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Pen Name:Margi
Country: GB
Bio: Jesus Burst into my life in 1984 when I was at a very painful 'cross road'!  Since then He has been my constant Friend, my Wonderful Saviour and an EVER Present Source of Strength in times of difficulty!He Turned me from a chameleon, who had no opinion of her own (which is what got me into...
Pen Name:Melon
Country: US
Pen Name:moonwitch
Country: GB
Pen Name:Mr Oakum
Country: AU
Bio: G'day from WA, I have a fairly wide range of literary tastes ranging from poetry throught to murder mysteries and military thrillers, oh and of course sci fi. My personal interests lie in social justice, history and environmental issues. Hope you enjoy my little mental meanderings. Most of my...
Pen Name:matmoo
Country: GB
Bio: Ever since I was older than I am now I have enjoyed being chased by hungry wolves on my way to the shops and water skiing in mid-air.If you've ever read my work then you must think I'm someone else who you know and respect.I have a distate for pines but not apple.I don't take Bio/Summaries...
Pen Name:Martin Mackeith
Country: US
Bio: I am an 18 year old high school student, and an aspiring author. Not much of Intrest beyond that, beside Jesus Christ, of course. Yes, and please excuse my stupid Pen name.
Pen Name:MadameMadHatter
Country: US
Bio: What I would tell you about me.... I guess I will start with how the name Madame Mad Hatter came about. Three years ago, someone I loved very much, so very much, died. He was the absolute center of my world. I just didn't really get it until he was gone. Thus, began a very scary downward spiral...
Pen Name:Moodle
Country: GB
Bio: I write when I feel desolate, elated and fit to burst, but mostly I write from human influence over my feelings.Feelings are such a big part of my persona, some people understand, others try to take a detour around them.I like them out up front for all to see, no hiding, no surprises.Therefore a...
Pen Name:MAmberConrad
Country: US
Pen Name:mosesyankees1
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I am a young writer. PLEASE! comment on my stuff so i know how i can improve. Thank you.
Pen Name:MurderousSweetTart
Country: US
Bio: So, here is my "About the Author" blurb. Please feel free just to navigate straight to my works.  Name: Taylar Age: 19 Status: Taken~ Gender: Female Likes: Music, writing, baking, cooking, having a good time. Dislikes: Twilight (sorry?), Twihards (stop throwing glitter on me...), stupid...
Pen Name:mum55
Country: GB
Bio:  I am a single mum who as like lots of others have had some unhappy events in life and feel by putting the feelings to paper may help those who have had simlar experiences and feel there not alone.Since joining the site i have read so much wonderfull writing it is inspirering.I have two sons...
Pen Name:Michael L Lewis
Country: US
Bio:   Writing has always been an obsession of mine since times I can’t remember. I started off writing songs, then poetry, later I began forming stories as my imagination grew into a monster, but like everything else in my life, I had little education, and all that I have learned, I learned on my...
Pen Name:Mark Gaarder
Country: US
Pen Name:MrPrinceton
Country: US
Bio: I like to let my pet hedgehog crawl on me while I write; It helps me concentrate. I listen to sixties and seventies music. I am a young writer with hopes of publishing. Many people have seemed to enjoy  my writing and are impressed because of my young age.  I admit that I am not very prolific...
Pen Name:Miriam
Country: US
Bio: I am also here under the name, MitternachtRose, but i forgot the password i use to log in to that account so i finally gave up and am making a new one.  
Pen Name:msmadhatter
Country: US
Bio: Hi Everyone!My name's Maranda Cucchiara and I'm just over 21 years old. I've been writing for as long as I remember. My passion for writing emerged through fantasy stories I read as a child. I'd always wanted to create a magical world for people of all ages to disappear in. I've read so many...
Pen Name:Mr Willts
Country: GB
Bio: Jameson Willts. Proud Vegetarian, long time Lepidopterist, Joint-winner of the 1987 Fielding Chemistry Award, proud sponsor of the Toughborough cricket club and Running Champion of the Toughborough Snowball Fight, invites you, the articulate and well-read author, to read his new series...
Pen Name:MandiLynnsPoems
Country: US
Bio: Heyy Boys&Girls My names mandi lynn,Nice to meet you=] I am a 16 year old girl,i love to write and come up with things on my own, i make my poetry rhyme. because to me it sounds the best. you probabily dont care much about me. so ill keep this short,im keeping this site, so maybe i will get...

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