm...
Pen Name:Lady Fantasy
Country: US
Bio: Hey! My name is Evie and I am commonly known as Lady Fantasy. I got the name from my friends, who thought my imagination was too good not to name (what losers, :P), so they gave me the name Lady Fantasy. I try to be consise in my writing, but sometimes, when I write, I'm spacing out, so if my...
Pen Name:lives2write
Country: US
Bio: Peace, Love, Music, Free Hugs, RainbowsBri
Pen Name:Leni Willson
Country: US
Bio:   My love of reading began with Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew.  Other early favorites:  Johnny Tremaine, A Wrinkle in Time.  Lately, I've discovered the Victorian Anthony Trollope.  I also like Henry James.  Modern aurhors I enjoy:  John LeCarre, Michael Connelly. My portolio mostly...
Pen Name:Lola Haze
Country: US
Bio: I'm tired of being told that I can't write because it's not my major and I'm tired of believing it myself. I guess I just want to prove that I'm at least more than mediocre at something.
Pen Name:Lady Alanna
Country: US
Bio: "Pennames are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves" -Author Unknown
Pen Name:Life Takes Detours
Country: US
Bio: Life Takes Detours has won the Editor's Choice Award and is available on www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, and www.borders.com.  An e-book is available for $6 on www.iuniverse.com."In Life Takes Detours the author invites us along on a spectacular joyride through the delightful and very...
Pen Name:LoveCicely
Country: US
Bio: I am Cicely, age 14. DO NOT JUDGE ME BY AGE. I would like to be reviewed as an adult. All my friends assume I am going to be a writer when I grow up, but I am not so sure.Is writing something you can buy and sell? To me the answer is no, writing is just there to be. Just as we are meant to...
Pen Name:Luke Francis
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Luke McAuliffe. I am a student of English at the University of Dayton in Ohio.  I love to write and plan to further my education with a facet in ‘Creative non-fiction after my undergraduate studies. All comments and critiques are welcome, please enjoy.Cheers.
Pen Name:lemonluv
Country: US
Bio: Well, my name is Alex. short and simple. but people call me Lemoni like talking.friends.eating.basketball 
Pen Name:Loveless
Country: US
Bio: Reading is my passion. People tell me I treat my books better than I treat my friends, that may be true. A friend might fight with you and a lover might leave you, but a good book stays with you no matter where you are, where you go, what you do, or who you do it with. A day without reading is...
Pen Name:lovechild
Country: US
Bio: I'm new at this.  Any feedback is appreciated. I've been writing since I was young but never thought to share my writing with others.  I'm starting out easy with a youthful theme.  It's a very different thing writing for oneself as opposed to writing for readers.  It's hard work!  I...
Pen Name:Leighlo
Country: ZA
Bio: Hi There all.I am 26 years old and live in the beautiful, sunny South Africa. I have always liked to make up stories but have never gotten as far as writting them down. This is why I joined this site. I am hoping that it will inspire me to put my thoughts down for a change.Please give my honest...
Pen Name:Luna Authority
Country: US
Bio: I'm a person. That should give you enough information to swap writing with me (do not confuse me with a common squid, I am much less squishy)I'm not going to tell you all about my interests and hates, because, frankly, why would you want to know other than to stalk me? Anything you wish to know...
Pen Name:littlemissditz
Country: US
Bio:                  ummm... Whats up? I'm Alexis, age: 13, IQ: Average (hopefully, I don't really know), Likes: Acting, writing, swimming, reading, hanging, sitting, standing, friends, shopping, snapple, getting butterflys in your stomach, My two devoted commenters, baseball(I'll...
Pen Name:liboratha
Country: US
Bio: hope you like my writing!...I LOVE DAVID BOWIE!
Pen Name:Luzian Drake
Country: US
Bio: My novels are inspired by lucid dreams i have had....the rest ask me. ^_-
Pen Name:lexie
Country: JM
Bio:      I was always the quiet child. I would sit in a little corner by myself and cry for no reason. My mom saw this one day and told me to express myself (whether it was singing, dancing etc.), I chose writing, and I’ve been doing so ever since.    I love to go out, shop and have...
Pen Name:Lady Leah
Country: ZA
Bio: WELCOME TO MY BOOKSIE PAGESome useless information:My name is Leah, I love cats, and hate onions.I'm going to Varsity soon, super excited!And I love reading, and writing, I would imagine that's pretty obvious though!Feel free to read my work, and let me know what you think.All the best...
Pen Name:lilypad1
Country: IT
Bio: Hey to all at booksie.
Pen Name:leleena
Country: GB
Bio: I have a new account now, Shannen Forrester.
Pen Name:Lunaheart
Country: US
Pen Name:CraZ4Life
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a girl whose passion for reading has lead to an ever stregthening passion for writing.
Pen Name:Lovelygirl151515x
Country: US
Pen Name:Laurel
Country: US
Bio: Hedgehog's dilemma is an analogy about the challenges of human intimacy. It describes a situation in which a group of hedgehogs all seek to become close to one another in order to share their heat during cold weather. However, once accomplished, they cannot avoid hurting one another with their...

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