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Pen Name:TIphanie
Country: US
Bio: I am an 18 year old Crossfitter who loves to write nad has the passion to become a Police officer. I have been writing since I was 13. I think its time to share with the world now.
Pen Name:Topsy Cretes
Country: US
Bio: I have spent a large portion of my life strugling like most people. I have made some tough decisions, mistakes and learned to accept that life can be what you make of it. I have a strange sense of humor, like to expand my knowledge and have many interests. I wrote alot of short stories as a kid...
Pen Name:Trulybless
Country: US
Bio: Hey Everyone, back with some new material, hope you find it enjoying, been gone fo awhile but I'm back with a new lease, It's resurrecton time, Let the truth breathe!! Much Love Latoya
Pen Name:ts0806
Country: SG
Bio: I love books. I love reading. I'm not sure about my writing. One thing for sure I'm not very well at expressing my emotion. I can't say it. But I can write it I guess. My writing will mostly probably about my own thoughts or my problems of my wish. Which maybe could be said as fiction or...
Pen Name:Tom Oldman
Country: US
Bio: I am OFFLINE   Fully retired now (at 72) and enjoying my leisure time by doing what I've always wanted to do - write.  I have a Wordpress account at Tom1950.wordpress.com.  I used to have a Facebook account, but they kept changing stuff around and I got disgusted with them so I quit.. ...
Pen Name:Tambrey Lynn Irvine
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm a retired homemaker with three adult children. My yougest daughter just turned 23 and is also a writer. I read horror, fantasy, and science fiction novels. The novel I am currently working on is a blend of those genres.
Pen Name:TheDeadLo
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Aaron Wallace. When I write I go by either "TheDeadLo" or "Fat Akh." I write poetry mainly, I have dabbled into writing memoirs, but writing with an actual story line and dialouge? Nu-uh, can't do it. It's just not me. Check out my shit. If you like it, you like it. If you...
Pen Name:Thomas R
Country: IE
Bio:     Hi to all, The name is Thomas friends call me Timmy.  I have living here in Clonmel all my life and have worked here as well. At present I am currently working as a customer service rep. and its not a bad old job. I am also am active member of the community in Clonmel where I am a on air...
Pen Name:TeziTanka
Country: US
Bio: My name is Caleb Thompson of the Lakota Sioux Hunkpapa tribe of South Dakota. My name in Lakota Sioux translates into "Big Belly" It is a rank in a militaristic way upon manhood in the tribe. I really love to read Sci-Fi and fantasy works of arts as well as manga and anime. I'm currently trying...
Pen Name:Telecaster
Country: GB
Pen Name:trappedinafairytale
Country: US
Bio: »About me« »My name is Jada. I'm thirteen years old, and from NorCal.« »BANDS ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Especially:My Chemical Romance, Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, All Time Low, and Blink 182.« »I also love Youtubers:Damon Fizzy, Bryan...
Pen Name:Teencoolhamnah
Country: US
Bio: Hi! My name is Hamnah and i love arts, reading books, ice skating, zip lining , horse riding and all sorts of entertainment. I hope you all luv what I write. It'll mean very much to me. Thanks 
Pen Name:TAGS
Country: US
Bio: "S M I L E" **********   A smile costs nothing, but gives so much... ***** It enriches those who receive... without making poor those who give... ***** But the memory...of it sometimes lasts forever... ***** No one is rich or mighty... that can get along without it... No one is so poor... but...
Pen Name:Totem
Country: CA
Bio: I'm a 33 year old mom of 3 and a two time published writer.  I came here to improve my writing so helpful suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. Any opinions or helpful critisism is appreciated on my stories. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read...
Pen Name:tomtomxx
Country: GB
Bio: Hi everyone welcome to Bookie. I love exspressing my ideas about the stories that comes to my mind. The first story that I wrote that took me a year was The Legend of Pandora. made my day when I finished the chapter. I read every day to improve my reading and to learn different words. My...
Pen Name:Thomas W Peterson
Country: US
Bio: DECEMBER 19, 2014 NOTICE!!!!!! I will be adding a bucket load of new writing so I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please stay tuned.         UPDATE 06/25/2012  I love and welcome any comments you all may have, afterall, it is for you, the reader, that I take...
Pen Name:Thewolfdra
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm The wolfdra. You'll learn more about me in the book Wolfdra I'm writing. Almost all of my stories will be fanfiction. For more about me I am an otaku. An otaku is someone who is a big fan of something. Me I'm an anime and manga otaku. I'm also into music , video games , and cartoons. I...
Pen Name:twilightpot
Country: US
Bio: I am a teenager who likes to write. My English is not perfect but I have many ideas that I want to write and share it with the entire world. Hope I will also improve my English while writing these stories :)
Pen Name:Tiide
Country: US
Bio: Hi im Alexis and i am 16 years old. Ive been into reading since i was about 5 years old. Ever since then ive been a bookworm. And since i was 8 ive been into both reading and writing. Being on here will hopefully advance my skills as a writer, and quite possibly as an author. Since i have a...
Pen Name:The Reluctant Giant
Country: US
Bio: I'm from Portland, Oregon. I do a lot of things and writing is one of them. Thank you.
Pen Name:TheCamelKid
Country: US
Bio: Well, I'm 17 yrs old, a bit of an OCD/ADD freak, but I enjoy life and what I do.Some people call me immature, but i think i just like smiling :)I enjoy writing, but hardly have the motivation to finish what i start, so i hope this website helps to motivate me with that!
Pen Name:Taniavalladares
Country: CA
Bio: Hi everyone.  I am presently working on a novel but am writing short stories and poems on the side to keep some level of distraction.  Some I wrote in minutes, others longer, but I appreciate your time to peruse them and most of all have fun!  You'll notice that there are various styles, rest...
Pen Name:TeddieWuv
Country: US
Pen Name:Ty A D Borden
Pen Name:TheBurningFox21
Country: US
Bio: Welcome fans,readers,and anonomous people!My name is TheBurningFox21,or you could just call me Fox.Yes its wierd for a person like me to play video games but i like them. books im reading:Nightmares!,Dead City,and The Austire Academy. peace :* PS i
Pen Name:The Ragamufin
Country: GB
Bio: Oh Hai! I am The Ragamuffin!   Name: William Age: 16 Years old Occupation: High school student/Musician Location: England, United Kingdom  Gender: Male. My name's William for crying out loud! Interests: Music, Magic and Weird Trivia. Also I like to memorize the last words of famous...
Pen Name:ToughCookie
Country: GB
Bio: Bek.   eighteen. :)       merry christmas xx
Pen Name:thoughtswander
Country: IN
Pen Name:theta wave
Country: SE
Pen Name:TakeMe
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Katherine :D I am on Wattpad!!!!! (TakeMe same username) Find me :D If anyone's interested in emailing me about any of the stories, or questions, or even if you're bored, my email is KatherineLorraine95@gmail.com   I'm Katherine. I'm going to actually tell the truth on here, because...
Pen Name:Twinkletoeslover
Country: US
Bio:     Hi! Okay so I'm 14, I love to write and read. My name is Ash, its short for ashley. I prefer ash though. I'm a tomboy and yah. Most of my favorite stuff is up in my pictures so yah. Sorry for not updating in a loooooooong time. Ive been busy okay so bye! message me with any quiestions!  
Pen Name:Tweeli
Country: CA
Bio: I really have nothing interesting to say, and bios are boring, so I'll save you the time and I won't have one.
Pen Name:TerraNova467
Country: US
Bio: I have nothing to say.
Country: GB
Bio: Hello there my Name is Garry I have not been on here for a long time, but now I'm back and looking forward to writing again and reading your comments. Are you on Twitter? come and say hi @F1_garry
Pen Name:torn in two
Country: US
Bio: there is nothing much to me dont try to change me it wont work. ill try and update my novel any chance i get a computer until then enjoy the poetry.  
Pen Name:The Eternal Flame
Country: IN
Bio: I am a resident of North India, my mother tongue being Bengali, an eastern Indo-Aryan language. Other than English and Bengali, I also speak Hindi and Sanskrit. A student of science in my last year of high-school and a worshipper of naturural forces, my name is hard to be pronunciated properly...
Pen Name:TigerLilly1995
Country: CA
Bio: Hi there, folks! So I’m new to this website – it was actually recommended by my sister. I really like writing, but thus far, I’ve only been writing fanfiction on Fanfiction.net. Some basic information about me as a person: My favorite color is ultramarine blue; my favorite animal is a...
Pen Name:The Lion King 4
Pen Name:TrunksXMariko
Country: CA
Bio: Hi. My name is TrunksXMariko. I'm 17 years old. I'm a boy and I'm depressed/suicidal and I have ADHD. I am currently in a special class at Sub Sec. I am also currently working on a fan-fiction called Sayains And Diclonius, a cross-over between Elfen Lied(EL) and DragonBall Z(DBZ)...
Pen Name:Trainman238
Country: US
Bio: 23-year-old college student.   I'm not very active on here, but I still publish writings from time to time. If you'd like to stay more up-to-date with happenings in my life, you can view my blog here: Epitome of Toast (Blogger)    You can also follow me on Twitter: @feedmetoast   I also post...
Pen Name:TwilightFanTillDeath
Country: JM
Bio: MERRY CHRISTMAS My name is Abigail ClarkeI am 12. Technically 14 in tems of how I actI live in JamaicaLove to partyAnything I like is full of action and romance (like twilight)I read Twilight,Percy jackson and the Olympian,House of the Night,Charmed and Twiches and anything that has wordsI...
Pen Name:Tim Vallie
Country: US
Bio: I am a 23 year old aspiring author and poet from Minnesota.
Pen Name:Terry Collett
Country: GB
Pen Name:tani83
Country: SE
Bio: Hey everyone, My fictional but realistic stories only let express how I feel about this world just like all the rest of the creative people here.  I'm here to mainly read other writings because I love reading stuff here, but I do have a story of my own that I am working on.  Considering I am...
Pen Name:tomothy17
Country: GB
Bio: my name is tom, im 18 british, i love creative writing, which is why i have come here to test out what i have written. when im not writing i normaly just relax at home or going out to places (helps as well if i want insperation) so please sit back relax and enjoy my creative writting (hopefully)...
Pen Name:TrinityT
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing. Most of my time goes into it. I love to read.
Pen Name:Tommy Yeshua
Pen Name:talenteddreams16
Country: US
Bio: hi lol bllllaaaahhhhhhh hehehe
Pen Name:Transient
Country: US
Bio: Just here to share some of the stories that have been in my head for a while. Please comment and give me feedback!
Pen Name:Thedreamerlion
Country: US
Bio: I write about what I see. I write about what i feel .                                              I'm just a dreamer that has gone through more than an average person
Pen Name:thegiver
Country: CN
Bio: Welcome to thegiver's page! Hope you have time to check out/read/like/comment any of my stories/poems/song lyrics!  This is, technically MY profile, but let's just say I am a boring person to read about. So I'm gonna tell you about a few brilliant authors on booksie: Km2: The style of writing...
Pen Name:takethatfan19
Country: GB
Bio: I am nineteen and live in Scotland.I have always been a fan of books and movies and films. I have loads of favorite authors.Check my news for upcoming chapters and stories. Favorite qoute: "For nearly forty years this story has given faithful service to the Young in Heart; and Time has been...
Pen Name:teaganpaytonhunter
Country: US
Bio: i love romance!
Pen Name:thisbrodielove
Country: AU
Bio: This account is no longer in use, though I will keep these stories posted. They were my first tries at fanfiction and other things I thought of so they don't much matter. I was a terrible writer at the time and I've learned a lot in the past school year about writing. If you'd like to read my...
Pen Name:The red rose
Country: US
Bio: I have learn that people have very many sides, I am no different.  I have learned that for some these side are very different. Some can contort them but others cant not.
Pen Name:TheBurningOne
Country: US
Pen Name:Tyrone Slade
Country: US
Bio: I have posted over 110 poems and short stories on this site, please read and let me know what you think. As for me, I am a father of four, two boys(Tyrone and Elyziah) and two girls(Jasmine and Samantha). I am also an Ex-convict, who spent 5 years in prison. I am from Brockton, MA and I was born...
Pen Name:Thedreamofhate13
Pen Name:TheSecretOfDawn
Country: CA
Bio: "I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death." Welcome to my page  About Me My Name is Dawn I am Muslim I love to read   I am a high school...
Pen Name:Lady4thoughts
Country: US
Bio: I consider myself to be a very laid back down type of person. I enjoy doing many different things. I am a Christian and I have been one for many years. I do online ministry each and everyday, I believe that we need to treat people with respect and kindness. My reasoning for joining this site is...
Pen Name:The Bombshell
Country: ES
Bio: Just a few fast facts about me, so you have some idea of whose words you're dealing with :) I'm 20 Karate World Champion in Shotokan Katas Used to study Acting and Script writing and Directing, sadly I switched to Business University (long story there) Wrote my first Script when I was 8 years...
Pen Name:TheCrimsonMusketeer
Country: US
Bio:           online(maybe)                          haha            offline(maybe)                         haha            I've been raised my whole life in savannah, rarely being able to see what was outside of it. i've only been to atlanta and florida....
Pen Name:thepossum
Country: AU
Bio:   Hey There!  Welcome to my page! Im Tayla Williams Here is some info about me and other stuffs enjoy!   It has been over a year since i have been on booksie and i wanted to come back and start writing again the only reason i left was because my computer broke sadly and i could not write...
Pen Name:tvmotltf134
Country: AU
Bio:       Alright everyone. I'm sorry but I'm leaving Booksie. It's been a good three years with Booksie, but I feel it's my time to go. I may come back another time, I'm not sure, but yeah. I'm leaving. Keep on writing. xoxoxo   However, you can find me on wattpad. this is my link:...
Pen Name:The8thGrader
Country: NZ
Bio: THAT SMALL CHANCE Well there`s not much to say, I`m an average girl going through middle school, with a very average popularity, that has a surprising eagerness to write, and I`m just trying to help myself by writing here, where people can`t judge me for what I write and can only accept or...
Pen Name:teodoratei4
Country: MK
Bio: My name is Teodora ... I love reading books, I can't help but write things ...
Pen Name:Talique Metz
Country: US
Bio: Basically I'm pratically a 20 year old kid who just trying to get through however I can DJ at Music in Motion
Pen Name:thenewcolossus
Country: NG
Bio:   Arthur Zulu is a Nigerian-born self-published author and playwright. His published works include the fastest-selling writing handbook, "How to Write a Bestseller," the controversial drama on the black "Queen Esther," and the intriguing title, "Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer?" Others are the...
Pen Name:TemplarBard
Country: GB
Bio: David Paul Fitchett  Age : 17I have not written, or been on this site for a long period of time, and now, I feel my apparent writers block fading away like the distant memories of my past belief, I see now a time for me to search for enlightenment!DaveI am a Taoist (Daoist) and believe in this...
Pen Name:TomJayBonner
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 21 years old and I work voluntarily at the Blue Cross which is an animal vetinary practice, I'm also currently working full time night shifts in a factory.... cleaning the floor haha. I love nature and animals and hope to someday make a career out of working and helping animals wherever and...
Pen Name:thegirlnextdoor17
Country: US
Bio: My age really doesn't matter when it comes to my writing, does it? All I'll say is that I'm still young. Music and writing are basically what make up my life. I can't promise I'll have new material often, but I'll try. I love the rain... My favorite color is black, I don't care if it's dull. My...
Pen Name:Tragedienne
Country: US
Bio: Salvete, First off, it's impossible to name just one book in all honesty. My taste ranges from Graeco-Roman literature, Classical, Modern and Historical Fiction,Sci-Fi, and of course Fantasy. In my opinon the world goes as this "If it is written, so let it be read". So much out there. Here are...
Pen Name:TheStoryMaker
Country: US
Bio: Hello there. This account will be filled with some of my stories. I have on and only one Fanfiction wich I will be uploading. It's a take off of the show Avatar: The last airbender. Though, it has no spiritism. I don't do things like that.In my stories you will find no swears, sex, spiritism...
Pen Name:twilightrose98
Country: US
Bio: When I was little I was always bullied.  I created a world of fantasy and escaped there. There I found happiness and peace. In comp. class I had people always say that my stories were fantastic. My friend told me I should be an author. I am not good with describing things but I do my best. And...
Pen Name:Tonny Mathenge
Pen Name:TheBlankThought
Country: US
Bio: Ahoy! The name is BlankThought. I'm a seventeen year old lady. I absolutely LOVE to write, as well as read. I also enjoy drawing, and sculpting, (though I can't do origami or match things to save my life XP) Favorite books include: (Duh) Hunger Games, Twilight Series (they were good and you...
Pen Name:themime
Country: US
Bio: An Aspiring Screenwriter, my main focus and setting for any piece usually is science fiction. I love the genre so very much. I also am a huge fan of short stories as well. They can be such masterpieces, and they are short and to the point. Hope you enjoy my material!
Pen Name:Tyrell82
Country: US
Bio:     My name is Tyrell Molson. A little bit about myself; I began writing as a child coming up with stories like "Detective Fat Boy" and ect. But my true passion was to be an actor I love entertaining people, like the time I lit my dad's jerry curl on fire, he was the only one unimpressed with...
Pen Name:TeddyJones
Country: CA
Pen Name:Tylen
Country: ZA
Bio: A Man With Outward Courage Dares To Die; A Man With Inward Courage Dares To Live!
Pen Name:Tamariz
Country: MX
Bio: I like to write about everything that happens to me. I hope my life isn't too wierd and people can relate to my experiences and writings.
Pen Name:TwistedOracle
Country: CA
Pen Name:The Cancerian
Country: IN
Bio: Be silent through the lips......let your work shout for you....and reveal the loudest cry..!!!!
Pen Name:TheKingInTheNorth
Country: CA
Bio: --WELCOME-- This is MY PAGE! You won't find much here, a novel every now and then. That is, if I can finally find the inspiration to finish it. I'm Sean (But you can call me King)  I'm just a normal teenager from Canada My favourite things to do are read, sing, and play The Sims 3 But sure,...
Pen Name:Turin Wallace
Country: US
Bio: Not much to say at this point, other than that I have loved writing for years. A lot of my writing comes from my experiences, both on and offline, and is usuallyhelped along by my roleplaying interactions in MMO's. I am trying to hone my writing skills and create characters that are believable...
Pen Name:Timesoftrouble
Country: PH
Bio: About Timesoftrouble, Author of the Published Book - 'Message for This Entire Human Race' http://about.me/timesoftrouble http://timesoftrouble.webs.com/howgodviewsearth.htm http://ttimeofttrouble.webs.com/waythisworldactuallyis.htm http://timesoftroubles.webs.com/biblenotbelievedas.htm...
Pen Name:The Artist Cellar
Country: US
Bio: Clue and Guess Who Conteset Resluts First Place - declan mckimm Second Place - Artemis Lykaios Nightshade Third Place - Sophie Athens In Progress... Bit Not Good "I find it particular, this insatiable need of the human race for gentle love, I mean. I bare bruises of the mind and body, and yet I...
Pen Name:the red head
Country: US
Bio: Honestly...I wrote a short story and wanted peoples input on it..nothing special.
Pen Name:Thegrizzlybear
Country: US
Bio: I am an amateur writer, looking to write and publish my first novel. I have been screenwriting for years.
Pen Name:Take the World by Fire
Country: US
Bio: **Update as of 4/04/2014** Newest update to whomever still comes to visit my page.  I am taking a BREAK from Booksie.  I'm sorry for the long wait - both on updates and with read requests and thank you all for your understandng.       
Pen Name:TempeteLoup
Country: US
Bio: Wolf's rain fans? Anyone? No? K then.. I'm 14 and I like to write poems and illistrate them...Thats pretty much it =/ Um..writing process? We need one? Oh. Then this is my writing process. 1- Put in ear phones and listen to music for a good half hour.2- Rack my brain for a good subject.3-...
Pen Name:therealmerock
Country: US
Bio: [X] Online [ ] Offline-вe αwαre peσple if yσu press σn the 'вecσme α fαn' button then you αre willing tσ enter in my wσrld...- welcσme tσ вimвσlαnd!!  I'm αlexie αnn Jαmes, αkα Lexie, αkα ClumsyMissy, αkα вimвσ freαk Nice tσ meet yσu, I'm yσur president...
Pen Name:trooper48
Country: TH
Bio: I am an Englishman living in Thailand. I am retired so I  have plenty of spare time to write, so here I am. My passion is Science Fiction.  Writers such as Issac Asimov inspire me, although he was a genius. All I want is to be a fraction as good as him and I will be happy.        
Pen Name:TTBaby
Country: US
Pen Name:Taliciaem
Country: CA
Bio: "Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"   Heyy, I'm Tali. I'm a bi/pansexual, reserved, Canadian gal and I've been writing since I was young. I love it!    I love reading and writing mostly fantasy novels (anything where it takes place in a new world or has any number of supernatural...
Pen Name:TheWortthlessChild58
Country: US
Bio: My name is Layla but they call me Raven, Im a normal girl with a happy life, Im really cool to hang out with, I don't judge you by who you are and blah blah blah it's all fake except the judging part you can find out about me by texting me on kik : SoullessAngel48 or by my Instagram:...
Pen Name:TeamAngel17
Pen Name:TheStudentHelper
Country: US
Bio: Hello! This Is Laurel, some of you may know me here on Booksie.I created this page so I could fill it with homework helps (NOT CHEATS)!I will be publishing chapter reviews for the following subjects:AP BiologyChemistryOther misc. stuff that may help in other classes will be posted when I have...

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