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Pen Name:Mark Lee
Country: US
Bio: I use to write alot when I was younger, and here recently have taken thos art up again. I write poetry as well as stories.
Pen Name:mwelase
Country: ZA
Bio: i am very conciuose of what happens arround me and in the same time am a very loving person with an eye for beauty.
Pen Name:MusikLover13
Country: US
Bio: I am CurrentlyOFFLINE!http://s1.zetaboards.com/Bethany/index/My name is Bethany and I'm currently 13 years young. I really enjoy writing [[and music]] and I am working on a novel that I hope to get published one day. I love comments and advice so feel free to give me some. It always helps me. I...
Pen Name:Milky way
Country: IN
Pen Name:matmoo
Country: GB
Bio: Ever since I was older than I am now I have enjoyed being chased by hungry wolves on my way to the shops and water skiing in mid-air.If you've ever read my work then you must think I'm someone else who you know and respect.I have a distate for pines but not apple.I don't take Bio/Summaries...
Pen Name:MadameMadHatter
Country: US
Bio: What I would tell you about me.... I guess I will start with how the name Madame Mad Hatter came about. Three years ago, someone I loved very much, so very much, died. He was the absolute center of my world. I just didn't really get it until he was gone. Thus, began a very scary downward spiral...
Pen Name:mohammed al damen
Country: TR
Pen Name:moonella
Country: US
Bio: 'keep breathing' is being stupid and i cant post on it so if your reading it go to 'keep breathing 2' CHAPTER 3 IS UP!!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!My sayings that I love!If I hand you duck tape will you put my heart back together?When in doubt live it out!Sticks and stones may break my bones but...
Pen Name:MyBrokenDarling
Country: RO
Bio: Well first I would like to say hello everybody!I would like to tkank all the people who will be most kind and read some of my work, I will also read yours and give you my opinion on it... but more on this later...Well, my name is Alex, I am 16 and I am a funny person, I am friendly and well...
Pen Name:matthew smith
Country: GB
Bio: ..When icicles hang by the wallAnd Dick the shepherd blows his nail,And Tom bears logs into the hall,And milk comes frozen home in pail;When blood is nipt and ways be foul,Then nightly sings the staring owlTuwhoo! Tuwhit! Tuwhoo! A merry note!While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.When all aloud...
Pen Name:Myrashenka
Country: US
Bio: HEYYY!!!! I am a noob on booksie so like I am starting to make a nice book for all of you to read. X]So lets learn about me!My Fav book on booksie is Garra Love Story.But I hope I am going to like yours too!Almost all my friends go on booksie and thats how I found out about it.  I have to tell...
Pen Name:Crazy4Moony
Country: BE
Bio: Hey :D I'm Crazy4Moony, but you can call me Sirius if you want to^^ (Don't let the name fool you though, I'm 1OO% female!)I love writing, and I'm sorta working on a novel, though my specialty is writing fanfiction, or requested short-stories. My mind is kinda blank now... so I'll edit this...
Pen Name:missright09
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to my world... A place where romance isn't a chore, but a way of life.  Here, I still believe in love, even though it hasn't found me yet.  So if you believe too, or you need your faith reinstilled (like I do), then stay awhile, and enjoy yourself.  And remember, when the real world...
Pen Name:mar1e
Country: SG
Bio: Hello, this is my little poetry nook.  I stumbled across this community and was happy to finally find a place to share my poems, with other fellow poets. Some of mine are personal to me, most of which since 2001, and others, based on recent events.  Thank you for stopping by...... Marie
Pen Name:mystory
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I think it's about time I update this profile page, considering it's been over a year. SO, I'm really into music, anime, drawing and writing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for all my fans, check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/moonlightharbor This is my band, so, yeah, check us out and...
Pen Name:Midnyght
Country: US
Bio: I am 17.I dye my hair bright red and my eyes are dark grey/I love reading my fantasy vampire books, and my shifter books, and my werewolf books, and my fairie books, and my special power books, and my books that tell me how to be a dictator (haha jk jk)I ish getting tattoos as soon as I turn 18...
Pen Name:mrman
Pen Name:Melyssa
Country: US
Bio: My name is Melyssa I am the youngest of fiveI like to relax and hang out with my friends and familyIn my spare time I like to read and listen to music.My goal is to go to college and become a photographer.So ya, I guess thats me.
Pen Name:Mikhael
Country: US
Bio: I'm not prone to writing literary epics. I prefer short stories - mostly because I find them as interesting vehicles for exploring brief, flickering thoughts.
Pen Name:Michael68
Country: US
Bio:         I am a 45 year old man, divorced who has a passion for writing fiction and poetry. My favorite writers are Stephen King, Clive Barker, Shakespear and Edgar Allen Poe. I have been writing for a long time now. And I also enjoy drawing when the mood strikes me. My writing helped me get...
Pen Name:Mandie
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name is Mandie, I live inArizona and love writing. I have been writing stories long and short since I was about five. My teachers at school even had to keep me in at recess because whenever I would get a storie idea, I would write it down. I'm in h.s. now and still love writing. My...
Pen Name:Midriffkitty
Country: CA
Bio: I've been a writer for such a long time that I can't remember when I first felt immensely relieved when I wrote down words on a piece of paper. I write a variety of things: music, lyrics, poetry, stories, fan fiction, my philosophies, journals, etc. It still amazes me to this day how one word...
Pen Name:McConnel
Country: CA
Pen Name:mou
Country: US
Pen Name:122333MexicanPeanut122333
Country: AU
Bio: Bonjour!Name; 122333Mexican_Peanut122333Hello, and welcome to my page!I'm young-ish, and that's kind of all I'm going to say about my age,  but I CAN tell you thaaaat;Likes; The Purple Teletubby, those ads with the dancing cold pills, anything by The Doors, The Police, The Beatles, Fleetwood...
Pen Name:munkiesROKmysoks
Country: US
Bio: Heyo.  I'm Emily.  I love to read and write.  Right now i'm working on a fanfiction for the show Supernatural :)  Umm...idk if you can post fanfics on this site...but imma try :D
Pen Name:MarkPortman
Country: US
Bio: My name is Mark Portman.  I am currently living in New Jersey.  I was born, am currently alive, and, eventually, will die.  For now, as I wait patiently for death, I will write and publish my work to help pass the time.I don't want to talk about myself too much here.  I would much rather...
Pen Name:Maggotpulse
Country: US
Bio: I will start off with my name, Charlotte Rose.  I am fifteen.  I  go to Jeff High School.  I am originally from Louisville, KY.  Yes, I am very proud of my hometown.  I get my inspiration from Bardstown rd.  I have punctuation problems, I already know that, so please don't bring that up...
Pen Name:moonpig monkey
Country: GB
Pen Name:mk west
Country: US
Bio:  Theatre and performing are my passions but recently I have discovered my talent of creating interesting stories.
Pen Name:Musharuka
Country: ZW
Bio: I am young social scientist with academic training in teaching, research and training in fields of policy, social and economic development, political communication and international political economy. My research interests focuses more on development issues in the third world particularly...
Pen Name:Melissa Gagne
Country: CA
Bio: Allô, comment ça va? My name is Melissa Gagné and I am a french Canadian who lives in the smallest town of Ontario. But it's fun, it could get boring sometimes, but most of the time I enjoy living here. But that will not stop me when I go to Ottawa next year for school! :D I am kinda a nerd...
Pen Name:maybe1day
Country: US
Bio: my name is Emily. um i like to write i think im getting better i love to read. If you want me to read anything just ask, I love romance book or young adult.
Pen Name:moonwitch
Country: GB
Pen Name:Meagan Blyth
Country: AU
Bio: --
Pen Name:Magius600
Country: US
Bio: I guess there's not really much to say: I'm a total geek in every aspect of my life, and I like to do things that are meaningful.  I work in engineering, and my favorite hobby is writing--about as polar opposite as can be, most would think.  I guess the writing came first, I was always good at...
Pen Name:Marcus Avery
Country: US
Bio: I have been writing and publishing since I was 16. I have one completed novel The Shadow Wars: Forbidden Love, which is part one of a trilogy. I hope for Book two The Blood Line to be complete by 2010. I have recently decided to finish my second novel The Rain Clouds In My Sky. On this site I...
Pen Name:MissUnderstood
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone! I'm 20 years old. Soon to be 21. I live in Montana, if you ever have time it's the most beautiful state to visit. So much to do, regarding the outdoors. I like to play video games, be outside, and play with the dogs. I love hangin with my friends, goin on roadies and swimming and...
Pen Name:Maple Bowen
Country: US
Pen Name:munkeynuts
Country: GB
Pen Name:MidnightSunshineStar
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Rebecca.  I love writing stories more than anything and i had two published in little book things (obviously bragging there lol).  Other than that I haven't had much succes with my writing :(   I wrote most of a book a few months ago but I gave up because it seemed awful and I had...
Pen Name:mari617
Country: US
Bio: my name is marina angelica i'am 14 years old and i love writing poetry i start writing since i was 10 years old when i was 13 i had publish a poem is called have faith in what you believe in the website poetry.com
Pen Name:meteorite
Country: US
Pen Name:Midnight Dreamer
Country: US
Bio: By faith we look up to Heaven, hoping for a miracle.I am Victoria. Get to know me :)
Pen Name:MarywritestheWorld
Country: US
Pen Name:musicplayersMP
Country: US
Bio: I
Pen Name:Mimosa
Country: US
Bio: New Year… people say that it is good times to start over, forgive everything that has happened in the past year, and relax. You know, come out fresh? Well, but what about Japanese New Year? What about Chinese New Year? What about Rosh Hashanah? There are thousands of new years out there...
Pen Name:Maybe Misery
Pen Name:MiyaviManson
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I'm Miyavi. One of my favorite hobbies is to write. I write all the time, pretty much. I love Science Fiction, horror, romance (only LGBT, though), futuristic stories with a good plot. I love to sing. I write about everything that happens in my life, but my texts may be too abstract to...
Pen Name:marie villeneuve707
Country: US
Bio: i am 22 years old. ilove to write poetry.it is a passion i have always had. i have 1 poem published in a book (the race of life)inthebook timeless voices.it can be read on poetry.com also on poetry.com i recently submited another poem that can be viewed(ice sculpture dreams)
Pen Name:monawalsh
Country: US
Bio: This is just a note to say that "the saga of Herbert humperdink III" has serious formatting errors. That said enjoy what is there.
Pen Name:My Minds Eyes
Country: US
Bio: The purpose of all kinds of writing is to share experience.
Pen Name:Mercury
Country: GB
Bio: Why, hello thar and good day to you!Well, I'm assuming this is the iddy-widdy bit where I have to blab on about myself and say what makes me brilliant, no?.....I shall give it a go!Name: Emma, But Mercury will do fine.Age: 14 yet I think I'm a little wiser than most people my age if that doesnt...
Pen Name:MichaelDS
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name is Michael!I guess I started writing about a year ago when I got bored. I wrote a little bit when I was little, but it was stupid stuff, but I was like 10 so it was O.K. I found out that I was an alright writer so I continued until I finished my first story (still needs a lot of...
Pen Name:Megzbo
Country: GB
Bio: It's been 2 years since I was last on Booksie, and I can't believe what a difference 2 years makes. I'm now in my final year of high school and preparing fro my GCSEs, it's scary but also exciting because I'm planning what I want to do next :)My friendships have alternated dramatically, and I've...
Pen Name:Mir Wilder
Country: US
Bio:  I am a singer, songwriter, improvisationolist, funny ,daughter, sister, mother,grandma, one time/all the time Lover girl, who still hopes and dreams of StardomWishful thinking my mother calls it.... because 'do you know how many people vant to make it?" who do you think you are? Barbra...
Pen Name:megs
Country: GB
Bio: Im 13, and go to ohs (oxford high school), im not too good at english and i would like to improve. i would love to comment on your writing so just pop by and ask and you will be sure to find a comment a few days after!
Pen Name:maryhill999
Country: GB
Pen Name:milli101
Country: AU
Bio: Writing is every bit as important to me as it is to people like Dean Koontz and Steven King. Already i have written abut 100 unpublished songs, and the very same amount of poems. Story's are a little harder for me because while i am in 1 another idea pops into my head and i start writing that...
Pen Name:Myndi Nikky
Country: US
Bio: Hey! I'm Mindy.......obviously. I'm an amateur musician (I sing and play the piano) and I get inspiration for writing songs and stories from just about everywhere. That's all I can say about myself right now, I'll put more later.... 
Pen Name:Melita Zammit
Country: MT
Bio: Hi, my name's Victoria Melita Zammit. I like using Melita as my Professional Pen Name, being it sounds much more uncommon...  I'm 14 years old this March. My father's a writer of non-fiction, but I prefer to write fiction because I can escape from the world I know into a world filled with new...
Pen Name:mike little
Country: CA
Bio: I am an artist
Pen Name:mamapolo
Country: US
Bio: If I dressed to reflect my personal history, I would go about in fool's motley. I am not particularly interesting, even to myself. I hope to share a chuckle or a tear with someone once in a while. That's all.
Pen Name:Missy
Country: US
Bio: My name is Missy. I just finshed my first year in college. I'm an aspiring Photographer and an Art Major. I've been published four times in the last year and a half with my photographs. I hadn't written in a few years then I met my significant other. Most of my writings are from when I was...
Pen Name:Me Against The World
Country: US
Bio: ...
Pen Name:Michael Nacht
Country: US
Bio: South Florida is my home ( ... and I want to live no where else)
Pen Name:Mya Jai
Country: US
Bio: Mya Jai is the President/CEO of Mahogany Rain Publishing. She has written over five hundred poems, countless short-stories and two unpublished novels. Her latest work:               Is now available.Get an authograped copy from the publisher by clicking on the following...
Pen Name:Missy98
Country: CN
Bio: I am very silly, and I love to live my life..Dont mess with me b cuz ill hurt you!
Pen Name:myimmortal
Country: US
Bio: Hi i'm myimmortal I love books - they are my life! my favourite genres are horror, adventure and romance - they tend to be the kind of stuff I write about!I also love music - some of you might have guessed that i'm an Evanescence fan and I really enjoy listening to MCR too.I would really love to...
Pen Name:Moonie
Country: US
Bio: I go to school. I am a human. Other peoples feet bother me..............Oh, and i forgot to mention I love the Moon! I live in a house (which surprises some people) with my mom and dad and my and my little sister..............and I have a dog his name is Jake........he's really cool, he likes...

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