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Pen Name:Margi
Country: GB
Bio: Jesus Burst into my life in 1984 when I was at a very painful 'cross road'!  Since then He has been my constant Friend, my Wonderful Saviour and an EVER Present Source of Strength in times of difficulty!He Turned me from a chameleon, who had no opinion of her own (which is what got me into...
Pen Name:mamapolo
Country: US
Bio: If I dressed to reflect my personal history, I would go about in fool's motley. I am not particularly interesting, even to myself. I hope to share a chuckle or a tear with someone once in a while. That's all.
Pen Name:mmichelle97219
Country: US
Bio: Michelle is a writer and poet of many styles and topics. She writes what words scream to be written. She writes what tales need to be told. She is just an instrument of the words to make sure things are not forgotten.Check out my work leave me a message on what you think. I can take the good as...
Pen Name:Maeby Matthews
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer. I hide behind my words so that you'll never know me, but you'll know more about me than I could ever explain.I am a twenty-two year old female, currently suffering in the state of Michigan which is sometimes simultaneous with the state of Misery. My heart lies in London,...
Pen Name:michellewaygwmcr
Country: ZA
Pen Name:MAndrewSprong
Country: US
Pen Name:Mystery89
Country: CA
Pen Name:Marathongman
Country: US
Bio: I can now be found at http://www.oprahslastguest.com/
Pen Name:MonkeyFace64
Country: CA
Bio:       About Me:I am 15 years old, turning 16 on Feb, 9.I have two dogs and one cat.I have two sisters and one brother.I live with my dad, and step-mom. I share my room with my brother...for one more year!! = ] My older sister doesn't live with us no more.Things that I like are...my two...
Pen Name:MiChicosChica
Country: US
Bio: Ive been writing ever since i knew how to write, i write poems, stories, and anything else that pops into my head, i love advice on how to make my writing better so please share :)
Pen Name:moodybutterfly
Country: US
Bio: I am a 36 year old nurse and wife to George and my 6 furry babies.  I have always liked to write short stories, though I have never thought it was good enough to share with anyone except family and close friends.  I recently shared a story with my co-workers, and they encouraged me to share it...
Pen Name:MarsellaNA
Country: US
Bio:  Boyfriend --> YEY Kaleb's back! Incase you havn't noticed, i'm in a better mood because Kaleb's back! I'm not gonna waste time and say my name and all that stuff. Especially because you should know if youcan read the text above my name. Duh. Well Ima just talk about my besties. Chowww
Pen Name:Mandie
Country: US
Bio:   Hey there, my name is Amanda. I have had a booksie account for several years, but haven't used it in quite some time. I'm hoping this year to start using it again and post the things I am writing for both school and for fun. I am currently an English Major and hope to become a journalist. In...
Pen Name:Matthew
Country: US
Bio: Hello to everyone who has taken their precious time to visit my profile.  I have just changed it just to give a little more hyp to it.  I am a believer in many of things.  I love to pray for people who are feeling down and hurt to heal in time.  I am easy to get along with.  I don't bite...
Pen Name:MitchellWatts
Country: US
Bio: Well, for starters I guess I should say that I am a DieHard Chirstain. My faith is deadly serous to me and take it to very high points. I'm an amature author of a book called Biosphere: Advanced Warfare. I love to listen to Metal. I am a Metal Head to the grave. But aside from that, I love to...
Pen Name:MelancholicXxXOptimist
Country: NZ
Bio: -no comment-
Pen Name:MissLovestruck
Country: ZA
Bio: I am a kind of person who always looks for the bigger picture in life, there must be something more to live for, things can't always stay the way that they are.  I love adventure and is always looking for something new.
Pen Name:Me Against The World
Country: US
Bio: ...
Pen Name:mccartneygur2008
Country: US
Bio: i am raven n i love music,books,n drawing.u kno more bout me when u read my stories and poems
Pen Name:MidnightsRaven
Country: US
Bio: What can I say? I am a nature girl, love to spend time exploring, doing crazy things, and learning new stuff along the way. I take care of my family as best as I can and do what I love to do. Any time I am alone, I sit down and clear my mind, coming up with new ideas and things I can write...
Pen Name:Mysteries Revealed
Country: US
Bio: I might as well get this out of the way:   I’m a white female, Born into a middle class family, And I have a 4.65 GPA.   Sure, those things are true about me, but they don’t define me. I honestly don’t even care about them. They just make me average. So here are some...
Pen Name:Miss Lollipop
Country: AU
Bio: Hi my name is Miss Lollipop and i have the dream to become the most wondefullest authoress in the whole wide world! I write humorific stories about random things and people like my friends seem to like them very much. I also like books that are funny and makes sense, kind of adventure type of...
Pen Name:Michael68
Country: US
Bio:         I am a 45 year old man, divorced who has a passion for writing fiction and poetry. My favorite writers are Stephen King, Clive Barker, Shakespear and Edgar Allen Poe. I have been writing for a long time now. And I also enjoy drawing when the mood strikes me. My writing helped me get...
Pen Name:MissPaijaKay
Country: US
Bio: I live to be inspired, I love to be loved, I write to paint a picture that says more than just 1000 words. Art is my passion, design is my career, and writing will always be a hidden talent of mine: a guilty pleasure.
Pen Name:MikeSmithDharamsala
Country: IN
Bio: Author Biography  Name:             Michael Smith D.O.B.             February 18th 1949 Nationality      British Michael Smith was born in Birmingham, England. He was educated at Cambridge and studied Microbiology and Clinical Biochemistry. He joined the...
Pen Name:Manyfacets
Country: CA
Bio: Booksie ProfileUpon the discovery of Bookies it became apparent that this website is a perfect storage facility for all remnant handwritten notes. I’ve been writing rhymes for many, many years now, and it may also prevent a divorce; my beloved is quite tired of picking up the paper scraps I...
Pen Name:MAmberConrad
Country: US
Pen Name:Marionette
Country: CA
Bio: W E L C O M E  T OM A R I O N E T T E ' S  P A G EA Bit About My LifeWhy hello there!  My name is Presley, but you can call me Marionette.  I turned seventeen years old on February 7.    I love writing and have always had an interest in it.  My writing style switches between horror,...
Pen Name:MandyxMetamorphic
Country: US
Bio: I'm sorry but I won't be coming here much at all. I'm pretty busy and will no  longer be sharing my novels on the internet. You can contact me at my email(mandyxmetamorphic@clearwire.net) or my MySpace(http://www.myspace.com/mandy_writer)I also have yahoo, MSN, AIM and MySpace IM, so if you...
Pen Name:MusicMonkey
Country: BR
Pen Name:MeanEveryWord
Country: GB
Bio: Me, Myself. and...I?Hey! I'm Abz, and I, obviously, love writing =]I'm only writing one major thing at the moment, and its only vague name is 'that Daganar thing...' as I refer to it. (Daganar being the name of my main character.)I'd write more, and frequently, if I didn't go to school, but I...
Pen Name:native2music
Country: US
Bio: I'm a mom/ student/ musician/ bookworm/ writer/ artist/ tree hugger ; ).... yes, I think that sums up the things you can call me.I love classic literature such as works by Homer, Dante Alighieri, and Edgar Allen Poe. Greek and Roman mythology ranks with my top picks as well.  When I'm not...
Pen Name:Meg90795
Country: US
Bio: HEY!!!People my names MEGHAN! Im 13!!! And Pretty much like normal girls... except WEIRDER with my friends. I LOVE to laugh & Hang wit friends. And Also my BESTIES in the whole wide world Kate, Cassie, Chey, and SavvyThey ROCK ON!!!  LOVE music! It rocks!! and takes up a huge space in my...
Pen Name:Melyssa
Country: US
Bio: My name is Melyssa I am the youngest of fiveI like to relax and hang out with my friends and familyIn my spare time I like to read and listen to music.My goal is to go to college and become a photographer.So ya, I guess thats me.
Pen Name:Madmarky
Country: ZA
Bio: Simple guy with a few ideas that needs to be put on paper to share with the world

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