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Pen Name:plattinum
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to my page!   Flair is back and better than ever!  I have taken in your comments on things that could be improved as well as had the story professionally edited. If you like fantasy, epic fantasy, war stories, or stories about secrets and betrayal, give Flair a try; I doubt it will...
Pen Name:peacemaker06
Country: NZ
Bio: Hello my friends and fellow story tellers ") I just want to thank you for all your support, comments and constructive criticism. May the power of Love be with you always...Dino ")                          My baby and I on our honeymoon in the sunny Bay of Islands, New...
Pen Name:Punk Rock Pixie
Country: US
Bio: Writing for me is therapy, as well as a passion of mine. My ideal occupation would be an artist, while writing novels and poetry on the side.The works you will find here are my more tame pieces, much of it written in order to express and therefore deal with my feelings, pain, and struggles. I do...
Pen Name:Pearl Quearl
Country: MY
Bio: Hello I'm Pearl Quearl. It just a pen name :) I'm in progress of improving my writting skills. Be free to read my writing :) ^^
Pen Name:90percentjarvis
Country: PH
Pen Name:pilotGIRL12
Country: US
Bio: Enjoy. Comment.  
Pen Name:portugalthelion
Pen Name:poet 5251
Country: US
Bio: long lost poet
Pen Name:pjaclie22
Country: US
Bio: Well I'm not really sure what to write. Just ask me a question. im not very good at writing i will admite, i just like to write. im a really creative person and i just need a way to get my imagination out of my head so i can focuse on other things. so please dont be mean, to be mean.
Pen Name:Preh Rahim
Country: PK
Bio: Live life with full swings :)  
Pen Name:pgordon
Country: US
Pen Name:PrettyPolkaDots
Country: AU
Bio: I have changed my Pen Name on Facebook and Wattpad from PrettyPolkaDots to JeanLouise. To find me on there now you will have to search JEANLOUISE. Find Me Here: http://www.wattpad.com/jeanlouise   CRADDLE SNATCHING SANTASKI Only on Wattpad He wants out from under his fathers spotlight. She's...
Pen Name:ProfessorTurtle
Country: TH
Bio: Pet. That's my real name. It's what you get if you're an Asian. I am obsessed with chocolate cake, painting, gummy coke bottles, and books. I am perfectly happy with reading a good book for hours, perhaps with a snack so I can fuel myself. I write because I enjoy weaving a world of heroes and...
Pen Name:punkin818
Country: US
Bio:  Hey every one I have some important information here so please forgive me.  I am officially changing to wattpad, if you want to read some of my stories my user name is still the same. I will probably still try and finish my stories here accept for the sequel to See no Love, Hear no Love,...
Pen Name:PokePal
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to my page!My name is Jose!I am 13 years old,thanks for stopping by! I love these little orange boxes! They make my day! XD   Darn you fake new message box! It tricks me everytime! *Tries to click it*/////// If you dare hurt me,I will do this! Well,bye for now,gotta dash!*Zooms out*
Pen Name:pheebs
Country: GB
Bio: I love to write just have to try and find time to do it :P
Pen Name:PKMP
Country: US
Bio: Yo, peoples! Just lettin' ya know my computer is working again, though I'm still going to be a bit slow with updating due to my busy schedule. And, just so ya know, I'm taking Invasion of Dreams down because I've revised the story line into something I can work better with, so I plan to get that...
Pen Name:Profesor Castro 2015
Country: UY
Pen Name:poppie
Country: NZ
Bio: Hi,I am a 49 year old lover of short stories, and poems, and was looking for a free website, where I could express myself using that type of literature. I enjoy walking, biking, reading novels, writing children's stories in my spare time, and listening to easy listening or soft rock. I live in...
Pen Name:psicologo
Country: MX
Bio: Psychotherapist, lover of creativity, human communication, writing and personal development. Professionally i am passionate about helping those who face emotional challenges. Internet Strategist and Entrepreneur, I love life!    
Pen Name:Peacelily1
Country: US
Bio: A writer who concentrates on the female domestic experience in all its detail.
Pen Name:Pete Possum
Country: US
Pen Name:Petua
Country: AU
Bio: Burping is something that come's off as normal for many. It comes down to culture and it comes down to you as individual. Moreover, it will say a lot about you as a person. Do you care less or more? I based this story on a real life experience. I observe, I listen and I learn. 
Pen Name:pensandpaper
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys what's up I am Meka. I'm 21 years old and I just love writing, it is my passionhopefully one day I will become a writer. I have a lot of favorite authors like Stephanie Meyer, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and Stephen King. I will be writing about Jonas Brothers (Most on them) and Harry...
Pen Name:pritam0815
Pen Name:Payo
Country: IN
Bio: So , Wadda up ? Yada Badda ... Oops , Sorry the weird me :)    I am Payoja anyways. Weird name but I love it anyways . After all , it refers to the name meaning Sea of Goddess.  So , why I am proud of it.    17 years anyways and turning 18 in February , 2014. A verified directioner ..   ...
Pen Name:PocketxFullxOfxDreams
Country: US
Bio:   Well, hello there.  It's been four years, how are you? Please check "my news" for recent updates * _____________________________________________________________   It's complete nonsense -- I do confess, I have rather nonsensical tendencies.  Welcome, and thank you for dropping by my page....
Pen Name:peace629
Country: US
Bio: welcome to my page!   i'm seventeen five feet three inches the script is my favorite band sucker for romance ♥  i have too many dumb blonde moments :) love to laugh crazy. fun. brunette. clumsy. talkative. lively.   " it's just you and me, trying to fight the light, like shirps in the...
Pen Name:planarwalk
Country: NZ
Bio: Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Konichiwa, Ni hou, Kia Ora, Ciao, Guten Tag, Dia Duit, Salve to everyone! I am a person living in the deep south of invercargill, New Zealand. Facts About Me: Born in Timaru, raised in Christchurch. Real Name: Nicholas Broad Birth Date: 30th October 1996 Star Sign:...
Pen Name:PhilBerry
Pen Name:Paramita
Country: US
Bio: I am a seeker of truth, I am a traveler, a peaceful warrior.
Pen Name:Purplelily
Country: GB
Bio: An aspiring novelist with a limited attention span = an aspiring poet
Pen Name:phillip heslop
Country: GB
Bio: i have written my first short story and wanted a bit of feedback, i am married on the 27th august and have 5 kids
Pen Name:Priya Ravinder
Country: IN
Bio: Priya Ravinder is a Content Writer and SEO specialist with 5+ years of experience into writing personal blogs, website content, reviews on technology and other aspects of web.She has worked with Accenture and Tricon Infotech contributing substantially.She is smart and quirky about expressing her...
Pen Name:Profesor Castro
Country: UY
Pen Name:purplecow919
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys! Im a newbie to this site as of November 21, 2009 and I love to write. l play the violin and love a challenge. Please comment on anything and everything I write, and if you have any recommendations on how to make it better, I will try to check the comments as often as I can. Thanks...
Pen Name:Phameno
Country: GB
Bio: Hello! Although I used this profile to write short stories in the past, I have noticed that my analysis of Curley's wife recieved a very good response, and since my final literature exams are looming, I will be using this account over the next month to aid myself with english revision (writing...
Pen Name:Pirate Bug
Country: DE
Bio: “Musica est vita.” That is my philosophy.   Pagan/Wiccan by trade.                        Open-minded by nature.    Lived on this earth long enough to know life’s too short to mess around.   Married to a wonderful man.   Loving life.   Escaping days of stress...
Pen Name:prepPRINCESS
Country: US
Bio:       My name is April.  I'm a very happy, preppy, and smiley person.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I always try to make people happy.  I'm a Christian and am proud of it!!!♥  Things I enjoy doing are dancing, singing, swimming, reading, playing tennis, hanging out with my...
Pen Name:poethead20
Country: US
Bio:               My name is Savannah Smith,    I have only started poetry a year ago. I very much do enjoy it. If I had to pick between poetry and reading my books, well actually that is pretty tough, but I spend as much of my time writing whether its a poem or a short story, I love...
Pen Name:poemLover16
Country: US
Bio: My name is Lacye, I am 16. I love to write in my free time and i usually express my feeling all on paper. I may not seem like a writter but in reality i really do love writting stories and poems. I am the typ of person that likes to help others and is very caring and respectful towards others....
Pen Name:PoeticMe143
Country: US
Bio: Reading Requests: CLOSED!!! SONG LYRICS OF THE WEEK(S):  ♫ I'll tell you my sins, and you can sharpen your knife  ♫ ~Hozier, Take Me To Church  I'm Online, and yes ^ this, and profile pic is me ^_^ PLEASE READ THE "MY NEWS" TAB :)  But first....EPIC STICK FIGHT!              ...
Pen Name:prateeksha
Country: IN
Bio: SORRY, I WOULD BE UNAVAILABLE FOR QUITE SOMETIME SO I WONT BE ABLE TO TAKE READ REQUESTS.TAKE CAREA total rebel, i like to do things my way.  I like writing or doing anything creative in my spare time
Pen Name:pbboogaard
Country: NL
Bio: I am a creative person. I like to put all my creativity into my writing. Despite I am Dutch, I write in English, because I like it better and it is easier to spread my stories over the world. I am kind of new to the whole writing thing, so I'll probably make mistakes as any beginner does. The...
Pen Name:Phoebe Kishbaugh
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow writers! My name is Phoebe Sara Kishbaugh, and writing is my saving grace. Without it I would not have been able to handle many things that have happened to me in my life. It has gotten me through many traumatic experiences and has helped shape the person I am today. A little about...
Pen Name:princessheartsX
Country: CA
Bio: Name: i can't give that out. i shall remain princessheartsXGender: femaleAge: turning 16 in decemberGrade: grade eleven this septemberFirst Language: TurkishSecond Language: EnglishFav bands: 1. jobros 2.the maine 3. ...uhm...the stereos, cause they're hot.Style: have none. i go from wearing...
Pen Name:PassionFollower
Country: US
Bio: I am a current High School Student and I have been overly interested in writing my whole life. I am looking for opportunites to get my things out there for others to read, relate to, and enjoy. Being creative is my passion, and I'd like to share that with everyone. 
Pen Name:PewDieBro
Country: BA
Pen Name:Preemadonut
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing in my spare time.
Country: US
Pen Name:psisatyr
Country: IN
Bio: Hi, I am passionate about writing. I write Prose Philosophy Fiction Literature and Psychology. Writing is a poem of life for me. I also dabble in poetry. I have a libertian, lyrical attitude to life and I wish that I could earn my bread with Writing.
Pen Name:pooja31
Country: US
Pen Name:Pridjean
Country: US
Bio: We are what we do. 
Pen Name:Poetlife
Country: AU
Bio: I am an Australian woman- Poet/writer (Childrens stories.)Artist/Photographer/Actress/Playwrite/director of stage plays etc; I am looking for a publisher for my other un-published  work- I am a published poet in  hard cover-( about six books- with other poets,) & magazines. & newspapers. In...
Pen Name:peacefulmrmoo
Country: CA
Bio: Hello! :3 I write short stories, and sometimes develope ideas for novels and never write them :I. Anyway, i have many stories i'm not very proud of, and many novels I won't finish. So, please try to look and my more recent stories, rather than dwell on works that i regret making. Thankyou!  ...
Pen Name:patches
Country: US
Bio: Im only just staring out, and most of these wont be complete stories of short stories, more like incomplete thoughts and interupted dreams. Sorry for the inconvience.  -J
Pen Name:psmith
Country: IN
Bio: Hitting the early 60s, after having worked as a Subeditor and reporter with various dailies and magazines in India for over 20 years and spent a furthere six years with a military intelligence unit in the coastal state of Goa in India.  Now settled in the dusty, musty town of Mysore which has...
Pen Name:poewhit
Country: US
Bio:     {  Scratches on the page, making noise } I started writing in Viet Nam. Simple poems to fill time. Not realizing or in the back of my mind this was my real desire. ENGLISH class in high school, was when I knew I wanted to write. John Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT was the book of my...
Pen Name:PrimRainie
Country: PH
Pen Name:Preston Taylor Stone
Country: US
Pen Name:Prettypink95
Country: US
Bio: If you're willing to listen then i'm willing to write it. My name is Desteny , nice to meet you. I hope you will enjoy what you read here. I try my very best to pour my heart into what i write. Most of what i write just comes to me and needs to be said. I find that written words carry a million...
Pen Name:Paul daniels
Country: NZ
Pen Name:Patton Louis
Pen Name:Princess15
Country: US
Bio: I have been in the same boring city my whole life..literally i was born there... I love reading/writing book, short stories, poems I'm 18, and a girl  I love singing and acting I plan to be a teacher when I grow up
Pen Name:Pogoroo
Country: US

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