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Pen Name:Ohioguy
Country: US
Bio: My name is Todd! Sometimes friends call me Dot. I like to try and evoke thought. Not just any kind of thoughts, thoughts of things that we'd rarely ever think about otherwise. My brain doesn't always work the same as other people's. But, I think that's actually for the best! If you can't quite...
Pen Name:Ouggad Mohamed Mostefa
Country: US
Pen Name:ookami
Country: MT
Pen Name:obsessivexromantic
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Jade Louise. I am 19 years old.   I love reading and writing, because I can just escape into someone else's life for a while.   Please vote for the first chapter of my story on wattpad, as I've entered it into a competition to maybe win a publishing contract. It really means the...
Pen Name:October O
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a bit sporadic in all areas of life, but particularly when I write! It's either too much or not enough to say...hope you enjoy the result of the productive spells.
Pen Name:onyancha
Country: UG
Bio: I love poetry
Pen Name:Old BallBall
Country: US
Bio: Greetings to those of you who took the time to check out my profile page.Although, I write under 3 different pen names, Old BallBall, The Serious Mysterious Madame, and the Madame Mad Hatter, my name is just plain old Jett.With the pen names of the Madame, you will find some very dark poetry....
Pen Name:OliviaSlater
Country: NL
Pen Name:Onni
Country: US
Bio:  Hey! I'm Nancy~I'm in high school right now :)  I am obsessed with writing
Pen Name:okiegirl1200
Country: US
Pen Name:Oh2e
Country: IE
Bio: Hi! My name is Hope and I am a fourteen year old girl who is passionate about reading. 🐳 I have always been creating characters and a couple of years ago a friend of mine told me that I should write a story about my characters, and so here I am! If you leave me a reading request then please...
Pen Name:olivas
Country: US
Pen Name:sweet92orange
Country: GB
Bio: i love street child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pen Name:owlwhisper
Country: US
Bio: I am the owl whisper!! I just joined this site and I am very excited to see what people think of my short stories so read my stories?!?!  
Pen Name:Olive Higgs
Country: NZ
Bio: I was born in New Zealand. I lie a lot, but I'm working on it. I am currently eating chocolate pudding in bed. I like writing a lot but it's a bit scary
Pen Name:Osita Ebiem
Country: US
Bio:   Osita is a Biafranist who believes that: Human beings have an infinite capacity to improve when they are honest, sincere and determined. And they can achieve great things and attain excellence.
Pen Name:Outlawswriter
Country: GB
Bio: So this account of solely for the development of a book called Outlaws. The plot of this book is that in the midst of the Jacobite uprising of Scotland in 1745, five outlaws and rouges seek to try and find a safe haven amidst the confusion and chaos that Charles Stuart brings. Its a story that...
Pen Name:Oakwood
Country: CA
Bio: I am a 15 year old girl who, unlike most teenagers can't operate a cell phone to save my life. I enjoy writing and reading over texting and fantasy over romance. I live in Ontario, in basicly the middle of nowhere. You know you live in the middle of nowhere when your school is a patch of forest...
Pen Name:Oliver Bird
Country: DK
Bio: Hi   I just like to write and sing alot.   peace     Oli
Pen Name:OSamiOSh
Country: US
Pen Name:OokamiCake
Country: AU
Bio: Uhm... I'm Krystal, yeah. Krystal Lundy. I'm a teenager, who has 'problems' and an attitude to match xD I write a lot of Fanfiction and only a few stories themselves. I'm a massive procrastinator, and I will change that... Later. I like many things, and dislike a few. If you want to talk- do...
Pen Name:OmegaSun
Country: US
Pen Name:Obe
Country: GB
Bio: HELLO FELLOW BOOKSIERS  ____________________________________________________________ LATEST NEWS: NEW CHARACTER PICTURE FOR JAYDEN! I won't be on here much due to exams coming up, I really need to at least try to understand my school work if I want to pass my exams and get into Uni so I...
Pen Name:OverTheVintageRainbows x
Country: GB
Bio:  Hey guys! I'm leaving Booksie, but don't worry I'm starting fresh. I won't tell you the account just because I need to get away from the attention. I feel that there aren't much people reading my novel and some stories won't delete so that's why I'm leaving! Thanks to all who supported me,...
Pen Name:Oskie1995
Country: GB
Bio: Well i'm 18, i'm not really a author or whatever, i'm actually a musician. but writing is fun. i'm trying to find something
Pen Name:Oliver Zimbelman
Country: US
Bio: My name is Oliver. I am a student in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My plan is to major in creative writing and someday make money from my writing. PLEASE give me helpful criticism whenever I post new writing. This is the only way I will become better at what I do. Thank you and enjoy!
Pen Name:opeyemi oke
Pen Name:odInsanity
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 years old, and I live in Utah. My dad is from Chicago, but his family is originally Dutch, and my mom's family is from Uruguay. I was born in Salt Lake City, but I grew up in Europe - around nine years in Spain, nine in The Netherlands, with a few years early on in Wisconsin.  I studied...
Pen Name:H2OfanRiki
Country: GB
Bio: Hey everyone, I'm Eleanor Frances and I am an espiring writer; im only a student so sometimes my books are a little slow to finish but eventually every book that I start I will finish (even if it takes me till in 60). Most of my books are fantasy based but gramma and spelling may be tricky,...
Pen Name:Orinjambie
Country: US
Bio: ajfdljagfl;sdanhgdkfjksdhflngjhadsljfnklashfulkadnbajfadsjhbflas.....hi. I love role playing, anime, manga, fan fictions, shipping, and other stuff. I'm an artist and a writer of both original works and fandoms. I also love yaoi but I don't shove it on other people so don't start hating me...
Pen Name:olj
Country: US
Bio: If you read
Pen Name:Onurb Anocoi
Country: US
Bio: For years I hoped to discover that hidden Steinbeck trapped inside of me but he never appeared for more than a few moments at a time. Like so many of us, I've started and tossed dozens of stories over the years hoping to hit that sweet spot. Just not gonna happen at my age or so I guess. What I...
Pen Name:OpheliaOderschvank
Country: US
Bio: Im the girl who:Has wounds no man or woman should ever pick atCan be on the batshit crazy sideWrites and drawsSome how always makes people laughHas ADDSeems to hate people in generalManages to be one of the nicest people youll meetHas amazing friends who wont stab her in the back Seems to have...
Pen Name:open9898
Country: US
Pen Name:Odahk
Country: CA
Bio: A twenty year old failure trying to make it right after falling apart, falling in love, falling out of love, falling to pieces and falling from his high horse.  Trying to get back on the ladder of life (can't be a path really, not quite that easy, the whole falling thing doesn't work half as...
Pen Name:overlordevil
Country: NP
Pen Name:ole segale
Country: ZA
Bio: I'm a 17 and love writing poetry but never published or showed anyone till I send one my friends so if you could read my poems thank you
Pen Name:oricesdracco
Country: US
Bio: I get hyper sometimes and Im and Hopeless romantic at heart. When i am home i have no life, ive gotten addicted to booksie. i will pay a visit when ever i can when you all drop a comment i will try too respond as quickly as i can, take care and have a nice day/night.W">" " />>hat Ifii
Pen Name:onlyonewriter
Country: FI
Pen Name:Ortley Cane
Country: US
Bio: Middle Aged Gentleman Ex-Webmaster, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Video Editor.
Pen Name:Oakland95
Pen Name:Ogundairo Abiodun
Country: NG
Bio: I am a writer from Lagos Nigeria.
Pen Name:OnyxNight
Country: US
Bio: hi i'm fifteen i've had a hard life but i manage. i luv writing and would like to know what people think about my writing. fair warning i write very intense sort of romance scenes. when it is in a novel.I feel love is the most powerful thing in the world because it can cause people to kill or...
Pen Name:onceupon
Country: MO
Bio: Mone me, si erro
Pen Name:OurNameIsOurVirtue
Country: AU
Bio:     I don’t care if you only shop at thrift stores or if you read nothing but classic novels. I don't care whether you are thirteen or thirty four. I don't care if you haven't quite grassped the english language. I will not judge you. I don't what kind of haircut you have, what sort of...
Pen Name:OKesta
Country: US
Bio: I'm me. I'm true to myself, and that's all that matters. I tend to speak louder when I am upset or frustrated, and I do not like confrontation at all. One way that helps me to figure things out is to write, to help me remember and to relax. This is why I write. To know that I am not alone,...
Pen Name:OhDontYouKnow
Country: US
Bio: 1D Fan Fictions and Imagines galore! Feel free to leave your opinion! You can request an imagine on my tumblr! Just leave your name! http://ohdontyouknow.tumblr.com  Check it out!! :D
Pen Name:Oancu
Country: US
Bio: Woopdelaaa.   Hiya, guys!   My name is Stephanie, and I'm 16 years young.   I'm currently in a relationship.   I was born in Canberra, ACT/NSW, Australia.  I was raised back and forth between Sydney, NSW, Australia and Canberra.   I now live in Dayton, OH.   My mum is American, my dad is...
Pen Name:omkar
Pen Name:ollimd
Country: GB
Bio: just an average guy, living an average life, enjoying the company of .... amazing people. 
Pen Name:Osmargi
Country: EG
Bio: My only regret is that when often i fall in love i didn't say so 
Pen Name:oladokun sulaiman
Country: US
Pen Name:oleander
Country: AU
Bio: In Case of LightningWill be updated very, very soon =D (I hope). Thanks for your patience with this. I really do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I am not going to be posting any more work after "In Case of Lightning".I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.I will not be removing this story from...
Pen Name:Ophelia Autumn
Country: US
Bio: First off, writing has become such a huge part of me, especially recently, and there is no way to describe how important it is to me. It allows me to express myself, my troubles, my emotions, everything, into words, and I'm able to transport into a world completely different than the one we're...
Pen Name:OfMice4ndMen
Country: US
Bio: Greetings! Hope you enjoy my stories/poems. Thank you. c:
Pen Name:oliver daisies
Country: AU
Bio: INACTIVE, SORRY  my new booksie can be found here: http://www.booksie.com/dylanjthomas   this was written november 30th 2014
Pen Name:orynnfireheart
Country: US
Bio: I have always wanted to be a writer, but want is nothing without action.  Having decided to take my destiny in my own hands, I will be posting my writing on this sight for all to see.  Be gentle.  ^_^
Pen Name:Oliver and Jumpy
Pen Name:okuhles
Country: ZA
Bio: I love reading and writing.
Pen Name:OverdosedByBooks
Country: US
Bio: Hello Lovelies!   My name is Tatianna 16 Years of age Junior in High School Writing is the only way to get my emotions out. I am not the best, but being on Booksie, along with everyone’s constructive criticism, it has made me a better writer and I am truly grateful. I am a hopeless romantic,...
Pen Name:Olola
Country: GB
Bio:       Hiya. I'm Olola. A teenage female. I live in London the best city in the world - there's just so much inspiration everywhere you look! I enjoy writing stories, poems and songs. I love music and sports etc. I am currentlyabout to finish my first novel called 'Blissfully Sweet', which...
Pen Name:OhMotivation
Country: US
Bio: Oumar Hill was born in Oxon Hill, Maryland raised by southern parents from the Atlanta, GA and Greenwood, SC. Mr. Hill started his education at Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Mr Hill has an Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science from Howard University; his Post Graduate...
Pen Name:oyraja
Country: US
Bio: in my mindyou shall find a place thats oftenleft behind
Pen Name:overherheals12
Country: US
Bio: I'm just starting out writing so please enjoy. for more of my writing check out http://indefinabledaydreams.blogspot.com/ or http://indefinabledaydreams.wordpress.com
Pen Name:oselokang
Country: NG
Bio: I am Oseloka by name, I am 31 years old male from Africa, searching for my missing rib because I have been in an emotional trumer for so long now since my heart break. ever since my last experience in relationship peoms have been the only thing that keeps my heart happy and emotionaly. I just...
Pen Name:OnceAgain
Country: GB
Bio: Studying - English Literature, Philosophy, Chemistry and Psychology. My dream? I'd love to get a degree in English Literature, maybe a postgraduate in publishing (if I can afford it... which looks highly doubtful) and eventually a career in publishing.I adore books, I'm a complete bibliophile....
Pen Name:ohm22
Country: US
Pen Name:OneBeardtoRuleThemAll
Country: US
Bio: Hello, everyone! I'm really looking forward to publishing my stories on this site, and reading the work posted by others! My name is Caitlin, and I'm fifteen. I love nature and animals. I absolutely love dogs. If I could, I'd have about sixteen of them! I'm a huge fan of the TV show "Breaking...
Pen Name:OfElvenDescent
Country: NZ
Bio: Hi everyone! As you probably guessed by my pen name, I am a fantasy addict. Love everything from dragons to faeries, werewolves to magic! I love reading, writing, drawing and sports. I'm currently an green belt in karate. My writing doesn't really go into the fantasy side of things, but I hope...
Pen Name:OvercomeTheDark
Country: US
Bio: Back for my creative writing class. Things that I've written for creative writing will be posted on here. I know, I know. It's been about three years.   Feeling quite refreshed.
Pen Name:Oden
Country: US
Bio: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm really not sure what to put here. Just imagine the greatest guy imaginable. Like world saving kinda guy. Who's really cool. That's me?
Pen Name:onigami
Country: US
Bio: Well...there's not much to know about me... I..I'm not really sure where my life is going right now... I'm just NOT a good student. I don't consider myself to be particularly great at writing.. just a hobby my friends said that I should make public, so yeah. Hope you like. I'm always open to...
Pen Name:OxannaRose
Country: CA
Bio: Hello Everyone! I enjoy writing, though, it may not be as great as others. It gives me a sense of relaxation, to put down the endless thoughts that race through my mind on a daily basis. My imagination might be a bit crazy but I like it that way! That moment where you zone out, and go into your...
Pen Name:ZonsterBl0odTattoed
Country: AU
Bio: For those of you who know me, the last time I was on this site was a year and a half ago. Being a teenager obviously I've changed a lot since then, so here's what's new with me: 1. This gorgeous poem by e. e. cummings (unfortunate name, eh?) 2. Spencer Hastings I'm utterly in love with Spencer....
Pen Name:Origins and Tall Tales
Country: US
Bio: n/a

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