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Pen Name:Perry O Wells
Country: GB
Pen Name:PaintersPen
Country: ZA
Bio: It is in my scribblings that you find me, unfinished incomplete what is yet to come and what has been, me.My writing isnt a choice it is a compulsion. A moment when everything is centered everthing is certain, to write is to discover and for me it is this most beautiful complete thing i could...
Country: CA
Bio: Serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely: brainsickness, craziness, dementia, derangement, disturbance, insaneness, lunacy, madness, mental illness, psycothapy, unbalance. Psychiatry mania.This is me in many words and ways but that is me...
Pen Name:poet 5251
Country: US
Bio: long lost poet
Pen Name:pearlinanoyster
Country: IN
Bio: I am a simple girl, but I like to dream big. My optimism and zest for life creates in me an unfulfilling thirst for knowledge. This knowledge may be in the form of learining from the different expreiences of life; because I think life is the best teacher. Life can instill in you lessons which...
Pen Name:princess onika auguste
Country: LC
Bio:       HERE IS MY FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/onikabarnette26
Pen Name:Pippy
Pen Name:Persuasion Aside
Country: US
Pen Name:Prayer4Death666
Country: US
Bio: Umm... not quite sure what to say here. I'm 13 years old... I enjoy writing poetry. Most of my poetry is dark or "emo" because I don't tell people my real feelings, so i have many angry and sad feelings bottled up. Writing poetry is my way of letting go. Most of my poetry is from personal...
Pen Name:prabhakar
Country: IN
Bio: I love to write,...but can't.      
Pen Name:phelelani
Country: ZA
Bio: i am a male poet. poetry is my blood my pulse. it makes me walk pathways of wind and navigate comets.     my poetry has been published  in a number of south african journals. my wish is to meet more poets and have some poetry conversations because poetry is a very rare form of art. i will...
Pen Name:PRY
Country: US
Bio: zup  
Pen Name:poet 3
Country: US
Bio: So, as everyone knows, plans change. I am not going to college for a few years yet. Still planning on joining the Air Force, but I have different plans immediately after high school now. Since I graduate in less than a month, I have to start planning on the immediate future. :)
Pen Name:YuperMan25plus3
Country: US
Bio:  Poetry is truth.Every line rings of madness, love and hate.The poems are not perfect. They are not written to be graded.These pages, these words, they  have helped me alot within the last couple of years.I leave them here only as a history of my depression and of my relationships.I write...
Pen Name:Poetrylvr
Country: US
Bio: Konnichiwa! Watashi wa namae wa Rachel desu. Watashi wa nihongo ga sukoshi shika hanasemasen. For people who dont speak Japanese that says : Hello! My name is Rachel. I only speak a little Japanese. And it is true I only speak a little Japanese but I am teachign myself so it is kinda hard but I...
Pen Name:Poison Pen
Country: AE
Pen Name:PromisedSword
Country: US
Bio: As of last June, I'm officially closing this account. No new fics or poems will be added. I will, however, keep everything I have already posted up, and will continue to read, favorite, and review others' works. I started college in August and want to start making the transition from...
Pen Name:pinkwater
Country: AU
Pen Name:Persephone
Country: GR
Pen Name:Paula MacK
Country: CA
Bio: I was born and raised in Toronto. I am now raising my children in Toronto and hoping they become young writers as i did. I started writing in 1993 I believe it was..
Pen Name:PierreLeveque
Country: FR
Bio: Born in 1982 in New Delhi, India, to hippie parents. Spent much of my youth living in a variety of communes throughout Asia, South America and Europe.
Pen Name:poems0982
Country: US
Pen Name:1Pups
Country: GB
Pen Name:peterheitsmith
Country: US
Pen Name:prettylady123
Country: US
Bio: its about...a...DEER!!!!
Pen Name:photixel
Country: IN
Pen Name:parisa sweetheart
Country: AU
Bio: okay so im a pretty wild child.im not good at showing my emotions, so i turn them into words.i do alot of short poems, well, long poems, n if u call them poems...im taking my time to write a novel, but lately nothings inspired me.usually talking to people, and getting to know them, and their...
Pen Name:PoetryPossessed
Country: US
Bio:               I used to be that weird chick that always was depressed and shit, and always wore black. Well, times have changed, and so have I. I guess you could say, I have become sort of a prep. =] My life has gotten a whole lot better. Yeah, my life was like hell, but not anymore. I...
Pen Name:poewhit
Country: US
Bio:     {  Scratches on the page, making noise } I started writing in Viet Nam. Simple poems to fill time. Not realizing or in the back of my mind this was my real desire. ENGLISH class in high school, was when I knew I wanted to write. John Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT was the book of my...
Pen Name:Porto
Country: PT
Bio:   I shouldnt love you But I want to I just cant turn away I shouldnt see you But I cant move, I cant look away
Pen Name:parisiankisses
Country: GB
Bio: ~~Hey There!~~ I'm eighteen, a student and I live in Scotland, where I enjoy going on random adventures, drinking hot chocolate & fantasising about living in the Eiffel Tower. Hope you enjoy reading my stories :) If you like my stories, reviews always help to motivate me to write...Without them...
Pen Name:prepPRINCESS
Country: US
Bio:       My name is April.  I'm a very happy, preppy, and smiley person.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I always try to make people happy.  I'm a Christian and am proud of it!!!♥  Things I enjoy doing are dancing, singing, swimming, reading, playing tennis, hanging out with my...
Pen Name:PoeticDarkness
Country: ZW
Bio: About Me Hello my name is Emily. On August of 1993 I was born (so I'm 14). I have always loved to write poems and stories. Lately though I haven't been able to finish my stories. I'm one of those people who needs a deadline so hopefully this will cure me! I am insane just to warn you. Then again...
Pen Name:Prateek
Country: IN
Bio: I am a moody writer. I think good writing always follows a suitable mood. i like humour. i try to put humour in the mundane everyday life. Life is as we take it to be. i want it to be something i can write about and make people laugh about it and feel good. i've also written some serious stuff....

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