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Pen Name:odin
Country: GB
Bio:   Thats one brave babyhttp://l.yimg.com/g/images/spaceball.gif
Pen Name:Opalcitrine
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I know no one reads this, but I'd like to offically inform you all that this account is almost dead. I don't really like the structure of Booksie now that i'm not limited to an Iphone. I personally believe that there are a lot of things this website could inprove on, some of them being;...
Pen Name:onelove
Country: US
Bio: hey everyone, my name is kelsey and i am a 22 year old student at the university of st thomas.  I am a very laid back person and am always just looking to have a good time with my family and my friends.  I love to write and it has been a passion/ outlet of mine for as long as i can...
Pen Name:Owlstar
Country: US
Bio: ...
Pen Name:Old BallBall
Country: US
Bio: Greetings to those of you who took the time to check out my profile page.Although, I write under 3 different pen names, Old BallBall, The Serious Mysterious Madame, and the Madame Mad Hatter, my name is just plain old Jett.With the pen names of the Madame, you will find some very dark poetry....
Pen Name:oorosco
Country: US
Bio: Wanna write, i do crazy stuff all the time, ski, surf(ed), rock climb, kick box, soccer, and anything that i can really...
Pen Name:omgitskandice
Country: US
Bio: Notes: I am posting a new story, but before any of you ask, no, I will not be comtinuing ISF or any of my other stories. Somehow, all of my chapters for ISF are missing and rewriting it would cause the story to go off in a whole other direction. As for the other stories, some of them I'm still...
Pen Name:otto jones
Country: US
Bio: these are short stories or bits and pieces of some , a little dark if i might say so myself but i do not wish to be one of those people who are afraid to start writing because either im horrible at it or im afraid of the things that are going to appear on the pages before me, i have taken a shot...
Pen Name:olive8197
Country: US
Bio: Welcome!!! I am kind of new to writing so bear with me. I am a girl who lives in phoenix and I love to play any sport. My fav color is pink and it excites me so much if I get a single fan. So please become a fan. I comment on all of my fans work or at least try... sometimes booksie doesn't...
Pen Name:Out in the open
Country: US
Bio: Life seems to be looking up for me since i came out,    but my rents r gunna watch who i text and stuff   :(   levae ur comments below about ur rents watching ur texts and how it affected you  :)
Pen Name:Oliver Twist
Country: US
Bio: I like to write because it takes what I'm feeling inside, and it gets it out where I can see it. It takes the emotions that are trapped and lets them out in a way that always helps me deal with them in a logical and rational way. I write because I love doing it.
Pen Name:only14
Country: US
Bio: hello,       My name is Tyler Massey, i write to help express things that  i cant through emotion, coment critisism and feedback please  
Pen Name:o0Em0o
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Em :) I am on booksie only to encourage and support my PENPAL TAYLOR:)happy taylor?
Pen Name:OiiAmanda
Country: US
Bio: I am the delicate sixteen.Where the important things in life are supposed to beWho did who in school, How my hair won't go the right way, What my best friend said, And how the boy of my dreams (for the week) doesn't know I'm alive.Instead, the important things in my life have become the...
Pen Name:OhHappyDay2000
Pen Name:Obsessedwithme
Country: US
Bio:  Hiya Alll i like to write (no duh) and read (no duh agian)   and i was put on this wonderful world august 14 1995 !! Whoot Whoot !!my most  favortie color would have to be Robins egg bluemy favortie thing to do would have to be, readmy other favortie things to do , sleep (Zzzz) sing...
Pen Name:Out Of Lullabies
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name's Lauren and I like to write.*sits back down*Really, I don't have much to say but I hope you like my work!
Pen Name:oliseyem
Country: NG
Bio: i am a lawyer, based in Abuja, the capital city of the federal Republic of Nigeria.i love reading and getting educated.i graduated from the University of Jos and proceeded to the Nigerian law school, Enugu Campus.thanks
Pen Name:Okyrah
Country: US
Pen Name:ohhsheeeet
Country: US
Bio: just your average teenager .
Pen Name:OhHawttDayumm
Country: US
Bio: Under Construction.
Pen Name:OMG Banana
Country: US
Bio: We are very random. Just like that was. Anywayz, if you ever heard of the user peace love twins then we are (SQUIRREL!) basically doing the same thing.We are BFFs and we are writing together. So yah that’s basically all you need to know about us!...
Pen Name:Orma
Country: CA
Pen Name:OddOneIn
Country: ID
Bio: Just a girl.. Different yet the same.. Definitely the Odd One In!! Love Musix~~ Love Books~~ Love Money~~ Love Food~~ love Love~~
Pen Name:OneOfMine459
Country: US
Pen Name:Ortley Cane
Country: US
Bio: Middle Aged Gentleman Ex-Webmaster, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Video Editor.
Pen Name:Oakfang
Country: IL
Bio: I can't really sum myself up, not in such a little number of lines and letters, so I think telling a bit about my writing instead is a proper substitute. I've been writing, both poems and short stories, for... let's see... 5 years now. I get better with time, as most do, and learned to balance...
Pen Name:OkiAllDay
Country: JP
Pen Name:obz900
Country: US
Bio: I am an eighteen-year-old student from Sioux Falls, SD. I enjoy writing in my free time and am seriously considering it as a career.
Pen Name:oliviabtc
Country: US
Pen Name:Old Abe Burke
Country: US
Bio: Since the time I was in grade school, I wanted to be a science fiction writer. When we all had to write stories in 4th grade, and every other boy in the class wrote about hunting or football or trucks, I wrote about a boy finding a living rock that came form aliens living on the surface of the...
Pen Name:OnceAponATime
Country: US
Bio: Well, I really love writing (Der) and reading. I listen to alot of music and make play lists for all of my stories.I'll post 'em someday.You can call me Izzy, and talk to me when ever. I love talking. Love it. So. Yeah. Nuffin much to say.
Pen Name:Olivia Danger
Country: US
Bio: ballet, craigslist, trampolines, coffee, tea, granola and soymilk, paris, autumn, budapest, photography, shabby chic, love, pale skin, bohemians, freed of london, vegans, balanchine, gloomy rainy days, romanticizing everything, gypsies, literature, greek mythology, snail mail, classical/indie...
Pen Name:optimistic pessimist
Country: US
Bio: Optimistic Pessimist: Alexsis.Thirteenbby.-It's disgustingHow we live.
Pen Name:OmgBaconAndCheese
Country: CA
Bio: Hey! I'm Rose. I am quite random. I love to write stories. And I also have a blog at http://www.voatg.weebly.com/. Go check it out. I just made it so, I am still just putting stuff on it. Well, going to write some stories. See ya!
Pen Name:ohreally
Country: AU
Bio: Uh...hi.I write for fun so yay for me. ._.i dotn get it booksie sucksi try to delete my stories but i can't do thatand when i click on publish 'novel' it turns out to be a short story so i cant add anything.sucks.
Pen Name:Ookami Yamazaki
Country: US
Bio: ........ ummmm yeah well, my name is Ookami,  and i came from Quizilla.com. you can read my stories there. but i'll post different ones on here.  i hope to befriend really neat and totally amazing people on here. :D i'm really helpful with ideas so if you need any, just ask. i won't bite......
Pen Name:oOBlurredTearsOo
Country: CA
Bio: Hey there people! Didn't see you there!OMG already sound like a tool. Well that's me, my name is Lainey. I'm a little weird and I never seem to follow stereotypes. I'm always waiting for something totally cool to happen.....But to my dismay nothing ever does. So I spend time writing fantasy,...
Pen Name:obleo
Country: US
Pen Name:olivia cavanagh
Country: AU
Bio: i really love to write i was hoping people could give me some feedback on my first 3 pages and i will add more as i write i would like honest constructive feedback from other writers or readers thanks LIV
Pen Name:XxlilAzn3oixX
Country: US
Bio: Hey. My name is Jonathan and I love to writer about horror and about war and I love to play outdoors, I am really not a indoor kind of guy so don’t think I am a nerd. I love to play basketball and football, but for some reason I love to watch basketball but not football. During my free time I...
Pen Name:Ophelia Jenkins
Country: US
Pen Name:One Love
Country: US
Bio: You can contact me at:  emmaitaliabby@gmail.com
Pen Name:OnFireForGod
Country: US
Bio: So I'm Nicki! I'm 16 and I'm not an awesome writer by any means which is why I've created a booksie account. I would LOVE it if everyone would be a critic and tell me what you would do instead. I am a Pentecostal girl. I have long, brown hair and the best friends ever!! I graduate in 2011 from...
Pen Name:omar waqar
Country: US
Pen Name:OhHaiiHannah
Country: US
Bio: My name is Hannah Ashley i absolutely love to write! It is my passion and drive in life. People say i have a gift with my words, i look at it as an escape route to life. My writing is a get away. When i put words on a paper it all starts to make sense. Usually when i write my stories arn't...
Pen Name:Only Exception
Country: US
Bio: ~Bio~Name: Only Exception Age: Like I’m tell you lolSex: FemaleLocation: New York City!!!!!Music: Paramore of course hence the name. I like classic rock & roll as well, The Who, Cure, Stones any many more. Lady Gaga Musical genius!!! Books: I ready pretty much anything that sparks my interest:...
Pen Name:ohbee
Country: US
Bio: Hi everybody!My name is Blanca Stella Diaz, people call me bee or Stella. Pick your fave:)I am 14 years old, i really love to write, I been through alot these past 5 years of my life, yet it was horrible, good writing material. I only have one this up on this website for now, but eventually...

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