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Pen Name:Pokemon
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my name is John. I have always loved to write, ever since I was young.
Pen Name:Poison Passion
Country: US
Bio: alright, everyone!! i'm back and ready to go!!! i have just posted a new chapter for my novel Here Comes the Bride, and now I will be adding a chapter to my novel Mixed Messages. I want to add a new chapter to each of my novels before focusing on one specific novel. in other news, my friend kat...
Pen Name:Perla
Country: US
Bio: My name is Perla.Im 13 ( young ]love to write poems x3love musicfamily && friends are my life.want to become a poet.hoping to start at a young age.make mistakes; learn from them.i live this life with no regrets !
Pen Name:PaintersPen
Country: ZA
Bio: It is in my scribblings that you find me, unfinished incomplete what is yet to come and what has been, me.My writing isnt a choice it is a compulsion. A moment when everything is centered everthing is certain, to write is to discover and for me it is this most beautiful complete thing i could...
Pen Name:Pratibha
Country: IN
Bio: For all my friends on booksie...I may not be able to read all the new posts by my friends and fans...do bear with me and don't forget to leave ur message...will be there as soon as i get time...Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending Many...
Pen Name:Padfoot
Country: US
Bio: A Summary of myself?? Hmm....Well I am known as Queen Random to some at my new school, mainly because I do burst out with random thoughts or ideas that usually end up as stories. But just because I have all these ideas do not expect greatness from me. Trust me. As my favorite english teacher...
Pen Name:puddleofink
Country: NZ
Bio:             ok so im planning on continuing my novels in progress so please bear with me I also have loads of ideas for new novelsso watch this space   hey, I'm Renee, im a bit of a loner and daydream when i have free time. (which is most of the time) I have so many new story ideas...
Pen Name:pocorox
Country: US
Bio: I'm not the girl with three layers of make-up that spends her whole days texting. I'm the girl sitting on the swing, with the notebook on her lap. My name is Kristina, I'm thirteen years old, and I love to write.I literaly live on music. I go insane without it. Believe me, once I went a weekend...
Pen Name:Predikant
Pen Name:panda11
Country: US
Bio: I like to read and write!Doesn't everybody who goes on booksie like to?I wrote a novel called "secrets, Death and Evil"And I don't think anybody liked it!I pleaded for people to comment but nobody commentedIF your wondering where is wentI DELETED ITand I wrote a knew novel called "gunpoint"...
Pen Name:Phil Neale 1952
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 61 this year, and have been an accountant for longer than I care to remember. Worked in lots of trades (building, printing, textles, hotel bookings, power utilities, plastics, food and retail). I've now got the job that fell off the Christmas tree and it'll last me until...
Pen Name:phyllz
Country: US
Bio: phyLLz also known as kawaiinekophyLLz -just turned 16 , now 19-a book lover-a writer -a musician-a photographer -a singer-a model -a pianist -a sister-a lover -a family and friend i am inlove with: -art-photography-fictions-fantasy -anime-music-jpop -video games-classics -TWILIGHT, vampires,...
Pen Name:poewhit
Country: US
Bio:     {  Scratches on the page, making noise } I started writing in Viet Nam. Simple poems to fill time. Not realizing or in the back of my mind this was my real desire. ENGLISH class in high school, was when I knew I wanted to write. John Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT was the book of my...
Pen Name:polkadotgirl
Country: US
Bio: Hello, everyone, my name's Stephanie. I like to read, write, listen to music, and watch movies. I'm an opinionated person, and agnostic. My motto is live and let live, same with write and let write. I really hope you'll read some of my work! I'll definitely read yours! Thanks!
Pen Name:Phillip Donnelly
Country: IE
Bio:   Bio After completing a psychology degree, the author realised that he was profoundly misanthropic and set about travelling the world looking for aliens to take him to another planet. Unable to speak any foreign languages and almost incapable of holding a conversation in his own, he decided...
Pen Name:Past All Hope
Country: US
Pen Name:paramore814
Country: US
Bio: I've been seriously writing for the past two or three years. I love to write. Its probably my biggest passion. Its just a great way for me to relax and forget about everything else and just focus on my characters and plot. I also love to read. I think of myself as a pretty avid reader. I love...
Pen Name:YuperMan25plus3
Country: US
Bio:  Poetry is truth.Every line rings of madness, love and hate.The poems are not perfect. They are not written to be graded.These pages, these words, they  have helped me alot within the last couple of years.I leave them here only as a history of my depression and of my relationships.I write...
Pen Name:PenName13
Country: US
Bio: I do not often write literature of any kind but I do occasionally and I wanted a place to put them both for appreciation and for criticizing so please feel free to do just that. I could use all the help I can get.I have been in love with my girlfriend for over three years and I can't imagine the...
Pen Name:pheonixchild
Country: US
Bio: i love to read, i love to write. i have waaaaaaaaaay too many favorite books and books in general. i love the supernatural ones more. Vampires, Werewolves, Mythical creatures, magic stuff and a few reality stuff. mostly though im completely into the supernatural, i just love it loli take...
Pen Name:possesssed
Country: US
Bio:     my names paulina i like writing singing dancing and swimming i love to run and get really tiredim not an  average 16 year old girl i think differntly i hate it when people lable me ok im not emo,punk,girlly,prep,punk, or w/e other lables there areim just mei like to sing music is a...
Pen Name:PropheticaLee Speaking
Country: US
Bio: Alright what to say what to say. My name is Lee Lill, I live in Summerville, SC. I enjoy writing (apparently so) poetry, screenplays, short stories, music, ect. I play soccer and workout as much as I can. I've got the best family a guy could ever hope for, and great pets to keep me company...
Pen Name:prettyprincess95
Country: US
Bio: Likes: Reading, writing (duh), friends, laughing, talking, singing, acting.Dislkes: math, homework, scary movies, bad books,mushrooms.Now u know about my likes and dislikes. I'm in my teenage years. (i don't want to say how old though) I have some of my school friends on this site. And i want to...
Pen Name:ParaNaLick
Country: US
Bio: I love to write science-fiction/horror stories.
Pen Name:padshiyangel
Country: GB
Pen Name:Paige Devernichuk
Country: US
Bio: I have brown hair and brown eyes.I live in Regina.I like singing,acting,music,art and some dance just depends what kind of dance.I love my family and friends.
Pen Name:pixiehun24
Country: US
Bio: me: energetic...crazy...athletic...dance is my entire life...besides writing and reading...love my friends...and sometimes my family
Pen Name:philipspires
Country: ES
Bio:   I was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 1952 and was brought up in Sharlston, then a mining village. I did grammar school in Normanton, took a chemical engineering degree from Imperial College, London, and then decided to teach, after a PGCE at King’s. I then went to Kenya for two years...
Pen Name:poetic scribe
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Poetessa
Country: GB
Bio: I believe that since I have learned to write, I could never stop...
Pen Name:peejaysforbreakfast
Country: US
Bio: When it is time,I'll share my defineBut as it ismy name, you'd have to missAnd as of nowI 'd like to take a bowFor I said nothingand nothing I'll bringindeed this doesn't define mebut ill do my best to say somethingSo my point isread along and you won't missThe things I writewould be a puzzle...
Pen Name:paparazii
Country: ZA
Bio: Life had taught me a lot there is always a privilege for someone to do something and that scar of a dream if you`re very in yearning desire, a lot of obstacles tempt you as you get along, with voices sometimes telling you to let it go and some encouraging you to carry on, showing you those who...
Pen Name:prepPRINCESS
Country: US
Bio:       My name is April.  I'm a very happy, preppy, and smiley person.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  I always try to make people happy.  I'm a Christian and am proud of it!!!♥  Things I enjoy doing are dancing, singing, swimming, reading, playing tennis, hanging out with my...
Pen Name:Passion
Country: GB
Bio: hi i'm called Kayleighi love to write love stories and i am great at drawingi live in Amesbury in Englandi have a mum dad sister and older brotherI like to eat toast and doughnuts and like to powerdance in my own wayi like to wind up my baby sister and win ps3 games against my brotheri like to...
Pen Name:Paws
Country: US
Bio: Hey. I can be a bit weird, but hey who doesn't have their quirks. I just recently found writing to be one of my passions along with my long standing love of drawing. I do love animals, especially dogs and horses, but that is not why my penname is Paws. I have been using Paws to sign my drawings...
Pen Name:PuppyDogz
Country: US
Bio: I"M SHONDA FROM PHILLY OR AS I LIKE TO SAY THE FRESH PRINCESS OF PHILADELPHIA .aND XxEmoheartxX imspired me to do this .SO I"M WORKING ON MY TAKE ON THE-N's hit show Instant Star.My all time favorite colors are Purple,and Blue.I'm the type of girl who is So dangerus .....You've been warned .I...
Pen Name:Penelope Garenther
Country: PE
Bio: hello! (: I will say what everyone says on here: I love to write and I love to read (:Currently I'm working on a variety of novels, but I fail at finishing any of them because after a couple chapters I'm stuck with writer's block /: dreadful, I know. But the one that I have hope for is Put Me...
Pen Name:pinkblackpink
Country: US
Bio: Hello and yes i am officially going to start writing and updating things. Although i won't be continuing any old novels at the time.. sorry :(About ME- I am the last person to look at the brighter side of things.- Give me too much time to think... and the result won't be good.- I like to...
Pen Name:Precky
Country: US
Bio: I am a young black man from southern Mississippi.
Pen Name:Peregrine
Country: ZA
Pen Name:PhantomDancer
Country: CA
Bio: Hi...I'm a writer, or at least, I tell myself I am. En fait, j'écris beaucoup plus en français qu'en anglais, donc les textes qui se retrouveront içi seront probablement écrits dans la langue de Molière.
Pen Name:poet 3
Country: US
Bio: So, as everyone knows, plans change. I am not going to college for a few years yet. Still planning on joining the Air Force, but I have different plans immediately after high school now. Since I graduate in less than a month, I have to start planning on the immediate future. :)
Pen Name:Prong
Country: US
Bio: My friends got me to join but what are friends for? Anyways I love a LOT of different books. I mean I have certain authors like anyone, but I just go by the book most of the time. As for writing my own stuff, I'm still waiting for inspiration (and reading other peoples is fun too).As for my pen...
Pen Name:peaceandlove
Country: US
Bio: "You may say Im a Dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you will join us, and the world will live as ONE."                                                 -John Lennon.Hopefully something that i say will brighten someone's day...
Pen Name:priestessarcana27
Country: PH
Bio: I like cats and writing novels. I have four novels at the moment, each still being processed. I have already finished 2 other  novels, but the other one is only a sequel to the first novel. I am also addicted to Japanese manga and anime, and I am also an amateur anime artist. I play video...
Pen Name:petewentzlover28
Country: US
Bio: heyy! i'm kelli lorraine :]i love to read!!and i like to write.i love almost any book and any story.my favorite books would have to be the Twilight saga!! :Dit's so amazing!!uhm. let's see.oh! i am a proud Christian!! :]i don't and won't cuss. it's ridiculous to cuss. but that's just my...
Pen Name:pearlinanoyster
Country: IN
Bio:  I am a simple girl, but I like to dream big. My optimism and zest for life creates in me an unfulfilling thirst for knowledge. This knowledge may be in the form of learining from the different expreiences of life; because I think life is the best teacher. Life can instill in you lessons...
Pen Name:pgordon
Country: US
Pen Name:Persuasion Aside
Country: US
Pen Name:Piclke Pops Dad
Country: GB
Bio: 42, Live just outside Dover in a small seaside village, 1 wife , 2 kids, 6 and 2.

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