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Pen Name:otis english
Pen Name:OKesta
Country: US
Bio: I'm me. I'm true to myself, and that's all that matters. I tend to speak louder when I am upset or frustrated, and I do not like confrontation at all. One way that helps me to figure things out is to write, to help me remember and to relax. This is why I write. To know that I am not alone,...
Pen Name:outofthisworld
Country: US
Bio: helloo (: i joined booksie because i love this site ! & to comment on the really good stories i read. i do like to write stories & i do have a lot of cool ideas but to be honest it's kindaa hard for me to put them into words :/ aand i get kinda lazy in the middle of writing the stories xP...
Pen Name:Obadiah
Country: US
Pen Name:Out Of Lullabies
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name's Lauren and I like to write.*sits back down*Really, I don't have much to say but I hope you like my work!
Pen Name:osamuyi2
Country: NG
Bio: ABOUT MERealName: Osamuyi OkpameLocation: Benin City, Edo StateCountry of Residence: NigeriaCountry of Birth: NigeriaLanguages: English, EdoBorn: 1978Sex: MaleHeight: 1.67MWeight: 65.6KgEDUCATIONPrimary: I attended my primary education in Nigeria.Secondary: I attended my secondary education in...
Pen Name:Olivialane
Pen Name:optimysticynic
Country: US
Bio: The Tale of the Untold Story The words subliminally prowl like a caged animal Powerful and angry; demanding their due reparation Sitting at the hungry keyboard, fingers poised There is too much to say, too many plotlines Weaving through the thick of my subconscious Characters with a visceral...
Pen Name:OLPS Ethan
Country: GB
Bio: Im a 9yr old in school years and i live in oldleake.
Pen Name:Obvious Alias
Country: US
Pen Name:onlyme
Country: US
Bio:   Fabulous Writers: Phoebe Gardens ,Demi Sugar , Katie Cruz , Forever After, Kaitlyn Jade, Blushes Scarlett , Poison Ivy Says, Maddie Grey , MiaDenise , Nevergiveinx3, Prettypolkadots, Sparkes, and probably a lot more I'm missing!
Pen Name:Onnedhiel
Country: US
Bio: "Storytelling is the chance to reach deep into someone's heart, the deepest most closed off parts, and speak life and hope into their life, & be close to someone in a way that teaching, preaching at, shouting, never could. There's a connection of life experience that is powerful." -Curt Mega...
Pen Name:OvercomeTheDark
Country: US
Bio: Back for my creative writing class. Things that I've written for creative writing will be posted on here. I know, I know. It's been about three years.   Feeling quite refreshed.
Pen Name:olowden
Country: GB
Bio: This is an experiment - me throwing myself out there, baring my soul for anyone to see, and patiently awaiting the reaction, if any.   'Many primates express themselves by hurtling fecal matter (which explains these poems)' - Benedict Smith
Pen Name:Oh2e
Country: IE
Bio: Hi! My name is Hope and I am a fourteen year old girl who is passionate about reading. 🐳 I also love watching films, drawing, talking and singing (although I'm awful at it.). I work much better with music on in the background. I like The Saw Doctors, Adele, Phil Collins, My Chemical Romance,...
Pen Name:Odahk
Country: CA
Bio: A twenty year old failure trying to make it right after falling apart, falling in love, falling out of love, falling to pieces and falling from his high horse.  Trying to get back on the ladder of life (can't be a path really, not quite that easy, the whole falling thing doesn't work half as...
Pen Name:Owen Law
Country: GB
Bio:   Owen Law is a new science fiction writer specializing in dystopian and apocalyptic visions of the future. Originating from Shropshire on the borders of England and Wales, Owen has a background in public services and training. He currently works in the West Midlands and divides his time...
Pen Name:Origins and Tall Tales
Country: US
Pen Name:Osmargi
Country: EG
Bio: My only regret is that when often i fall in love i didn't say so 
Pen Name:Ouggad Mohamed Mostefa
Country: US
Pen Name:Operator98
Country: NL
Pen Name:owlwhisper
Country: US
Bio: I am the owl whisper!! I just joined this site and I am very excited to see what people think of my short stories so read my stories?!?!  
Pen Name:olive8197
Country: US
Bio: Welcome!!! I am kind of new to writing so bear with me. I am a girl who lives in phoenix and I love to play any sport. My fav color is pink and it excites me so much if I get a single fan. So please become a fan. I comment on all of my fans work or at least try... sometimes booksie doesn't...
Pen Name:omar waqar
Country: US
Pen Name:Observastory
Country: AU
Bio: I am me. Not much else to say. For I am but a mere person that you would see every day. I go to school, I hang with friends, and when I'm alone... well that all depends. But like everyone else I am special, unique. And no one, not ever, will replace me.
Pen Name:OhSoCute
Pen Name:oceagreen
Country: US
Bio: love reading...
Pen Name:OokamiCake
Country: AU
Bio: Uhm... I'm Krystal, yeah. Krystal Lundy. I'm a teenager, who has 'problems' and an attitude to match xD I write a lot of Fanfiction and only a few stories themselves. I'm a massive procrastinator, and I will change that... Later. I like many things, and dislike a few. If you want to talk- do...
Pen Name:onceupon
Country: MO
Bio: Mone me, si erro
Pen Name:OmarKhodr
Country: US
Pen Name:OverdosedByBooks
Country: US
Bio: Hello Lovelies!   My name is Tatianna 16 Years of age Junior in High School Writing is the only way to get my emotions out. I am not the best, but being on Booksie, along with everyone’s constructive criticism, it has made me a better writer and I am truly grateful. I am a hopeless romantic,...
Pen Name:objes1979
Pen Name:mclovin1OO
Country: US
Bio:     illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati    
Pen Name:only1maleficent
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I am only1maleficent. I like the movie Maleficent, and I like a bit of MLP because of Princess Luna. Otherwise, I wouldn't give MLP a 10 out of 10. It would be 5/10. Anyways, I like the movie Maleficent because the movie makes me understand the main character better. In that movie, we get...
Pen Name:OliviaM
Country: US
Bio: Hi guys, I'm Olivia, a Senior in High School. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories in my spare time and I take photos to acompany them. I'm a -huge- grammar Nazi and punctuation fanatic. I hope you enjoy my works; I encourage and adore comments and critique. "When writing, the words seem to...
Pen Name:Olivia Corvine
Country: US
Bio: Hey Guys! I created a fan page for my novel "Cigarette Kisses" Make sure to share it and like the fan page! Thank you! :) https://www.facebook.com/cigarettekisses22   Enjoy your summer reading Cigarette Kisses under a tree, by a lake, or on your bed! ;)        
Pen Name:Oxymandias
Country: NG
Bio: "How vain it is for one to sit down to write without first standing up to live?"- H D Thoreau
Pen Name:OfMice4ndMen
Country: US
Bio: Greetings! Hope you enjoy my stories/poems. Thank you. c:
Pen Name:Origami
Country: US
Bio: Hello... I haven't written anything in a long time, but meeting someone very special to me now has gotten me thinking about writing again. Simple BIO Name: Brad Age: 24 Gender: Male Relationship: Single, looking. Likes: Anime, gaming, hentai, romance, and yuri. Dislikes: Bitches, jerks,...
Pen Name:OhDontYouKnow
Country: US
Bio: 1D Fan Fictions and Imagines galore! Feel free to leave your opinion! You can request an imagine on my tumblr! Just leave your name! http://ohdontyouknow.tumblr.com  Check it out!! :D
Pen Name:kreeko0o
Country: AE
Bio: Hey everyone am    Kreeko0o  kreeko0o
Pen Name:OnceLordTorment
Country: US
Pen Name:ObsessedMuch
Country: GB
Pen Name:OnTheLake
Country: US
Pen Name:osamaBenLanders
Country: GB
Bio: This is my first try at writing a novel, so please excuse the mistakes. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. 
Pen Name:orynnfireheart
Country: US
Bio: I have always wanted to be a writer, but want is nothing without action.  Having decided to take my destiny in my own hands, I will be posting my writing on this sight for all to see.  Be gentle.  ^_^
Pen Name:Onurb Anocoi
Country: US
Bio: For years I hoped to discover that hidden Steinbeck trapped inside of me but he never appeared for more than a few moments at a time. Like so many of us, I've started and tossed dozens of stories over the years hoping to hit that sweet spot. Just not gonna happen at my age or so I guess. What I...
Pen Name:Opitso Austine
Pen Name:Olivia Marie Emerson
Country: US
Bio: I'm a real nice girl. I've lived in Pennsylvania my WHOLE life...which is only 17 years...Get to know me? I'm cool.My real names Talisha. Add me on myspace?Follow me on twitter?: http://www.twitter.com/L_C_
Pen Name:Ortley Cane
Country: US
Bio: Middle Aged Gentleman Ex-Webmaster, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Video Editor.
Pen Name:Onion Knight
Country: AU
Bio: I don't post here anymore. Ask for a link if you want to know where I have moved.
Pen Name:Oliefrijole
Country: US
Bio: I'd say I have a pretty awesome life. Sometimes, I just like to write. Read if you want, don't if you don't. Either way, Have a good day.
Pen Name:Orestes
Country: US
Country: ZW
Bio: i cri evrytim
Pen Name:oncloudnine
Country: IN
Pen Name:ZonsterBl0odTattoed
Country: AU
Bio: For those of you who know me, the last time I was on this site was a year and a half ago. Being a teenager obviously I've changed a lot since then, so here's what's new with me: 1. This gorgeous poem by e. e. cummings (unfortunate name, eh?) 2. Spencer Hastings I'm utterly in love with Spencer....
Pen Name:olivas
Country: US
Pen Name:h2o
Country: US
Bio:  dnt ask me to read any novels unless they are about twilight thats all i care about and sex...
Pen Name:Octavious Ikeington
Country: CA
Bio: I am a fantasy writer, who enjoys creating stories that make you think, and doubt what you've always known to be pure logics. I love screwing over my fans  is a way to say what I enjoy doing. I never like taking the easy way out of a story, so I guess in a way I screw myself over too.  I'm a...
Pen Name:Oceaneyes00
Country: US
Bio: Hello! Well I'm Kat,and well I write poems about personal life that may feel like yours too. And I would love some feedback on them as well beacuse honestly I really don't think they are any good. I mean sure, they are okay and all but oh well. Look, just give me some feedback on them so I can...
Pen Name:Omer
Country: PK
Bio: I am a Civil Engineer from Pakistan. Creating stories has been a source of entertainment for me since childhood. I didnt like reading novels but when ever i watched a movie i always thought that my stories are far better then the silly love stories in the films. My speciality lies in writing...
Pen Name:OliveM97
Country: US
Bio: Part time bookworm, full time dork. Really adore writing and reading and all things alike. Just looking for somewhere to share my mind and workings with others.   
Pen Name:ongym
Country: SG
Pen Name:Orinjambie
Country: US
Bio: ajfdljagfl;sdanhgdkfjksdhflngjhadsljfnklashfulkadnbajfadsjhbflas.....hi. I love role playing, anime, manga, fan fictions, shipping, and other stuff. I'm an artist and a writer of both original works and fandoms. I also love yaoi but I don't shove it on other people so don't start hating me...
Pen Name:OurNameIsOurVirtue
Country: AU
Bio:     I don’t care if you only shop at thrift stores or if you read nothing but classic novels. I don't care whether you are thirteen or thirty four. I don't care if you haven't quite grassped the english language. I will not judge you. I don't what kind of haircut you have, what sort of...
Pen Name:Olive Branch
Country: IN
Bio: Peace & Love “Here, I offer you an Olive Branch :) “ “Awwww then I offer you a Martini :)” Peace & Love booksie   Hi, this is Parul from India. This is, may be, my fourth account on booksie :) i sure love to write and comment on your works, feel free to leave a request. About...
Pen Name:Olive Higgs
Country: NZ
Bio: I was born in New Zealand. I lie a lot, but I'm working on it. I am currently eating chocolate pudding in bed. I like writing a lot but it's a bit scary
Pen Name:originalazrael
Country: AU
Bio: I used to skip English in school because it meant writing essays.Now I want to be an author. Funny how the irony bites you in the ass.So I have signed on to this website, so that I may improve my writing skills. I take on board all compliments, insults, reviews and scrutiny, no matter how...
Pen Name:obsessivexromantic
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Jade Louise. I am 19 years old.   I love reading and writing, because I can just escape into someone else's life for a while.   Please vote for the first chapter of my story on wattpad, as I've entered it into a competition to maybe win a publishing contract. It really means the...
Pen Name:Orange Lover
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I'm Orange Lover. I love oranges, the color orange, and I love being super nice to people! People have always told me I had a talent for writing and an actual author even told me my story was great! I won't be very active but I will post a few poems from time to time. I hope you read my...
Pen Name:olj
Country: US
Bio: If you read
Pen Name:oriontzstar
Country: US
Bio: NoI draw . Keyboard player .and books I think of a lot of books to write abd tgen I never finish them lol. But I love to write. A long time ago I hurt my hand and now have problems writing them so it take a long time before I finish one .
Pen Name:Oskie1995
Country: GB
Bio: Well i'm 18, i'm not really a author or whatever, i'm actually a musician. but writing is fun. i'm trying to find something
Pen Name:OrigamiMe
Country: US
Bio: Hi i love to write.  most of my works in progress can be found at ficly.com/authors/josie if you want ot look.  i post my compelted stories here. many of my storys  are extremely short as in 1000 characters long. also you may notice that my characters hardly evre have names. just a random fact =)

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