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Pen Name:ohnostalgia
Country: GB
Bio: hello! My name is Molly. I am 15 years old (I turn 16 in about a month). I suffer from depression (specifically Dysthymia) and Panic Disorder. But I'm working on it. And winning. I think. I've been writing since I was about 6 years old. I also really like reading, but I'm kind of a literature...
Pen Name:OakBlade
Country: BE
Bio: 18 year old male writer. I have been writing since i was al little kid, but only this year I've  started writing on 'the next level'.  I mostly write in my native language which is Dutch. I am close on finishing the first draft of my first novel, called Wilgenwoud (Willowwood, litterally...
Pen Name:Pixie96oxo
Country: GB
Bio: Paige. Scotland. I love writing.  
Pen Name:Octavious Ikeington
Country: CA
Bio: I am a fantasy writer, who enjoys creating stories that make you think, and doubt what you've always known to be pure logics. I love screwing over my fans  is a way to say what I enjoy doing. I never like taking the easy way out of a story, so I guess in a way I screw myself over too.  I'm a...
Pen Name:Obvious Alias
Country: US
Pen Name:OfMice4ndMen
Country: US
Bio: Greetings! Hope you enjoy my stories/poems. Thank you. c:
Pen Name:OverdosedByBooks
Country: US
Bio: Hello Lovelies!   My name is Tatianna 16 Years of age Junior in High School Writing is the only way to get my emotions out. I am not the best, but being on Booksie, along with everyone’s constructive criticism, it has made me a better writer and I am truly grateful. I am a hopeless romantic,...
Pen Name:odInsanity
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 years old, and I live in Utah. My dad is from Chicago, but his family is originally Dutch, and my mom's family is from Uruguay. I was born in Salt Lake City, but I grew up in Europe - around nine years in Spain, nine in The Netherlands, with a few years early on in Wisconsin.  I studied...
Pen Name:Orange Lover
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I'm Orange Lover. I love oranges, the color orange, and I love being super nice to people! People have always told me I had a talent for writing and an actual author even told me my story was great! I won't be very active but I will post a few poems from time to time. I hope you read my...
Pen Name:OverTheVintageRainbows x
Country: GB
Bio:  Hey guys! I'm leaving Booksie, but don't worry I'm starting fresh. I won't tell you the account just because I need to get away from the attention. I feel that there aren't much people reading my novel and some stories won't delete so that's why I'm leaving! Thanks to all who supported me,...
Pen Name:OrlyXD
Country: TW
Bio: Um...my name is Orlaith. And NO it's NOT pronounced OR-LA-ITH. It's pronounced OR-LA. :) I've been writing for quite a few years, and I love it. I keep a diary, which no one in the entire world has read excpet me. That I know of, anyway. I like hanging at the mall with my BFFs (preferably...
Pen Name:Azura Ch4os
Country: AU
Bio: a
Pen Name:orcanosandyi
Pen Name:Onique Mystery
Country: RO
Bio: Books are my passion. That`s why I started to write my own books. That and also because all those characters I imagine hunt my dreams until I bring them to life in the pages of my notebook. I tend to be quite old-fashioned. For example I still use paper, ink and a pen to write my creations in...
Pen Name:Out Of Lullabies
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name's Lauren and I like to write.*sits back down*Really, I don't have much to say but I hope you like my work!
Pen Name:Olivia Corvine
Country: US
Bio: Hey Guys! I created a fan page for my novel "Cigarette Kisses" Make sure to share it and like the fan page! Thank you! :) https://www.facebook.com/cigarettekisses22   Enjoy your summer reading Cigarette Kisses under a tree, by a lake, or on your bed! ;)        
Pen Name:oneiszero
Country: HK
Bio: A free soul endlessly looking for answers to paradoxes. Twitter: https://twitter.com/oneiszero2014 Feel free to contact me through twitter, if u wanna talk or anything else (:
Pen Name:OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Country: US
Bio:  Hey there guys! Im Olivia. Im just like your normal teen.   I lose things that are right in front of me...  I like eating food... sometimes in weird ways.      I like to pretend to be hot stuff I get distracted... easily.   i love cats     I act strange in the worst...
Pen Name:ohaikortney
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is kortney and I'm 19 years old. I currently reside in Indianapolis and i attend college majoring in business.  In my free time i love to write, go on road trips, spend time with family and friends, explore the outdoors, and take pictures. Whether it be of my dog, nature, my...
Pen Name:Obe
Country: GB
Bio: HELLO FELLOW BOOKSIERS  ____________________________________________________________ LATEST NEWS: NEW CHARACTER PICTURE FOR JAYDEN! I won't be on here much due to exams coming up, I really need to at least try to understand my school work if I want to pass my exams and get into Uni so I...
Pen Name:OvercomeTheDark
Country: US
Bio: Back for my creative writing class. Things that I've written for creative writing will be posted on here. I know, I know. It's been about three years.   Feeling quite refreshed.
Pen Name:OMG Renesmee
Country: US
Bio: Hi!!! I'm Nessie. I really do live in Forks. At our school everyone has a Twilight name (Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, ...). Mine is Nessie because I'm happy and athletic. I wanted to start a book so here we go!!!
Pen Name:Oliver and Jumpy
Pen Name:OokamiCake
Country: AU
Bio: Uhm... I'm Krystal, yeah. Krystal Lundy. I'm a teenager, who has 'problems' and an attitude to match xD I write a lot of Fanfiction and only a few stories themselves. I'm a massive procrastinator, and I will change that... Later. I like many things, and dislike a few. If you want to talk- do...
Pen Name:OJ Thomas
Country: US
Bio: I Started Out Dumb.....Sprung Off a Hood-rat... hanging out..not doing shit.... Fuck the Bullshit Things Done Change
Pen Name:online momy
Country: PK
Bio: i am a house wife and like writing and reading.
Pen Name:Orion Ancient
Country: US
Pen Name:Olola
Country: GB
Bio:       Hiya. I'm Olola. A teenage female. I live in London the best city in the world - there's just so much inspiration everywhere you look! I enjoy writing stories, poems and songs. I love music and sports etc. I am currentlyabout to finish my first novel called 'Blissfully Sweet', which...
Pen Name:OceanSky1
Country: US
Bio: My life has been a pretty crazy one. I have learned many things and I still have a long life ahead of me. Everyday I have quotes from people that I remember everyday even though I can not remember who said them. :) One of my favorites is "You know you had an amazing and or worth it day when you...
Pen Name:Olivialane
Pen Name:OlivaEllen
Country: US
Bio: Turn  your face to the sun and all the shadows will fall behind you   I will never know the difference between falling and flying.   Don't lose yourself just because you Found someone.   Hi! I'm olivia. I enjoy romance novels, obviously, but more imprtantly, I enjoy life. I enjoy the little...
Pen Name:Oh2e
Country: IE
Bio: Hi! My name is Hope and I am a fourteen year old girl who is passionate about reading. 🐳 I also love watching films, drawing, talking and singing (although I'm awful at it.). I work much better with music on in the background. I like The Saw Doctors, Adele, Phil Collins, My Chemical Romance,...
Pen Name:onceupon
Country: MO
Bio: Mone me, si erro
Pen Name:Oakland95
Pen Name:Onion Knight
Country: AU
Bio: I don't post here anymore. Ask for a link if you want to know where I have moved.
Pen Name:OhDontYouKnow
Country: US
Bio: 1D Fan Fictions and Imagines galore! Feel free to leave your opinion! You can request an imagine on my tumblr! Just leave your name! http://ohdontyouknow.tumblr.com  Check it out!! :D
Pen Name:ohsosweetmarie
Country: US
Bio: The bio about me well I'm 27 years old  and I'm a girl of course. I'm not normally on the computer to much so when I do write it's usually something i need to get off my mind and I have a very very very very dirty mind... I've been told I'm like a dude in a chicks body. If there's any type of...
Pen Name:Operetta
Country: CA
Bio: I'm sorry to tell you that I have been hit with a whole new idea. Instead of the Hunger Games, we will have the Disney Games.
Pen Name:okuhles
Country: ZA
Bio: I love reading and writing.
Pen Name:OmegaSun
Country: US
Pen Name:ophelia walsh
Country: AU
Bio: brief bio for you allEntered the world on the 6th of April 1991, Toowoomba Queensland Australia.I moved around alot as a kid, i've seen alot of places.I don't want anyone's sympathy I hate it when people pity me.My parents divorced when I was 6 mum remarried 4 years later and dad remarried...
Pen Name:ourpetsitter
Country: US
Bio: I grew up in a small town in Southeast Iowa and moved to the Chicago area after school. My family and I have lived in Mount Prospect for the past 26 years.    In 1992, I established one of the first pet sitting businesses in the area. Pet Sitters of Mt. Prospect and we are celebrating our...
Pen Name:One Anonymous Scientist
Country: US
Pen Name:kreeko0o
Country: AE
Bio: Hey everyone am    Kreeko0o  kreeko0o
Pen Name:One Love
Country: US
Bio: You can contact me at:  emmaitaliabby@gmail.com
Pen Name:Origins and Tall Tales
Country: US
Pen Name:Onki
Country: IN
Pen Name:oliver daisies
Country: AU
Bio: INACTIVE, SORRY  my new booksie can be found here: http://www.booksie.com/dylanjthomas   this was written november 30th 2014
Pen Name:Olga Possokhova
Country: KZ
Bio: Olga Possokhova was born on December 7, 1986 in Astana, Kazakhstan. She started writing at 15. The first time she published her poems in Russian in 2004, in one local newspaper. She took a part in the poetry contest at that time. In 2006 she moved to New York. There she started writing in...
Pen Name:omeje obinna oblak
Country: NG
Bio: I am Omeje Obinna by name and I have this passion for writing as well as telling stories. I also work with children during story hours to share some of my stories with them. It is great fun working with me.
Pen Name:obsessivexromantic
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Jade Louise. I am 19 years old.   I love reading and writing, because I can just escape into someone else's life for a while.   Please vote for the first chapter of my story on wattpad, as I've entered it into a competition to maybe win a publishing contract. It really means the...
Pen Name:mclovin1OO
Country: US
Bio:     illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati illuminati    
Pen Name:October O
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a bit sporadic in all areas of life, but particularly when I write! It's either too much or not enough to say...hope you enjoy the result of the productive spells.
Pen Name:OrganisedInsanity
Country: GB
Bio: I feel like I should probably introduce myself so here goes. I am a female from England who enjoys writing horror stories... that's all I'm going to say for now.
Pen Name:oceanrain
Country: US
Bio: This is all you need to know of me My name is Maria Cappellua. Im 16 years old.  I refuse to let myself get hurt by people again, that i refuse to be the stupid little girl, i hide from people, i break down a lot, i don't smile, i don't care what people say about me, music is my life   I'm...
Pen Name:oleander
Country: AU
Bio: In Case of LightningWill be updated very, very soon =D (I hope). Thanks for your patience with this. I really do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I am not going to be posting any more work after "In Case of Lightning".I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.I will not be removing this story from...
Pen Name:OliviaSlater
Country: NL
Pen Name:originalazrael
Country: AU
Bio: I used to skip English in school because it meant writing essays.Now I want to be an author. Funny how the irony bites you in the ass.So I have signed on to this website, so that I may improve my writing skills. I take on board all compliments, insults, reviews and scrutiny, no matter how...
Pen Name:Orit Erez
Country: IL
Pen Name:OffLikeHarry
Country: GB
Bio:         Welcome!         I used to be 'bowie surrealist' on this site, but I got locked out of my old account, so please don't think I'm stealing work!  Abbi is the name, and writing is my game!  I love to read thrillers, romances, actions, comedies, poems... You name it. But I'm...
Pen Name:H2OfanRiki
Country: GB
Bio: Hey everyone, I'm Eleanor Frances and I am an espiring writer; im only a student so sometimes my books are a little slow to finish but eventually every book that I start I will finish (even if it takes me till in 60). Most of my books are fantasy based but gramma and spelling may be tricky,...
Pen Name:OwenHJacobs
Country: US
Bio: I'm a fifteen year old high school student. I write quite often as a hobby, but due to the facts that I'm going into my sophomore year, I'm taking all honors clases (I'm gonna have tons of homework), and my writer's block likes to rear its ugly head quite often, my update times will be quite...
Pen Name:OnTheSeventhDay
Country: GB
Bio: I'n on this site mainly to read. I don't upload frequently or regularly simply because that's my preferred style. I've had too many deadlines over the past two years with my GCSE exams that I find it difficult to keep to a schedule unless I'll get some sort of substantial reward or...
Pen Name:Octavia Knight
Country: GB
Bio: So my real name is Jamie-Leigh, I just like the name Octavia Knight.
Pen Name:Oceaneyes00
Country: US
Bio: Hello! Well I'm Kat,and well I write poems about personal life that may feel like yours too. And I would love some feedback on them as well beacuse honestly I really don't think they are any good. I mean sure, they are okay and all but oh well. Look, just give me some feedback on them so I can...
Pen Name:Olawale Okunrinboye
Country: GB
Bio: Hi....I'm the greatest writer you will ever know and i haven't even started yet lol
Pen Name:OhshoootitsTay
Country: US
Bio: *Main focus right now*  Not Quite 007 I’m the only girl on the team. No, not some high school sports team, but a team of agents. My name is Bond, James Bond. Just kidding I’m known around here as Agent Ryder, Katy Ryder.  Location: Tampa, Florida. Mission: Survive the next mission...
Pen Name:Oversable15
Country: US
Bio: hi there, im the kinda that likes humor and im a bit addicted to games like ps3 i mean, i like having friends and i hope you like my crazy stories i make, and i love making stories but too lazy to write them so i just started giving it a try and it wasn't that bad, i like it when i get comments...
Pen Name:OwenTheHanley
Pen Name:orynnfireheart
Country: US
Bio: I have always wanted to be a writer, but want is nothing without action.  Having decided to take my destiny in my own hands, I will be posting my writing on this sight for all to see.  Be gentle.  ^_^
Pen Name:Opalcitrine
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I know no one reads this, but I'd like to offically inform you all that this account is almost dead. I don't really like the structure of Booksie now that i'm not limited to an Iphone. I personally believe that there are a lot of things this website could inprove on, some of them being;...
Pen Name:only14
Country: US
Bio: hello,       My name is Tyler Massey, i write to help express things that  i cant through emotion, coment critisism and feedback please  

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