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Pen Name:PoppyFey
Country: GB
Bio: 1 7 ♫ m u s i c i s m y d  r u g ✌ My name is actually Shelley-Louise, I use Poppy Fey almost as an alter ego as she is the brains behind my work. Your life is in the palm of your hand, it is yours. Create beautiful things with it.            ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ±...
Pen Name:poet 3
Country: US
Bio: So, as everyone knows, plans change. I am not going to college for a few years yet. Still planning on joining the Air Force, but I have different plans immediately after high school now. Since I graduate in less than a month, I have to start planning on the immediate future. :)
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me: My favorite types of books are anything paranormal really. I just love how different they are. I also enjoy romance books simply because of how cute the couples can get. My favorite authors include Kelly Armstrong, Nicholas Sparks, Lauren Kate, and a bunch others. My favorite colors...
Pen Name:Pixi
Country: ZA
Bio: I love online games like LoL (League of Legends), StarCraft 2, Minecraft, APB, ISS, Dota2, CSGO, DayZ, etc.   I love reading books, usually things paranormal and with sad endings. Some of my favourite books are: (Not In any order)   The Last Vampire Series - Christopher Pike Beautiful...
Pen Name:Paige Phillips
Country: US
Bio: I'm 18 years old. If you're nice to me then I'm nice to you. My favorite animals are giraffes and I think we should all just take a moment to admire my profile picture. Isn't that the cutest giraffe ever? It's really quirky too. Anyway, I like any type of rock music. My favorite bands are...
Pen Name:Paigem
Country: GB
Bio: Hello! My name's Paige. I'm fourteen and I love warm sweaters, reading, tv shows and cups of tea.
Pen Name:PoeticallyCorrect
Country: CA
Bio: My name is Tamera. I'm relatively new at poetry and I am looking for constructive criticism on my work. My content will range from happy to sad but probably not funny since I generally lack in that area. Thank you! Please note that not all of my poems reflect my personal view on things/emotions...
Pen Name:pakla
Country: ZW
Bio: " i dont't want to be like those.. that lived whilst dead   that famed... without achievement    and so died pathetic.. without a reputation nor honor"
Pen Name:PrettyPolkaDots
Country: AU
Bio: I have changed my Pen Name on Facebook and Wattpad from PrettyPolkaDots to JeanLouise. To find me on there now you will have to search JEANLOUISE. Find Me Here: http://www.wattpad.com/jeanlouise   CRADDLE SNATCHING SANTASKI Only on Wattpad He wants out from under his fathers spotlight. She's...
Pen Name:Pedrette
Country: BR
Bio: Brazilian, living in the US. A girl that dreams more than she can carry.
Pen Name:Pamela Rodriguez
Country: US
Pen Name:palewriter
Country: US
Bio: Palewriter You can move the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to see the whole picture.
Pen Name:princess onika auguste
Country: LC
Bio: Ok  ,  hi  everyone  my  name is Princess ,  I  have   graduated  from college with BA in  English and  now  I am   starting  my  masters degree in   Developmental Education   concentration  in Guidanice  and Counseling i love all music except hardcore rap and  metal rock...
Pen Name:peacemaker06
Country: NZ
Bio: Hello my friends and fellow story tellers ") I just want to thank you for all your support, comments and constructive criticism. May the power of Love be with you always...Dino ")                          My baby and I on our honeymoon in the sunny Bay of Islands, New...
Pen Name:PriscilaMartinez
Country: US
Bio: My name is Priscila.  I'm 14, I'm going to be a Freshman in high school in the fall, and I live in California. The Bay to be exact. I live up North, but my dream is to be down south. Pursuing what I believe is my destiny.  Acting, Writing, Speaking, Photography. It's all what I long to do. ...
Pen Name:powerpolarbear
Country: US
Bio: Hope you enjoy the stories I've written! I love writing, but the best part is reading your comments because you enjoyed it! I'll be posting lots more- just you wait!Also, check out StoriesToTell. I've read their writing and it is amazing!!
Pen Name:PostModernBorderline
Country: ZA
Bio: The oldest piece that chronicles my writing ventures is a seventh grade poem I wrote in english. It sparked something that lay dormant until ninth grade and now I'm a psychology and philosophy major and artist, although it's mainly literary thus far, this is only the beginning...
Pen Name:Psammist
Country: ZA
Bio: I am a Poet, Writer,and Author. I am shrewd, ebullient, ostentatious, sanguine, steely, persuasive, and sesitive about my work.
Pen Name:P Alford
Country: GB
Bio: I am a forty five year old fitness fanatic who has done natural competitive bodybuilding shows and has just won the first strongman competition i have entered :-) Also love t write poetry :-)
Pen Name:Paola
Country: GB
Bio: Hello, I have always been interested in writing and therefore I think this type of site is fantastic. I am Italian and live in London. Most of what I write is probably derived from my experiences, mainly of living abroad and going to boarding school! I love big cities and adore travelling...as...
Pen Name:PoeticMe143
Country: US
Bio: Online Random #1: All 10 of my novel spots are filled, but I'll still read the intro to your novel and if I like it I'll make an acception and follow it :).  HE made the world dance, HE made the music come to life no matter what you say, I’mma love HIM and HE'S still dope   But...
Pen Name:PossiblyMine
Country: US
Bio: April 4th, 2014 - I posted the first chapters to both of my stories on Wattpad! Hopefully will get the 2nd chapters up soon also! Yee :3 xoxo, PossiblyMine Song Of The Day: Take Me Home - CashCash If you feel so inclined, you could find me on Wattpad under the same username. Or check out my...
Pen Name:pixiefairy
Country: GB
Bio: I started this up because I love reading and writng. Firstly I'll tell you a bit about    My name's Birnie, I'm 17 Female, of course I'm an easy going person and enjoys life better when those I love are around. I have a brother,Stephen also know as , which is 19 and a sister,Ann-Marie also...
Pen Name:poetshi
Country: US
Bio:    I fear you, but need you. Want you, but hate you. Love you, can't stand you. Wish I never met you. 
Pen Name:passionwithapromise
Country: US
Pen Name:PewDieBro
Country: BA
Pen Name:peaclver
Country: US
Bio: I am a college graduate, a history buff, a caretaker, sometimes writer, reader and a heart-lung transplant patient. I recieved the transplant in 2002 and spent 8 months in the hospital due to setbacks.One thing I always wanted to do was to write. After finishing Nanowrimo in 2005, I finally...
Pen Name:Patri Poe
Country: US
Bio: "Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company."  - Mark Twain   I love satirical writing.  Expressing ideas and opinions in a humorous way allows us to let our guards down a little and maybe even laugh at ourselves.     If you enjoy my writing, please check out my website:...
Pen Name:parkelis
Country: US
Bio:                Hmm. I've read through other profile pages, and after a while, most seem to be similar. But what about the few standouts? Usually, they leave a lasting impression on me by tickling my emotions. How can I do the same for people who choose to take the time out of busy,...
Pen Name:PrincessPhoenix
Country: US
Bio: Hello Readers, First of all, Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy reading the stories I publish. Leave me comments, give me feedback, I would really appreciate it. In the beginning I always loved fairytales and hope my dreams would come true. So I started writing books about a character named...
Pen Name:pirranha
Country: PH
Bio: smile always wipes my tears and give a little light to comfort me until i am okay again.
Pen Name:Precisely IT
Country: US
Pen Name:Pacey
Country: CL
Bio: I love nature and animals....beign outdoors is something I really love and I can say that I am lucky to love what I do for a living, cause being a forester helps me to stay in touch with the environment, and that's where I find my inspiration to write...Still learning how to write in english,...
Pen Name:pencilandpaper
Country: GB
Bio: hi i am a new writer and am still in school.
Pen Name:PirateOfImagination
Country: GB
Bio: I'm non-native speaker of English, so please excuse my forthcoming spelling and grammatical mistakes - but do point them out, because then I can fix them. As you can propably guess from my pen name, I'm fond of pirates and pirate stories, both as a reader and as a writer. I do write and read...
Pen Name:pancho
Country: US
Bio: I am an outgoing person that loves to read and write poettry.
Pen Name:pristinesnufflove
Country: US
Bio: I really appreciate when people read and leave comments on my work, so if you wouldn't mind doing that :) I love all of the creative arts, my artwork can be seen here http://babybubblegumprinces.deviantart.com/ but i'm more looking for people to help me with my novel. Thanks a bunch all! ~PSL
Pen Name:Poetlife
Country: AU
Bio: I am an Australian woman- Poet/writer (Childrens stories.)Artist/Photographer/Actress/Playwrite/director of stage plays etc; I am looking for a publisher for my other un-published  work- I am a published poet in  hard cover-( about six books- with other poets,) & magazines. & newspapers. In...
Pen Name:Psychosis The Tormented
Country: US
Bio: I'm completely void and dead inside . My world, my life, my future is so unsure , I don't want to exist anymore . All i do is write pain and it hurts , every word I write is in my tears and blood . No one gets what i'm saying , what i said, or what i'll ever say and it's miserable , i'm mistaken...
Pen Name:Peter96
Country: US
Pen Name:Paylynn
Country: US
Bio:   Paylynn here, I've been on Booksie for a while, not really active. I have my moods where I write and that post it up depending on what it is. I'm doing a Nimowrimo November challenge so I'll be busy really soon with that. I've been getting more and more into a writing mood; so hopefully...
Pen Name:2011Paramedic
Country: US
Bio: My name is Rick Cortez from san antonio texas and i like to view and write fan fiction stories from such great tv shows such as Emergency! and my goal,, is to just write great fan fiction stories!!
Pen Name:purpleankles
Country: CA
Bio: Tiffany 97 highschool Hi ! I'm just a little girl, that writes whatever my heart desires.  I love,love,love to read, so please send me your stories ! (:  
Pen Name:PizzaPoet
Country: US
Bio: Hello, world! My name is Kayla.   I'm just a small-town lady hoping to make it in the real world by following her dreams. Hey, everyone! I just wanted to apologize for slacking off on here lately. I just foundout a few weeks ago that I'm pregnant. I'm about ten weeks along now and couldn't...
Pen Name:phelelmautz
Country: US
Pen Name:pradyrk
Country: US
Bio: Im a stranger who walks among the strangers its just my signature mark ( is an anime character ,if anyone is wondering who or what that is :D ) now, im just a noob poet .......started writing about a year ago . i know i haven't posted many poems in here but pls be patient .....works are in...
Pen Name:PartyPoison
Country: GB
Bio: Hey Im Verity. A member of the lost hearts. Writing is a passion of mine. Also love photography. Im 22 Single and Heartbroken. Thats what inspires my stories. I write truthfully. Not this twilight shit thats about today. I write about my past. Comes straight from the heart and my very mixed up...
Pen Name:Press10
Country: US
Pen Name:puppypal32
Country: US
Bio: I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to say much to people, I prefer expressing myself through my art and through my writing. I have enjoyed writing short stories since I was a kid but as I got into middle school I stopped doing it. In middle school I started getting an interest in drawing...
Pen Name:PageTurner
Country: BE
Pen Name:Princess Cosmos
Country: GB
Bio: Bonjour, I do not know what to write here so I'll update it soon love you all xxx
Pen Name:PishPosh
Country: CA
Bio: Hello there, I may be new on this account to Booksie, but I am not new to writing or this site.  I'm a 17 year old girl of Canada if that's somehow relevant. :P
Pen Name:personalstories
Country: NO
Pen Name:poeticflower
Country: HK
Bio: Some things about me: I have a sister who also has a booksie account, check her out  at Winnie the Author My sister created this account for me Besides writing poetry, I also like photography  
Pen Name:Psyscoticteen
Country: US
Bio: My name is Gabrielle and I am fifteen. I enjoy writing, because I just love to use my imagination to create stories. I also sing and I play piano. I sketch my own covers for my stories. I hope you enjoy my stories like I enjoy writing them..well in this case, typing them.
Pen Name:perfectXinsanity
Country: CA
Bio: Hey, I'd love to hear what you guys think of my writting         Thank you :)      ^w^  OTAKU PRIDE ^w^
Pen Name:PrincessKat
Country: US
Bio: I am the complex mystery. I have a affection for many materials and also people I probably do have love for you too, stranger. I am the breeze below your wings. The fever that constructs your agony in your purgatory. Do not trial against me. I have a fondness mysteriousness along with...
Pen Name:princesspunkxx
Country: US
Bio:   princesspunkxx©→  Hi. My name is Leena. Writing is one of my main hobbies.  I have a great sense of humor and I love practical jokes. I am a high believer of astrology. I am an Aries. Yeah, I'm funny, impatient, angry, and caring. I like horror movies. I like cookies. I bought a new...
Pen Name:Perdu
Country: US
Bio: My name's Brad, just a college student in Jacksonville, Fl with aspirations of one day being a published author.  
Pen Name:Poetrylvr
Country: US
Bio: Konnichiwa! Watashi wa namae wa Rachel desu. Watashi wa nihongo ga sukoshi shika hanasemasen. For people who dont speak Japanese that says : Hello! My name is Rachel. I only speak a little Japanese. And it is true I only speak a little Japanese but I am teachign myself so it is kinda hard but I...
Pen Name:Paragon Prime
Country: US
Bio: Most of my writings are short stories involving my various characters from the mmorpg's I spend my free time playing.  They may make reference to situations and relationships built in game while playing, so not everything will have written explaination.  The whole story exists in my head, and...
Pen Name:Peter Itztli
Country: US
Pen Name:penelope emeliano
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to my page
Pen Name:pinkblackpink
Country: US
Bio: Hello and yes i am officially going to start writing and updating things. Although i won't be continuing any old novels at the time.. sorry :(About ME- I am the last person to look at the brighter side of things.- Give me too much time to think... and the result won't be good.- I like to...
Pen Name:Pla2nBJ
Country: US
Bio: Okay, so I know most people don't read these. So I'm gonna keep it short and sweet: I love Assassin's Creed, Tobuscus, all kinds of music, and packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you probably can get from Sam's called Uncrustables I play the flute, guitar, piano, and saxophone. I'm...
Pen Name:PoemNovice
Country: LK

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