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Pen Name:Mr Oakum
Country: AU
Bio: G'day from WA, I have a fairly wide range of literary tastes ranging from poetry throught to murder mysteries and military thrillers, oh and of course sci fi. My personal interests lie in social justice, history and environmental issues. Hope you enjoy my little mental meanderings. Most of my...
Pen Name:MAmberConrad
Country: US
Bio:             ... I've got nothing                           ...                    
Pen Name:MyLovePromise1415
Country: US
Pen Name:mum55
Country: GB
Bio:  I am a single mum who as like lots of others have had some unhappy events in life and feel by putting the feelings to paper may help those who have had simlar experiences and feel there not alone.Since joining the site i have read so much wonderfull writing it is inspirering.I have two sons...
Pen Name:Mariaisdaqueen
Pen Name:MrHumanBeing
Country: QA
Bio: Its very difficult for me to write something about myself as "it is difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame". But, people used to say about me that I am a good human being. That's all.
Pen Name:Miriam
Country: US
Bio: I am also here under the name, MitternachtRose, but i forgot the password i use to log in to that account so i finally gave up and am making a new one.  
Pen Name:MdNightAngel
Country: US
Bio: I am 17 and have DS(Down Syndrome). Many people ask how am I capable of writing, spelling, and talking so good. I tell them god must of blessed me when I was born. I am a person that wishes no more than a good career out of life. I hope to become a famous writer of poetry and stories. I also...
Pen Name:Mysteries Revealed
Country: US
Bio: I might as well get this out of the way:   I’m a white female, Born into a middle class family, And I have a 4.65 GPA.   Sure, those things are true about me, but they don’t define me. I honestly don’t even care about them. They just make me average. So here are some...
Pen Name:maya crisol
Country: PH
Pen Name:Mindslayer
Country: IN
Bio: I wouldn't be more than another sheep lost in the homogeneity of this overwhelming herd if it weren't for those numerous intended risks and careless blunders that reside behind me. The slice of my life that consists of my anomalies, failures, drawbacks, solitude and rejection is the sole...
Pen Name:mhenry
Country: US
Bio: My name is Marty Henry I'm from Nebraska, I love to write poems and I enjoy turning them into songs. I have 3 step children and I raised 3 of my own, this was a job in itself, I will never put down a single mother or dad who does all this on thier own. may God bless them all. I have written...
Pen Name:MilesRae
Country: US
Bio: I am childishly mature in my own unique way. I may seem shy and reserved upon meeting but I am only studying my surroundings and the people in it. I like to be that person who keeps people laughing 10 minutes after the joke has been told. I want to be the person who makes you hesitate before you...
Pen Name:Margi
Country: GB
Bio: Jesus Burst into my life in 1984 when I was at a very painful 'cross road'!  Since then He has been my constant Friend, my Wonderful Saviour and an EVER Present Source of Strength in times of difficulty!He Turned me from a chameleon, who had no opinion of her own (which is what got me into...
Pen Name:Moodle
Country: GB
Bio: I write when I feel desolate, elated and fit to burst, but mostly I write from human influence over my feelings.Feelings are such a big part of my persona, some people understand, others try to take a detour around them.I like them out up front for all to see, no hiding, no surprises.Therefore a...
Pen Name:moonwitch
Country: GB
Pen Name:misslyss
Country: US
Bio: Name: Alyssamy first love is horses. especially arabian horses. i have six :).the wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. - old arabian proverbi write poetry, but i cant sit down and say, "oh, i think i should write a poem". they come to me usually when i am really upset.it...
Pen Name:matmoo
Country: GB
Bio: Ever since I was older than I am now I have enjoyed being chased by hungry wolves on my way to the shops and water skiing in mid-air.If you've ever read my work then you must think I'm someone else who you know and respect.I have a distate for pines but not apple.I don't take Bio/Summaries...
Pen Name:missdestiny
Country: US
Pen Name:mayigiveyoumyheart
Country: US
Bio: Inside of my head lives a master of illusion,Visions of life I see distorted beyond reason, andDreams of passion suddenly turn to horror.So I still like the first part... so I'm gonna keep on keeping it!  wow... so its actually been a long time since i put anything new up here. Hi. Want to know...
Pen Name:Maxyneetsee
Country: CA
Bio: Hey everybody! My name is Maxyne, and i'm a 14-year-old girl in British Columbia.Writing is great for me. It soothes me, it gets me thinking and all those kinds of stuff. It has been my passion for so long. Well, much more since my dad passed away. It was a day before his birthday which is sad....
Pen Name:MurderousSweetTart
Country: US
Bio: So, here is my "About the Author" blurb. Please feel free just to navigate straight to my works.  Name: Taylar Age: 19 Status: Taken~ Gender: Female Likes: Music, writing, baking, cooking, having a good time. Dislikes: Twilight (sorry?), Twihards (stop throwing glitter on me...), stupid...
Pen Name:Melzter
Country: CA
Bio: Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my profile. Hope you enjoy reading my pieces. To be honest, I am not a good writer. I started a Booksie account so that I could practice and get feedback and advice as to how I can improve. I really hope you guys can help me on that so PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT...
Pen Name:miss mary
Country: GB
Bio: HiI write stories/poems/lyrics. They're mostly based on situations of life. Have been writing since childhood & now, with modern day technology, share with you my writings. Please enjoy & all comments welcome.I live in S.Wales & enjoy the countryside as well as the company of my Welsh/Collie...
Pen Name:Mastema
Country: US
Bio: Im 20. born in california. im in the military have been for about a year, most of the poems that i have on here right now were from about 3 years ago. hope you like them. haha. anyways i dont care if you dont like the way i write or have other things to say that are negative. everything i write...
Pen Name:mike1983
Country: GB
Pen Name:MaryJose
Country: CA
Pen Name:musicmelody
Country: AU
Bio: Hiya! My stories are getting better! thanks for everybodys support! i really needed it and also i still a insperation for a novel people i need ya all dont let me down... oh and just to let you know i dont like action, or blood OR anything with too much violence (this person i'm talking to you...

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