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Pen Name:meowmeowpurrr
Country: HR
Bio: A little girl with big dreams, using words to kill depression c:
Pen Name:Mahejabeen Hossain
Country: BD
Bio: .
Pen Name:Mowery
Country: US
Bio: My name is Adam. I am an 0341 Mortarman of the United States Marine Corps. In my spare time I like to write here and there. Most of my inspiration comes from the lyrics of Marilyn Manson and the kind of feel I get in my writing I get from a few other bands. Alot of my writing is dark, and...
Pen Name:mariha143
Country: BD
Pen Name:Myoma Myint Kywe
Country: GB
Bio: Myoma Myint Kywe (Burmese: ၿမိဳ ႔မ ျမင့္ၾကြယ္ , pronounced [mjo̰ mə-mjɪ̰ɴ tɕwɛ̀]; also U Myint Kywe; born 14 April 1960) is a writer , Karate chief instructor and historian from Burma. He is a teetotaler  during his lifetime.  His father Myoma U Than...
Pen Name:Mandy Chakyra Dobson
Country: GB
Bio: Been on holiday! ; So sorry if I was not answering the comments. Note: I don't read poems! ♥      August summer favourite song: Breaking Benjamin- Athem of the angels   ♥ I'm 13 Years Young. ♥ My favorite colors are Purple and Black. ♥ I'm happily Single ♥ Also deff Not...
Pen Name:Marriah193
Country: US
Bio: An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. ♥~Mohandas GandhiA kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ♥~Ingrid BergmanI'm MarriahI'm seventeen years youngNothing can hold me, or my family back if we try.I'm a lover and hate...
Pen Name:Miss A
Country: BH
Bio:     I am someone who loves putting down my thoughts into words. I also love to channelise my emotions into some nice poetry.   I believe our imagination is capable of spurning some wonderful stories and poems or just basically anything into a written word.   My heart lies in writing.  Of...
Pen Name:MadokaTanaka
Country: US
Bio: Hey hows it going? My name is Madoka and its great to meet you! Let me tell you about myself. My real name is NOT Madoka (youll never guess it ;D). I am a 18-year-old college student who loves writing and drawing. Most of my time is spent on my art. I have been drawing almost my whole life...
Pen Name:Moody Glum
Country: US
Bio: Dear Reader, I imagine you've come to this page to read interesting, thought-provoking, or perhaps emotionally moving literature.  If that is the case, I suggest you leave.  I do not believe you will find my writing to be any of the latter, for much of it is, at least according to the...
Pen Name:meriddle
Country: US
Bio: I am an engineer. I have issues with nubmers. There's just too many of them.  I'd rather write.
Pen Name:MusicManic
Country: US
Pen Name:Midnight Rose
Country: US
Bio:   “Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty. There is no such thing as a...
Pen Name:Maggie Williams
Country: US
Bio: Check Out My New Website:) mw1234.weebly.com   DO NOT LEAVE READING REQUEST ON MY WORK! I WILL DELETE IT, AND NEVER GO TO IT AGAIN! ~~~~~~News Updates August 4, 2014 4:29 PM~~ • Sorry abouyt the inactivenss. Summers been very busy. If I don't get to your reading request, i'm sorry. •I have...
Pen Name:mickibits
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing part time, as a hobby. I have lots of stories to tell. mostly fiction, some are non-fiction.  I hope to use this site to share my stories and read others. Short stories are probably my favorite right now. I don't mind the epic novel, but as the mother of young twins I often...
Pen Name:M Santosh
Country: IN
Bio: I like all stories whichever take me into it and gives me experiences.
Pen Name:Morgan32
Country: US
Bio: Hello...my name is Morgan i am 17 years young lol  i love to write it is one of my favorite things to do now spelling not so much lolso just hang in there if your reading one of my books ...oh and no bad comments or you will get the wrath of morgan if you dont like it dont read it that...
Pen Name:Maubm55
Country: AL
Bio: a
Pen Name:Madison Jade
Country: AU
Bio: i love books, im a younger writer and i love writing, i want to be a novelist when i grow up. cassandra clare is my favourite Author in the world! :)
Pen Name:Mahoney
Country: US
Bio: Hi, My name is Mahoney and I have the imagination of a 6 year old. Thus, I am a writer. I love writing. I love to read just as much as I love to write, so please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to read your story. :) And be sure to check out my novels. I love feedback,...
Pen Name:Maddie Grey
Country: GB
Bio: I'm no longer posting on Booksie, but The Fairest Stars is being updated about a chapter a week on Wattpad ( MaddieGrey ) at the moment so head on over thereeee and check it out! :) I'm also on Twitter quite a lot, I'd love to hear from you there! Take care, Maddie xoxo      
Pen Name:MichaelS76
Country: US
Bio: I am an extremely open minded, non-judgmental person who loves to learn. I enjoy reading, surfing the web, researching and writing essays, poems, quotes and reviews. When I say open minded, I do not mean so open that my brain may fall out. I also believe in skeptical skepticism and baloney...
Pen Name:MrSuperdudly1
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys. My name is Nathaniel. Currently I am 16 years old and I made this thing because I wanted to upload a story about someone I hate with a deep passion. Amen.
Pen Name:MalloryMayday
Country: US
Bio: I'm back. enough said.
Pen Name:MiaJay
Country: US
Bio: Oh Hai Thar :O   My Name is: Mariah Flanders   I Am: 19 years old. A writer. A huge Harry Potter geek. Anti-Twilight. Huge fan of vampires. I also front a punk rock band.   Current Project: The Girls in the Band: Starting a new story about the life of a sexually liberated punk rocker that...
Pen Name:Mayleila
Country: US
Bio:     BECOME MY FAN IN.... http://www.wattpad.com/user/SinnerLiterate           We can stay young by focusing on a dream instead of on a regret.       You can always contact me by:    MAYLEILABOOKSIE@YAHOO.COM http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mayleila/214376855269475?ref=ts...
Pen Name:MurderousMichelle
Country: US
Bio: Hello! Names Michelle Walden. I'm 17 years old and in high school. I love to read and write. Favorite colors are red, black, and neon green. 
Pen Name:Moonspells
Country: US
Bio: like to pretty much write about realistic things (while adding a bit of outrageous spins on them...). Usually the stuff I write about it related to my life (so if any of my friends actually take a moment to read some of my stuff you'll go "Hey... I remember when we did that...!").I'm a muisc...
Pen Name:Melita Zammit
Country: MT
Bio: Hi, my name's Victoria Melita Zammit. I like using Melita as my Professional Pen Name, being it sounds much more uncommon...  I'm 14 years old this March. My father's a writer of non-fiction, but I prefer to write fiction because I can escape from the world I know into a world filled with new...
Pen Name:merrymary
Country: PH
Bio: Hi everyone, I love to write anything that comes to my mind. So hope you enjoy reading my articles. They were mostly written in English and Tagalog. If you like reading them, then feel free to leave your comments. thanks
Pen Name:Muffinn
Country: GB
Bio:  I think I give up on writing. I'm pretty shit so i wont be on for long.. unless i change my mind and start writing again. BYYEEEEEEE
Pen Name:midnightstar34
Country: US
Bio: As a girl who has lost so many things in my life some of this books can be inspireing so i just keep on reading.I love to read 13 years old and will keep on reading and writing.
Pen Name:Mary Kate DeCraene
Country: US
Bio: Mary Kate DeCraene's debut offering takes her readers on a cathartic journey into her past.“No One Said Life Was Fair”, is a collection of poignant and humorous family stories, autobiographical anecdotes and poetry about growing up in an alcoholic home. In 2004, Mary Kate received the Award...
Pen Name:musiclover39213
Country: US
Bio: I most likely won't post anything on here. This account is mainly just for reading amazing stories posted on this website.
Pen Name:musesomewriter
Country: US
Bio: I am not exactly a writer or plan to be. But I do hope to be a successful, kind, yet stern person in what ever my future career maybe. So please tell me what you think of some of what I publish on this site. Criticism or complement.
Pen Name:Marzy Dotes
Country: US
Bio: I'm mostly a nonfiction writer and blogger but I have a fiction writing streak, especially romance and erotic romance.  I also write under this moniker at Fiction Press and many stories are also there. That site's just gotten so buggy and has had so many problems in the two months I've been...
Pen Name:Manisha Belani
Country: IN
Bio: I am a fun loving person. I believe when we make others smile, we tend to forget internal pains very easily. Life is beautiful and has a meaning. We just need to be strongly determined enough, in order to add meaning to our life. I believe we are born to heal the world, so lets go ahead and...
Pen Name:Michael68
Country: US
Bio:         I am a 45 year old man, divorced who has a passion for writing fiction and poetry. My favorite writers are Stephen King, Clive Barker, Shakespear and Edgar Allen Poe. I have been writing for a long time now. And I also enjoy drawing when the mood strikes me. My writing helped me get...
Pen Name:Margi
Country: GB
Bio: Jesus Burst into my life in 1984 when I was at a very painful 'cross road'!  Since then He has been my constant Friend, my Wonderful Saviour and an EVER Present Source of Strength in times of difficulty!He Turned me from a chameleon, who had no opinion of her own (which is what got me into...
Pen Name:MaybeItWasNeverLove
Country: AU
Bio: Hello Strangers About Me: Okay, so I'm just really your average teenage girl. I go to school and have a few friends, so you can say people like me (though I'm not really). I like to read and write stories. I'm sixteen, and almost seventeen and I have a keen interest in the Romance genre....
Pen Name:Muggy
Country: US
Bio: I'm a deep person, with a desire to settle down and watch the world go by. 
Pen Name:myamoo16
Country: US
Bio:      You should really check out my new novel 'Running on Empty". It's starring Rianne Tensley, a 16 year old girl with secrets. Before you make a hasty decision, skim the summary?   Here goes: Rianne Tensley has secrets. Life changing secrets that she hides from even the people closest to...
Pen Name:Marco Polo
Country: US
Bio: Love video games and cooking. Passionate about story-telling and what to find out good ways to express this into a more modern medium, such as computer animation or video game of my own.    At my core, I love writing more than anything else and am currently writing a a couple of 3-part...
Pen Name:madvwolf
Country: US
Bio: I love writing more than abolutely anything. Open to suggestions if anyone has things they'd like to read, but haven't been written.
Pen Name:Ms Potatohhead
Country: IN
Bio:                                                         dude get off my profile !
Pen Name:MegaDa99
Country: US
Bio: I've been into writing poetry/songs for about a year now, I love the weather (thunderstorms specifically), and I care about others more than myself.
Pen Name:majesticdemise
Country: US
Bio: Well, I suppose I should start by saying that I am in fact, A blonde. But a smart one...Well I hope I'm a smart blonde. Okay, so yeah. I like vampires, but not sparkly, I'm so much better then you vamps.I like the regular kind. But mine don't burn up in the sun, 'cause, that just like, wrecks...
Pen Name:Martin 1987
Country: GB
Bio: I ain't wrote on here for years but thought I'd give it another go. I've got a few bits of writing that I'd like feedback on. Any comments/tips would be very greatly appreciated. I'll also comment on others work. Thanks, Martin
Pen Name:mhamzasiddiqui
Country: PK
Bio: *Welcome Love* To all those people here on Booksie, who gave me their respective reading requests in previous months (May & June) I'm so sorry to respond to them completely, as I was busy with my exams. So if I haven't read your work yet when you gave me your request, don't think I'm ignoring...
Pen Name:MissHateBrazenGirls
Country: MT
Bio: You don't need to know anything about me.
Pen Name:moonlightwanderer
Country: GB
Bio: Hey the name is moonlightwanderer,  I am a lover of poetry, fiction and enjoy writting my own poetry and stories to see them go to the site fictionpress and look under the name littlelampshade and there they will be.  
Pen Name:Moons
Country: ES
Bio: I love reading novels, I enjoy reading poetry, especially when i can relate to the poems, I can better express myself in writing, I'm trying to learn to write poems, and hope to write my own Novel one day.
Pen Name:Malachy McDermott
Country: IE
Pen Name:Mandeep
Country: IN
Pen Name:MysteriousStranger
Country: US
Pen Name:mizzic89
Country: SE
Bio: Hi everyone!!   I´m a 22 years old girl from Sweden and I love to read.  I´m mostly reads books with the genre urban fantasy, but right now I love romance novels. I´m studding to become a civil engineer. I have at the moment blond hair, but I have a tendency to change it. On my spear time...
Pen Name:MssJenn
Country: US
Bio: HI!I don't plan to change the world with my stories, I'm just a girl that likes to let the monsters out to play a little. My NovelsThe Night WalkersThe Promised SuicidalWork i recomend on Booksie (the list is still a work in process) ( i mostly like to read; novels, fantasy, first person...
Pen Name:Mika
Country: CA
Pen Name:Mariska Webster
Country: US
Bio: I am a bit reclusive; I currently live on Camano Island in the Puget Sound, just north of Seattle. I am primarily an artist and photographer, but occasionally I like to call myself a pensive poet. I don't like bright sunlight, I prefer the mist on my cheeks and the gentle timbre of the waves to...
Pen Name:mandycote
Country: US
Pen Name:Meradee
Country: US
Bio: Tiger Eyes                         
Pen Name:MidnightSkylines
Country: GB
Bio: I'm as normal as any 16-year-old can get. I love music, reading and writing. If you want to read my Fanfiction stuff it is on Wattpad my username is MidnightSkylines (Yes I know they are the same) Music I listen too: Theory Of A Deadman, Halestorm, Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, All Time Low,...
Pen Name:mamamia
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone I'm mamamia.  I love to write. is my favorite saying. This is a to do list that I'm determined to finish! Finish 1 novel. Get 100 reads on a novel. Get 20 comments on a novel (all chapters together) Get 10 comments on a single chapter of a novel. Get 20 comments on a poem. Win...
Pen Name:Medea Rene
Country: GB
Bio: Dear Reader,         Although I have been living in England for most of my life, I was born in Canada and visit what I like to think of as my 'Homeland' very often. My love of writing started at a young age and I wrote my first official poem at the age of nine. From then on until I turned...
Pen Name:madame mcbride
Country: US
Bio:    Hi, My name is Madame McBride. I have left publishing my writing for a while because i've been writing and singing music. I love all arts. Singing,Writing,acting,etc. I am ready to get back to writing and hope that you online writers will accept me back into the community. I am 14 and about...
Pen Name:Mollie Lavery
Country: US
Bio: Hello!    I'm Mollie Lavery. I enjoy running to clear my head and I am in love with musical theatre. My passion is theatre I beilive but on the side or for a hobby I do writing. I love animals and have three cats and two dogs. 
Pen Name:Midnight Black Cat
Country: US
Bio: Mostly I prefer to write poetry, I will write a short story once in a while but not often 
Pen Name:Milaner
Country: MY
Bio: I'm a very simple writer that writes anything which comes across my mind and I don't copy, I don't steal, I don't spam and I hope you won't do that too. I simply write when I have inspirations. Please show lots of love to my work. If you enjoy it or if you have any comments or suggestion,...
Pen Name:Majane
Country: GB
Bio: I wish that I could learn how to fly someday. I am Marjane,14, nice to meet you. I love reading and writing, and I'm kind of figuring myself out right now. My name is a french name baced on 'Miryam' which is from the hebrew scriptures, there are many different opinions about what it means but...
Pen Name:maye738
Country: US
Bio: Hi I'm Maye738!If you wanna read some of my articles then CARRY ON!!!
Pen Name:munches2008
Country: US
Bio: Hello,I'm a 16-year-old female. I grew up in a small town. I only have one friend in my town. All my other good friends live around the world. They are wonderful people and I love making new friends. There is nothing better to do but make friends that will care about you. I grow up around...
Pen Name:Merenwen
Country: AE
Bio: ABOUT ME   a 16-year girl from the Middle East who fills her spare time reading subjects regarding paranormals in addition to anything related to astrology and spiritual myths. I'm also an amateur artist; I draw on different stuff like walls, faces, glass, and their suchlike. I'm definitely...
Pen Name:MissFinn
Country: NZ
Bio: I Can Write Of Passionate Love Or The Most Painful Pain. Either Way. If You Read What I Write. You Will Feel It As Strongly As I Do. http://ask.fm/account/wall -- Ask me questions! Its fun! :) ~For those who wonder I am 18 in not even a month yay!~  ~If you are a reader of mine I will be a...
Pen Name:MissGangamash
Country: GB
Bio: NOVEL 'G O L D  D U S T' MADE IT TO THE HOMEPAGE! :D ~ ~ ~ My name is Shelley. I'm 20 years old. Sexual Orientation - the Marvel cast. I've written some dark short stories, a novel called Gold Dust and the sequel Gold Blood. I'm currently uploading a vampire, dystopian novel called The Progeny....

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