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Pen Name:OBlastTheyShriek
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Sierra.
Pen Name:oyraja
Country: US
Bio: in my mindyou shall find a place thats oftenleft behind
Pen Name:orynnfireheart
Country: US
Bio: I have always wanted to be a writer, but want is nothing without action.  Having decided to take my destiny in my own hands, I will be posting my writing on this sight for all to see.  Be gentle.  ^_^
Pen Name:Oscar Prajnaphalla
Country: ID
Pen Name:Olola
Country: GB
Bio:       Hiya. I'm Olola. A teenage female. I live in London the best city in the world - there's just so much inspiration everywhere you look! I enjoy writing stories, poems and songs. I love music and sports etc. I am currentlyabout to finish my first novel called 'Blissfully Sweet', which...
Pen Name:osamuyi2
Country: NG
Bio: ABOUT MERealName: Osamuyi OkpameLocation: Benin City, Edo StateCountry of Residence: NigeriaCountry of Birth: NigeriaLanguages: English, EdoBorn: 1978Sex: MaleHeight: 1.67MWeight: 65.6KgEDUCATIONPrimary: I attended my primary education in Nigeria.Secondary: I attended my secondary education in...
Pen Name:10 OH student
Country: NZ
Pen Name:Ozza
Country: GB
Bio: Heya!I like to think I'm creative! I love music, reading and drama.I'm quite shy at first and sometimes I find saying out loud what I'm thinking hard, and so I find writing it down much easier.I just hope what I write is worth reading!
Pen Name:Ocie B
Country: US
Bio: Hi...My name is Ocie Clelland. I am now 35 years old and work for a company that sells spy equipment. It's a great job!! I provide product tech support as well as IT support for the company website. I have a little one. Hername is Saniyah and she is 5 now. Through reading my poetry you will...
Pen Name:ookami
Country: MT
Pen Name:Omnipotent
Country: US
Bio: My Mind In A Nut Shell. Visit my Myspace for information about me. www.myspace.com/luciferfawkes  
Pen Name:mamabird5o
Country: US
Bio: I've been an aspiring writer for quite a while, but I haven't done anything about it.  I'd like to get some feedback and start heading in a promising direction.  My stories are all based on my family.
Pen Name:occumsbendiestraw
Country: US
Bio: I can never seem to finish a story that I think is golden. For some reason I don't believe anyone would want to read what I have to write because of my own lack of confidence. Recently, I have come to see writing as art in a pure form of the creator's emotional discovery. Personally, I have...
Pen Name:OakStory Prouductionz
Country: US
Bio: i m leet haxor. i like pie. and video games. this is oakstory. a parody of maple. it is awesome. read it. you will like it. you have to have played maplestory at some point in your life and you must be under the age of 999.  ~Mikhail~ which is my pen name.
Pen Name:Organoid
Country: US
Bio: Orgainoid would tell you about himself, but he's a little tied up. Chained up, whatever.
Pen Name:October O
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a bit sporadic in all areas of life, but particularly when I write! It's either too much or not enough to say...hope you enjoy the result of the productive spells.
Pen Name:olawcommunitech
Country: NG
Bio: my name is oguntuase anuoluwapo olawunmi a nigerian by birth live in lagos a final year student of lagos state polytechnic a student member of the nigerian institute of public relations with a flair for reading
Pen Name:OScube
Country: EG
Pen Name:oladokun sulaiman
Country: US
Pen Name:OHSHCKaori
Country: US
Bio: A few clicks will help @TWLOHA win $1 Million for suicide prevention. Please share this with others. Vote here:http://bit.ly/7si7Be
Pen Name:oro
Country: US
Pen Name:OnceUponATwilightNight
Country: US
Bio: My name is Kayla, I'm 16 =]], and I absolutely LOVE to write and read alllllll day long! Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors I'm never seen without a book, and my mind is always running on new ideas for a story. I love Harry Potter and the Twilight series and I'm always looking forward to doing...
Pen Name:outrageousbaby21xoxo
Country: US
Bio: I like to chill party rave, dance, song, hangout and just be me. I goof around alot at the propper times, I have dark hair with red streaks. I have baby blue eyes that change color on their own. I am about 5'7 and yeahYou may find me just a little strange I like dancing barefoot in the pouring...
Pen Name:overlordror
Country: US
Bio: I'm a 23 year old chef with the ambition to write. I've had the idea for The Calling novel floating around in my head for almost a year now, patiently jotting down ideas as they come to me. I've finally decided to put these ideas down on paper, and attempt to make something from them. If you'd...
Pen Name:Oxymandias
Country: NG
Bio: "How vain it is for one to sit down to write without first standing up to live?"- H D Thoreau
Pen Name:Orange Fay
Country: MY
Bio: Hello everyone~Orange's here..been busy with UNI's life and been less or perharps incative last year..really sorry for everything though...but soon will be re-activate back...lots of writer's ideas lately...I am 20 years old, Yes~I am proud to be asian, Malaysian and simply proud to be the...
Pen Name:Otink09K
Country: US
Pen Name:Olwen
Country: CA
Bio: I love to write, for myself and hopefully for others..I live in Orillia Ontario have four children ages 19 to 8, therefore very busy as you can imagine.  I would have to say that I have been writing all my life but never knew it, if that makes sense.  My poems and stories are about my life...
Pen Name:Occlusive Catastrophe
Country: US
Bio: "Tell me why do you run, you say your so ashamed.Bruised and broken. Thought if I figured out the mess that you made, that I'd leave.But anywhere you are, is never too far away.There's freedom from your scars.The mistakes that you've made: Forgiven.The memories erased.That's the beauty of...
Pen Name:otis english
Pen Name:oenotheraryu
Country: MY
Pen Name:Odahk
Country: CA
Bio: A twenty year old failure trying to make it right after falling apart, falling in love, falling out of love, falling to pieces and falling from his high horse.  Trying to get back on the ladder of life (can't be a path really, not quite that easy, the whole falling thing doesn't work half as...
Pen Name:oselokang
Country: NG
Bio: I am Oseloka by name, I am 31 years old male from Africa, searching for my missing rib because I have been in an emotional trumer for so long now since my heart break. ever since my last experience in relationship peoms have been the only thing that keeps my heart happy and emotionaly. I just...
Pen Name:oceanica
Country: IN
Bio: Hi all there this is v.s.acharya from Ahmedabad India I love my country and love to write articles, poems,reactions on news and views.i also love to travel and driving car.  I love to listen melodious songs from Indian singers read books on history and short stories. i would like to tell all of...
Pen Name:Osman Hasan
Country: EG
Pen Name:Ozzie the Redneck
Country: US
Bio: Well, I am a Christian, a little redneck, a little crazy sometimes, and all American. I enjoy writing action/adventure stories (mostly just because I enjoy the writing of it), humorous, random stories, and maybe even a little poetry on the side. While I have little time to write, I take the...
Pen Name:OKesta
Country: US
Bio: I'm me. I'm true to myself, and that's all that matters. I tend to speak louder when I am upset or frustrated, and I do not like confrontation at all. One way that helps me to figure things out is to write, to help me remember and to relax. This is why I write. To know that I am not alone,...
Pen Name:OBrightAngel
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow literary people! One thing you need to know about me is that I love writing. Writing is immortal--and it is a way of becoming immortal. It is, to me, a reflection of the soul, the heart, the imagination. Keep on running after dreams, for they are the seeds of reality!Enjoy....
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