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Pen Name:Niall McKenna
Country: GB
Pen Name:Norman.L
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Norman Littleford. I am a retired taxi driver, born in London,England. Lliving in Letchworth Garden City, Herts, since 1960. My poetry is an attempt to let people know my thoughts, feelings, ideas and observations, of this world we live in. My poetry is always written in rhyme....
Pen Name:Nessly305
Country: US
Bio: you can contact me at nessly305@hotmail.com or www.myspace.com/aic305  
Pen Name:Nicola Jane
Country: IE
Bio: Reading is an occupational hazard when you're doing your masters in lit... but I love it!Among my favourite poets are: Edward Kamau Brathwaite, Christina Rossetti, Oscar Wilde, DG Rossetti, PB Shelley and John KeatsAmong my favourite artists are: Frida Kahlo (LOVE HER!), Diego Riviera, Salvador...
Pen Name:naturegirl
Country: US
Bio: Hi everyone I have writen poems since I was very very young Iwill someday get a book puplishedas you can probably tell when you read my stuff it is highly personal and from the heart I hope you all will enjoy it and it makes me feel good to share it with you 
Pen Name:NightwingPunk
Country: NZ
Bio: I like to write poetry to release anger and stress so u know my poems tend to be angry and weird..but thats how is write so yea.I live in Auckland, New Zealand (which is the little island by Australia for those who dont know) and I am Samoan 
Pen Name:Nazdroth
Country: US
Bio: I've been writing  poems for about ten years.  Most of what I write have a dark edge to it.   I also write horror stories and am currently trying to see if I can get something published somewhere.   I'm also into photography, digital art, and Photoshop.  I find inspiration in dreams,...
Pen Name:Nic E
Country: US
Bio: I am a 27-year-old novice. That is looking to get some feed back positive or negative. Any criticism is always welcomed. I write as a form of stress relief. I've been through a lot so it may sometimes come off as gritty. However, at any rate, I look forward to making some new friends. 
Pen Name:Natural Dee
Country: US
Bio: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, this may be true, but you have to know the words to use. My life has been a changing portrait. The years have added smiles and tears. If my words can bring comfort to others, then let the ink fall. In writing I have overcome great obstacles, and...
Pen Name:NesDaniels
Country: US
Pen Name:NazShabnam
Country: QA
Bio: Hello ! I am 31 years old . I am an Indian , staying in the Middle East. I am happily married for the last 10 years  to a wonderful man .By profession , I am a travel consultant and an instructor in Travel and Toursim . Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies and something that I...
Pen Name:NolaGirl
Country: IE
Bio: Im 26 and I live at home with my family. I live a quite life almost secluded from the 'outside' world, the world 'out there'.  I will read almost anything as long as it is written honestly and with integrity. I like reading journels, becoming aquanted with new people from every stage and walk...
Pen Name:NikkiB16
Country: NZ
Bio: Im an 18yr old girl who was bought up in another country. I was born in the Netherlands and moved to NZ when I was 4.I noticed my love for writing when one day I was very angry and I just started writing, and lo and behold I was good at it, I've even had the odd remark saying "what website did...
Pen Name:Nemy
Country: AU
Bio: about me.... ummm what's there to say? i'm a natrually negitive person *trying* to be positive. also, please be honest about my work, critisim is welcome.  
Pen Name:Nova chan
Country: AU
Bio:  I find writing as a way to escape from the world at large.An escape hatch.i feel liberated when sitting down with a penOr in from of a keyboard.the world recedesthe words emerge
Pen Name:Nae
Country: CA
Pen Name:NephilimFern
Country: ZA
Bio: The only reason I write is because if I don't, I'm afraid I might just hit a wall and break my fist! Oh...and it's fun...And, I'm more of a graphic designer
Pen Name:newsboyschick
Country: US
Bio: Happy November! It's fun to write again. Feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee while you read my words and let me know what you think. Cheers and blessings. :-)   I recently started writing again (a blog) (http://viewsfromsue.wordpress.com/) after writing another blog for a short while...
Pen Name:Nate
Country: US
Bio: I just love to write. I am not the greatest writer in the world, nor do I hope to write something incredibly profound and meaningful. Rather, I am only here to write about what life’s subtleties mean to me, you can interpret them how you choose. It makes no difference to me....
Pen Name:Natchai
Country: NL
Bio: I'm just a guy who tries to express his feelings and thoughts into poetry. My classmates told me I was pretty good at it. So I hope you can give me feedback on my poets to let me grow as a poet.
Pen Name:namublade
Country: US
Pen Name:nikkicole
Country: US
Bio: hello, im nikki. call me whatever pleases you. i love to write but alas, im not good with detail so i havent written a story in years. i do wish to continue to write but, oh how to detail is lacking. i still havent put pen to paper or fingers to key and watch them work magic, but the day will...
Pen Name:November
Country: GB
Bio: They're just words. Sure, with the right words assembled in the right order you can make anyone in the world do what you want them to, but these, these are just words.And all I want to do with them is write something that someone else, who has no idea why or to/for whom the words were written,...
Pen Name:njambs
Pen Name:Narduchil
Country: US
Bio:       My name is Nicholas Porter, i am seventeen years old and an aspiring writer. i hope one day to be an accomplished fantasy novelist and to have as long as my years endure published twenty two books each with a setting in my imaginary world which i have called Abred. currently i am...
Pen Name:New Creation
Pen Name:nirvan
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