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Pen Name:prettyboi1991
Country: US
Bio: Well. My name is Coty Gilliland, I am 17 years old and I live in Lenexa Kansas. I go to Shawnee Mission West High School in Overland Park Kansas where I am about to celebrate the end of my Junior year and the begining of my Senior.
Pen Name:Pat Hale
Country: US
Bio: Fairwell to Persia. The Mullahs have destroyed her. Jesus preached what Zortasht preached some 500 years before Jesus was born. The Gnostic gospels may have been messed with, and the gospels we have in the Bible were messed-with, but the Tibetan Gospel may be the purest form of what Jesus was...
Pen Name:Pinkpony
Country: US
Pen Name:PaintersPen
Country: ZA
Bio: It is in my scribblings that you find me, unfinished incomplete what is yet to come and what has been, me.My writing isnt a choice it is a compulsion. A moment when everything is centered everthing is certain, to write is to discover and for me it is this most beautiful complete thing i could...
Pen Name:Peacechild13
Country: US
Pen Name:PoeticOutlaw
Country: US
Pen Name:pattEcake
Country: US
Bio: Hi, all. I'm Ellen. And I am addicted to chocolate.Anyway.... erm... I like to write and read, especially INTERESTING stories. You know, fantasy,reality, whatever. It's basically all up my alley for what kind of stoires I...
Pen Name:Pepper Reynolds
Country: US
Bio: ******Midnight Dancer and The Masked Man are my current novels, the only things that I'm really working on. You're free to look at the other stuff, but unless I'm suddenly struck with monumental inspiration, they're not going anywhere. Sorry! If you don't want to get disappointed then just...
Pen Name:peridotbookworm
Country: US
Bio: Hi, everyone! My name's Stephanie. I've had other accounts on Booksie, but it's been qute a while, so I figured I needed a fresh start. My current "project" is a novel called "Caroline and Jude". I love when people read and give me insightful comments, and I'll return the favor!I'm a pretty laid...
Pen Name:Purple Rouge
Country: US
Bio: My name is Isabella "Bella"__________. Yeah, not telling you my last name. I'm creative, helpful, and understanding. People call me beautiful. I don't think I am but whatever. I'm in love. I'm clumsy. I'm mature. I'm me. LOVE IS SWEETER THAN GUMMY BEARS! Bella
Pen Name:princessOFbubbleEATINGawkwardTURTLES
Country: US
Bio: maybe you can tell by my user name- but... i have been called a freak... :( [boooo~!]but don't worry!!! the rest of me is just plain weird!! ^.^My internet name is Neko... I don't like using my real name >.>there is a couple things you should know about me, like:I read twilight in 2005 PEOPLE!...
Pen Name:poet soldier
Country: GB
Bio: I am a twenty three year old soldier of five years in the British Army in the Royal Corps of Signals.I have been on tour to Qatar, Afghanistan and recently Iraq and I have been based in York and now I am based in Hohne, Germany. I started writing poetry when I was in Afghan and have every...
Pen Name:personwhowantstofeel
Country: US
Bio: Erin here!15 and rocking the teenage years! Class of '13!!!!!!I blow out the candles on March 13.For me, 13 is lucky...;DFriends and family are the reason to live.I'd do any dare in the book, and answer any truth honestly.Swimming is my sport, fly is my thangg.Yes, I am a band geek...Summer...
Pen Name:Padfoot
Country: US
Bio: A Summary of myself?? Hmm....Well I am known as Queen Random to some at my new school, mainly because I do burst out with random thoughts or ideas that usually end up as stories. But just because I have all these ideas do not expect greatness from me. Trust me. As my favorite english teacher...
Pen Name:prettyuseless
Country: BE
Bio: Born in 1994 in central brussels, Lou grew up loving the creative subjects; such as art and creative writing. She is now very into photography and has been published several times and approached by Getty Images the world's number 1 image resource company. She wants to improve her writings skills...
Pen Name:paranoia1996
Country: US
Bio: GETCHA SEXI ON!online [x]offline []Want to AIM me? It's paranoia1996. No, I'm not single. I enjoy scremo music. Especially Escape the Fate. My favorite songs right now are Ashley, Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche, Its Just Me, and Reverse This Curse.OK, there isn't a whole lot to tell about...
Pen Name:Paul daniels
Country: NZ
Pen Name:parisa sweetheart
Country: AU
Bio: okay so im a pretty wild child.im not good at showing my emotions, so i turn them into words.i do alot of short poems, well, long poems, n if u call them poems...im taking my time to write a novel, but lately nothings inspired me.usually talking to people, and getting to know them, and their...
Pen Name:psm11
Country: GB
Pen Name:Princess15
Country: US
Bio: I have been in the same boring city my whole life..literally i was born there... I love reading/writing book, short stories, poems I'm 18, and a girl  I love singing and acting I plan to be a teacher when I grow up
Pen Name:Peter Rogerson
Country: GB
Bio: I was born during WW2, spent the first half of my adult life being a teacher and the second half bringing four of my children up single-handedly. Since reaching retiring age I have remarried to the most wonderful of all women and spend a lot of time writing, sometimes poetry, sometimes blogs and...
Pen Name:patmatt123
Country: US
Pen Name:PoetsDemise14
Country: US
Bio: No Longer Doing Booksie. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you to those that have helped me become a better writer. I've moved onto actually pursuing my dream as a writer.. Best of luck to everyone on here as well :] Sincerely, Tricia-Marie PoetsDemise14 Total Views on all Poems/Short...
Pen Name:Penelope Garenther
Country: PE
Bio: hello! (: I will say what everyone says on here: I love to write and I love to read (:Currently I'm working on a variety of novels, but I fail at finishing any of them because after a couple chapters I'm stuck with writer's block /: dreadful, I know. But the one that I have hope for is Put Me...
Pen Name:PsychoticTomboy
Country: US
Bio: My name is: BrittanyNicknamed: BradAge: 14 years youngSexual Orientation: Lesbian (PROUD OF IT!!!!!!)Okay, now that the basic shit is over....I work out when I get free time, most of the time I'm just chillin', thinkin' and hanging with my buds. I love sports. Love to hang with friends. Love to...
Pen Name:Paper Mate
Country: MY
Pen Name:PoetPen
Country: US
Bio:   Lia. 17. Female Writer. Blogger/Reblogger. Friend. Daughter. Listener. Reader. Harry Potter Lover. Fangirl. Scorpio. DayDreamer. Bisexual. 
Pen Name:prettyprep404
Country: US
Bio: I am a very young girl trying to fufill my dreams as a writer a poet and an author. I want to publish and write my own books as well as teach autism and become a basketball player. I love to read and write and ill just about write about anything. Its fun totry new ideas and every idea leads to a...
Pen Name:Peter Wong
Country: CA
Bio: I am Peter Wong and lives in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. I have a BA  from Simon Fraser University. I was previously studying general arts in Douglas College, New Westminster, BC, Canada,  
Pen Name:prepPRINCESS
Country: US
Bio:       My name is April.  I'm a very happy, preppy, and smiley person.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I always try to make people happy.  I'm a Christian and am proud of it!!!♥  Things I enjoy doing are dancing, singing, swimming, reading, playing tennis, hanging out with my...
Pen Name:pbbching
Country: PH
Bio: Hello! I am Ching!I am a dedicated writer.I write novels, poems and mostly, scripts.Feel free to read my works!Oh! I am also a BROADWAY FAN!
Pen Name:PassionatePoet31
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a unique  passionate person who like to write whatever is on my mind  and what ever I'm feeling at the time or  from what ever is inspiring me  at the  moment ....
Pen Name:plunoir
Country: US
Pen Name:pEaCe LoVe AnD pOeTrYy
Country: US
Bio: Heyy! I'm 14 years young and I love to write poetry.I really don't know what to put on here... but I'm sure I will one dayy.Comment me and I'll talk to ya! ♥ Peace ANd LOve ♥
Pen Name:PrinceCharming
Country: US
Bio: maybe later...?
Pen Name:purpleab77
Country: CA
Pen Name:purplechocoholic
Country: US
Bio: C.S LewisShannon HaleTamora PierceScott Westerfield.They're my favorite authors who's names I'm able to spell.My favorite color is purple.I'm a chocoholic.I'm a writer and a novelist.92% of teens would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe. Put this in your profile if...
Pen Name:pinkstreamers
Pen Name:prettylittleliars
Country: US
Bio: i love anime. if you came to my house you'd think it was a mess. jk. but really i love to read anime. anyways i like to read, write if you can already tell and draw anime. whooo hooo. ;)  merry christmas from the bottom of my heart  
Pen Name:Poopsy39
Country: GB
Bio: Welcome to hell...FELIX'S PROFILELet's get this straight. I am a guitarist. I love guitar. I like comparing guitars. I like shreding guitars. I like experimenting with amps and guitars.I hate cake. I love pie. My foot feels warm. JK.Why are you reading this far?  Not anything to do today?Well....
Pen Name:Phillipo
Country: US
Bio: My Name is Jazmin. I haven't written much in a long while, but I figure that this site can't be worse than poetry.com. So I figured, why not try it out. I honestly don't feel like doing much of a bio on myself...but when I do I will....
Pen Name:Princess Sammy
Pen Name:Pinky Dinky Doo
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm Pinky Dinky Doo or Pandie I'm 15 years old I'm friends with Emostar, La La, Moosy, And JayJay I have no sibs so beat that! 2 or 3 things about me...1:I'm emo2:I have been the youngest 4ever3:I LOOOVVVEEEE the worldokay so now u know a little about me so heres my pic...from left to rite....
Pen Name:PRY
Country: US
Bio: zup  
Pen Name:Princess Athena
Country: US
Bio: CHAPTER NINE FOR BROKEN GLASSES!! NOW ON BOOKSIE!!!IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN!!!Also MY sister and I have some freaky  converstions! See for yourself in THE END OF THE UNIVERSE !!!!CALLING ALL POTTER FANS! COME TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE! HARRY POTTER QUIZ!I am going to continue my novel! For the first...
Pen Name:Phobia Jinx
Country: US
Bio: Hi I'm Phobia Jinx, my friends call me PJ.
Pen Name:paperbackman
Country: US
Bio: Thanks, booksie reader, for taking the time to venture upon my profile :D I am primarily a poet, though i do dabble in science fiction. any non-fiction produced by me will probably be offensive to any religious persons (just a heads up :D) so, yeah, thats about it... enjoy
Pen Name:papzrock
Country: BZ
Bio: OmaRthis is me He was nothing but a little wasted piece of humanity, the soul of a half grown man and the eyes of a dreamer...★ϟ☀♫♥☁(im never on here much anymore check for me on facebook)
Pen Name:PiperDavenport
Country: US
Bio: Hello, everyone.  My name is Piper Davenport and I'm a writer from Detroit, Michigan. My interests include everything from traveling to collecting stylish decorating boxes.  The last time I checked, I had a degree in English from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I'm working on a collection...
Pen Name:pinkblackpink
Country: US
Bio: Hello and yes i am officially going to start writing and updating things. Although i won't be continuing any old novels at the time.. sorry :(About ME- I am the last person to look at the brighter side of things.- Give me too much time to think... and the result won't be good.- I like to...
Pen Name:poewhit
Country: US
Bio:     {  Scratches on the page, making noise } I started writing in Viet Nam. Simple poems to fill time. Not realizing or in the back of my mind this was my real desire. ENGLISH class in high school, was when I knew I wanted to write. John Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT was the book of my...

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