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Pen Name:otis english
Pen Name:October O
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a bit sporadic in all areas of life, but particularly when I write! It's either too much or not enough to say...hope you enjoy the result of the productive spells.
Pen Name:Osman Hasan
Country: EG
Pen Name:Ozzie the Redneck
Country: US
Bio: Well, I am a Christian, a little redneck, a little crazy sometimes, and all American. I enjoy writing action/adventure stories (mostly just because I enjoy the writing of it), humorous, random stories, and maybe even a little poetry on the side. While I have little time to write, I take the...
Pen Name:Olwen
Country: CA
Bio: I love to write, for myself and hopefully for others..I live in Orillia Ontario have four children ages 19 to 8, therefore very busy as you can imagine.  I would have to say that I have been writing all my life but never knew it, if that makes sense.  My poems and stories are about my life...
Pen Name:OKesta
Country: US
Bio: I'm me. I'm true to myself, and that's all that matters. I tend to speak louder when I am upset or frustrated, and I do not like confrontation at all. One way that helps me to figure things out is to write, to help me remember and to relax. This is why I write. To know that I am not alone,...
Pen Name:OBrightAngel
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow literary people! One thing you need to know about me is that I love writing. Writing is immortal--and it is a way of becoming immortal. It is, to me, a reflection of the soul, the heart, the imagination. Keep on running after dreams, for they are the seeds of reality!Enjoy....
Pen Name:Onion Knight
Country: AU
Bio: I don't post here anymore. Ask for a link if you want to know where I have moved.
Pen Name:overload
Country: IN
Pen Name:Octavia1014
Country: US
Bio: My name is Octavia Philpot. Im a thriteen  year old in the eight grade and i attend school at Daghlgren.  I recently moved to Daghlgren about 3 weeks ago. I love writing poems, short stories, long stories and basically anything. I love the color blue and im just an all around people...
Pen Name:oppoiccaC
Country: US
Bio:  Hi I'm C.CI normally dont know what to write on these type's of thing's..But I will start with my age I guess..I'm 16 going to be 17 in march, I enjoy writing (Obviously) and I have more hobby's like Photography, and Drawing, and ..well that's about it, I read somtime's but the book has to...
Pen Name:OceanMaiden
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Racheal, and I live in Florida for now. (I move a lot). I am 16 years old. I have been writing for a while now, poems at first and recently songs. I am also currently working on a trilogy or series(don't know yet, whereever my writing takes me) in fantasy fiction....
Pen Name:OliviaJane
Country: GB
Pen Name:Overlord Browniewaffels
Country: AU
Bio: (insert sexual joke here)
Pen Name:OBlastTheyShriek
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Sierra.
Pen Name:0oKILL0o0THE0o0SOUNDo0
Country: US
Bio: Hiya!  I'm Sophia. I LOVE TO READ!!!!!!! Then again, who wouldn't get an account on this website and not like to read? I mean this website is all ABOUT writing right? So why would I get an account on this website if I didn't... Oh forget it. A collection of my favorite books are Twilight,...
Pen Name:oxheartsandscarsxo
Country: US
Bio: Hello all! So it has been a year since I updated last. I feel so much wiser now, my psychiatrist helped for a while, and then we found out that I was bipolar, so the meds are helping too. To let you all know, Taryn aka youreyesarelies is okay. She spent three months in rehab, and hasn't cut...
Pen Name:osamuyi2
Country: NG
Bio: ABOUT MERealName: Osamuyi OkpameLocation: Benin City, Edo StateCountry of Residence: NigeriaCountry of Birth: NigeriaLanguages: English, EdoBorn: 1978Sex: MaleHeight: 1.67MWeight: 65.6KgEDUCATIONPrimary: I attended my primary education in Nigeria.Secondary: I attended my secondary education in...
Pen Name:only23
Country: US
Pen Name:Oscar Monster
Country: US
Bio: My name is Oscar and I am a junior in high school.I'm not a full time poet/writer or anything of the sort, but when I manage to get away from my busy life, I fall upon an enticing spell that grabs hold of my wits and pen combined and words come drifting out from, virtually, no where.things I...
Pen Name:oceangurl1313
Country: US
Bio: Hello? Is this on? testing 1, 2, 3.....what?! This isn't a microphone?! ok......whatever.....So, there really isn't much to say, so I'll just talk about my favorite subject.....ME!Name: call me NicciAge: yeah, like I'm gonna tell!Favorite color: Blue, Green, Aquayeah, im gonna say more...
Pen Name:ophelia walsh
Country: AU
Bio: brief bio for you allEntered the world on the 6th of April 1991, Toowoomba Queensland Australia.I moved around alot as a kid, i've seen alot of places.I don't want anyone's sympathy I hate it when people pity me.My parents divorced when I was 6 mum remarried 4 years later and dad remarried...
Pen Name:orange square
Country: AU
Bio: my name is lindsay i love books yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pen Name:Oceania
Country: US
Pen Name:OakMntDB
Country: US
Pen Name:Onlyformyathiasce
Country: US
Bio: This is my third once since my other two...lost the passwords for my a thiasce only.Love you baby!
Pen Name:originality
Country: AU
Bio: I sat here, mulling over what to type. What do people want to know. My name? Or perhaps what I like to read? Or maybe nobody wants to hear these things.Maybe I'm assuming that you want to read about me.Personally, I believe assuming is over rated.So, I'm going to find stories that I love and...
Pen Name:ontherun2home
Country: US
Pen Name:old pup
Country: US
Pen Name:Outsider
Country: US
Bio: Well i never know what to put in these things......so all im going to say is this........read my writing if you want....if not thats ok
Pen Name:o0lostlove0o
Country: US
Bio: (I just realized I have not been on here in forever.) So hi. (: The name's Lisa. I'm an amateur writer who doesn't update enough here for lack of fans and/or inspiration. I love words -- being articulate in what I say is something I'm being taught to do. My writings up now are horribly pathetic....
Pen Name:orz
Country: CN
Bio: I am just a simple person.That is it.
Pen Name:oxtremblexo
Country: CA
Pen Name:Only Mine
Country: US
Bio: hey guys this is your fairy god mother. i have come to say that you need to read this or i will. JK!!! My nutmeg brown hair shapes my face perfectly. My bubbly spirit keeps everyone around me aware that i am here. I love to act and write. that is where my heart truly lies. That is where you...
Pen Name:Oblivion
Country: GB
Bio: Hi im Oblvion, I used to be 'Aidan' on booksie, sbut the account broke-I will post all of the stuff I had on Aidans account soon.
Pen Name:OrangeCrush
Country: US
Bio: My name is Tyla(:Im 13(:I go to Rivet m/h(:I live in a small townIm taken Luke Babe! Ilu[♥]I have alot of stories i wanna writeBut i never get the time toSo read my storieshaha(:
Pen Name:oricesdracco
Country: US
Bio: I get hyper sometimes and Im and Hopeless romantic at heart. When i am home i have no life, ive gotten addicted to booksie. i will pay a visit when ever i can when you all drop a comment i will try too respond as quickly as i can, take care and have a nice day/night.W">" " />>hat Ifii

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