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Pen Name:MichaelS76
Country: US
Bio: I am an extremely open minded, non-judgmental person who loves to learn. I enjoy reading, surfing the web, researching and writing essays, poems, quotes and reviews. When I say open minded, I do not mean so open that my brain may fall out. I also believe in skeptical skepticism and baloney...
Pen Name:Mr Watson
Country: GB
Bio: YE.AHH..... Body Odours reached 100 reads. Thank's for reading even if it does stink......! If you like Horror have a look at  www.thebloodyrook.weebly some of my poems are featured in this new online magazine.     Feel free to browse my poems there's a wide selection of different genres some...
Pen Name:Mr Benn
Country: IE
Bio: Time to revisit
Pen Name:madman
Country: US
Pen Name:MysteryGirlRobyyn
Country: GB
Bio: My heart willl never feel Will never know ♥  
Pen Name:MissWordsmith
Country: AU
Bio: _______________________________________________________ Just a note: New Messages!New Fan requests! These make my day. Please make my day. Thanks. :) _________________________________________________________ News - As Of: 2/4/14 OKAY KIDS GUESS WHAT I'M BACK (I think) and AK is now off from...
Pen Name:MidNightSun
Country: DO
Bio:  I was born in Bani, Dominican Republic. I have three brothers and I came to the United States in 2003....My FactsBirthday:October 7, 1993Age:16Hair color: Dark BrownEye color: Dark brownsiblings: 3 brothersPlace of birth : Bani, Dominican RepublicFavorite Color: BlueGrade: 11Favortie school...
Pen Name:Manyfacets
Country: CA
Bio: Booksie ProfileUpon the discovery of Bookies it became apparent that this website is a perfect storage facility for all remnant handwritten notes. I’ve been writing rhymes for many, many years now, and it may also prevent a divorce; my beloved is quite tired of picking up the paper scraps I...
Pen Name:Marwah97
Country: AE
Pen Name:MelanieFaith307
Country: CA
Bio: Growing up in a small english town and going to a even smaller french school, I learn't to read and write in english without much help from school. Let's just say I read, A LOT. I finished my fifth grade and moved to "The french province" and finished my primary school, all through-out the...
Pen Name:Marlena
Country: US
Bio: Follow me into the darkness, it's time to playThey say there no such place as Paradise, so then why do we keep looking? We can search to the ends of the earth and there's nothing there. A just a long endless road that keeps going. So then why are we so driven to find this paradise that doesn't...
Pen Name:monster01trip
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Mike Stevens
Country: US
Bio: REPORT Abuse Here      I must apologize; I accidently deleted a comment received, and I hane no way of knowing who it was; my hand slipped and I must have hit delete perfectly.  I suffer from ataxia, and sometimes my hand does it's own thing.  Anyway, I'm sorry!   Connie (Wilbur)...
Pen Name:Minimay123
Country: GB
Bio: Hi,  I'm Adam, I love music, generally from 1600s onwards. Food and railways. I am a religious person and play the organ for our church services. I love animals too. that is all  cheers  
Pen Name:MementoMallory
Country: US
Bio: Mallory.   Eighteen.   New Orleans.   Writer/Photographer.              
Pen Name:MAmberConrad
Country: US
Bio:             ... I've got nothing                           ...                    
Pen Name:MKNZ
Country: US
Bio: Hello, My name is McKenzie and Ive been writing since I was quite young. I mainly write Horror stories but I also love writing poetry. I hope to get honest feedback on my writing and hope thatll knock my writers block out and I can finish my endless amount of books and short stories and...
Pen Name:majormcflyfans
Pen Name:Mars Sale
Country: US
Pen Name:Mary Robins
Country: PH
Bio: Ever since, I really like to write stories..I dont read much actually but write stories really interest me. I know I have to learn  more about writing and I will so that I'll be better.
Pen Name:Melita Zammit
Country: MT
Bio: Hi, my name's Victoria Melita Zammit. I like using Melita as my Professional Pen Name, being it sounds much more uncommon...  I'm 14 years old this March. My father's a writer of non-fiction, but I prefer to write fiction because I can escape from the world I know into a world filled with new...
Pen Name:monsterhigh
Country: ZA
Bio: "I love monster high"I am a monster high lover I want to write different stories for what people want send me a message what you want me to write :D I mostly like writing about Cleo and Deuce but you know I love every monster high and I own a lot so I know there stories family life ,friends and...
Pen Name:Michael Brunst
Country: US
Bio: A few things about me: I am considered by most people to be scary, fucked up, and creepy, yet with all the thinking I do I don't know why. I am guessing I have social anxiety, just because I get realy-freakin-nervous when I'm in a social situation as of most of my life. I crack dick jokes waay...
Pen Name:Mark Quay
Country: GB
Bio:   Find me on Face book!
Pen Name:myheavenmyworld
Country: IN
Bio:     Welcome to my Heaven.....   " I  believe in angels, The kind that Heaven sends. I am surrounded by angels, But I call them family and friends"     Hey ! Person.....   This is my Booksie page.....     About Me   My pen name is " My Heaven My World". I am a girl...
Pen Name:mastermosher
Country: LC
Pen Name:midnight189
Country: US
Bio: I like to read and write. Ask me to read something of yours and I gladly will.:)Hi, Im so sorry if I havent read any of your work in a while. I wont be on for about a month, so I will read anything when I get back.Oh, and for my challengers, I will read asap. (Jenalie, yours is great by the...
Pen Name:matto
Country: CA
Pen Name:MAD
Country: AU
Bio: I write because the characters in my head will just keep bugging me if I don't. :)   Explanation of the world - Tome of the Fey   Vampire/Wolves 1. Bite Me 2. Hybrid 3. Secrets 4. Captive - nearly finished 5. Ancient - in progress   Dragons: 1. Black Dragon Chronicles Book 1   Elves: The...
Pen Name:MyaBaybeii
Country: GB
Bio: I`m here because i love to write, and one day i want to get published. I appreciate people`s opinions and so this seems to be the place for me. I`m 17, and a student, so writting is me all over xD have fun reading my stuff, and dont be a stranger to comment, will be returned and if you think i...
Pen Name:moonphish
Country: US
Bio: my name is alvin...i am a driving instructor in southern california...i love reading and music 
Pen Name:March Haywire
Country: CA
Bio: So after a long while, I've decieded to return to Booksie. Sadly, for those who read my novels The Runaway and Chocolates and Cigarettes, I am no longer writing either of them. Maybe, in the future, I'll pick up where I left off, but for now, I'm wiping the slate clean. I'll be leaving three of...
Pen Name:Marcela Re Ribeiro
Country: BR
Bio: WELCOME TO MY HEART!   I would like to thank all of you for reading my poems. I hope you enjoy it and always come back to visit me! ​Have a nice day! 
Pen Name:MaryRay
Country: US
Bio: I have an account under the pen name marieray but I cannot log in and there is no support to remedy this so I have opened this account but marieray is me. I have a bio there.
Pen Name:Monday
Country: US
Bio: I love books and my family. I would absolutely die without theatre or my friends. My life goal is to marry an Australian and own an apple orchard in Washington state. I aspire to be an actress or writer. I am spontaneous and a complete movie addict. I don't know who I am, but that's okay,...
Pen Name:MyFiveOclockAngel
Country: US
Bio: I'm a frustrated writer (becuse I have a day job). I write a combination of regular and fanfiction. My goal is find an outlet for my work and to find a consistent reader base. I write a combination of regular and fan fiction and my work is mostly romantic.
Pen Name:melanne414
Country: US
Pen Name:Moondemention
Country: US
Bio: Enter This Crazy Demention watch the moon see stars live life to perfection   Just like my quote Perfection is Key But Beauty is Desire My Name Is Dorissa Moon Murch I am not the average teen I always wear colorful skinny jeans I am super shy unless you know me I am super nice I talk in funny...
Pen Name:meenakshi sharma
Country: IN
Bio: meenoosh02@gmail.com a person living a life with a lot of ambitions and passions . sometimes you  never know your hobby become your passion . you can have anything you need , just satisfaction is needed .
Pen Name:Manorath Rastogi
Country: IN
Bio: My name is Manorath Rastogi . Welcome to my World . I am a Student of Management and Computer Engineer Too. I am 19 Year Old . I see fresh new things and feel great to know about them. I was told similar stories of friends and Sister's. Then my sister gave me this idea: Why Don't I write my own...
Pen Name:Mr Ezimuor
Country: GB
Bio: Sometime in our life we embarked on unwanted journey with our last breath and strength. The journey that would troubled your existance, your soul, to exstent that every step you take seem a step towards abyiss of darkness. Sometime I do wonder why would one could be cruel and heartless that even...
Pen Name:maliagrace
Country: US
Pen Name:madame mcbride
Country: US
Bio:    Hi, My name is Madame McBride. I have left publishing my writing for a while because i've been writing and singing music. I love all arts. Singing,Writing,acting,etc. I am ready to get back to writing and hope that you online writers will accept me back into the community. I am 14 and about...
Pen Name:merrymary
Country: PH
Bio: Hi everyone, I love to write anything that comes to my mind. So hope you enjoy reading my articles. They were mostly written in English and Tagalog. If you like reading them, then feel free to leave your comments. thanks
Pen Name:MagicMan1502
Pen Name:MookieHARR
Country: CA
Bio: I'M BACK ! ;)Herro :) my name is Nicole, im 14, my birthday is on February 26.My favorite bands are...All Time Low. Metro Station. Marianas Trench. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. We The Kings. Sing It Loud!. Paramore. Hey Monday. My Chemical Romance. Panic! At The Disco. Remembering Sunday....

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