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Pen Name:Mousey
Country: US
Bio: I live track.I run.I dance.I take pride in everything I do.I am celibate.I like most people. I protect the people I care about.I crave stability.
Pen Name:Marvel Gumshoe
Country: IE
Bio: Published in "Microphone On", "Revival issue 2", "Revival Issue 4" and broadcast on West Limerick 102 Radio Working on short story collection and on novel. Age 35, married to a beautiful woman with whom I have 3 crazy kids.
Pen Name:matmoo
Country: GB
Bio: Ever since I was older than I am now I have enjoyed being chased by hungry wolves on my way to the shops and water skiing in mid-air.If you've ever read my work then you must think I'm someone else who you know and respect.I have a distate for pines but not apple.I don't take Bio/Summaries...
Pen Name:mar1e
Country: SG
Bio: Hello, this is my little poetry nook.  I stumbled across this community and was happy to finally find a place to share my poems, with other fellow poets. Some of mine are personal to me, most of which since 2001, and others, based on recent events.  Thank you for stopping by...... Marie
Pen Name:mitternachtrose
Country: US
Bio: Summer melts away my logic.
Pen Name:Marie Detruis
Country: US
Bio: A Junior in Human Biology, I love children and wish to become a pediatrician one day.  As a person who focused all of my energy on taking as little math and science in high school as I could manage, I find it funny that I'm on my way to becoming a doctor.  I love art in all of its forms and...
Pen Name:Methelusa
Country: GB
Bio: 'I am so superior to those around me, I sometimes marvel at my own ability to live among them'    I write abstract stuff, if you're looking for a theme, you won't find one here. Don't let that stop you looking though, come and pay your 5 cents for the Methelusa show.      
Pen Name:Micah Reeves
Country: US
Pen Name:morose1518
Country: US
Bio: I am 28.I live on an island.I am a begginer wrighter.I would love to publish one of my books for the world to read.If you have any other questions just ask..
Pen Name:Mephistophelian
Country: US
Bio:  ~::~sekirara soulyobisamasetamashii tsukiyaburesakebu koe wa ryuusei ni natteochite yukechi wo nagaseinochi tsukiru madeitami no tsume dehikisakaretemo ii -SOUL EDGE BOY - AAA~::~I am an eighteen year old high school graduate from small town maine who is heading down to pennsylvania for...
Pen Name:Majestic Raven
Country: US
Bio: Who am I? If I knew I would tell you... But the truth is I don't know anymore. I used to. I used to know a lot more... But that was then and this is now. And what I knew then no longer applies to the now, and the here... What I used to know was true, has been been proven false... Every truth I...
Pen Name:much2say
Country: GB
Bio: I am a single parent with three kids. I grew up in Liverpool, where I was adopted as a child. At 16 I left my home town and moved into a hostel in Birmingham. I count my blessings for the kindness of complete strangers who took me under their wing. To them I owe everything. My life could of...
Pen Name:mosesyankees
Pen Name:MurderousSweetTart
Country: US
Bio: So, here is my "About the Author" blurb. Please feel free just to navigate straight to my works.  Name: Taylar Age: 19 Status: Taken~ Gender: Female Likes: Music, writing, baking, cooking, having a good time. Dislikes: Twilight (sorry?), Twihards (stop throwing glitter on me...), stupid...
Pen Name:MBQ
Country: NZ
Pen Name:MizzTerra
Pen Name:Michael Raduga
Pen Name:Moriel Gutzait
Country: CA
Pen Name:margaretleigh
Country: AU
Pen Name:MysticAngel Eyes
Country: CA
Bio: Hi I'm 28 years old married with four astounding children. Three glorious boys so full of bubbling energy. And my one and only little princess. I haven't been married for very long, but I've been with my hubby for 7 years. My oldest boy is 6 he is so full of questions, and loves to tell you...
Pen Name:mgail
Country: US
Bio: I like to read and write poems and songs.  I like to sing with my husband and at church. I love spending time with my kids and grands.
Pen Name:Menice
Country: US
Bio: Well.... i cant grasp the idea of a simple self summary. I enjoy film production as well as acting. I like to think way out of my leage and dream of excitment beyond my means. I drink a hole lot of expresso... a lot. I have a very addictive personality, which i hope is not always seen as a...
Pen Name:MrKnowitall
Country: US
Pen Name:Mercy Davis
Country: US
Bio: Where to begin with me...I'm a teenager, and I live somewhere in the US.  For the most part, I tend to remain anonymous, Mercy isn't my real name, but it's close.  Davis is my last name.  I attempted to write on Quizilla with five differant accounts, but people seemed to enjoy FanFiction...
Pen Name:Mikey McCormack
Country: IE
Bio: I am a 30 Year old guy who loves to put pen to paper and write songs, poems, short stories and anything else my imagination can muster. I have been writing for the sheer love of words since I can remember, it has always been a dream of mine to share my writing with like minded folk who...
Pen Name:mum55
Country: GB
Bio:  I am a single mum who as like lots of others have had some unhappy events in life and feel by putting the feelings to paper may help those who have had simlar experiences and feel there not alone.Since joining the site i have read so much wonderfull writing it is inspirering.I have two sons...
Pen Name:mistyfog
Country: PH
Pen Name:MyLovePromise1415
Country: US

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