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Pen Name:SelenaeRubriumVermilliona
Country: US
Bio: I'm individualistic and full of ideas that i like to get feedback on.
Pen Name:silverstar
Country: GB
Pen Name:seven
Country: US
Bio:  The talent for poetry came by accident, some 5 years back. I had wriiten a fan-fiction story for Xena:Warrior Princess, to be posted on one of the sites for the show. To which, this day I still enjoy watching when I can. I let one of my friend's take the two spiral notebooks home, and let her...
Pen Name:steve050879
Country: US
Pen Name:shanahningans
Country: US
Pen Name:Sedona
Country: US
Bio: I recieved my major in English from Lake Forest College.  A big reader, my favorite genres are non-fiction, and junior fantasy fiction.  A big difference I know.  I enjoy writing and I hope you will enjoy what I have written.   
Pen Name:Silver Cevtaal
Country: US
Pen Name:skullzandcrosses
Country: US
Bio: I'm 15 I like to write, though not cause i'm any good at it, it's just enjoyable.  I do poetry, maybe short stories, whatever my mood leads to ya know?  My friend Bree turned me to this site and maybe you've read some of her stuff.  I dabble in art a little my newest project is Lillium, she's...
Pen Name:sunshinejames
Country: US
Pen Name:serame marake
Country: ZA
Bio: A south African gentleman, I read everything nice and attractful. Something that says to me "keep reading".
Pen Name:skydarkangel26
Country: CA
Bio: 10/26/1991 . I am going to attempt to start updating regularly again.
Pen Name:sLapz
Country: PH
Bio: Well, I am a certified public accountant. I am from the Philippines, and now working with KFC Philippines as a cash management assistant. I love to write, especially if I am getting too emotional..Well anyways, till next time, i dont really know how to give a bio/summary of myself. =)
Pen Name:Sunny Emo
Country: AU
Pen Name:Spe
Country: US
Bio: I am a painter of words and the words I scribe will astound you.Although I'm only a simple student, jotting down her head feelings, I have alot to say and I wish for a couple whom could hear me.
Pen Name:SelfDestructiveDesperation
Country: US
Bio: Hi, Im Emilee. I haven't met myself yet, I hope to in the near future. I rarely understand my own feelings. Im drawn to the idea of insanity and cruelty. Paranormal acitvity is also an intrest of mine. It fasinates me, along with insanity. I am always aware of the presence of death...and...
Pen Name:Sam Zadgan
Country: AU
Bio: Started writting at a late age of about 25. Up untill that time i always enjoyed creative writting, but never had written poetry...let alone read a poem. Infact the first book i ever read was The Devil Rides out, and i read that when i was about 22. I think the whole idea that I "Had" to read...
Pen Name:SynHawk
Country: AU
Bio: Well what can I say? I write. Ok... I can probably do better than that. I'm James, I guess I started writing a few years back. I used to just fool around with games, RPG's and such, Role Plays on GaiaOnline, things like that. But one day I was poking around with a cool RP and I decided to...
Pen Name:sxcstar
Pen Name:SavageOrchid
Country: GB
Bio: Hi my name is Mel and Im a twenty year old student in London. I do creative writing and english literature and will be graduating soon (aargh scary!). I love books, movies, gigs and going out dancing. Ive always been a keen writer and reader but theres nothing better than getting some...
Pen Name:Seif Nasir
Country: IL
Bio: My Name is Seif L. Nasir. I am a 13-year-old Palestinan male, who loves to write stories about people, places, and many, many other things. I also love to read, and truthfully rate stories, movies, and art, based not only on how I think it looks, but on what other people may think.
Pen Name:sigep756
Country: US
Bio: I've had an adventurous life!  Trying to realize my dreams has been important since I was just a child.  As an adult, I've had the opportunity to make those dreams happening, from pro wrestling to ghost hunting, from teaching in prison to teaching in a kindergarten.  Writing is a love of...
Pen Name:Shelley Kniesly
Country: US
Bio: I am a 24-year-old woman currently residing in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Pen Name:scarlet Ambrosia
Country: CA
Pen Name:Susie E
Country: US
Bio: “I am…I am not…” I am a wife and mother of three.I am a "hockey mom," a daughter and sibling to six.I am a dreamer, a survivor and friend.I am a listener, a thinker and optimist.I am outgoing and honest.I am sensitive, emotional, and at times, a bitch.I am persistent,...
Pen Name:Someday in May
Country: US
Bio: I write because I cannot paint, though the strokes are much the same.You can find me slining poo and poetry at  www.shakespearesmonkeys.com
Pen Name:sammyy
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I'm sammyy. I'm 16 years young. Apart from being in high school; music, soccer, and friends are my life. I actually love writing, not many people know about it. I'm currently working on some short stories that are outside the box for most teenagers my age. I'm growing up in the same world...
Pen Name:Sewage
Country: ZA
Bio: Life is funny, so whenever im lying unable to sleep, a bombardment of words invades my dreams. Here they are...N.B Withered Words (aka Pure Insanity) is my younger brother who writes from a battered incorruptable soul, and he writes much better than I do, please check him out...Please leave a...
Pen Name:Softlyinthedarkicry
Country: US
Bio: Hi I'm just an ninth grade student from Colorado...There's not much to say except, I'm a dreamer and my heart and soul goes into my poetry, songs and stories.  The things I write aren't just lines on paper, they're a part of me. 
Pen Name:savalynn
Pen Name:sonny
Country: CH
Bio: Born in South Carolina, raised in Washington, D.C. University in Geneva, Switzerland. Married to a Swiss born in Madrid, Spain. We live in Switzerland because our three children were born here and came back when they graduated from high school.
Pen Name:sweety15
Country: BA
Pen Name:samuel parton
Pen Name:ShoFun
Country: US
Pen Name:srimathi raman
Country: ZA
Bio: nothing interesting to give as bio.regards.
Pen Name:Stephen
Country: US
Bio: I'm an outgoing people person (I'm kind of quiet also... if that makes any sense) and a responsible, honest, intelligent gentleman with a strong faith in God and His Word. I will never be ashamed to live for Him. I'm attending college at HFCC, planning to transfer to a university for a business...
Pen Name:Syren
Country: US
Pen Name:shootingfear
Country: US
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