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Pen Name:MercyMe
Country: US
Bio: I live in North Carolina with my partner and our children. I have been writing since I was 10 years old, I would like to think it has improved over the years. Some tell me I should publish. I am just not sure. I really don't see some publisher telling me they want to publish my book and sell it...
Pen Name:matmoo
Country: GB
Bio: Ever since I was older than I am now I have enjoyed being chased by hungry wolves on my way to the shops and water skiing in mid-air.If you've ever read my work then you must think I'm someone else who you know and respect.I have a distate for pines but not apple.I don't take Bio/Summaries...
Pen Name:Methelusa
Country: GB
Bio: 'I am so superior to those around me, I sometimes marvel at my own ability to live among them'    I write abstract stuff, if you're looking for a theme, you won't find one here. Don't let that stop you looking though, come and pay your 5 cents for the Methelusa show.      
Pen Name:Moodle
Country: GB
Bio: I write when I feel desolate, elated and fit to burst, but mostly I write from human influence over my feelings.Feelings are such a big part of my persona, some people understand, others try to take a detour around them.I like them out up front for all to see, no hiding, no surprises.Therefore a...
Pen Name:MurderousSweetTart
Country: US
Bio: So, here is my "About the Author" blurb. Please feel free just to navigate straight to my works.  Name: Taylar Age: 19 Status: Taken~ Gender: Female Likes: Music, writing, baking, cooking, having a good time. Dislikes: Twilight (sorry?), Twihards (stop throwing glitter on me...), stupid...
Pen Name:Megan Lee
Country: US
Pen Name:mistertrue
Country: US
Bio: My name is Glen Michael Wilson.  I'm 55 years of age.I live in Oxnard Calif. Which is on the coast and about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. I have lived and worked all over the U.S. I was a paratrooper medic with the 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg North Carolina in 1969, and 1970.  Worked as an...
Pen Name:Marie Detruis
Country: US
Bio: A Junior in Human Biology, I love children and wish to become a pediatrician one day.  As a person who focused all of my energy on taking as little math and science in high school as I could manage, I find it funny that I'm on my way to becoming a doctor.  I love art in all of its forms and...
Pen Name:mark childress
Country: US
Bio: i'm a student studying cosmetology. yes, i'm a straight male hairstylist. (i'm not gay.)i was sent to jail by my mom a couple of years ago and went through server depression. some poems i write are personal and mean alot to me. i was beat everyday for 6 years by my stepdad. i'm 17 and i enjoy...
Pen Name:mcmos
Country: SG
Bio: I am a student currently enrolled in a junior college in Singapore. I'm 17 this year and I write not because I aspire to become the next Christopher Paolini, although it would be a nice surprise. I write because writing makes me feel free, free from the constraints and rules that darken the...
Pen Name:Mark Kuhn
Country: US
Bio: my true artistic calling is music but out of that words occasionally find their way outside of the notes and sometimes the words stand on their own...or maybe they don't 
Pen Name:mystera
Country: MT
Pen Name:Manuela
Country: US
Bio: I'm passionate about poems,writings & stories...though,  I have not done anything about POETRY in my entire adulthood,  this passion never had left me....I was in highschool when I discovered,  that, I really enjoyed reading and Literature. Right after High school, I fell in love and...
Pen Name:metamagical
Country: GB
Pen Name:McChlery
Pen Name:mkruizinga
Country: AU
Pen Name:MadameLaffie
Country: US
Bio: I am just a struggling writer.
Pen Name:mariewells
Country: US
Bio: I recently went through a depression and I want to share my story with others and help others going through the same thing I did,
Pen Name:MoringStar
Country: US
Bio: Well alittle bit about me I grew up in a little town outside of  nashville,TN Called Hermitage thats where my sister & myself were raised by our mother & grandparents.Our lives were great we were taught to love & respect others.We grew up and married and went are on ways.When my grandfather...
Pen Name:Marty Ryder
Country: US
Bio: Hello,My name is Marty and I am an aspiring poet. I enjoy writing poems of faith and encouragement. I began writing poetry as a young girl and I have enjoyed reading and writing every since. I am a single mom of 3 wonderful teenage boys and it is a life-long dream of mine to write a book of...
Pen Name:Mystica
Country: US
Pen Name:Marlee
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! My name is Marlee and I am a writer. I have been a writer and editor of Dawson College's newspaper, The Plant, for three semesters (a year and a half) and will be going into journalism next year in university. I love writing about so many different things in so many various styles; I enjoy...
Pen Name:Mika
Country: CA
Pen Name:Midnight Flame
Country: US
Bio: Yo...I live in a small town.  I'm not that great of a writer, so don't expect anything too great.  I usually am a happy person but sometimes things will annoy me.
Pen Name:mitternachtrose
Country: US
Bio: Summer melts away my logic.
Pen Name:Michael Britt
Country: US
Bio: ok umm... im an aspiring writter and i want to see if i can get my work published and to see if people other than my friends and family like my work.
Pen Name:misticmoonlite
Pen Name:meggrs24
Country: AU
Pen Name:mykaitch
Country: GB
Bio: Please check out my web site for a full run down. In short, School, Army, Deejay, married, TV engineer, Computer Engineer, Open University degree.I have travelled widely in Europe and the USA and I love Maine.I have always liked writing. I have written three novels and my last rejection was so...
Pen Name:Mr V Darkling
Country: US
Pen Name:Miranda Dickinson
Country: GB
Bio: I never thought that I could write a novel, even though my head is always full of ideas. Then, about three years ago, a friend gave me a really old PC and I just started writing. I have a typically British sense of ironic humour - I find life a constant source of amusement, even in difficult or...
Pen Name:Mousey
Country: US
Bio: I live track.I run.I dance.I take pride in everything I do.I am celibate.I like most people. I protect the people I care about.I crave stability.
Pen Name:Mun
Country: ID
Bio: I am a fresh graduate from Makassar State University, Indonesia. My study program was English Lierature (Degree). I like to write poem and short story. I am in Perth now but only for two months. I am taking courses to add my skill. I am 22 years old.
Pen Name:Made2LuvU
Country: US
Bio: I'm sixteen years old and spend most of my time in a fantasy world--one where my life can be anything I want it to be--my mind.  I love to write, read, and imagine things that could happen.  Fantasy is my passion; I love reading and writing anything to do with that particular genre, and I also...
Pen Name:Moonspells
Country: US
Bio: like to pretty much write about realistic things (while adding a bit of outrageous spins on them...). Usually the stuff I write about it related to my life (so if any of my friends actually take a moment to read some of my stuff you'll go "Hey... I remember when we did that...!").I'm a muisc...
Pen Name:Marvel Gumshoe
Country: IE
Bio: Published in "Microphone On", "Revival issue 2", "Revival Issue 4" and broadcast on West Limerick 102 Radio Working on short story collection and on novel. Age 35, married to a beautiful woman with whom I have 3 crazy kids.

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