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Pen Name:Phillip Donnelly
Country: IE
Bio:   Bio After completing a psychology degree, the author realised that he was profoundly misanthropic and set about travelling the world looking for aliens to take him to another planet. Unable to speak any foreign languages and almost incapable of holding a conversation in his own, he decided...
Pen Name:purplechocoholic
Country: US
Bio: C.S LewisShannon HaleTamora PierceScott Westerfield.They're my favorite authors who's names I'm able to spell.My favorite color is purple.I'm a chocoholic.I'm a writer and a novelist.92% of teens would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe. Put this in your profile if...
Pen Name:Peace4889
Country: US
Bio: I luv multiple things, including: writing, dancing, singing, drawing, talking, laughing, and hanging out with my friends. Hola and welcome to moi's profile!Here are some of my friends:Monica, Julia, Nina, Ashley, Bri, Kasey, Antonio, Cody, Richard, Justin, David, Austen, Kaitlin, Kelsey,...
Pen Name:pocorox
Country: US
Bio: I'm not the girl with three layers of make-up that spends her whole days texting. I'm the girl sitting on the swing, with the notebook on her lap. My name is Kristina, I'm thirteen years old, and I love to write.I literaly live on music. I go insane without it. Believe me, once I went a weekend...
Pen Name:parisa sweetheart
Country: AU
Bio: okay so im a pretty wild child.im not good at showing my emotions, so i turn them into words.i do alot of short poems, well, long poems, n if u call them poems...im taking my time to write a novel, but lately nothings inspired me.usually talking to people, and getting to know them, and their...
Pen Name:YuperMan25plus3
Country: US
Bio:  Poetry is truth.Every line rings of madness, love and hate.The poems are not perfect. They are not written to be graded.These pages, these words, they  have helped me alot within the last couple of years.I leave them here only as a history of my depression and of my relationships.I write...
Pen Name:peacenotwar
Country: US
Bio: well i will not expose my name,or age.but im a kid, that loves to write poetry, i have struggled with hard times, but now im past them:Di have an outgoing additude, i lov meeting new people and im against war.people can be in war but im just not into learning about it or seeing movies about it....
Pen Name:Pretty Paige
Country: IE
Bio: http://mygossip.cwtv.com/receive.php?id=P3-7d447d5fd98a86dd28d4a208c95d9d66
Pen Name:Pen Guy
Country: US
Bio:            I loved to write and draw.  Therefore I always picks up paper around the house to neither draw or write.  But most of the time I use a computer to type.  However, I prefer writing and drafting on a paper first.  In Booksie, I just go ahead and type.  I tried my best...
Pen Name:pgordon
Country: US
Pen Name:PrincessYuki
Country: US
Bio: Hello! You may not know me. I am Rena. I love to write alot. I love the show Fruits Basket and the manga. I love typing. Ill stop with the loving. I am new here so please take your time to read my stories. I need some support here. Thanks Ciao! Rena
Pen Name:PoisonHeart
Country: US
Bio: Naptime               During the first year of public school, your class was paid a visit by a strange man. At first he seemed very friendly, and he spoke cheerfully with your teacher as they assembled a video projector and a large canvas to project upon. Your teacher told the class...
Pen Name:problemchild646
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my name's Chelsea. I'm 15 and I love to write, I do it all the time. I also love  to read alot of different books that's why I can never choose my favorite. I'm really outgoing and I love to meet new people. =]
Pen Name:Padfoot
Country: US
Bio: A Summary of myself?? Hmm....Well I am known as Queen Random to some at my new school, mainly because I do burst out with random thoughts or ideas that usually end up as stories. But just because I have all these ideas do not expect greatness from me. Trust me. As my favorite english teacher...
Pen Name:Philyboy
Country: US
Bio: Hello! My name is Philip. I like to write poetry mostly, but when I get an idea for a book I run with it. Like the Knights of Bane. I would be happy to read and comment on your stuff if you read and comment on mine, haha i jguess that is just fair... Well i guess you will just to have to get to...
Pen Name:paperbackman
Country: US
Bio: Thanks, booksie reader, for taking the time to venture upon my profile :D I am primarily a poet, though i do dabble in science fiction. any non-fiction produced by me will probably be offensive to any religious persons (just a heads up :D) so, yeah, thats about it... enjoy
Pen Name:PhoebeMiller
Country: US
Bio: Nothing to lose but our illusions.
Pen Name:projectSCUM
Country: US
Bio: I always start stories and never finish them, and I think that's because I don't have anyone rooting me on. Maybe some one could be my cheerleader here?No one knows I write stories.I'm a high school studentYes, I like twilightYes, I like Harry PotterIf you need anymore information message me and...
Pen Name:poetman
Country: US
Bio: My late brother inspired me to write my first poem. It speaks about his beautiful personality. I titled it "I have a brother". He is still my inspiration
Pen Name:princess onika auguste
Country: LC
Bio:       HERE IS MY FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/onikabarnette26
Pen Name:Persuasion Aside
Country: US
Pen Name:phil penn
Country: GB
Bio: Lived in a Nissen hut near Kingston upon Thames from an early age, think Middle Earth and Hobbits. Made a Superman cloak and dived off of the outside toilet into the cabage patch head first. I love cabages they saved my life. Raced the Barny Barrow ( cart) before cars took over the streets. I...
Pen Name:PaintThisStreet
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, I'm Chuck. I just started a band, Paint This Street, of which I'm the guitarist. So I decided to submit some of our song lyrics onto Booksie for you to read.xDxoxoxChuck 
Pen Name:Pearl14
Country: US
Bio: I rock
Pen Name:PeAcELoVeToKiOhOtEl95
Country: US
Bio: Hey,My name is Danielle.  I live in Apopka Florida.  The Sunshine State whoo......NOT!!! I love all different bands like Metro Station, All American Rejects, Slipknot, Green Day, Coldplay, etc. But i am a HUGE fan of TOKIO HOTEL!!!!!!!!!  I love BILL KAULITZ and of course his twin TOM...
Pen Name:Port Tack
Country: US
Bio: Greetings, and welcome to my page. While I will not disclose my name, I will say that I love books, reading, writing and literature. Here, I posted many of the things I am working on - as I will never consider anything I write a 'finished product' - and because of that I want to hear all the...
Pen Name:Pirate Bug
Country: DE
Bio: “Musica est vita.” That is my philosophy.   Pagan/Wiccan by trade.                        Open-minded by nature.    Lived on this earth long enough to know life’s too short to mess around.   Married to a wonderful man.   Loving life.   Escaping days of stress...
Pen Name:Pause
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Pause. Check me out at Quizilla - Kaforzi or on Mibba - Pause. I love to write. My obsessions include death, suicide, love and writing. My infatuations include my girlfriend, Tess, Kurt Cobain, my guitar, and cigarettes. The Good Ol' Days -Author Unknown I miss when... When getting high...
Pen Name:Paul Elam
Country: US
Bio:  Being born in the mid 50’s, I grew up in a much different world than we live in today. My father was career military, serving faithfully through two wars and bearing the scars to prove it. My mother served as well, being an army wife and raising three boys. She earned a masters degree...
Pen Name:PerfectlyFlawed
Country: CA
Bio:   About myself? Well,  I am thirteen years old, and ... well my life is pretty boring. So I like to confide in writing, reading, and other things like that :P And I honestly don't know what else to say. :3  I'm ... more of a gamer. I probably won't write that much :P
Pen Name:poet 3
Country: US
Bio: So, as everyone knows, plans change. I am not going to college for a few years yet. Still planning on joining the Air Force, but I have different plans immediately after high school now. Since I graduate in less than a month, I have to start planning on the immediate future. :)
Pen Name:personwhowantstofeel
Country: US
Bio: Erin here!15 and rocking the teenage years! Class of '13!!!!!!I blow out the candles on March 13.For me, 13 is lucky...;DFriends and family are the reason to live.I'd do any dare in the book, and answer any truth honestly.Swimming is my sport, fly is my thangg.Yes, I am a band geek...Summer...
Pen Name:Payton1227
Country: US
Bio: Hello I'm a writer who always is in a world that not reality always dreaming of magic and mythical creatures stuff that we can't see from the naked eyeSorry about the crude laugngue (can't spell right now) of snoopy just thought this pic will get some laughs
Pen Name:Penelope Garenther
Country: PE
Bio: hello! (: I will say what everyone says on here: I love to write and I love to read (:Currently I'm working on a variety of novels, but I fail at finishing any of them because after a couple chapters I'm stuck with writer's block /: dreadful, I know. But the one that I have hope for is Put Me...
Pen Name:pinkmercy
Country: CA
Bio: Please read my new novel im working on! :]I'm a bubbly and nice person.check out me and my friend's website at kooliozgirlz.piczo.com
Pen Name:proudamrinemom63
Country: US
Bio: Im 37 yr. old female. Raised in TX, residing in Avera, GA.  Married 18 yrs. with two sons. I spent most my days running my Ebay store and homeschooling my youngest son.
Pen Name:Pop Choyce
Country: US
Bio: Hello.Im Choyce. Pronounced Choice.I rarely use proper grammar, which is a horrible habit of mine. I also smoke, a horrible habit in which i picked up from my favorite writer Hunter S. Thompson. Sera Sera.I write about real life events, very rarely do i write fiction stuff. most of my stuff that...
Pen Name:57pop
Country: US
Bio: Art is a passion for me.[Writing, Photography, and drawing in particular] Reading would have to be second. Analizing, imagining, and being alone are my hobbies. I simply adore V for Vendetta. Also, I love Rob and Big. I hate injustice. I think the majority of the population are ignorants . I...
Pen Name:P B Princess
Country: CA
Pen Name:punkrockerkid13
Country: US
Bio: My name is Liz. I am new to this site thanks to some really cool, close , awesome friends of mine. I love to read. Well I'm not new anymore.  Most of my stories are kinda emo. I have a bunch of great friends. Sheets and Christine who brought this site to my attention. I love you both....

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