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Pen Name:oXLoveAshley18Xo
Country: US
Bio: Hey there, Loves!I'm Ashley and this is my Booksie page.I'm new, so be nice(:I love romance genres.&& I'm currently working on a novel.I have a Wattpad account where my first story is posted.Love_Ashley is my account on there.I love to talk, so leave me stuff ;)
Pen Name:Obe
Country: GB
Bio: HELLO FELLOW BOOKSIERS  ____________________________________________________________ LATEST NEWS: NEW CHARACTER PICTURE FOR JAYDEN! I won't be on here much due to exams coming up, I really need to at least try to understand my school work if I want to pass my exams and get into Uni so I...
Pen Name:Ousma
Country: US
Bio: Any serious writer who wants to improve should read On Writing by Stephen King. Me: I'm a young, passionate writer, and a recent high school graduate. I was an International Baccalaureate student and a member of my school's National Honors Society. I will be a freshman in college this coming...
Pen Name:olj
Country: US
Bio: If you read
Pen Name:Olive Higgs
Country: NZ
Bio: I was born in New Zealand. I lie a lot, but I'm working on it. I am currently eating chocolate pudding in bed. I like writing a lot but it's a bit scary
Pen Name:obsessivexromantic
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Jade Louise. I am 19 years old.   I love reading and writing, because I can just escape into someone else's life for a while.   Please vote for the first chapter of my story on wattpad, as I've entered it into a competition to maybe win a publishing contract. It really means the...
Pen Name:Ouggad Mohamed Mostefa
Country: US
Pen Name:oranu
Country: US
Pen Name:Osita Ebiem
Country: US
Bio:   Osita is a Biafranist who believes that: Human beings have an infinite capacity to improve when they are honest, sincere and determined. And they can achieve great things and attain excellence.
Pen Name:OliviaSlater
Country: NL
Country: ZW
Bio: i cri evrytim
Country: MY
Bio:   Hello there! I'm Olivia, and I love sharing. There, that should do it. Wanna know more? Read my novels. My novels says a lot about me. Looking forward to responses!  Good day!
Pen Name:Oskie1995
Country: GB
Bio: Well i'm 18, i'm not really a author or whatever, i'm actually a musician. but writing is fun. i'm trying to find something
Pen Name:onlymegs97
Country: IN
Bio: simple,soft spoken....interested in writing,painting and western singing....love reading a lot....am still a student..carefree sort and wanna enjoy life!!
Pen Name:oliva
Country: SK
Bio: she writes of poems without rhymes, of spring without the rain with timid curiosity and subtly vulgar of a better colored universe  
Pen Name:Obtrusive Envy
Country: CA
Bio: Obtrusive Envy __________________________________________________ Courteous and Kind Quiet yet Suspenseful  Gregarious but Unapproachable  _________________________________________________ Losing Reality To Reading Passionate Of Dance Travel Filled Summers Friends & Family       
Pen Name:13oliviah
Country: US
Bio:    i am closing my account on booksie, my   dearist apologize... if anyone knows how to delete my account i would like the help..thank you.     
Pen Name:Onnedhiel
Country: US
Bio: "Storytelling is the chance to reach deep into someone's heart, the deepest most closed off parts, and speak life and hope into their life, & be close to someone in a way that teaching, preaching at, shouting, never could. There's a connection of life experience that is powerful." -Curt Mega...
Pen Name:OrigamiMe
Country: US
Bio: Hi i love to write.  most of my works in progress can be found at ficly.com/authors/josie if you want ot look.  i post my compelted stories here. many of my storys  are extremely short as in 1000 characters long. also you may notice that my characters hardly evre have names. just a random fact =)
Pen Name:ONIZ
Country: GB
Bio: Ermmm What to say.....I don't consider myself a writer. I write text, I write what is needed. I see alot of things around me that pushes me to say what's is in my head.I'm not pretenious, I dont have an ego. I just write words. It's honesty...To see more of my work in different practices...
Pen Name:October27
Country: US
Pen Name:OKesta
Country: US
Bio: I'm me. I'm true to myself, and that's all that matters. I tend to speak louder when I am upset or frustrated, and I do not like confrontation at all. One way that helps me to figure things out is to write, to help me remember and to relax. This is why I write. To know that I am not alone,...
Pen Name:Ozzie the Redneck
Country: US
Bio: Well, I am a Christian, a little redneck, a little crazy sometimes, and all American. I enjoy writing action/adventure stories (mostly just because I enjoy the writing of it), humorous, random stories, and maybe even a little poetry on the side. While I have little time to write, I take the...
Pen Name:obz900
Country: US
Bio: I am an eighteen-year-old student from Sioux Falls, SD. I enjoy writing in my free time and am seriously considering it as a career.
Pen Name:ohaikortney
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is kortney and I'm 19 years old. I currently reside in Indianapolis and i attend college majoring in business.  In my free time i love to write, go on road trips, spend time with family and friends, explore the outdoors, and take pictures. Whether it be of my dog, nature, my...
Pen Name:OvercomeTheDark
Country: US
Bio: I'm gone, for good. Sorry.
Pen Name:Oblivion772
Country: US
Bio: What? I never have any idea what to put on these things.
Pen Name:orcullo
Country: US
Pen Name:offsstories
Country: US
Pen Name:Orange Lover
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I'm Orange Lover. I'm basically an OC and I feel like writing stories about myself. I'm currently single, I'm forever alone. I love oranges, the color orange, and I love being super nice to people! People have always told me I had a talent for writing and an actual author even told me my...
Pen Name:owaisbata
Country: IN
Pen Name:oselokang
Country: NG
Bio: I am Oseloka by name, I am 31 years old male from Africa, searching for my missing rib because I have been in an emotional trumer for so long now since my heart break. ever since my last experience in relationship peoms have been the only thing that keeps my heart happy and emotionaly. I just...
Pen Name:OnlyInYourDreams
Country: US
Bio: Hallo! Hi! Hai! Hola! My name is Raven Rain Slayer. I have a Personal Blog on Youtube, a Facebook and a twitter so add me as a friend on facebook. And I'm an Emo/Gothic chick. I love music. I have a Band named Black Candle and I am the Lead Screamer and Singer. My age doesn't matter right now...
Pen Name:oyraja
Country: US
Bio: in my mindyou shall find a place thats oftenleft behind
Pen Name:orangenotepad
Country: GB
Pen Name:Otatade Okojie
Country: GB
Bio: I am an upcoming writer and photographer, currently working for a business magazine. I have been writing for many years, and hope to see one of my stories or novels published and on the bestseller list. I'm 26 which i seem to forget sometimes. I love food, music, and at times everything...
Pen Name:oliver daisies
Country: AU
Bio: hi, my name is madey but my pen name and preferred name is oliver gray. another pen name of mine is clare morris, after a little town in ireland by the name of, well, claremorris. either pen name will do. if you'd like me to create a book cover for you, just ask, but it must be a novel/book and...
Pen Name:OfMice4ndMen
Country: US
Bio: Greetings! Hope you enjoy my stories/poems. Thank you. c:
Pen Name:Osmargi
Country: EG
Bio: My only regret is that when often i fall in love i didn't say so 
Pen Name:Oghenekevwe Innocent Millert
Country: BJ
Bio: Am a male, about 6" tall, whose hobby is more of acquiring more knowledge, still in my college and has just one motto: Belive in yourself.
Pen Name:ZonsterBl0odTattoed
Country: AU
Bio: For those of you who know me, the last time I was on this site was a year and a half ago. Being a teenager obviously I've changed a lot since then, so here's what's new with me: 1. This gorgeous poem by e. e. cummings (unfortunate name, eh?) 2. Spencer Hastings I'm utterly in love with Spencer....
Pen Name:OhDontYouKnow
Country: US
Bio: 1D Fan Fictions and Imagines galore! Feel free to leave your opinion! You can request an imagine on my tumblr! Just leave your name! http://ohdontyouknow.tumblr.com  Check it out!! :D
Pen Name:Onurb Anocoi
Country: US
Bio: For years I hoped to discover that hidden Steinbeck trapped inside of me but he never appeared for more than a few moments at a time. Like so many of us, I've started and tossed dozens of stories over the years hoping to hit that sweet spot. Just not gonna happen at my age or so I guess. What I...
Pen Name:Onion Knight
Country: AU
Bio: I don't post here anymore. Ask for a link if you want to know where I have moved.
Pen Name:OhshoootitsTay
Country: US
Bio: *Main focus right now*  Not Quite 007 I’m the only girl on the team. No, not some high school sports team, but a team of agents. My name is Bond, James Bond. Just kidding I’m known around here as Agent Ryder, Katy Ryder.  Location: Tampa, Florida. Mission: Survive the next mission...
Pen Name:OpenMinds
Country: PK
Bio: Well, I have shifted to Wattpad :) Booksie isnt quite the same now so yea  Here is my wattpad :)  http://wattpad.com/starhigh98
Pen Name:Ophelia Autumn
Country: US
Bio: First off, writing has become such a huge part of me, especially recently, and there is no way to describe how important it is to me. It allows me to express myself, my troubles, my emotions, everything, into words, and I'm able to transport into a world completely different than the one we're...
Pen Name:omar198
Country: EG
Bio: Omar Mohamed Eldamsheety, Egyptian poet...Born in 21 August 1978 in Tanta, Egypt...Graduated from Faculty of engineering in 2000...I have been writing Arabic poetry since 1989... I started writing English poetry in 2014. 
Pen Name:OakMntDB
Country: US
Pen Name:OhMyMatt
Country: US
Pen Name:Origins and Tall Tales
Country: US
Bio: Closing my account/will be inactive.  
Pen Name:omeje obinna oblak
Country: NG
Bio: I am Omeje Obinna by name and I have this passion for writing as well as telling stories. I also work with children during story hours to share some of my stories with them. It is great fun working with me.
Pen Name:ozwaldo1
Country: US
Pen Name:omgitskandice
Country: US
Bio: Notes: I am posting a new story, but before any of you ask, no, I will not be comtinuing ISF or any of my other stories. Somehow, all of my chapters for ISF are missing and rewriting it would cause the story to go off in a whole other direction. As for the other stories, some of them I'm still...
Pen Name:Old Gal
Country: US
Bio: To old to write, not too old to read.
Pen Name:onethousandsingledays
Country: AU
Bio: Hello, My name is Vanessa Katsoolis. I am the author at onethousandsingledays.com and here are some useless facts about me: I am part Kiwi, part Australian, and part Greek. I don’t know which parts are which. I grew up in New Zealand, but now live in Ulladulla, NSW – Australia. It is...
Pen Name:OrionDarkwood
Country: US
Bio: I am unique. I took a hammer to the framework of reality. I danced with death and lusted for life. I puked on my fate, and tossed my destiny to the winds. I move fast and burn hard I do not wish to arrive at the grave in a well preserved corpse. I will arrive broken, blooded, burned out and...
Pen Name:OcalaMom51
Country: US
Bio: LIFE WITH A CHEATER IS HE THE ONE FOR YOU?It was an August night at the club on the Groton Submarine Base when I seen him he wasat the bar with his friends I could not take my eyes off of him maybe it was his beautiful Greeneyes that caught my attention. I sat at the table with a few friends of...
Pen Name:Opalmaje
Country: US
Pen Name:OurWorldDeservesBetter
Country: US
Bio: I was born in the United States and have been moving all over the world with my father, who was a Catholic United Nations official, till very recently. I have had the extraordinary gift of traveling to places, learning new things, and making new friends. However, one thing I did notice was that...
Pen Name:omqitsrachel
Country: US
Bio: Cloned: 14 years, it's all you need to suffer.  Change doesn't exist for Violet Malone. I mean, there's that hottie Eric, who is not as kind as his fulfilling smile shows. Her best friend, Kylie, is the only one to trust. What Violet doesn't know, is that there is another side to this life....
Pen Name:Olawoore Dunn
Country: FI
Bio: i am a christian blogger,speaker and entrepreneur
Pen Name:onepiece4ever
Country: GB
Bio: ??? :3
Pen Name:OokamiCake
Country: AU
Bio: Uhm... I'm Krystal, yeah. Krystal Lundy. I'm a teenager, who has 'problems' and an attitude to match xD I write a lot of Fanfiction and only a few stories themselves. I'm a massive procrastinator, and I will change that... Later. I like many things, and dislike a few. If you want to talk- do...
Pen Name:OdinaSkelton
Country: US
Bio: I am Odina, obviously, and I am an aspiring author. But as I write my story I've come to realize there's a valuable lesson to be learned from reading. From what to do.... And what not to do. The latter is my specialty, so after reading numerous books that left me banging my head against the...
Pen Name:OnceAgain
Country: GB
Bio: Studying - English Literature, Philosophy, Chemistry and Psychology. My dream? I'd love to get a degree in English Literature, maybe a postgraduate in publishing (if I can afford it... which looks highly doubtful) and eventually a career in publishing.I adore books, I'm a complete bibliophile....
Pen Name:Opulence
Country: GB
Pen Name:Olwen
Country: CA
Bio: I love to write, for myself and hopefully for others..I live in Orillia Ontario have four children ages 19 to 8, therefore very busy as you can imagine.  I would have to say that I have been writing all my life but never knew it, if that makes sense.  My poems and stories are about my life...
Pen Name:oxheartsandscarsxo
Country: US
Bio: Hello all! So it has been a year since I updated last. I feel so much wiser now, my psychiatrist helped for a while, and then we found out that I was bipolar, so the meds are helping too. To let you all know, Taryn aka youreyesarelies is okay. She spent three months in rehab, and hasn't cut...
Pen Name:olivia stanley
Pen Name:ompriya
Country: IN
Bio: hello friends...  i am ompriya ... 20 years old  indian girl .  i am an  electrical engineering student  and have great intrest in technical work ... but a same time my brain wanna do some creative work.... so i love to do sketching and writing .  :)  
Pen Name:kreeko0o
Country: AE
Bio: Hey everyone am    Kreeko0o  kreeko0o
Pen Name:OneShotWriter
Country: US
Bio: One story, one shot. I started writing because, like reading, it gave me an escape. But, unlike reading, I could create this world. If you want to contact me: oneshotwriter@yahoo.com
Pen Name:Opitso Austine
Pen Name:onlyinred
Country: US
Bio: My name is Nayeli.  Things I love: Red Supernatural Batman (DKT ) Enrique Iglesias Tumblr oh yeah..and writing. Check out My novel: Heaven on Fire (complete) Sequel Coming Later.. Supernatural Season 8!!  
Pen Name:Olga Possokhova
Country: KZ
Bio: Olga Possokhova was born on December 7, 1986 in Astana, Kazakhstan. She started writing at 15. The first time she published her poems in Russian in 2004, in one local newspaper. She took a part in the poetry contest at that time. In 2006 she moved to New York. There she started writing in...
Pen Name:Owen Law
Country: GB
Bio:   Owen Law is a new science fiction writer specializing in dystopian and apocalyptic visions of the future. Originating from Shropshire on the borders of England and Wales, Owen has a background in public services and training. He currently works in the West Midlands and divides his time...
Pen Name:mclovin1OO
Country: US
Bio:     illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati    
Pen Name:Oxymandias
Country: NG
Bio: "How vain it is for one to sit down to write without first standing up to live?"- H D Thoreau
Country: NG
Bio: Am a writer, a Pastor, Researcher and a motivational speaker. I believe that in this world of everybody, anybody can become a somebody.
Pen Name:Oliver Cairo
Country: GB
Bio: A young, aspiring writer who wishes to share ideals and views through the literature he creates.
Pen Name:onlyme
Country: US
Bio:   Fabulous Writers: Phoebe Gardens ,Demi Sugar , Katie Cruz , Forever After, Kaitlyn Jade, Blushes Scarlett , Poison Ivy Says, Maddie Grey , MiaDenise , Nevergiveinx3, Prettypolkadots, Sparkes, and probably a lot more I'm missing!
Pen Name:otis english
Pen Name:S0outofcontrol
Country: US
Bio: is definately how I feel!I'm going to take new risks. Try new things. Hanging with new people. Be more open and everything. Oh and btw the name is Empress For all the people who want to know.for everyone who gets to know me.. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I mean usually they a little..maybe a lot wacky...

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