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Pen Name:Pudding
Country: US
Bio: i love my friends and i love to write. im very hyper and happy all the time. i dont have a boyfriend, but i have my best friends so i dont need one. (and i dont mean that in a creepy way). i love to dance sing and play thee piano. in my spare time i do those things and i write stories. mostly...
Pen Name:poewhit
Country: US
Bio:     {  Scratches on the page, making noise } I started writing in Viet Nam. Simple poems to fill time. Not realizing or in the back of my mind this was my real desire. ENGLISH class in high school, was when I knew I wanted to write. John Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT was the book of my...
Pen Name:PassionateLeo726
Country: PH
Bio: Passionate
Pen Name:poet 3
Country: US
Bio: So, as everyone knows, plans change. I am not going to college for a few years yet. Still planning on joining the Air Force, but I have different plans immediately after high school now. Since I graduate in less than a month, I have to start planning on the immediate future. :)
Pen Name:parisiankisses
Country: GB
Bio: ~~Hey There!~~ I'm eighteen, a student and I live in Scotland, where I enjoy going on random adventures, drinking hot chocolate & fantasising about living in the Eiffel Tower. Hope you enjoy reading my stories :) If you like my stories, reviews always help to motivate me to write...Without them...
Pen Name:Porto
Country: PT
Bio:   I shouldnt love you But I want to I just cant turn away I shouldnt see you But I cant move, I cant look away
Pen Name:pcmarks
Country: US
Bio: Cleveland Heights- Graduate of Jane Addams Vocational High School, Institute of Computer Mgmt, Student of the Long Ridge Writers Group and Ambassador of the World’s Largest Poetry Society (www.poetry.com) Married Mother of two
Pen Name:progolfer2888
Country: US
Bio: I am a high school graduate who works for my family business. I plan to go to college but that is later on.  I am currently working on a major book but it is really difficult.
Pen Name:Princess Cosmos
Country: GB
Bio: Bonjour, I do not know what to write here so I'll update it soon love you all xxx
Pen Name:PaintersPen
Country: ZA
Bio: It is in my scribblings that you find me, unfinished incomplete what is yet to come and what has been, me.My writing isnt a choice it is a compulsion. A moment when everything is centered everthing is certain, to write is to discover and for me it is this most beautiful complete thing i could...
Pen Name:poobear341973
Country: US
Bio: Hello everyone                   I am a 34 year old mother of two wonderfull teenagers. I have two girl both are 17 years old. I am the stepmother of one and a adopted mother to the other. I have been married for 15 years. I love to write but I am not very good at it. So I hope...
Pen Name:PenBlazzer
Country: US
Bio: Just about to self publish my first book in another month.  I am the writer and creator of the Dr. N series.
Pen Name:panterism27
Pen Name:prettyLush
Country: US
Pen Name:Parul Sharma
Country: IN
Bio: My Name is Parul Sharmadate of birth: 2 jan 1992THE ONLY THING THAT I KNOW IS THAT '' I AM THE BEST''But I'm still learningÂ
Pen Name:pocorox
Country: US
Bio: I'm not the girl with three layers of make-up that spends her whole days texting. I'm the girl sitting on the swing, with the notebook on her lap. My name is Kristina, I'm thirteen years old, and I love to write.I literaly live on music. I go insane without it. Believe me, once I went a weekend...
Pen Name:Pokojskixxx
Country: FR
Bio: There is more to life than just to live it. So... this summer i've given myself 2 goals. 1. run 50-100 miles2. write a book and post it on this siteMy book won't be on this acount so people won't compare it to my other work. So look out for novels being posted this summer. Try to guess wich...
Pen Name:penpen15
Country: US
Bio: My name's Shannon. I'm 18 and I live in the small backwoods of Franklin, VA. I've been writing all my life, though the only things i ever finish are poems. I have about 3 books so far that i've got that are over 100 pages but then i seem to lose interest or things happen in my life and by the...
Pen Name:Pretty Paige
Country: IE
Bio: http://mygossip.cwtv.com/receive.php?id=P3-7d447d5fd98a86dd28d4a208c95d9d66
Pen Name:PhoenixDaIdijit
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I am a goofy California girl that hates math with a passion, and loves literature, and history. I'm a historic freak, and i tend to use allusions to historical events that have happened....watch for this in my writing! I also do plenty of foreshadowing, hidden within seemingly useless...
Pen Name:YuperMan25plus3
Country: US
Bio:  Poetry is truth.Every line rings of madness, love and hate.The poems are not perfect. They are not written to be graded.These pages, these words, they  have helped me alot within the last couple of years.I leave them here only as a history of my depression and of my relationships.I write...
Pen Name:piqued
Country: GB
Pen Name:Persuasion Aside
Country: US
Pen Name:penname
Country: US
Bio: Hey my name is Victoria Farnsworth . I'm 13 years old and live in Jacksonville Flordia .I have a lil brother and lil sister ./ i mainly write about stuff teens can realate to ! like love and hard times ,difficult parents ,moving , and freinds ! i love the following writers sara shepard stephine...
Pen Name:Paws
Country: US
Bio: Hey. I can be a bit weird, but hey who doesn't have their quirks. I just recently found writing to be one of my passions along with my long standing love of drawing. I do love animals, especially dogs and horses, but that is not why my penname is Paws. I have been using Paws to sign my drawings...
Pen Name:peteuplink
Country: GB
Bio: I've lived in Manchester all my life and I've always been into Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. I play drums and for a short while I was a singer in a band. I want to have a go at writing. The imagination is there but my punctuation leaves a bit to be desired, so I've kinda developed my own style....
Pen Name:puma09
Country: US
Bio: Hey everybody, this is puma09 and I'm a proud civilian of the good ol' US of A. I'm currently a high school student in a small town in Oklahoma. I'm very much an outdoorsy person. I love hiking, swimming, and fishing. I, also, love to write, draw, and go to the movies. Some of my favorite types...
Pen Name:princess onika auguste
Country: LC
Bio:       HERE IS MY FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/onikabarnette26
Pen Name:PromisedSword
Country: US
Bio: As of last June, I'm officially closing this account. No new fics or poems will be added. I will, however, keep everything I have already posted up, and will continue to read, favorite, and review others' works. I started college in August and want to start making the transition from...
Pen Name:Poolofink
Country: NZ
Bio: Giday im Renee and  I paint draw and do pretty much any kind of artistic creative stuff. I love all animals and have grown up with every kind of animal you can have as a pet. Im into rock, heavy metal and country(kidding) im from New Zealand i have been writing scince i can remember but ive...
Pen Name:privateenemy
Country: US
Bio: So I'm an aspiring musician, writing songs every now and then. When I'm not busy with video games, music, homework, or reading, I find a little time to write short stories. Comment away, but remember, constructive criticism is better than "oh it's wonderful I love it!" or "It f*ckin'...
Pen Name:Phly High
Country: US
Bio: adopt your own virtual pet!okay.how many people actually believed i had a twin sister in london.well i dont.it was just a funny game. i do have a sister but we're thirteen months apart.i wont give you her real name but i will tell you her booksie name is pudding fong.as forme i dont even live in...
Pen Name:puddleofink
Country: NZ
Bio:             ok so im planning on continuing my novels in progress so please bear with me I also have loads of ideas for new novelsso watch this space   hey, I'm Renee, im a bit of a loner and daydream when i have free time. (which is most of the time) I have so many new story ideas...
Pen Name:plrojas1612
Country: US
Pen Name:Priest
Country: US
Bio:    I havnt been on in a while but im wanting to come back.. So again i will say Hello. My name is Wesley Summers I like to write poetry, play guitar, hang with friends, and more. I cant wait to start writing again buts its going to be a little more difficult sense i am in college
Pen Name:patrickbwibo
Country: UG
Bio: I'm an accountant living and working in Nairobi Kenya. I love poetry and am nursing ambitions of writing books. I have one book ready but still shopping for a publisher. I hope to get ideas up in here and maybe suggestions on where I can get affordable publishing houses here in Kenya and abroad....
Pen Name:pearlinanoyster
Country: IN
Bio: I am a simple girl, but I like to dream big. My optimism and zest for life creates in me an unfulfilling thirst for knowledge. This knowledge may be in the form of learining from the different expreiences of life; because I think life is the best teacher. Life can instill in you lessons which...
Pen Name:pilgrim
Pen Name:paulenns
Country: CA
Bio: umm im just an 18 yr old trying to get my work out there
Pen Name:Projecthikari
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Jen Kish.I'm hard to explain, I guess. I write becasue... well, I'm not exactly sure of what drives me. I write becasue somthing inside me says, "Jen, remember that idea last week? WELL. It is epic enough to write. IT IS TIME TO DEVELOP FOR GREAT JUSTICE!"So, I may feel that my stories...
Pen Name:passion screamer
Pen Name:pastorofdisaster
Country: US
Bio: I'm a man who's living life to the fullest. I sulk in every precious moment of life and ensconce it the best way I can. I have a passion for writing. I love to depict nature and life, and usually I love to confluence the two of them.
Pen Name:PoisoniousSTARS
Country: GB
Bio: Hey, I write stories. Then I get bored of them and choose to stop because I think they're terrible. This should be fun..
Pen Name:Palesa
Country: US
Pen Name:pullen94
Country: GB
Pen Name:padshiyangel
Country: GB
Pen Name:Prosaic Poet
Country: US
Pen Name:Pratibha
Country: IN
Bio: For all my friends on booksie...I may not be able to read all the new posts by my friends and fans...do bear with me and don't forget to leave ur message...will be there as soon as i get time...Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending Many...
Pen Name:prepPRINCESS
Country: US
Bio:       My name is April.  I'm a very happy, preppy, and smiley person.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I always try to make people happy.  I'm a Christian and am proud of it!!!♥  Things I enjoy doing are dancing, singing, swimming, reading, playing tennis, hanging out with my...

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