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Pen Name:Macluv5
Country: US
Bio: I like to write. Writing is a passion. Words should flow from the pen and succumb to the reader's eyes and stick to them like glue, make them hang onto them with every single little word. I don't know what I'm doing, or where my life is going. All I know is that while college keeps me on my...
Pen Name:MidNightSun
Country: DO
Bio:  I was born in Bani, Dominican Republic. I have three brothers and I came to the United States in 2003....My FactsBirthday:October 7, 1993Age:16Hair color: Dark BrownEye color: Dark brownsiblings: 3 brothersPlace of birth : Bani, Dominican RepublicFavorite Color: BlueGrade: 11Favortie school...
Pen Name:mastermosher
Country: LC
Pen Name:MargaTorres95
Country: ES
Bio: I'm one of those girls that people write books about, but I'm still waiting for my happy ending.
Pen Name:Megawethin
Country: US
Bio: My name is  Zeth LaVey (Ethan Peters). I'm constantly writing horror stories, which tend to be short stories but I'm trying to improve my writing skills so that I may eventually be able to write more than just short stories.I also do poetry and song lyrics. My favorite Authors would have to be...
Pen Name:Matthew E Pointon
Country: GB
Bio: I started writing as a hobby back in 2000 whilst I was at university. Since then I have travelled the world, got married, had a child, got divorced and completed half a dozen novels and over fifty short stories. I have never really tried to get published as I don't know the right people but...
Pen Name:Mika Ride
Country: US
Bio: Hey! My name is Mika! I'm a young author, hoping to make it big in the writing world! My hobbies include, writing, drawing, singing , acting and other recreational activities. XD  Okay, so my obsession, as you can probably see, is One Piece. x3 yes, the anime pirates caprured my heart. Except...
Pen Name:mochacocoa
Country: CA
Bio: I am NOW ! back on Booksie, so leave as many comments as you like. :)  COMMENTS are really appreciated on my Booksie! ^      What was the longest time you've liked someone? 4 months. I'm not the type of person to hold on when there's no point. Do you look decent when you wake up? Nahhh...
Pen Name:Melusine Crescent
Country: US
Bio: NOTE: It is pronounced Meh-loo-seen, if you were having trouble with the name. WELCOME! For the longest time I didn't want to do much with my profile because I believe my work will speak for me. But I guess I'll succumb and spruce it up just a little bit. After all it is the first thing people...
Pen Name:Mist James
Country: US
Pen Name:Miss Melodramatic
Country: MY
Bio: Hello, my darlings!  Welcome to my profile. It's fabulous to make your acquaintance.    Stuff About Moi My name is Danni :) I'm sixteen years old. I'm a fantasy/romance writer, and those two genres are also my favourite of books to read. As you can see, I love to write!  I think that's...
Pen Name:Mike Stevens
Country: US
Bio: RY,  Another sob-story; I was born in the haying shed of Uncle Clem, during a brutal winter many moons ago.  Uncle Clem was a short-tempered dude who made beer in his basement; and sickened me with his eating.  So, I ran away and joined the circus, as the dancing bear.  But that didn't work...
Pen Name:mommy3
Country: US
Bio:   Winners to my Mythical Creature Fantasy Challenge. Just click on their names to view the stories.   1st Place- UnderxYourxSpell-Lady of the Lake Runner up for 1st Place- MadaGDarko-Succubus 2nd Place- Reverie- Sealed With a Kiss Runner up for 2nd Place- WordSpeak-My Unseen Curse 3rd Place-...
Pen Name:Me Against The World
Country: US
Bio: ...
Pen Name:MissRachyVengeance
Country: US
Bio: "Hello fellow Booksie friends. It has been a very long time since I logged onto this website...however, my writing and characters have never lever my heart. I continue to build my stories and work towards one day officially publishing my work. My stories and characters are everything to me. A...
Pen Name:Margi
Country: GB
Bio: Jesus Burst into my life in 1984 when I was at a very painful 'cross road'!  Since then He has been my constant Friend, my Wonderful Saviour and an EVER Present Source of Strength in times of difficulty!He Turned me from a chameleon, who had no opinion of her own (which is what got me into...
Pen Name:Medea Rene
Country: GB
Bio: Dear Reader,         Although I have been living in England for most of my life, I was born in Canada and visit what I like to think of as my 'Homeland' very often. My love of writing started at a young age and I wrote my first official poem at the age of nine. From then on until I turned...
Pen Name:MalevolentOutlaw
Country: GB
Bio: 17 years of age, not a person of many words so I'll keep this brief.   To be honest I'm far from an exceptional writer judging by some of the works I've seen on here. Many were beyond impressive.   And in all honesty, I mainly write because I enjoy doing it, my aim is not to accumulate as...
Pen Name:Matthew Trinma
Country: GB
Bio: Always had an interest in writing poetry so decided to have a go.
Pen Name:Madison Thomas
Country: US
Bio: About Madison  Aspiring artist- drawing, painting, experiments in other medium. Dabble in writing. write and illistrate graphic novels. Go animal welfare and enviroment! I'm a proud owner of two rats and a pound puppy (Raisin). Socialy akward...time better spent drawing/writing.  loves reading.
Pen Name:Maddie Grey
Country: GB
Bio: I'm no longer posting on Booksie, but The Fairest Stars is being updated about a chapter a week on Wattpad ( MaddieGrey ) at the moment so head on over thereeee and check it out! :) I'm also on Twitter quite a lot, I'd love to hear from you there! Take care, Maddie xoxo      
Pen Name:MusaM
Country: GB
Bio: I don't what to write here... Basically, I'm 15, and I've been obsessed with reading from such a young age with English being my favourite subject and I've been introduced to greats books that I've grown to love like: The Notebook A Walk to Remember (I put this as my favourite because it made...
Pen Name:M M Crest
Country: US
Bio: I am a college studnet that is passionat about writing. Want to keep updated, see my Blogger page.
Pen Name:maya bell
Country: GU
Bio: Maya here!Lol nah I'm just kidding. My real name's not Maya. It's just a pen name that I use. Actually I have a different pen name that I use, but this account is pretty old. So yeah.I'm a Novice Novelist and you're comments are much appreciated!My inspirations would have to be my friends and...
Pen Name:MyFiveOclockAngel
Country: US
Bio: I'm a frustrated writer (becuse I have a day job). I write a combination of regular and fanfiction. My goal is find an outlet for my work and to find a consistent reader base. I write a combination of regular and fan fiction and my work is mostly romantic.
Pen Name:madilyn
Country: CA
Bio:   "cityandcolour" on wattpad, if you're looking for me!
Pen Name:MCGJ
Country: ZA
Pen Name:MaitriMay
Country: DE
Bio: Studied Teacher Training in a catholic university in Alcalá (Madrid) and worked as volunteer teaching children in a Catholic Mission in Mexico, for a NGO for Street Children in Oaxaca-Mexico, a NGO for Indigenous People in Ayutla-Mexico and with Mother Theresa in Calcutta-India. Learnt...
Pen Name:mizzic89
Country: SE
Bio: Hi everyone!!   I´m a 22 years old girl from Sweden and I love to read.  I´m mostly reads books with the genre urban fantasy, but right now I love romance novels. I´m studding to become a civil engineer. I have at the moment blond hair, but I have a tendency to change it. On my spear time...
Pen Name:Miss Nomer
Country: US
Pen Name:mimi5
Country: US
Bio: Hey pplz! SO my name is Moe, love me or hate me, i'm still gonna bee mee[: I
Pen Name:mrman
Pen Name:Megan B
Country: US
Bio:   sophomore. To insure updates on my writing, comment on any of my latest chapters!   Special thanks to RUBYROSE81196 and ARIK Z for calling my novel THE AUSTIN TATTOO one of their favorite books on Booksie!! Check out my talented BEST FRIEND Claire!!! http://www.booksie.com/claireem I have...
Pen Name:Michael Jameson
Country: GB
Bio: On the 5th of July 2014, I decide to take the plunge and put my work out there. I never expected the reaction I got from my work and it took me by surprise. Shatter in six months has reached 7,000 reads between booksiesilk and Wattpad. Quite frankly it's astonishing to me, that so many of you...
Pen Name:mrpinetree
Country: AU
Pen Name:MAFoxworthy
Country: US
Bio: Growing up in a small town in Indiana I had always desired to travel. Thankfully I married a man that shared that same desire. After years spent dreaming of how and where to go we finally bit the bullet and left everything and everyone we knew and moved to Texas. But as exciting as that was it...
Pen Name:Matt Hickman
Pen Name:Maise
Country: GB
Bio: I am a seventeen year old woman, I love to write as a hobby but enjoy any feedback to help me become better.     I'm happy to read other people's stories however I do prefer Horror and find romance quite boring :)   
Pen Name:Melinda Gale
Country: US
Bio:            I'm 30 some years old, Married, with two wonderful kids.  My passion for writing began in 1st grade when i wrote my first novel.  My teachers always thought i'd be a writer and now i'm  pursuing it. I love to write about Paranormal things, and right now I'm writing a...
Pen Name:michelle008
Country: US
Bio:       Michelle here!       I also post for poetries from a different website: www.allpoerty.com/spooky   •Reading Requests: I accept :)           I love cats
Pen Name:Munyaradzi M Zengeni
Country: ZW
Pen Name:Melissa Peyton
Country: US
Bio: Overall, I enjoy the arts of reading, writing, and socializing.  My inspiration -- Oscar Wilde.  "A dreamer is one wo can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." 
Pen Name:melkadri13
Country: US
Bio: Just love to read and write :)
Pen Name:Meggie1495
Country: US
Bio: The Stuff in my fetured folder is the things im working on now! :D The next book I'm writing: Love on a Moutian Top Summary: Annie Seltz was an adventurer, she was a writer, a love bound girl who was looking for the true meaning of life, and nature. Finding love on a moutian top would be...
Pen Name:Miller Jivaro
Country: US
Bio: Reaching beyond the blogosphere for constructive feedback and a possible fanbase. I prefer others to say things about me rather than telling others how they should feel towards me. Favorite things are helping others, problem solving, meeting new people, listening to music, writing about whatever...
Pen Name:Malaikas
Country: GB
Bio: I write a little...        
Pen Name:meenaligulati
Country: IN
Bio: I am teacher by profession and love to write poems and stories for children!I love to read inspirational books and also inspire others with poisitivity!  
Pen Name:markmorris
Pen Name:Mistress of Word Play
Country: US
Bio: To whom it may concern and those who were my fans. I am until Booksie cleans up its act and fixes their issues such as slow speed for certain web browsers, going down three times a day, and adding spyware, am limiting my time here. I do not have all day to read one story or to post one piece...
Pen Name:mmichelle97219
Country: US
Bio: Michelle is a writer and poet of many styles and topics. She writes what words scream to be written. She writes what tales need to be told. She is just an instrument of the words to make sure things are not forgotten.Check out my work leave me a message on what you think. I can take the good as...
Pen Name:Meghan Evans
Country: US
Bio: I'm a seventeen year old female, from the UK. I've relished in reading and writing since I was very young. My mother is also a fond reader and working on her own novel, which she hopes to be published. I hope one day to become a Psychiatric Doctor, who dabbles in a little writing every now and...
Pen Name:mayne
Pen Name:Makenzie Taylor
Country: US
Bio: Hello all!  Makenzie here, releasing my novel on Booksie in hopes that ya'll will get some entertainment and insight into the inner workings of my imagination. I am a mother of one and wife to a hard working amazing man, however, my daydreams and experiences as I style hair have turned into...
Pen Name:ManScoske
Country: US
Bio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVpqWm5v_Cg  
Pen Name:Mercy
Country: US
Bio: Mercy is a flavor best savored in the night.
Pen Name:Michelle0228
Country: US
Bio:          My story isn't very special or unique. I'm just a teenage girl with a lot of heartbreak and some anger (aren't we all like that) but I try to be a good person. I try not to let that anger come out towards those that I love--so I write. It's my therapy even if I'm not that good.  ...
Pen Name:morge0920411
Country: PH
Bio: pls check my other account.. im always updating here.. pls do visit me here.. thanks! http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/81933/im-sorry-but-do-i-know-you-2ne1-bigbang-comedy-gdragon-parkbom-sohee-topdara
Pen Name:MomentsUP
Country: CA
Bio: Hello friends.  My name is Brittney Fox. A big city girl, with a big heart, and a big imagination.  I realized that jellybeans are an extremely satisfying invention. They are small, and colourful, and pocket size. They are like the rainbow. Everyone likes rainbows, Especially drunk rainbows...
Pen Name:Mentis Cibum
Country: US
Bio:   www.Kabalarians.com What does your name mean for your personality? How does you name afffect you? The above site is so accurate, it's scary, and I often use it on my character's names as well...It's scientifically proven, and they have videos and stuff. And it's free. Go try it out! :::My Top...
Pen Name:musicplayersMP
Country: US
Bio: I
Pen Name:moyjr1234
Country: US
Pen Name:Madhu Baglari
Country: IN
Bio:                                            WELCOME TO MY PAGE!   Hello everyone, I'm Madhu Baglari, a 17 year old girl from India. I work under my original name, and not a pen name. I actually find it kinda cool! Lol! You can also call me by the name 'Madz' if you want...
Pen Name:MAD
Country: AU
Bio: I write because the characters in my head will just keep bugging me if I don't. :)   Explanation of the world - Tome of the Fey   Vampire/Wolves 1. Bite Me 2. Hybrid 3. Secrets 4. Captive - nearly finished 5. Ancient - in progress   Dragons: 1. Black Dragon Chronicles Book 1   Elves: The...
Pen Name:MetalXYaoiFan
Country: US
Bio: Hello everyone, I am MetalXYaoiFan. Here are a few things you should know: I am an Atheist-Agnostic, but here, no matter what you believe in, you will not be persecuted. I am a libertarian. I love guy-on-guy scenarios. I say screw vampires and werewolves: Zombies are the best (in my...
Pen Name:Matrix104
Country: PH
Bio: A very simple man in town. husband of one wife and a father of three children. No college degree, just a high school graduate, but pursue self study and practice on Electronics, computer hardware servicing and Cell phone Repair.

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