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Pen Name:Tracy A Cassel
Country: US
Bio: Hello, I enjoy writing to escape from the real world. Please comment on my novel, anything is appreciated!!!!
Pen Name:taniasaleem
Country: PK
Bio: I am a Writer a Thinker and a blogger.
Pen Name:tribblechu
Country: US
Bio: I grew up with a younger brother, When my family divorced it left a huge impact on me. But now that is over and about 7-8 years has passed since then and I have 4 siblings. I really like the color blue and I have a huge thing for alternive and classical/jazz. . That's basically everything.
Pen Name:Tempyr Tantrum
Country: US
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Pen Name:tahir139
Country: PK
Bio: As a young kid my mother would read me a lot of fairy tales and stories that would capture my imagination. I used to day dream a lot as a young boy. After reading the fairy tales, i read many classics and one of my favorite ones include Journey to the centre of earth, Robinson Crusoe, the Time...
Pen Name:Tilly Hayes
Pen Name:Trevis Farver
Country: US
Bio: Hey Guys! My name is Trevis, I'm a young author interested in sharing the words in my head with the world. I like to write literature as well as music and of course, share it with others. As a member of Booksie I'm interested in connecting with other authors and getting their feedback as...
Pen Name:Tyr Annassassi
Country: US
Pen Name:tictacs
Country: GB
Bio: I'm Conor. I'm seventeen. Red-headed so my temper isn't great. I write stuff thats always interesting to me. If I find myself asking, "Where would a reader want me to take this?" I know that I haven't done it right. To you, the stuff I write may be a load of rubbish, but that's cool because at...
Pen Name:timmykyle
Country: GB
Bio: I just enjoy writing because its really enjoyable and helps me relax. I am quite different in my style of writing but I will use my favourite slogan YOLO!  Please don't be too critical about my work... Thanks :)
Pen Name:TeziTanka
Country: US
Bio: My name is Caleb Thompson of the Lakota Sioux Hunkpapa tribe of South Dakota. My name in Lakota Sioux translates into "Big Belly" It is a rank in a militaristic way upon manhood in the tribe. I really love to read Sci-Fi and fantasy works of arts as well as manga and anime. I'm currently trying...
Pen Name:teenwriter143
Country: GB
Bio: Hi Guys just wanted to let you know that i owe it to all my fans that i shouldn't leave booksie. i might not be on it as much as i used to be but i will try :)
Pen Name:Tocksic
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Tocksic. I love writing, reading, drawing, and listening to music. The basics of life. (: I am about 5'5" and I'm bi, poly, and genderfluid. I'm 16 years old, and have two wonderful boyfriends. I love to eat, drink coffee, and sleep. My kik is assassinizer and my snapchat as well. I hope...
Pen Name:TheSERT
Country: IT
Bio: Hi...well I don't know what to say. I love reading and writing but I never got to actually start writing because you always get discouraged and. I hope you like it.
Pen Name:TierraC
Country: US
Bio: ...................................................All About Me AutoBiography!!!!!!............................... My name is tierra and i'd love to be a fashion designer when i grow up i just love the designs and how people can express theirselves n fashion these days!!!!I was born in pontiac...
Pen Name:tomke001
Country: GB
Bio:                Hi there im 19 and love writing stories. I love Crime and mystery I love jokes and riddle solving  i just want to say thank you to  JiDonnelly because she never fail to put a smile on my face ether by her amazing poetry or her lovely comments she leaves on my page...
Pen Name:The final Eighth Spirit
Country: GB
Bio: I am no one. It should not matter to you.   But know this, The Phoenix never truly dies, and therefore never truly lives...
Pen Name:TrueDreamer
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone!!! It's me...and it's official. I've moved to Wattpad. I've deleted all of my unfinished stories, but I'm leaving "One More Chance" and all my poetry and short stories. At one point or another, I will be uploading the fore-mentioned unfinished stories onto Wattpad, but for now I've...
Pen Name:Think Pink
Country: US
Bio:     I finally have a FACEBOOK page!   Author's note: I have disabled most of the chapters of A Harper's Education because it is under contract to be published :)  I do apologize to anyone who was in the middle of reading it.  To celebrate, I have posted a new story, kind of a Haper's...
Pen Name:trailblazer10
Country: US
Bio: I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I wrote the novel Peter Paul: The Chase Begins.
Pen Name:The Sheep
Country: AU
Bio: Jan Moerkerke was born in Australia. Born in a small town, Armidale but quickly moved and was raised in Canberra. He was diagnosed as scitzophrenic at age 18. He enjoys TV, reading, free food,and alone time. He hopes you have the time to read one of his short stories.Read my new short story...
Pen Name:Tiny27
Country: US
Bio: Writing is one of my passions. It opens a passage to an uncontrolled and unfiltered way of releasing my inner most soul. When my mind gets into that mode the words just flow freely onto paper. It’s my outlet to expressing the emotional person inside me. But when all else fails I turn to my...
Pen Name:tr6367
Country: US
Pen Name:TsukixKinoko
Country: BA
Bio: Hello :) My name is Sara and I'm a 21 year old writer, third year student of English language and literature. I'm a writer since I can remember. I started by re-telling old fairytales when I was five or six and continued with writing fantasy short stories when I was eleven to twelve. Eventually,...
Pen Name:TwilightgirlKT
Country: US
Bio: I am not using this account anymore. Why? Because I hate my username.So, if you want to see my work, please go to Zombie Bunny 's page, since that is my new account. Thank you.
Pen Name:tommytrinder
Country: GB
Bio: Hey,           My name Tom, I am twenty years old from the UK and I have written a few screen plays for my film studies course and decided to put them up here and see what people think. I enjoyed writting them a lot and just thought I would get outside opinion. I will continue to write...
Pen Name:The Rave
Country: US
Bio: Hai there my name is Julia Paradis!. I either go by Rave or Illusion!. Rave because people rave about my writing and illusion because my writing is always an illusion of how I am feelling!. I reallly just suck at describing my self...I will try my absolute best though!. Alright well you...
Pen Name:thomgoddard
Country: GB
Pen Name:The Merrimack
Country: US
Bio: Some guy that enjoys writing.
Pen Name:theperson324
Country: US
Bio: I strive to try and write poems and short stories that have more than surface meaning and present a look into the human mind.
Pen Name:TheTruth13
Country: US
Bio: I am here to tell you the truth. To tell you the truth you don't need to know my identity, just remember i don't sugar coat lies, i tell it how it is; even if you hate me for it.
Pen Name:twistmybutterfly
Country: US
Bio: ~~Message To All The Bullies On This Planet - Dear Bullies, That boy you punched in the hall today; committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today; she's a virgin. That boy you called lame; has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down...
Pen Name:txangel
Country: US
Bio: Well let me see, I was raised in south Texas in a small town called Rio Hondo. Even as a teen I loved to read and write stories or poetry. I moved to Houston in 95 the beginning of junior year of highschool.  I have 3 amazing little boys who are my bodyguards..lol  I didn't think I had any...
Pen Name:takethatfan19
Country: GB
Bio: I am nineteen and live in Scotland.I have always been a fan of books and movies and films. I have loads of favorite authors.Check my news for upcoming chapters and stories. Favorite qoute: "For nearly forty years this story has given faithful service to the Young in Heart; and Time has been...
Pen Name:thenameisangelX
Country: US
Bio: ATTENTION: I will not be posting my writing on booksie anymore, so you can find my writing on wittpad in the link section on my page. However, I will continue to read your novels, but it will take a little longer to do so. I am VERY sorry!Angel is the name and I'll be one year older the week...
Pen Name:Tidy Eye
Country: GB
Bio: Tidy Eye's career began in the fashion photography industry, where he first leant the craft from master photographers: Bailey, Terry O'neal, Norman Parkinson, Annie Leibowitz, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts. He moved into screenwriting through working as a producer's reader. This led to an interest...
Pen Name:The One In Red
Country: US
Bio: Im here to see what readers have to say about my script. Before I seriously continue my goal to become a writer I want to hear some feedback.
Pen Name:Terry Collett
Country: GB
Pen Name:tifanny
Country: CA
Bio: Ok so hey everyone I'm a voracious reader, and have always loved to write. I'm in grade 11 at the moment, and recently my friends have convinced me to publish my writhing on here. I would love feed back and constructive critiscism. I f there is anything else you would like to know don't be...
Pen Name:TatteredTime
Country: US
Bio: I am a new born writer searching for a way to be noticed and have fun writing. I prefer my own style rather than overused ones that appear, so please enoy.  I have rebooted Two Sides of Earth and have begun works into a yet untitled romantic comedy. It should make it's way here in do time.
Pen Name:TrueSwiftie
Country: US
Bio: Will tell you later.... Maybe :)
Pen Name:theunknownMine
Country: PH
Bio:   I'm TheUnknownMine
Pen Name:tvmotltf134
Country: AU
Bio:       Alright everyone. I'm sorry but I'm leaving Booksie. It's been a good three years with Booksie, but I feel it's my time to go. I may come back another time, I'm not sure, but yeah. I'm leaving. Keep on writing. xoxoxo   However, you can find me on wattpad. this is my link:...
Pen Name:Tyler Maciel
Country: US
Bio: Im a great writer
Pen Name:TheWantedWantedMag
Country: GB
Bio: TheWantedWanted Magazine.    A new one every month! ♥
Pen Name:theintun
Pen Name:trooper48
Country: TH
Bio: I am an Englishman living in Thailand. I am retired so I  have plenty of spare time to write, so here I am. My passion is Science Fiction.  Writers such as Issac Asimov inspire me, although he was a genius. All I want is to be a fraction as good as him and I will be happy.        
Pen Name:telltalelove
Country: AU
Bio: TellTaleLove   Once again I've left writing alone for quite a while, doing bits and pieces just for me on the side when school and school-related drama (boyfriends. Ugh) don't get in the way. But I sort of kind of feel like I really really would like to start writing for all of you again. All...
Pen Name:Thenextcompanion
Country: US
Pen Name:Timothy Chase
Country: US
Bio: Tim Chase enjoys writing and expressing words by putting them on paper as a lasting fingerprint.  It is his hope to write a good story and to continually improve as he writes eventually profiting from his work.  
Pen Name:torn in two
Country: US
Bio: there is nothing much to me dont try to change me it wont work. ill try and update my novel any chance i get a computer until then enjoy the poetry.  
Pen Name:teaganpaytonhunter
Country: US
Bio: i love romance!
Pen Name:TwiggySleaze
Country: US
Bio: My name is Chrissy and you can read my profile here at: www.myspace.com/chrissy_nine if you are interested in who I am. My page is very detailed and accurately displays what I am all about. I am very friendly and open minded so don't be afraid to talk to me. 
Pen Name:tonio
Country: US
Bio: Young professional in Boston. Enjoy writing about love and matters of my heart whenever I am inspired. My passion for love has been guided by a force of inspiration to define the "imperfect yet extraordinary". September has marked a new chapter in self discovery. One, of understanding fear as...
Pen Name:talenteddreams16
Country: US
Bio: hi lol bllllaaaahhhhhhh hehehe
Pen Name:tomothy17
Country: GB
Bio: my name is tom, im 19 british, i love creative writing, which is why i have come here to test out what i have written. when im not writing i normaly just relax at home or going out to places (helps as well if i want insperation) so please sit back relax and enjoy my creative writting (hopefully)...
Pen Name:The Mysterious Serious Madame
Country: US
Bio: The Madame is back in black...Yep, that's right that old Madame Mad Hatter has donned her black top hat, black cape, and black ink pen. All I've done is write since I've been gone. But in order to understand the poetry under this name, you might need to go back and read the poems that were...
Pen Name:TheBrave
Country: ZA
Pen Name:TomGreen
Country: BA
Bio: My real name is Sanel Tufekčić (Tufekchich). Born 1993. I'm coming from a little town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm a collegian.  I'm speaking 3 foreign languages. A big Japan fan.
Pen Name:Tensa
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name is Linda means pretty in english But, my friends and my cousins call me Tensa, I like to rite poetry so I hope you like my poems I rite.
Pen Name:thumblina
Country: IN
Bio: 20000 reads for my poem "happy birthday my love"......THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS AND READERS  some of the cover pages i created   I also create cover pages for others, so if you want and like then you can leave a message and i will get back to you...
Pen Name:Tsven
Country: GB
Bio: ஜ۩۞۩ஜ TSVEN ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Hello whoever is reading this, welcome to my page! My name is B. P. Owen or you are welcomed to call me by my pen name, Tsven. I am a 16 year old high school student from the great Scotland who is a novice at writing, but loves it all the same. In my short time I...
Pen Name:TheInsanity
Country: US
Bio: Ello, Mates!   Hey, I'm Mia! I just turned twelve and I go to a middle school I adore so much! I've wanted to join booksie for a SUPER LONG time! Now that I've joined, I'm going to try to post as long as I can and make great stories! I'm very into YA stories and science fiction ( Sorry,...
Pen Name:Tokemies
Country: FI
Bio: I am a Finnish person. And I write. I also like long walks on the beach. When commenting on my more recent work, please pay attention to my grammar and vocabulary. I think I'm getting pretty good at this whole writing in English business but any constructive criticism will be greatly...
Pen Name:TheUnlatchedSaga
Country: US
Bio: Well, hi my name is Jerry. I am currently writing a 6 part series called, The Unlatched Saga. I will be posting chapter by chapter on here, and hope to get postive reaction. Please let me know and hope you enjoy. :)
Pen Name:Thegrizzlybear
Country: US
Bio: I am an amateur writer, looking to write and publish my first novel. I have been screenwriting for years.
Pen Name:The Eternal Flame
Country: IN
Bio: I am a resident of North India, my mother tongue being Bengali, an eastern Indo-Aryan language. Other than English and Bengali, I also speak Hindi and Sanskrit. A student of science in my last year of high-school and a worshipper of naturural forces, my name is hard to be pronunciated properly...

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