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Pen Name:Thelittlelord
Country: US
Bio: Guess who's back...(back back) back again (gain gain) lil'lord's back (back back) tell a friend. JFC!!! IT'S TRUE! I'M ALIVE!  
Pen Name:TheOriginalSS
Country: US
Bio: I'm a Highschooler, and decided to keep my identity safe. I use the pen name TheOriginalSS because my stories are completely one hundred percent original. My stories come from my imagination, and my dreams. And trust me, I have to pretty weird dreams that would make lovely stories. I simply...
Pen Name:TriciaARossi
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I love music, reading, and writing stories. I like to write poems, short stories, novels. and pretty much anything I can think of. I'm currently working on a novel called Dylan Story.
Pen Name:TheNordicMage
Country: DK
Bio: I'm a danish boy age 15 who likes to write and stuff :P
Pen Name:throb25
Country: US
Bio: I do not post my work for you to only read and not give feedback. If, I see I am not getting feedback but my work is being read. I will have to remove it. I am not posting to provide free reads, I am posting as this site is supposed to offer feedback and input.  Thank you for your...
Pen Name:Talulah
Country: US
Bio: Hi!!! I love reading, and I could do it all day.   
Pen Name:tahir139
Country: PK
Bio: As a young kid my mother would read me a lot of fairy tales and stories that would capture my imagination. I used to day dream a lot as a young boy. After reading the fairy tales, i read many classics and one of my favorite ones include Journey to the centre of earth, Robinson Crusoe, the Time...
Country: US
Bio: Greetings! My name is Troy, and I love to write poetry, novels, and more! Please take a look at my hard-worked productions and leave a review! I'm fourteen and looking to start early, so supporting my pieces would really help my career! Below are some simple statistics of what I am working on:...
Pen Name:terca
Pen Name:thumblina
Country: IN
Bio: 20000 reads for my poem "happy birthday my love"......THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS AND READERS  some of the cover pages i created   I also create cover pages for others, so if you want and like then you can leave a message and i will get back to you...
Pen Name:talenteddreams16
Country: US
Bio: hi lol bllllaaaahhhhhhh hehehe
Pen Name:Tinxx
Country: IN
Bio: i am an avid reader. i love reading all types of books
Pen Name:ToniTaylor
Country: BG
Bio:         I do not come here often but I thought it's a good idea to make a new profile and start off anew, nevertheless.   http://www.booksie.com/Antonia77        
Pen Name:The Dreamer
Country: TT
Pen Name:fight4thislove
Country: GB
Bio: Heyy guys! thankyou coming onto my page! (: My name is Cathy and i absolutley love writing stories! im 14 years old (: i mostly write romance and sexual stories, jusy because i find them intresting. i know i seem abit young to be writing stories about that sort of thing, which yes i am sort...
Pen Name:TheMadMan
Country: US
Bio: Dark storys, and Black Comedy's, These are the topics that i love to write about. I am the typical 15 year old teen, Sad, anixed filled, and unsure about how their going to fit in, and im aware that this is the hormones talking. The only time im at peace is sitting down writing or play guitar,...
Pen Name:Tigerchill
Country: AU
Bio: hey guys,thanks for dropping by, i'm not on Booksie all that regularly (as you probably have noticed) but i will try to come back as much as i can.meanwhile, i hope you enjoy my posts and, eventhough i haven't posted anything new for a while, i will come up with new material. so, check back when...
Pen Name:Tesseth
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I REALLY haven't been writing much lately...Spring-Fall I am usually in PHOTOGRAPHER mode.  BUT---for the past year I have NOT been able to put my camera down at all!!!  Now add on the uploading, organizing, editing,...I've been keeping busy!I will get myself together soon (I hope!) and...
Pen Name:TheodoreRBlack
Country: US
Bio: Nothing is true; everything is permitted I stand with those who stand with me. I lure my prey through the guise of a gentleman. I escape unnoticed through the veil of a loser. And though I may conceal my identity, one thing is certain: commit injustice in this world, and I'll send you to the...
Pen Name:Tyanna Snider
Country: US
Bio: My name is Tyanna,and live in Las Vegas. I'm a Grammar Nazi'z worst nightmare. I love to read books on figment and now this site. I leave honest reviews/comments and if you don't like what I have to say I'll just say you have been warned. ...
Pen Name:TheRecklessAndTheBrave
Country: GB
Bio: Hai, I'm Aimee, I'm 15 and I have a face.
Pen Name:TheAdarshSinha
Country: AE
Bio: Hello! I like reading, although I haven't read much. I'm very selective about the books I read. If it can't hold my interest from the beginning, then it won't be able to sustain me till the end. There are few exceptions to this ofcourse, such as On The Street Where You Leave by Mary Higgins...
Pen Name:thePhotographygirl
Country: US
Bio: i haven't been on this site for 3 years. hi.   update, 4/11/13: i haven't been on for a while. hi again. i don't know if i'll get back into using this site or not. by the way, most all of the writing on here was written when i was 10-12 years old, so excuse its silliness, but i'm keeping it...
Pen Name:towers of academe
Country: GB
Bio: just a dabbler Poesia, poesie, or how about Gedichte? Hope you like reading these, brothers and sisters. Ciao, come stai ? In other words, Hi ! Bonjour, ça va ? Still reading ? Ta Tag, wie geht's ? Taking the bait ? Languages are really great. I use them all the time. No problem if that's not...
Pen Name:TheWorldsOfMine
Country: US
Bio: Ight. This is me and my mind. It is dirty but fun. Sometimes it is angry and depressed. Depends on the day. K? K.  I'm currently writing a book called Guardian Angel. I find I've been writing a short story of this for years. I thought it was time to turn it into a book.  I'm 16. Have fun...
Pen Name:TIMBO
Country: GB
Bio: I have only been writing since middle age and only starting going public with my poetry in 2010.
Pen Name:Timesoftrouble
Country: PH
Bio: About Timesoftrouble, Author of the Published Book - 'Message for This Entire Human Race' http://about.me/timesoftrouble http://timesoftrouble.webs.com/howgodviewsearth.htm http://ttimeofttrouble.webs.com/waythisworldactuallyis.htm http://timesoftroubles.webs.com/biblenotbelievedas.htm...
Pen Name:TouchedPoetess
Country: US
Bio: I am a Holy Ghost filled Christian and believe the epitome of all knowledge ,wisdom and truth can be summed up in what is known as the Apostles Creed.If you are unfamiliar with this -look it up as I seem to be unable to copy & paste on this profile for some reason.Now,I love to study and I read...
Pen Name:tonialeo1
Country: US
Bio: My name is Toni Aleo, I am 27 and I enjoy taking pictures, writing, spending time with my family and going to as many hockey games possible! I am married with two children and a brother in law. Michael is my Shea Adler. He plays hockey as a hobby, and he is the most amazing man in the world. I...
Pen Name:TheTruth13
Country: US
Bio: I am here to tell you the truth. To tell you the truth you don't need to know my identity, just remember i don't sugar coat lies, i tell it how it is; even if you hate me for it.
Pen Name:trooper48
Country: TH
Bio: I am an Englishman living in Thailand. I am retired so I  have plenty of spare time to write, so here I am. My passion is Science Fiction.  Writers such as Issac Asimov inspire me, although he was a genius. All I want is to be a fraction as good as him and I will be happy.        
Pen Name:The Gospel of the Holy Quill
Country: GB
Bio: just an ordinary sort , married, putting down the gospel of the holy quill best describe myself as an ageing hippie, love peace and great music its not the idea that dies just that poeple get old and die
Pen Name:thefarbeyond
Country: US
Bio: I Love to read, and watch anime which I get my ideas from both, my stories arent amazing, but I'm working on it, I still really like to write, and I would love it, if you were to read them! and let me know how bad or okay they are!!!!
Pen Name:Tarannum Ahmed
Country: AE
Bio: Am i really suppose to describe myself? How shallow- decide yourself who am I    I'm real and I hope some of my followers are too. I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success...
Pen Name:Topsy Cretes
Country: US
Bio: I have spent a large portion of my life strugling like most people. I have made some tough decisions, mistakes and learned to accept that life can be what you make of it. I have a strange sense of humor, like to expand my knowledge and have many interests. I wrote alot of short stories as a kid...
Pen Name:thegiver
Country: CN
Bio: Welcome to thegiver's page! Hope you have time to check out/read/like/comment any of my stories/poems/song lyrics!  This is, technically MY profile, but let's just say I am a boring person to read about. So I'm gonna tell you about a few brilliant authors on booksie: Km2: The style of writing...
Pen Name:TheNextBigWriter Workshop
Country: US
Bio: TheNextBigWriter is a private online writing workshop affiliated owned and operated by the same group of people that build and run Booksie.com.  On TheNextBigWriter, writers get feedback on everything they post but they also must provide feedback in order to post their work.  In addition,...
Pen Name:triarc
Country: PH
Bio: a proud and noble gentleman...   why do I started to write? well, I've got a sickness. yeah, it was really that bad. how bad? so bad that I needed to isolate myself from others. is it a virus? yeah, it was. how do I get it? after reading a novel. " oregairu" it was a "writer's syndrome". ^^ it...
Pen Name:TrueStar
Country: IN
Bio: Welcome to My Page                   My name is Trushar Rana and my PenName : TrueStar. my main interest in Adventure and Mystery. i like to write different story which is completely different then any other story so mostly i write imaginary stories because i thing imagination is...
Pen Name:the dead poet
Country: US
Bio: what could someone say, what could i say to some up me, how could we, some up you in a line!!! i have not yet the wisdom, or the strength, to carry you though, a few lines of me! i give my name! trevor wade, let me start with the opening line, i will  finish the rest later!!!!!! my bio for...
Pen Name:The Novelist
Country: US
Bio: Hey, you can read my blog by clicking the picture below!   Hey! You people should check out one of my real life friends' Booksie page! He isn't on often, and I'm trying to get him to stay on permanently ! Read his stuff and I will tell him abouut all his new messages!...
Pen Name:TMallory
Country: US
Bio: I took four years of College and graduated with a degree in English. My courses included Fantasy Literature, two fiction workshops, Sicence Fiction, Spy Thriller, Renaisance Literature, Shakespeare, and Classic Mythology. I have a deep interest in various subjects and an equally  vast knowlege...
Pen Name:the blacked out son
Country: GB
Bio: i am young kid with a few problems and i am stuck in the darkness trying to find the light to get out of this pain and misery.
Pen Name:TruthfulAlibi
Country: GB
Pen Name:Tarot
Country: US
Bio: My writing explores my love affair with words.  I seek to find meaning in the nuance of sound within words reflected against the silence that surrounds them.  I apologize that some of my poems will necessarily lose something in the translation process to the Booksie format.  The actual...
Pen Name:Tom Oldman
Country: US
Bio: Fully retired now (at 73) and enjoying my leisure time by doing what I've always wanted to do - write.  I have a Wordpress account at Tom1950.wordpress.com.  I used to have a Facebook account, but they kept changing stuff around and I got disgusted with them so I quit..  Although I haven't...
Pen Name:Tony Nesca
Country: CA
Bio: Tony Nesca was born in Torino, Italy in 1965 and moved to Canada at the age of three. He was raised in Winnipeg but relocated back to Italy several times until finally settling in Winnipeg in 1980. He taught himself how to play guitar and formed an original rock band playing the local bars for...
Pen Name:TravelingPanda
Country: SG
Bio: Just an Traveling Panda, creating words or stuff has always been fun to me and it's what make me :D Still a newbie but will be happy to exchange feedbacks and also appreciate advices~ Busy Eatting my Bamboo~ but will try to check out your work when i have the time :3 Peace Out ~
Pen Name:Todd5747
Country: US
Bio: A young man in an increasingly older body... I love stories.  Whether they are shared in the form of written text, pictures, videos or video games, or just audio sound and music...  :D My name is Todd Tucker, and I live in Laurel Hill, Florida right now, born in Birmingham, Alabama.  I have...
Pen Name:thomgoddard
Country: GB
Pen Name:teampeeta99
Country: US
Bio: Goodbye. It doesn't feel right having an account on here anymore. I sincerely enjoyed my time spent on Booksie, but its time to go now. I wish I could say that I'm moving on to bigger and better things, but I'm not. The truth is, I'm not happy anymore. I can't write anything to save my life, and...
Pen Name:taylorswift133
Country: US
Pen Name:TheLonelyKnightOfAincrad
Country: MY
Bio: hey guys my name is Nor Aiman im 16 years old. im the guy who you would talk day and night about anime  my hobbies is Writing, Football, Basketball. Im single so whoever out the feeling lonely i am handing you mah shoulder OUCH its  worth it JUST FOR YOU
Pen Name:Tamaya Gunn
Country: US
Pen Name:Thomas R
Country: IE
Bio:     Hi to all, The name is Thomas friends call me Timmy.  I have living here in Clonmel all my life and have worked here as well. At present I am currently working as a customer service rep. and its not a bad old job. I am also am active member of the community in Clonmel where I am a on air...
Pen Name:toxido4eva
Country: US
Bio: i'm open for reading requests- ROMANCE :P
Pen Name:twilight23
Country: US
Bio: Hey! I love to read and write. I mean alot. I have an ok life but somtimes I wish it was better.I'm in the 7th grade. I love the Twilight Saga! I think it is the best books I have ever read. I love reading stuff about vampires and witches..stuff like that. I am on the computar most of my spare...
Pen Name:The Coyote
Country: CA
Bio: Welcome, I enjoy writing as it gives me some kind of expression as I have a hard time expressing myself.  I don't have dreams of becoming a known famous writer, but to write and share my work. Of all the stories I read and movies that I have watched, I always rooted for the under dog...
Pen Name:TheJinx
Country: US
Bio: My name is Jessica. I've either been read to or reading myself for as long as I can remember. Books are truly my passion. For a while now, I've been kicking around the idea of becoming a writer. Now, it seems like the only thing I will ever be happy in doing. Among my favorite authors are J.K....
Pen Name:Titian
Country: US
Bio: I like to write in my spare time. I want to know what consumers think about my writing, so please read and give me your opinions.
Pen Name:TheRyan
Country: US
Bio: Hello, my name is Ryan. Enjoy my creations. Image from Hellsing Ultimate. Check it out!
Pen Name:Tyler Hebert
Country: US
Pen Name:tessabird
Country: US
Bio: Hey, My names Tessa!  I'm from Chicago and I write a lot of historical things. I seem to enjoy inflicting emotional damage on my readers .  MUSIC- Hmmm i love showtunes i know total geek. I also like The Beatles, Plain White T's, Lee Dewyze, Mika,Adele, some Britney Spears songs before she...
Pen Name:Trine4713
Country: AU
Pen Name:The final Eighth Spirit
Country: GB
Bio: I am no one. It should not matter to you.   But know this, The Phoenix never truly dies, and therefore never truly lives...
Pen Name:taiwoolorunsola
Country: NG
Bio: Layout Credit Heart layout!                       Hello my name is taiwoolorunsola, i love readers Isint it cute to have a heart has a p[resent. anyway thanks  
Pen Name:tomothy17
Country: GB
Bio: my name is tom, im 19 british, i love creative writing, which is why i have come here to test out what i have written. when im not writing i normaly just relax at home or going out to places (helps as well if i want insperation) so please sit back relax and enjoy my creative writting (hopefully)...
Pen Name:The Reckless Whisper
Country: IS
Bio: Hello, fellow Bookworm!   I want to give you a short description about what I mostly enjoy dedicating my fingers to:   Poetry   Occasional short stories (that happen extremely rarely) Before you read, I want to tell you something important:   I am writing down my own thoughts. Please,...
Pen Name:Trauma93
Country: US
Bio: Writing and poetry are the opening to the body, mind and soul. We all find the part of us that needs to come out. We all expell out what we need through writing.
Pen Name:The Brit Picker
Country: GB
Bio: .
Pen Name:twinklehaze
Country: PH
Bio: I LOVE FASHION, MUSIC AND LITERATURE I am extremely shy and hoping to go beyond by comfort zone I love the colors purple and blue My all time favorite book is the  "Nancy Drew" Series I love mystery/suspense/ with a little touch of romance/drama stories I am easily scared that's why i hate...

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