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Pen Name:qouth the raven
Country: US
Bio:                  I guess at this point im undefined.  Im interested in life, and the way different people view it.  I veiw things from a poet's perspective.  Definitly not blinded by the illusion that surrounds life's oblivion.  Although, im interested in the apposing...
Pen Name:Quickpaws
Country: US
Bio: Kitty Anne Halbert lives in Mississippi with her two beautiful daughters.  She is recently widowed.  Kitty writes poetry and prose for a MATURE adult audience.  Some of her work is controversial and is not recommended for readers who are easily offended.  Kitty confronts some tough topics...
Pen Name:Qcontinu
Country: CA
Bio: I don't wanna bore people so I will make this short and sweet. I was born april 2nd 1990, and ever since I loved reading. It began with listening to stories since I did not have the intellect to read, but the moment I learnt how to pick up a book and read, I never stopped since. My genre of...
Pen Name:Queequeg
Country: US
Pen Name:Q Bassellaitch
Country: GB
Pen Name:Queen Ajah
Country: US
Bio:  More than anything I love myself. But unforunately we all go through trials and tribulations, which is one reason why I joined this page. Mainly to write about my feeling and things that  I've experienced. One thing about me is that I've always had a problem with expressing my feeling...
Pen Name:Queen of Angels
Country: US
Bio: My name is Samantha. I am 18. I have a 2 year old baby boy who is my life. I have been through a lot in my life in a short time. I wrote everything down, but never shared it with any one, so hope to hear honest feed back on my work thanks. Queen of Angels
Pen Name:Queen Mab
Country: MX
Pen Name:QueenDragonLady
Country: US
Bio:  Do to some problems at home, I am leaving Booksie forever!  You are free to run as you wish! NO one can make you do anything and I know I said that there were others in charge but I can only come when there is misunderstandings now so please unerstand that the pack is free! NO one belongs to...
Pen Name:Queen of Sarcasm
Country: US
Bio: Q U E E N  of  S A R C A S M'S  P R O F I L EMy name is Lilianna. You may call me Lily or Anna.  Whichever is fine with me.  I am a novelist, obviously.  I enjoy fantasy; I'm not really into the realistic fiction.  I can be into the scientific fiction but it has to be funny in order for...
Pen Name:QueenRandomFollower
Country: US
Pen Name:Quick Wolf
Country: US
Bio: My name is quick wolf. I've lived most of my life in Alaska. I have visited with the lord in the most beautiful locations you could ever imagine. I have 4 children and have known and loved a few extraordinary women in my travels. I love fishing, hiking, swimming, and photography. Writing is my...
Pen Name:qwer7946
Country: US
Bio: Hey Everyone...My name is Ethan and I love to write stories and books.Name: Ethan HannOccupation: Writing; listening to music; playing outside; DrawingBirthdate: July 16, 1996Favorite Music: Death Metal, Hard Rock, Rap (sometimes)Favorite Books: Maximum Ride Series; The Dangerous Days of Daniel...
Pen Name:Qwa127
Country: US
Pen Name:Quiet Girl
Country: US
Bio: My name is Adrienne, but I'm known as "Quiet Girl" in my school. It's because I'm quiet, of course. I'm also known to be Emo, when really, I'm not. I don't label myself at all. I'm just me...the girl that sits with her drawing/writing pad in front of her that doesn't talk much.Also, I'm not into...
Pen Name:quicksilver1953
Country: US
Bio: I am a single mom with two huge sons who started life much smaller and have now outrun me.  I live in Northern California and have been shaped and have shaped myself by various cultural trends and influences. Although I'm a baby boomer, I have not yet been successful at grasping what it means...
Pen Name:Quasar
Pen Name:Quote
Country: US
Pen Name:qsands
Country: BS
Bio: My name is Quentin Alexander Sands and I was born in Bahams on the Beautiful Island of Nassau.I began writing poetry and short stories from the age of fourteen and have never stopped since. I like towrite about Nature,Love ,Hope and all the facets which GOD has blessed us with while living on...
Pen Name:Quel
Country: US
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