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Pen Name:Omar Refaat
Country: US
Pen Name:onlysue
Country: IN
Bio: hey all you lovelies..welcome to my profile...!!! well i am sunaina..my friends call me sue..mithoo..barbie.. and by many other all sorts of crazy names..so you are free to take your pick..i don't mind.. i thonk its pretty tough to describe yourself..and if you think its not..i salute you.....
Pen Name:oceanrain
Country: US
Bio: This is all you need to know of me My name is Maria Cappellua. Im 16 years old.  I refuse to let myself get hurt by people again, that i refuse to be the stupid little girl, i hide from people, i break down a lot, i don't smile, i don't care what people say about me, music is my life   I'm...
Pen Name:Osthkar
Country: US
Bio: nothing much to say here
Pen Name:orchdork4ever
Country: US
Bio: OK! So I haven't been on Booksie in over 2 months. I think it's time I got back into the game, man! "Writing is finally about one thing: Going into a room alone and doing it. Putting words on paper that have never been there in quite that way before. And although you are physically by yourself,...
Pen Name:orbfreestyle
Country: US
Pen Name:OptimisticDepression
Country: IE
Bio: optimism is the key to a good life.
Pen Name:Onyxia
Country: US
Bio: My name is Viktoria and I am a writer. I write poems and novels. Currently working on my upcomming novel, Broken Tears. Please stay tuned for updates on poems and the novel. Thank you, have a great day:)
Pen Name:oddoneout
Country: US
Bio: I'm a kinda werid person .... just trying to find my way in this jacked-up lilttle we planet  we all call home .... so chessy and corny but so true. Everything I feel and go through in my life i express through writing . I love to read . And ya I am a nerd ... And proud of it. I'm not scared...
Pen Name:oliviajean
Country: US
Bio: My name is olivia, i am 15 years old, and life is to long, but to important to wish it away, I am a sophomore and i live in a really small town, ever since kindergarted i had a best friend, you know the popular one that everyone looked up to.... and as life went on into the middle school and...
Pen Name:Odzer
Country: NP
Bio: Once upon a time I wanted to become a writer and a pianist. Whatever happened? I grew up. I realized that where I came from, it was impossible to become a pianist. The town was totally devoid of any music schools & teachers. The first dream of becoming a writer stuck with me, urging me to write...
Pen Name:oreo010
Country: CA
Bio: im 17 years old, im a male and live in Canada, my main reason for starting this is so ii can vent... my name is Aurie Peigan, my fav colour is pink and black, im an aboriginal of canada, treaty 6.  
Pen Name:open9898
Country: US
Pen Name:ophelic
Country: US
Bio: i always loved comedy romance and horror i started writing short stories about famous getting involved with normal i like metal music i have a scar on my face when a friends dad stabbed me um my family is usually out so yeah i only have one best friend Alex! um i am a ginger with blue eyes...
Pen Name:orchid678
Country: US
Pen Name:ZonsterBl0odTattoed
Country: AU
Bio: For those of you who know me, the last time I was on this site was a year and a half ago. Being a teenager obviously I've changed a lot since then, so here's what's new with me: 1. This gorgeous poem by e. e. cummings (unfortunate name, eh?) 2. Spencer Hastings I'm utterly in love with Spencer....
Pen Name:optimistic pessimist
Country: GB
Bio: just looking for a way to let my feelings out so i saw a friend on his 'booksie' at school so i thort id try it out and get my self out there. 
Pen Name:OwlBoy
Country: SE
Bio: Hi, I am sixteen years old and live in Sweden with my wonderful family; Mother, Father, Little Brother, Two cats and my litle brothers lizard. I'm right now studying theater but will after the summer change into the music and movie programe. My english isn't always at its best, but I'm so...
Pen Name:obar14
Country: US
Bio: I love to read. i would skip school to read. my favroite author is Dan Poblicko. When i grow up i want to be an author and write millons of books. I hope that people will give my some pointers so i will become a better writer, and i have at least 20 fans by the end of the year!!!!! Right now i...
Pen Name:OAremu
Country: GB
Bio: Until the 1st of February, I regarded myself as more of a Maths student. I'm currently doing my final year in A-levels whilst getting ready for University. On February 1st, I attended an enrichment lesson for a required subject called COPE. It was a songwriting enrichment class and lately, I...
Pen Name:Onyx Nightingale
Country: US
Bio: I revel in the wonders of night life and on weekends you can't get me out of bed before 5 in the afternoon! I live with my cat Mearinynx(mear for short. And yes,I know, I live with my cat. Im pathetic!) I know everything I just typed is irrevelent but who cares?! I'm game for reading requests,so...
Pen Name:orchestraw
Country: US
Pen Name:orgma
Pen Name:onlyinred
Country: US
Bio: My name is Nayeli.  Things I love: Red Supernatural Batman (DKT ) Enrique Iglesias Tumblr oh yeah..and writing. Check out My novel: Heaven on Fire (complete) Sequel Coming Later.. Supernatural Season 8!!  
Country: GH
Bio: Born on a cool dawn of a 2nd day of May, 1984 to Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed Adu Gyamfi. I am Kassim Mohammed Ahmed, from Atwima-Dida in the Atwima Kwawoma district of the Ashanti region of Ghana.
Pen Name:Opal Gunn
Country: US
Bio: Despite the misgivings about my favorite book being a teen fiction, it is one of the novels I read as a youth that got my heart racing for the written word.   My life currently is thus: I'm a college student working on an English major, with a teaching minor.  I write and draw to ease the...
Pen Name:October108
Country: US
Bio: I like suspense and darkness but i also write whatever comes to mind   yeah that's me heh heh.....i had absolutly no special moments on v-day. oh well...i wrote a story in my journal but i don't think it's all that great. It's about a girl who moves to a new highschool and she winds up getting...
Pen Name:OverdosedByBooks
Country: US
Bio: Hello Lovelies!   My name is Tatianna 16 Years of age Junior in High School Writing is the only way to get my emotions out. I am not the best, but being on Booksie, along with everyone’s constructive criticism, it has made me a better writer and I am truly grateful. I am a hopeless romantic,...
Pen Name:OceanBreeze
Country: US
Bio: im only trying to be noticed for my writing.
Pen Name:Oni Sarru
Pen Name:Odin Roark
Country: US
Bio: Background in NY/LA entertainment and arts, Now Novelist/Poet/Humanist. Two novels published: ECHOSIS, 3 WAY MIRROR. Poems published in "Said and Unsaid" Vol 1. In 2012 - 2 volumes of my poetry were published: "Prosetry at Work," and "Perceptions" (The latter as photo/prosetry art book on Lulu)...
Pen Name:Owen Nash
Country: US
Bio: I love to write, but I get writer's block really bad. So, I was hoping I could post what I have written, and then people could give me CONSTRUCTIVE critism on things like characters, story and plot ideas, and good titles.
Pen Name:Oracle5
Country: US
Pen Name:OmnivorousOlivia
Country: CA
Pen Name:Occupied6thSense
Country: US
Pen Name:OrangeEatingAlpaca
Country: US
Bio: Yup, Im Devin, I'm on and off, I absolutely hate my old writing but this website won't let me delete it, so yurp, im stuck with it. I'm tall and awesome, going to Walnut Hills like a sir. I want to be a pediatrition (first i need to learn how to spell it right. Writing is fun every now and...
Pen Name:Okie
Country: US
Pen Name:obviouslogic
Country: US
Pen Name:Otakkiisan
Country: US
Bio: Hmm...not really too much to tell here. Let's see... Well, I like all kinds of writing genres, ameture or pro and I'm rather simple. Some would even say a simpleton I guess. But I really like to write and read alike and I ADORE the stories I come across on this here interweb. :D I hope to read...
Pen Name:Owojuyigbe Michael
Country: NG
Bio: wont say I'm cool...wont say I'm not. Frankly speaking, I'm an ever - smiling, ugly - mugged guy...but not your regular kind of guy cos I do one thing most persons dont or cannot do...I think  
Pen Name:Omnus
Country: US
Bio: I just want to make the stories in my head into something that can entertain others... Hopefully i can cultivate what little talent i have into something entertaining
Pen Name:Oliver1
Country: GB
Pen Name:OurDarkMadHatter
Country: US
Bio:                                            Let Me introduce myself, The Mad Hatter I am, Underland I live To many times has the many Queens of Underland died due to my Hats, Breaking ones heart to the Summery of life but always knowing why one person...
Pen Name:onyxraven1518
Country: US
Pen Name:oler
Pen Name:oguzhanyildiz
Country: TR
Pen Name:Orion Michael Prince
Country: CA
Bio: At that time shall, Michael the Great Prince, who protects your people stand up and there shall be a time of trouble not since there was a nation even till that same time  At that time your people shall be delivered everyone who is found written in the book and many that sleep in the dust of...
Pen Name:OrginallyMine
Country: US
Bio: Um let's see. I was born & raised in Hawaii. Proud to be Asian, aren't you? Don't like me? Oh, well nice meeting you. I like to make my own songs. So help out a bit? (: okbye.~
Pen Name:psycho4One
Country: US
Bio: My name is Robyn, I'm thinking of doing a web comic on a love story... but not like most... this one is original. I think I'll title it "Tale Of Persephone, A True Love Story..." or maybe I'll shorten it.
Pen Name:OcEaNxMiSt
Country: US
Bio: I'm 16. I love to write my own stories and poems. I love to draw.  I have a mom and a brother and a dad. My brother is 5. I know i am 16 and its weird, cuz i was 11 when my mom had him. He was so adorable! now hes 6 :) I am also a snowboarder, i go to Colorado every year to snowboard I am also...
Pen Name:Olivia George
Country: GB
Pen Name:OpenMinds
Country: PK
Bio: Well, I have shifted to Wattpad :) Booksie isnt quite the same now so yea  Here is my wattpad :)  http://wattpad.com/starhigh98
Pen Name:ozay
Country: US
Bio: that's not the way i tell my bio
Pen Name:openlishy
Country: AU
Bio: Hi I just like writting for something to do.  I am a dad of 3 and have a lovely wife.
Pen Name:Oettel
Country: NL
Bio: Hi,   I am Michael van den Heuvel (29-06-1991)  from the Netherlands. I am an un experienced writer for less then a year. My thoughts are always non stop racing from reality to fantasy. To use that energy i came up with an idea to write stories because i love Japanese animes and games like...
Pen Name:olivianolan
Country: AU
Bio: I've always loved writing stories. I used to win awards at school and in national corriculum tests, but due to fear of rejection and further isolation, I stopped and never showed anyone what I was writing. In fact I was so discouraged I would barely ever finish so much as a poem or short story....
Pen Name:OurHopeIsOnFire
Country: US
Bio: My name is Taylor. I love to make stories, and I get a lot of random ideas. I will try and keep to one story at a time, but jot down a lot of my Ideas  
Pen Name:Oreokyarin
Country: US
Pen Name:oncloudnine
Country: IN
Pen Name:Orest Stocco
Country: CA
Bio: Orest Stocco, born in Panettieri, Calabria, Italy, emmigrated to Canada with his family and studied philosophy at university.  A student of Gurdjieff's teaching for many years, his passion for writing inspired such works as My Unborn Child, Keeper of the Flame, and Healing with Padre Pio.  He...
Pen Name:OliviaFASmith
Country: GB
Bio: I've been writing in my spare time every now and then, and I'd love for people to see my potential as an author. I'm working on a novel I'm really excited about called "The legend of the Miakoda" and It'd be really appreciated if you took a look. I have two other 'stories' that never took off,...
Pen Name:Optimistic22
Country: US
Pen Name:opforgirl
Country: US
Bio: I am opforgirl    I am an andriod in case you wonder. I am a disciple of Christ. I love poetry such as the works of Shakespeare (sonnets) or William Blake. My favorite songs are Come, Come Ye Saints by William clayton and Army of Helaman by Janice Kapp Perry For books I like deep meaning...
Pen Name:OutOfOrdinary
Country: US
Bio: Pstt! Yeah you! I'm bored so let's talk! Ill start, I'm a freshmen in high school, YES FRESHMEAT!   I'm a huge fan of reading, which may or may not make me seem like a nerd but I sincerely love them to death, if I could live in a library instead of a mansion id do it...without the old lady...
Pen Name:Olga Possokhova
Country: KZ
Bio: Olga Possokhova was born on December 7, 1986 in Astana, Kazakhstan. She started writing at 15. The first time she published her poems in Russian in 2004, in one local newspaper. She took a part in the poetry contest at that time. In 2006 she moved to New York. There she started writing in...
Pen Name:Oceane Blue
Country: US
Bio:   Pertaining to reader requests, they are open and I will get to most of them during the weekend, but during the week  (even if it is summer) I get busy, so eventually I'll get to it.            I may not notice every error in my writing, but I am human. My stories usually are...
Pen Name:onyx777
Country: CA
Bio: hello person readingg my bio, im stargirl2s phyco best freind. the anime artist. imma gonna try to put mah manga in story- form thing. so stay tuned XP

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