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Pen Name:Poison Wolf
Country: US
Bio: Ok...um...Well, I'm currently in a steady relationship, I play violin, I like country music. I like lightening, thunder, fireflies, nature, wolves, and the scents of some people. I have some awesome friends, including ones that write stories. My friend Rogue and I both write and read...
Pen Name:papzrock
Country: BZ
Bio: OmaRthis is me He was nothing but a little wasted piece of humanity, the soul of a half grown man and the eyes of a dreamer...★ϟ☀♫♥☁(im never on here much anymore check for me on facebook)
Pen Name:pagefiller101
Country: AU
Bio: I'm sixteen, sill in school, but i love to write, i write storys everyday. i write on my own and with the help of my editor/ friend, I read books no matter the type, and i can be known as a nerd. but i dont mind. READ< WRITE< LOVE< LIVE
Pen Name:PaulChafer
Country: GB
Bio: I'll . . . probably be back!
Pen Name:Pinkydinky56
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Abbie (That is my real name!) I live in England with my family and love to read and write. I have loads of brilliant ideas but most of the time I find them difficult to write down. I have read the work of so many brilliant writers on here and I comment on every novel I read (Maybe not...
Pen Name:PbxMarieEstelle
Country: PH
Bio: I AM. . . . . . . Phebe Marie Gudelosao  aka "PbxMarieEstelle"    I am 17 years old.    I'm an amateur writer.    I love reading books.   I was inspired to write and create my own voice that would reach out to others since I want to leave a mark or rather a piece of me in this world once...
Pen Name:panvini76
Country: US
Bio: I am a journalist, rapidly approaching 40. I write insane things in order to keep my sanity. Meh..
Pen Name:PaRaMoReFrEaK
Country: US
Bio: Hi! My name is Ashley but you can call me Ash or Sunshine. Music is my life but skatebording reding and writing are a close second.I love the colors Black ,purpule, blue and green think blood tastes pretty good and have a short attention span.I'm a girl living in a dream, thats hard to wake up...
Pen Name:princessniki
Country: IN
Bio: “Don't classify me, read me. I'm a writer, not a genre.”   Well starting of with some intro about myself... I'm Nikita, I was born on 22nd july... I love to read and write, which is quite obvious coz thats why I am here. I am currently working on two novels. DARK OBSESSION and FALLING FOR...
Pen Name:PatienceIsAVirtue
Country: JP
Bio: Hi And Welcome To My Page! Everyone gets a complimentary smile             All of my writings are dedicated to my beautiful cousin who at 16 years old passed away. Even though she could never read higher than a preschool level her cerebral palsy never brought her down. She is my...
Pen Name:PropheticaLee Speaking
Country: US
Bio: Alright what to say what to say. My name is Lee Lill, I live in Summerville, SC. I enjoy writing (apparently so) poetry, screenplays, short stories, music, ect. I play soccer and workout as much as I can. I've got the best family a guy could ever hope for, and great pets to keep me company...
Pen Name:Pato
Country: MX
Bio: I was born in Mexico City and now I study in Hastings. Hastings is a little town in England. Its situated to the south east of London.I adore writing, and my inspiration comes from a beautiful woman called Rosanna. Thank you for the time you spend reading my stories hope you enjoy them. Please...
Pen Name:pureenglishrose
Country: GB
Bio: I am not very good at writitng and i do not pretend to be but this is my life and here i pretty much tell stories and elaborate on things and events that happen to me by telling them thru others.
Pen Name:parkelis
Country: US
Bio:                Hmm. I've read through other profile pages, and after a while, most seem to be similar. But what about the few standouts? Usually, they leave a lasting impression on me by tickling my emotions. How can I do the same for people who choose to take the time out of busy,...
Pen Name:PeppermintGirl
Country: US
Pen Name:Paul Dabrowski
Country: US
Bio: Let's see, who am I? Basically I am your typical writer that loves to procrastinate. Think of me as the real life Hank Moody when it comes to that. With that said you can sum up my writing style as Aggressive, Rousing, Visceral, Volatile, Confrontational, Gritty, Nihilistic, Ominous, Raucous,...
Pen Name:PoeticMe143
Country: US
Bio: MY QUOTE OF THE WEEK: When you gettin "got" you go "get" them, when you "get" them everyone gon get "got"  ~Madea XD   I get on everyday so most likely I'm Online  Randomness: I hereby change my name to Honey! No power on earth can change this!! Bwahahaha!!!  But first....EPIC STICK FIGHT!...
Pen Name:Pla2nBJ
Country: US
Bio: Okay, so I know most people don't read these. So I'm gonna keep it short and sweet: I love Assassin's Creed, Tobuscus, all kinds of music, and packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you probably can get from Sam's called Uncrustables I play the flute, guitar, piano, and saxophone. I'm...
Pen Name:Predikant
Pen Name:PorishDay
Country: US
Bio: Hello :) My name is Niecy. I am 20 years old. I live in New Hampshire. and I am a Bisexual. :)
Pen Name:PoeticJusticeBri
Country: US
Bio: Im a teen that writes poetry about only sad things for some reason. I can myself a Poetic Goddess because Poetry is my life besides acting I Love What I Do & Hopefully The World Will To. 
Pen Name:parchmentandquill
Country: US
Bio: In dreams, we enter a world that's entirely our own.-Albus Dumbledore, Prisoner of AzkabanMy name is Marsha, but I'm trying to think up a cool pen name for myself.No such luck so far.I'm just another teenage girl that loves to write.I'm fifteen, live in Southern California, and have been a...
Pen Name:peace629
Country: US
Bio: welcome to my page!   i'm seventeen five feet three inches the script is my favorite band sucker for romance ♥  i have too many dumb blonde moments :) love to laugh crazy. fun. brunette. clumsy. talkative. lively.   " it's just you and me, trying to fight the light, like shirps in the...
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  Usually I do write from a guy's perspective. I don't know why. I just prefer writing from a guy's point of view. I read lots and lots of fiction. Most commonly, there will be some form of magic in the book I'm reading (or writing. Hehe.) My favorite color is almost always changing...
Pen Name:pritam0815
Pen Name:pateatminds
Country: PH
Bio: EVERY BLINK OF AN EYE WILL LEAD YOU TO A NEW VENTURE! I'm pat.  I just want to post my poems and whatever stories comes into my mind. INSPIRE ME WORLD!  
Pen Name:PotatoOnCrack
Country: CA
Bio: Hello, my name is Andrew Dickson. I am a male, and I am currently new at writing/typing stories/poems/articles, etc. I enjoy typing, although, I think I am not all that great at it at all. My goal on this website, is to type stories, which involve my everyday life, and what I go through every...
Pen Name:parkerford99
Country: US
Bio: I'm an upcoming freshman at MUS and I love to write. I love Game of Thrones, The Shield, Justified, The Pacific, and The Walking Dead. Also, Eminem, Green Day, and Breaking Benjamin. Go check out my wattpad page under the same name! If you read my stories, it would help me if you commented....
Pen Name:PocketxFullxOfxDreams
Country: US
Bio:   Well, hello there.  It's been four years, how are you? Please check "my news" for recent updates * _____________________________________________________________   It's complete nonsense -- I do confess, I have rather nonsensical tendencies.  Welcome, and thank you for dropping by my page....
Pen Name:Penelope Garenther
Country: PE
Bio: hello! (: I will say what everyone says on here: I love to write and I love to read (:Currently I'm working on a variety of novels, but I fail at finishing any of them because after a couple chapters I'm stuck with writer's block /: dreadful, I know. But the one that I have hope for is Put Me...
Pen Name:Phasered
Country: US
Pen Name:PhantomDancer
Country: CA
Bio: Hi...I'm a writer, or at least, I tell myself I am. En fait, j'écris beaucoup plus en français qu'en anglais, donc les textes qui se retrouveront içi seront probablement écrits dans la langue de Molière.
Pen Name:poohbear98
Country: MY
Bio: Hmmm......   About Me?...   Nothing much actually. I like watching korean dramas (Rooftop Prince!)and animes, reading books especially romance and mangas and do really random daily nothings.   I have an account where I upload my stories. www.wattpad.com Heard of it? No? Check it out then....
Pen Name:Pyrofenix
Country: US
Bio: A bit of a book nerd, computer geek, fashionista and artistic clutz. I'm was raised in a family where event though academics was great but art was encouraged which is why I can write, paint, sew, draw and make jewelry and candles very well. I am a strong believer in self expression and respect...
Pen Name:Patra Star
Country: US
Bio: I'm a young person really just looking for my place in the world. Books saved my life, I could be in different world's whenever I wanted too be, so it eased the transitions and painful experiences in life. Only a call from the good Lord made me realize I wanted too be an author. Im pretty much...
Pen Name:Paigem
Country: GB
Bio: Hey there, My name's Paige and I'm the typical fourteen year old idiot. But on the bright side, I like to think I'm okay at writing, so that's probably a good thing to add in there. I'm currently studying for my GCSE'S which I'll be taking in just over a year and I'm well and truly shitting...
Pen Name:peacefulmrmoo
Country: CA
Bio: Hello! :3 I write short stories, and sometimes develope ideas for novels and never write them :I. Anyway, i have many stories i'm not very proud of, and many novels I won't finish. So, please try to look and my more recent stories, rather than dwell on works that i regret making. Thankyou!  ...
Pen Name:Phillip Paul Pettigrew
Country: US
Bio: I am an amateur Theoretical Philosopher, part time Quantum Therapist, and full time Cynic.
Pen Name:Pinkythesupergirl
Country: AU
Bio: I write.  I hate plagiarists... my current fanfiction, 'Unwanted' has been stolen TWICE now, once on this site, which is how i came to know about Booksie.com.So people, if you happen to like the story 'What if Edward killed Renesmee' - by 'This is me'... trust me, it isn't hers... its mine. ...
Pen Name:PrestonW
Country: US
Bio: Preston Williams III is Senior Partner & CIO at GBC® Global Services. He is a pioneer with 20+ years of Big 4, Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial experience. That experience includes Senior Auditor with Price Waterhouse (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Controller for Lynn-Phill, IT Consultant with...
Pen Name:PromisedSword
Country: US
Bio: As of last June, I'm officially closing this account. No new fics or poems will be added. I will, however, keep everything I have already posted up, and will continue to read, favorite, and review others' works. I started college in August and want to start making the transition from...
Pen Name:payton elizabeth
Country: US
Bio: i am 13, almost 14, i love to write, and i hope that someday my writing will be published.
Pen Name:PinkyPoohbear
Country: US
Bio: My name is Pinky, so call me just that. I love writing, its the best thing in the world second to shopping. I mean, who wouldn't want to take there creativity out in writing? In my books you'll definitely be able to tell how I am feeling at the moment. My feelings dictate what happens next in...
Pen Name:plattinum
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to my page!   Flair is back and better than ever!  I have taken in your comments on things that could be improved as well as had the story professionally edited. If you like fantasy, epic fantasy, war stories, or stories about secrets and betrayal, give Flair a try; I doubt it will...
Pen Name:PinkLemonade7777777
Country: CA
Bio: Hey friends, I super appreciate you checking out my profile! I would love if you read some of my stories, I'd be so happy I just might cry. I would cry even more if you left and comment and gave me some tips. Thank-you so much and I hope you all have a beautiful day! :)
Country: US
Pen Name:Precy Jane
Country: PH
Bio:   i'm just a simple girl with big dreams. it's my passion to write. it's my art..my masterpiece. i'm a college student. i'm the eldest in the family. i'm a bookworm, a movieholic. i'm also a singer. (i love to sing) my favorite subject is LOVE. 'cause it never goes out of style. Love is...
Pen Name:P Alford
Country: GB
Bio: I am a forty five year old fitness fanatic who has done natural competitive bodybuilding shows and has just won the first strongman competition i have entered :-) Also love t write poetry :-)
Pen Name:poisongurl
Country: GB
Bio: If it says (Tabbie's) next to a title, that's just because the title was already taken and I didn't want to change it. Everything on here is mine.I need more motivation.Let's see.You can call me Tabbie.It's short for Tabitha.I'm 20 years of age. Born on the 23/12/1990.I'm like, REALLY short....
Pen Name:PSUHoops
Country: US
Pen Name:Poppy R
Country: GB
Bio: Hiya,I'm 13 and madly adore books. I'm getting a bit bored of the current teenage Vampire books, because that's really all the Teenage books are at the moment. So I have moved on to Adult Fiction!! I have just under 900 books at home and spend the majority of my spare time reading and writing....
Pen Name:phoenix8269
Country: US
Bio: Hi all. New to the site. Please be nice. Ha! That rhymed!
Pen Name:PythonVsSpoon
Country: AU
Bio: I am an aspiring author (that means unpublished) who loves to write very short fiction.  Possibly why I'm unpublished.  I am working on something longer, but you'll have to wait for that ;) For now, there is a collection of my shorter stories here on Booksie.  Read, enjoy (or don't, its up...
Pen Name:punisherpop
Country: GB
Bio: I am currently working on a horror anthology. 'DARK REALITY HORROR' is a collection of short stories set around the fictional village of eatonu...
Pen Name:priya sharma
Country: IN
Bio: heya every one....this is priya....do keep only one thing in ur mind...CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.....love yourself and believe in you..anything is possible.... :)
Pen Name:punkrockerkid13
Country: US
Bio: My name is Liz. I am new to this site thanks to some really cool, close , awesome friends of mine. I love to read. Well I'm not new anymore.  Most of my stories are kinda emo. I have a bunch of great friends. Sheets and Christine who brought this site to my attention. I love you both....
Pen Name:Philip Roberts
Country: AU
Bio: I turned 57 on January 31, 2014.   I wrote fiction and poetry from February 1970 to April 2000, when personal problems and health kept me from writing.  In 2003 I started writing poetry again, and November 2009 I wrote my first short story since April 2000.   I am politically an...
Pen Name:Padfoot
Country: US
Bio: A Summary of myself?? Hmm....Well I am known as Queen Random to some at my new school, mainly because I do burst out with random thoughts or ideas that usually end up as stories. But just because I have all these ideas do not expect greatness from me. Trust me. As my favorite english teacher...
Pen Name:Pearl Quearl
Country: MY
Bio: Hello I'm Pearl Quearl. It just a pen name :) I'm in progress of improving my writting skills. Be free to read my writing :) ^^
Pen Name:plumadelatristeza
Country: PH
Bio: i guess this would be a good website to express art in form of words
Pen Name:Pitbullloverxox
Country: CA
Bio: Hey!
Pen Name:punkin818
Country: US
Bio:  Hey every one I have some important information here so please forgive me.  I am officially changing to wattpad, if you want to read some of my stories my user name is still the same. I will probably still try and finish my stories here accept for the sequel to See no Love, Hear no Love,...
Pen Name:puddleofink
Country: NZ
Bio:             ok so im planning on continuing my novels in progress so please bear with me I also have loads of ideas for new novelsso watch this space   hey, I'm Renee, im a bit of a loner and daydream when i have free time. (which is most of the time) I have so many new story ideas...
Pen Name:princessree97
Country: US
Bio:   HeyHey Everyone,  I am sorry I haven't been on and I know I missed a lot but I promise I will catch up as soon as I can.  My computer has been down and I have been super busy.  I will read all the new stories and all the stories unfinished as soon as possible.  And the story "If Only...
Pen Name:Phil Jackson
Country: GB
Bio: An aspiring author of short stories, poetry, and children’s literature. My intention is to make use of this site to publish and ask for feedback on some of the random pieces that I write from time whilst discovering the best ways to take the next step. Influences vary widely; I tend to read...
Pen Name:pudgey
Country: US
Bio: I am a 56 year old black woman. i own a small business that i operate out of my home. i have lways had a wild imagination, leaning toward fantasy and comedy. my dream is to be a published writer of childrens stories.
Pen Name:Pwanda
Pen Name:Poetlife
Country: AU
Bio: I am an Australian woman- Poet/writer (Childrens stories.)Artist/Photographer/Actress/Playwrite/director of stage plays etc; I am looking for a publisher for my other un-published  work- I am a published poet in  hard cover-( about six books- with other poets,) & magazines. & newspapers. In...
Pen Name:PageTurner
Country: BE
Pen Name:Potter Fan838453
Country: US
Bio:      I HATE RESEARCH PAPERS WHO EVER STARTED THIS WILL PARISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the wrath of me    Sorry for not posting for so long I havent had time I will try to write something this weekend I swear Hi I am a high schoo student not going to say where incase there...
Pen Name:Platinumsoul
Country: US
Bio: Hi Hi! :3 I love reading and writing, and anything fluffy! I hope that I can write a lot of books which are fantasies always dreamed of, defy the laws of physics, and most of all open up people's hearts: stories that let them how to laugh, cry, and smile!   I love Jack Sparrow!
Pen Name:popsicle96
Country: GB
Bio: Am a poet, artist, songwriter, and singer from congo
Pen Name:Pandaman
Country: US
Bio: I am a beginner writer. I complete poems now and then, but I am attempting to complete some other forms of fiction. I hope to have some short stories or novel excerpts to share in the near future.
Pen Name:PleasePleaseComeCloserUGGHHTooClose
Country: US
Bio: I like a lot of Drama's; tv shows, movies and books. I came on this because i wanted to see how many people have the ability to write amazingstory's. Look at J.K Rowling she was homeless living on the street then she wrote Harry Potter. She's kind of rich now that is what writing a populare book...
Pen Name:pjones
Country: US
Pen Name:Pamela Watson
Country: ZA
Bio: Uh...I deal with fanfictiona :) x
Pen Name:peanutbutter75
Country: US
Bio: I am in love with my boyfriend, Tyler.
Pen Name:poetshi
Country: US
Bio:    I fear you, but need you. Want you, but hate you. Love you, can't stand you. Wish I never met you. 
Pen Name:Perplexed Panda
Country: US
Bio: Hey all!   I must warn you that I probably should not be allowed access to a keyboard, word documents, and the internet! I am a goofy person who likes to write about random stuff in my spare time. Please be aware that I do not consider myself to be a writer, but rather someone who enjoys...
Pen Name:ParkourDude91
Country: US
Bio: Some people say I don't play by the rules. Some people say I'm a little rough around the edges. They're right.
Pen Name:PassionAndMusic
Pen Name:pearlgirl
Country: US
Bio: I am in my 3rd year of pharmacy school. I am not one to be telling others about my emotions or problems, so I use writing as a means of letting out my emotions. I enjoy writing and everything I write means something to me.
Pen Name:paderthi
Country: US
Bio: I'm working as a software engineer . I’m married have one small kid, who is a little doll. My interests are keep on changing, sometimes I spend weeks on playing computer games, other times watching English movies, writing stories and playing with kid.
Pen Name:Paul Butters
Country: GB
Bio: I write poetry, short stories, blogs and articles. Simply love writing.   Born and bred in Leeds. Lived on English East Coast since 1982. Enjoy sport, space and sci-fi.
Pen Name:Paola
Country: GB
Bio: Hello, I have always been interested in writing and therefore I think this type of site is fantastic. I am Italian and live in London. Most of what I write is probably derived from my experiences, mainly of living abroad and going to boarding school! I love big cities and adore travelling...as...

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